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10 Daily Blogging Tasks Every Blogger Should Do

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10 Daily Blogging Tasks Every Blogger Should Do


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Black Pearl Matrix

Items That Cannot Be Missing in a Blog Post:

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The advent of the internet has generated new paradigms and professions. Likewise, he turned hobbies and lifestyle records into a profession. An example of this is the figure of the person who works with a blog.
For many, they are people who just dedicate themselves to a hobby, but the truth is that they manage to earn money talking about what they like, in a light way.
The success of this career raises a question: what do successful bloggers do? what are your habits and tasks? It is necessary to know exactly how to start and have a consolidated strategy to proceed, even in the face of the mishaps of the digital world. We’ll talk more about that in this article.
In this section, we offer suggestions for achieving success as a professional blogger.

1- Keyword Research

It is important to write the posts already thinking about which keywords are the focus of the article, that is, which words people use to search for the information that is being made available.
Often times, the path is the opposite: from a large list of keywords, ideas for posts arise.
There are no major problems with the order, but it is important that there is this concern in writing or adapting it to something that people are actually looking for.
Fortunately, there are many tools to help you in your efforts and you can build extensive keyword lists. Check out some of the best tools on the market below:

1.1 Google Keyword Planner

The most obvious and widely used tool in keyword research is Google’s “Keyword Planner”. This tool allows advertisers to search for new expressions and come up with ideas for ad groups, that is, ways to group words by similarity.
Google’s tool provides statistics for each term, including search volume and the estimated average cost per click.
It’s useful during the early stages of keyword brainstorming, but it shouldn’t be the only tool you use for research. As Google says, you can use the planner “to lay the groundwork for a successful campaign”.
It can provide guidance for ad group organization and a broad selection of keywords, but if you rely solely on this tool you may miss out on some valuable long tail expressions.

1.2 Google's "Autocomplete"

Start typing a word or phrase into Google’s search box and predictions that might be similar to what you’re looking for may come up. The autocomplete algorithm is based on many factors, including how many times users have searched for a term in the past.
It’s especially useful if you’re looking for “long tail” keywords based on a word or a phrase. Type your main word in the search box and then each letter of the alphabet to see related searches. Also put a space before your keyword to see more variations.

1.3 Ubersuggest

As you might have guessed, Ubersuggest is a keyword suggestion tool. This tool uses data from Google and other search engines, just put the term you have in mind and add a letter or number in front of it to extract suggestions at once. In other words, it does many of the previously described tasks (item 2 above) for you automatically! It is also useful for “long-tail” keyword research to help you find specific niches to exploit within your market.
Despite this, it’s a basic tool that should only be used to generate ideas and expand your keyword lists. I’ve never spent more than a few minutes browsing through the hundreds of suggestions, but sometimes you might discover keywords you wouldn’t have thought of.

1.4 KeywordTool.io

The tool is similar to Ubersuggest in that it uses Google’s “autocomplete” but takes it one step further by generating up to 750 suggestions per keyword. It works with 83 languages and 129 Google domains (.com.au; .com.ca; .com.uk… to filter only the countries of your interest). In addition, it automatically generates alphabetical suggestions for phrases that include words before and after your base term. There are no CAPTCHA or ads to distract users from their in-depth search and the best part about this tool is how easy it is to navigate. If you want a quick and simple “long tail” suggestion tool, we recommend this one.

1.5 SEMRush

If you intend to take it to another level and do keyword research with much less effort and with much more efficient conclusions, I recommend using SEMRush.
With SEMRush it is possible not only to search for keywords, but to know which sites appear in the results on Google for each of them, to identify who your main competitors are (sites that appear for several searches that interest you) and to know which are the keywords that drive the most visits to each of these sites.
In addition, you can know which keywords your competitors buy on Google Ads, how much they invest per month and how much traffic they get from organic results and sponsored results.
It’s literally a gold mine for discovering great keywords, knowing which words convert the most, and where you should focus your energies first. You can monitor all your site’s search positions, your competitors’ Google positions and plan actions to make content that will rank in front of them.

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2- Track Your Results

Google Analytics is one of the most useful digital marketing tools for analyzing results that we have today. He is able to capture several numbers referring to the behavior of his audience and its characteristics. This data is highly valuable for your blog strategy to always remain efficient.
Here are the top 5 Google Analytics metrics you need to track:

2.1 New Visitors

Having loyal readers is always positive for any type of blog, but you also need to have new visitors on a regular basis.
This is one of the Google Analytics metrics that you should follow closely because it shows the real power of attraction of your content.
If this index is falling, it is necessary to implement an action plan as soon as possible.

2.2 Bounce Rate

What happens when someone lands on a post on your blog and then leaves? It goes into the bounce rate statistic. Your goal should be to ensure that people spend more and more time on your site, preferably visiting multiple pages.
Therefore, keep an eye on the bounce rate to see if your content is being able to satisfy visitors and engage them in other posts.
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2.3 Most popular pages

You need to know which posts got the most hits. One of the best Google Analytics metrics for this is most popular pages.
This data is highly important because it can dictate the direction of your editorial strategy for the future.
Know how to adapt from this feedback to always generate identification with your audience.

2.4 Traffic sources

By knowing where your hits come from, you can stay on top of which channels are contributing to the success of your blog, such as search engines, social networks, among others.
From there, strategic partnerships or opportunities can arise that cannot be missed.
This is one of the Google Analytics metrics that offers a faithful diagnosis of how your content is resonating on the internet.

2.5 Pages per visit

As we mentioned above, it should be your goal to have visitors accessing as much content as possible. Therefore, one of the Google Analytics metrics that you need to analyze is the number of pages accessed per visit.
It is clear that this number has to be increasing. In addition, it is important that you offer more and more content for your audience to enjoy.
A blog is a very powerful tool to strengthen a brand and the credibility of a professional, but to provide all the possible benefits it is necessary to have an efficient strategy.
Analyzing the best Google Analytics metrics is the ideal way to stay on a path to success. Therefore, make regular surveys of these numbers to monitor your own evolution over time.
To drive better results each month, you need to be up to date with your strategy performance data.

3- Learn From Other Bloggers

One last tip is almost a recommendation on benchmarking (strategic analysis of the best practices used by companies in the same sector as yours). You need to seek tips, ideas and learning from other bloggers to evolve in your profession.
In the web universe, the exchange of ideas and insights always greatly benefits the content producer, and can provide fuel for their creativity. Understand how other bloggers finance their projects, for example, to try to apply the best ideas on your website.
As we’ve seen, to be a professional blogger you need to take good care of your writing, know technical issues and look for ways to finance your project. With these actions up to date, it is possible to grow in the area and achieve better results in the online universe.
One of the points to improve traffic, without a doubt, is the creation of valuable content. Well-crafted material helps draw people in with the confidence that they will be entertained.
From this, it is possible to improve your presentation on the internet and generate greater interest in a certain topic. Thus, the blog can support other financial strategies, such as promoting your brand.



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4- Develop the Necessary Skills

Contrary to what many people tend to think, managing a successful blog well requires a series of skills and abilities. First, you need to know how to write. Your writing is what will engage readers and keep them coming back for more. So, develop your technique and learn to evolve in this matter.
Managing a blog is also taking care of the technical part, which involves some Digital Marketing concepts. So, think about the bureaucratic issue that covers hosting, page optimization (SEO), site security, loading speed, interface, user experience, etc. You have to think a bit like a programmer to understand the blog as a system to be improved.
Another skill is understanding the target audience. It takes empathy work to know what to write and how to reach people. A blogger, after all, does not act for himself and must understand this well. It is necessary to know what readers want to read within that niche and how to surprise them, too, with new approaches and tactics.
Keyword research is included as a great way to find out what’s being searched for and what’s relevant to blog about. This research will provide insights to build new themes, which you can combine with your intuition.

5- Track Your Business

Keep track of everything on your blog. Not just traffic! Identify which articles your readers were most interested in.
Which ones are driving the most traffic and revenue. Where does this traffic come from. Where visitors are clicking. Analyze if the blog as a whole is bringing you results.
Always use 2 powerful Google tools: Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
This way you will know how many users access your site, from what device, how long they stay on the pages, how they behave, which keywords are ranked best, etc.

6- Collaborate

Successful bloggers collaborate with other bloggers or brands. Also known as Guest Blogging, collaborating is a great strategy for growing your audience, as well as helping you build relationships with others.
Collaborating will also help you to generate a collaborative reputation, create authority.

Best ways to collaborate with other bloggers:

     • Write an article for a blog;
     • Join for webinars;
     • Interview a blogger in your niche;
     • Create products in partnership.

7- Set Goals

Create an action plan for your blog. When you set goals, the aim becomes clear to achieve any type of goal. Everything flows and becomes viable.

Examples of goals:

     • Define your blog posts in advance;
     • Write 10 new articles per month;
     • Reach the mark of 500 visitors in the first month;
     • Invest in a new theme that will bring more conversion to your actions;
     • Write a new ebook to serve as a lead magnet;
     • Successful bloggers have a productive entrepreneurial mindset and work hard to make these goals a reality.

8- Be Yourself

People like authentic texts, in tune with the author’s truth. A successful blogger has his own way of communicating. A false personality can be detected from miles away.
It is quite common to see blogs from the same niche with similar content. Why do readers prefer some and not others?
What differentiates is the way an author writes, the way he teaches and adds value. Write the way you think, tell your stories, show that there is a human being behind all those words. If you have a more humorous way, show yourself that way.
On the other hand, if you have a more serious personality, write that way. Successful bloggers don’t hide their strengths or weaknesses. They are what they are.

9- Make an Article Outline

After choosing the topic of your article, think of a basic structure with an introduction, development and conclusion. Create the title and outline the core text in bulleted form, similar to a book summary. This will help you save time and avoid unnecessary problems.
The introduction is what holds the reader’s attention and gives him a positive perception of what lies ahead.
Make a quick approach on all topics that will be detailed in the development. Use mental triggers here to capture the reader’s attention. Development is the practical part of the content. It is where the reader will find the answers to their doubts. Create a step-by-step separated by topics to facilitate understanding.
Upon reaching the conclusion, the reader will already be satisfied with all questions answered.
It’s time to call your reader to some action (CTA), where you can offer an e-book, a course, a purchase or even encourage them to write in the comments.

10- Latest Trends For Bloggers

The length of articles, keywords or content hierarchy are part of a blogger’s daily strategy. Thinking a little further, we’ve broken down some of the latest trends every blogger should know about:
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Tasks Every Blogger Should Do

1. What are the main attributes for the success of a blog?

Have a goal. The question is simple: why do you want to have a blog? Also, define your personas and be helpful in your content, don't deliver information halfway or not at all, go beyond the basics of what everyone is doing.

2. What to do to grow my blog?

Invest in your blog. The first thing to say is this: you can't have a successful blog if it's something that sits in the back of your mind and is only brought to your mind once in a while. Also appeal to the visuals and share with as many people as you can.

3. What to blog to get attention?

Create titles that attract your readers, know your audience's profile, mix elements using creativity and be "friends" with the reader. Just by doing this, you will get a lot of attention and be remembered.

4. How to arouse the reader's interest?

Using catchy words. Remember that your reader is bombarded with a barrage of information similar to what you present. So, differentiating the text from the others is a must for anyone who wants to come out ahead.

5. What can't be missing from a blog?

An attractive title, powerful intro, keywords and a good CTA are essential for building a quality blog.
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Make your blog pleasant to browse, with a good design, clean, fast, responsive (it adapts to the screens of laptops, tables and smartphones) and with memorable free content that will solve all your reader’s doubts.
Successful bloggers know that you have to act, do the work. Then they adapt along the way. Do the best you can today, but do it!
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