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12 Headline Writing Tips To Drive
Traffic And Clicks

12 Headline Writing Tips To Drive Traffic And Clicks


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Strategies for writing a headline that sells:

When writing content, all we want is to draw attention so that it can be read by as many people as possible. And the title is the first part noted and highlighted in any material.

BPM The title is the first part noted and highlighted in any material

Piquing interest, sparking curiosity and expressing the focus of your content in a few impactful words is your goal for creating headlines that convert. In today’s text, you will discover 5 tips for writing yours.

1- Why is the Title so Important?

After developing the Inbound Marketing strategy, the buyer persona and the purchase journey, going through the process of defining the approach and tone of voice, followed by the work of creating and writing the texts that will compose the brand’s communication, the time has come of publication.


An ineffective headline can waste all that work. And it is worth highlighting the importance of this in email marketing, since, by sending many emails that the user does not open, hosts such as Gmail, Hotmail and others can classify their content as spam, as they understand that it is not relevant to the owner of this he counts.

On the other hand, eye-catching titles can boost content and give it the prominence and visibility it deserves. These are titles capable of arousing interest and encouraging readers to click, read or download your content.

That is, good titles are those that take the first step of conversion: they draw attention — which is no small feat in a world as full of information as the online universe. Once the content is accessed, the reader learns more about your business, giving him the chance to find out what your brand can help him with, how and why. That’s why headlines deserve so much attention.

2- Where are Titles Applied?

When we talk about titles, it is common to think about titles of long texts, such as ebooks or blog posts. However, these highlight words are present in the most diverse types of materials.

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For example:

• Email marketing;
• Image captions on social networks;
• Inserted in the image itself to present a post on social networks;
• Adverts;
• Product descriptions;
• Blog posts;
• Among others.

3- Tips for Writing Titles that Convert

So that you also know how to write powerful titles, we have listed 5 tips below.

3.1 Be Clear

The first requirement that a title must meet is to be clear. The reader should take a look and understand what he wants to say and/or deliver. Confusing titles discourage reading.

This care should be taken mainly by companies that deal with more complex topics, such as finance, engineering, medicine, etc., and by brands that are writing texts for customers in the discovery phase of the Buyer’s Journey. After all, at this stage, the consumer still has many doubts or does not even know what his pain/problem/need is.

BPM Customer journey map

3.2 Don't Give Spoilers

The title needs to play a game of hide and seek. It should arouse the reader’s curiosity without exposing all the content. That is, without giving spoilers – a term often used for books and movies, when it reveals surprises, crucial facts or the end of the story.

Some examples:

• A social media post calling for action: “Learn the Easiest Way to Help the Easter Bunny.”
• A blog post: “The most unlikely way to renovate an apartment.”

3.3 Don't Mislead the Reader

Some titles are so flashy and irresistible that it’s hard not to click, but when accessing the content, the reader realizes that they don’t deliver anything the title promised. This type of practice is called clickbait, titles made to receive the click, but do not deliver the content.

The result is frustration for readers and a high possibility that they will never click on that brand’s content again.

Some examples of headlines that mislead the reader are:

• A blog post that reads: “Actress Angelina Jolie faints after seeing the backlash for her new movie. – By the way, when clicking, the reader discovered that she recorded a joke with her scene partner pretending to faint;

• An ad for an online store with the phrase: “The saga of a child sent into space” – This is actually just an ad for a collection of children’s clothing inspired by the solar system;

• An email from a language course with the subject line: “Meet John, the man who speaks 35 languages”- In fact, John just memorized the same sentence in 35 languages.

3.4 Use the Numbers

There are two ways to use numbers to your advantage when creating titles:

Using Data and Percentages

The numbers convey some credibility and can draw the reader’s attention to the content. Of course, they must be true and proven, with the citation of the reference source, the explanation of scholars or other concrete information about obtaining these data. Some examples of titles.



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Use this technique are:

• Why 92% of young people prefer juice to soda;
• How to have at least 73% more results in sports.

Using Lists and Quantities

Lists are easy to understand and attract readers. Some examples of titles that use this technique are:

• Headlines that Convert: 5 Strategies for Writing Yours;
• 9 bikini models that will be the talk of the summer.

3.5 Use the Famous AIDA Technique

Have you heard of her? This technique consists of an acronym with 4 requirements for a good title. Are they:

Heads up

The title should grab the reader’s attention. That is, among so much information available in the email inbox, on social networks, on websites, blogs or in the store itself, it is this title that makes the user stop and want to know more.


The title should pique the reader’s interest. A great way to do this is to use themes that are relevant to it. For this, that good old buyer persona study that we mentioned at the beginning of the text can be valuable. After all, with it you will know what are the topics of interest to the reader, what are his pains, what problems he faces, etc.

A text with relevant subjects or that responds to his anxieties naturally helps to win him over.


To make the reader want to read, create a sense of urgency in the title. For example:

• In a marketing email: “Star Wars merchandise is on sale today. But only today, okay?”;

• In a blog post: “What No One Ever Told You About the Challenges of Motherhood”;

• In a social media post: “5 yoga practices to do now!”.


The headline should help the reader take the desired action. For example:

• In a social media ad: “Click to see the surprise we have prepared for this Carnival” or “Check out today’s promotions just for Game of Thrones fans”.

BPM A I D A method
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BPM ApploadYou001

4- Powerful Blog Title Ideas

Post titles represent the first contact people have with your communications.

It is very important to write highly persuasive headlines as people decide whether to continue reading by the headline. If the title doesn’t appeal, they won’t even read the introduction.

Always bear in mind that creating titles is the most decisive point for all communication to achieve the expected results.

Great Title Ideas To Start Using:

4.1 Titles Using the “How To”

One of the best ways to make headlines is by using the “Like” something.

That way, you create valuable information for your audience, as people want to know how to do things. And they go to the internet to find out.

And your articles will be the answers. Searches of this type on Google are extremely frequent: “how to lose belly”, “how to earn money online” and so on.

Start the article stating what will be taught in the content. The key here is to convey the information as clearly as possible.

Emphasize in the introduction the problem the article will solve.

During the article, go through the solution objectively and growing, in a step-by-step idea.

You can create subheadings to highlight the required steps, remember to show the reason for completing each step.

At the end, resume what was presented, making an objective conclusion of the central ideas of each stage. Don’t forget about simplicity and objectivity, people want to finish reading the text and put it into practice.

Headlines Ideas Using How To

• How to make __________________.
• How to______ – The Essential Guide.
• How to _________________ how to do ______________.
• How to ___________ even if ______________.
• How to ________________ without having _________________.
• As _______________ while _______________.
• How to do___________using___________ to___________.
• How to make___________ in 5 simple steps.
• How ___________ Without __________.

4.2 Alarming Post Titles - To Capture Attention

We humans are conditioned to act quickly in the face of an alarming situation.

And this happens due to the process of evolution that humanity went through, where any sign of danger was necessary to react. Imagine the caveman, who went to the river to fetch water and heard a noise… What reaction?

Possibly he ran away, he couldn’t wait to see what it was and calmly analyze the best alternative.

In this type, you really should aim for something that causes an alert, otherwise it won’t have the desired effect.

Start the introduction by pointing out in more detail the threat that generated the alarm, increase the sense of threat, so that people want to find the solution even more.

Throughout the text, create subtitles that, little by little, will point out the solutions. The reader needs to realize that you do have the solution to the presented alarm.

And when you finally present the solution, remind the reader of the threat and value of your solution.

Alarming Blog Title Ideas

• Are you free from this ______ threat?
• How you can protect yourself from _________________.
• Did you really _______________ to achieve these results?
• The first warning sign of ______________________.
• Are you making these ___________________ common mistakes?
• Because _(Percentage of something)_ of _______________ fails.
• Did you sabotage your __________?
• What to do if you are making these _________ common mistakes
• The truth about _______________ that they won’t tell you.
• The surprise hidden behind _______________________.
• Do not attempt this ________________ at home.
• Is your _______________ not working? _______ to fix this.
• Don’t destroy your _____________! 8 most common mistakes.
• 5 ____________ problems that can _______________.

4.3 Post Titles Using Interesting Lists

Lists are very, very effective at converting into email opens and article titles.

People love step by step, successive directions. This is because our education system is very linear, we are conditioned to think successively and this facilitates learning.

This article creation strategy can be combined with others, you can make a list of “Alarming Titles” or a “How To” answer.

It’s perfect, because the person can clearly visualize what steps are needed to solve that problem. Remember that people are looking for answers that solve their problems in the most practical way possible.

To increase the effectiveness of your texts, when using this technique, make the introduction showing what the reader will find in the text, the way in which the answer he seeks will be given.

That’s because it’s really essential to answer your audience’s questions to be successful.

Here too, simple and easy-to-understand lists should apply. Even if the subject of the article is complex, the use of the list will help exactly in that, it will facilitate the understanding. Always state objectively why this topic is on the list.

At the end, summarize the topics on the list. It is very interesting to end by reminding the reader where he is now and where he will get to if he does all the things on the list.

Post Title Ideas with Lists

• Top 10 _________________________.
• 19 reasons why you should___________________.
• 7 reasons why ____________ (Use a verb) _____________.
• Top 7 ___________________.
• 5 most common mistakes _(your audience)___ makes.
• The seven greatest ________________ of all time.
• The 12 funniest examples of __________________.
• The 7 best ways to get _______________.
• 101 tips for __________________.


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4.4 Post Titles Using Secrets, Prestige and Authority - A Perfect Combination

Many prefer to divide titles into three distinct categories: Secret, Prestige, and Authority.

It is valid to choose the combination between them. It really is a perfect match and we are sure that if you use them you will see your articles and emails explode with readers.

For them to work together, they must be combined in the following way: You will offer a powerful secret, which will give prestige to the public and authority to you. It`s not perfect?

In the introduction, say what it will be like to unravel and reveal this secret, focus on overcoming the expectation that was generated by the title, this will ensure that the reader continues reading until the end.

It is necessary to explain why this secret will really help the public.

Another point, the secret needs to be a real secret, it needs to really surprise. Otherwise, the reverse effect will occur.

It will lessen your authority. So when using this method to create headlines, prepare well, study, research and bring the breakthrough secret to your audience. Digital Marketing is extremely dynamic, it won’t be difficult to do this.

It is important that you explain how you know this secret or why you can honor the reader after he reads your text. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing your audience.

Gradually reveal the secrets and explain how to use the secret or method you have presented.

If you have something really revealing and innovative, remember to show the reader how privileged they are to know the secret you revealed. Do this at the conclusion.

Examples of Post Title Ideas Using Secrets, Prestige, and Authority

• The Secret __(Someone/or Someone)__ they don’t want you to find out.
• 5 things your __(someone close)__ won’t tell you.
• 15 secrets to being successful at ___________.
• 4 facts about ____________ newbies don’t know.
• What the ___ (an interesting group related to the public) can teach you about ______________.
• What ____________ can teach you about _____________.
• Make __(something)__ as __(someone).
• The Secret of _____________-.
• 5 things not even your __(reference to someone-not named)_ knows about _______.
• How to do ______________ better than (refer someone).
• Be the best ____________ your _______ has never seen.
• The 5 simple principles hidden behind _(something complex)_.
• 3 ways to become a respected __________.
• The 7 habits common to all successful people.
• 5 things __________ thinks about __________.
• Some people have (something desirable) Do you?
• Get more (something desirable) now!
• Make your __________ as desirable as __________.
• Be the (a symbol/reference person) of ____________.

4.5 Flashy Post Titles - Make a Bold Promise - These Titles Really Sell

The world belongs to the bold, boldness is believing in what nobody believes. And finding and delivering a bold promise is definitely for the bold. There are several advantages to making a promise in the title:

• It is easy for the reader to identify what he will find in the text;
• It can measure results;
• Creates a good expectation regarding the content of the article and/or email;
• Highlights the main benefit the reader will find;
• And they are very easy to write compared to others.

This title template is also often found on Landing Pages, due to all these advantages I mentioned, and also due to the high conversion power.

Try it on your landing pages. Start the introduction by reaffirming the promise of the title, the goal is to generate confirmation in the reader and ensure that he reads until the end.

Always tell your audience what problem you are going to solve and the benefits they have and they will keep reading. But don’t forget to keep the promise.

It seems obvious, but sometimes we get lost in writing.

Take the reader through the text to the Grand Finale! Focus on surprising, delivering something beyond what is promised in the title and introduction. Readers who are delighted become leads, who become buyers.

Title Ideas Using Promises

• The Definitive Guide to ____________.
• The only 7 steps to ___________.
• The only _____________ you will ever need.
• Everything you need to know about _______________.
• Finally! The missing solution for _____________.
• The best way to ______________________.
• Become an excellent _______________________.
• Learn how ________________.
• Learn/Do __________ while you __________.
• Earn/Earn More Money with your _________________.

4.6 Post Titles with Questions that Make Us Imagine the Answers

Normally, when we are asked a question, our brain automatically tries to get an answer. It happens to all of us. Are we going to a test?

Answer the question:

• What is your favorite dish?

Your brain responded automatically. Right?

Now try answering this one:

• Would you like to learn how to write better headlines?

You automatically start thinking of a positive response and imagining responses. And that generates curiosity for reading. We want to know that our answers are indeed the correct answers.

Make sure the readers are imagining the problems you will solve with the article and the benefits you will show with your text. Interesting exploring introduction generates more curiosity.

If the title is the most important thing to decide whether or not to read a text, the introduction is the second most important, it needs to hold the reader and not let him escape.

Present your arguments during the text, showing why it is important for him to know the true answers to the title question, end with the final answer, so the reader will stay until the end of the article.

Title Ideas Using Questions

• Do you know what keeps your ___________ improving?
• Do you know what is most important _____________?
• What would happen if you had (a great opportunity/realization)?
• Using unconventional titles (a little weird…)
• Using unconventional titles is an innovation.
• Sometimes it’s just what we need!

4.7 Short Titles – Sharpening the Sense of Urgency and Speed

Urgency is one of the hallmarks of great titles. You can let your creativity work and create great titles in this template, but they must follow a common characteristic:

• Make use of limited time where you can get something within a period of time;
• Try to use words that generate urgency like: Immediately, Quickly, Now…;
• Offer quick results, here everything is focused to create urgency;
• Start the introduction following the title pattern;
• Short, clear and objective sentences;
• Start by fulfilling the promise of the introduction and progressively reveal it;
• Focus on delivering exactly what your headline promises – this is extremely important for success.

These types of articles don’t need to be that long, 800 words is a good length.

Post Title Ideas Using Short Titles

• Get _________ now! 45% off
• Limited supply ____________.
• Do ___________ (by doing something simple) Now!
• Get ___________ free/for free.
• Get _____________ without wasting your (time/money).
• Earn __________ with your __________.
• The fastest way to _______________.
• The simplest way to ___________________.
• Obtain/Obtain ______________ before __________________.
• As ___________ in (short time).
• 7 shortcuts to ____________.
• The fastest shortcut to _____________.
• The shortest shortcut for __________________.
• 12 quick ways to improve your _____________.
• 7 quick tips to improve your ____________________.

4.8 “Lazy” Post Titles – For Those Who Don’t Like to Work

Many people don’t have the patience to read long articles. They prefer to get straight to the point and get a quick answer to their query.

Sometimes they’re jumping from article to article, blog to blog, skimming through the content.

People with this profile usually like the easiest things. Focus on writing a headline that promises to deliver a great result with minimal effort. This is certainly the best way to attract the public’s attention with this profile.

In the introduction, repeat exactly what you promised in the title, if you cannot find synonymous words, you can repeat the title in full. This helps to restate what the reader will find.

In the other paragraphs, add value to the promise of the title, but present it faster than the previous models, remember the profile of this audience: they want minimal effort, including reading.

The ideal length for these articles is 500-800 words, as this audience will certainly not read longer articles.

By testing, the most successful articles are in the range of 1200 to 1500 words, but there is this lazy audience, but really lazy, they also buy online and are potential leads. End the article by objectively summarizing the delivery of the promise of the text.

Lazy Blog Title Ideas

• Getting _______________ has never been easier.
• Do _______________ easily.
• 3 simple steps to a great __________. Here, try not to have a large number of steps, I believe five is the maximum number, otherwise it will look like a lot of work.
• 5 ways to simplify _____________.
• (finish/complete something difficult) easily.
• ____________ as easy as _____________.


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BPM 5 title ideas that work very well

5- Powerful Product Description Titles to Boost Sales

As important as the titles of the posts, the product description is one of the details that most influence e-commerce sales.

This is because, it is in the description of a virtual store that people look for complete information and details that will help them in the purchase decision.

So with well-organized, clear and attractive texts, the chances of convincing new customers and generating more conversions are much greater!

So, it doesn’t matter if it’s a description for an online clothing store, electronics, accessories, products in general or any other segment: knowing how to create good presentations is a fundamental task.

More than informative, the text must also be attractive. This does not mean that it needs to be extensive and focused on persuasion techniques, but rather ensure clarity and a pattern that is positively perceived by users.

For example, in a description for an online clothing store, customers need to easily know the characteristics of a particular piece, washing recommendations, fabric conservation and measurements of available sizes.

In the same sense, other specific niches can be mentioned, such as the pet segment, which needs to include safety recommendations on certain products, travel packages, which need to explain every detail about destinations, games, which must suit what players are looking for, and so on.

In addition to influencing sales performance, good descriptions are also important for meeting SEO standards, which determine how a store will rank on Google.

This means that the better the description and textual structure of the product, the greater the chances that new customers will find it on the internet and buy from your e-commerce!

6- How to Ensure a Good Product Description

There is no predefined text pattern for product description. The important thing is to understand your audience, their demands and which elements are important for them to be met.

Therefore, among the best precautions capable of guiding a good description of products, the following stand out:

6.1 Use Good SEO Practices

By adopting good SEO practices, Google’s search engines will prioritize your products whenever someone searches for something related to them.

This is key in terms of Inbound Commerce, which is about a store’s ability to naturally attract new customers based on their interests.

For this, the ideal is to know how to choose and use the best keywords related to your product, avoid very generic terms, create really attractive titles, take care of readability and avoid copying in relation to competitors.

6.2 Talk About Product Benefits and Problems It Will Solve

To encourage purchasing behavior, the product description needs to emphasize the benefits of the offered merchandise.

However, when the text is overly complimentary and too “salesmanlike”, customers feel that the real intention is not to help them with their decisions.

A good alternative to this question is to adopt a natural language, which really describes the characteristics of the merchandise from the perspective of those who will use it.

That is, focusing on the problems that the product can solve for people and how it can add more value to them.

6.3 Highlight Technical Resources and Relevant Product Information

As basic as this idea may seem, many online stores do not provide complete technical information about their wares.

Remember that in distance selling, people need to know exactly what the item they are buying looks like.

With that in mind, clearly list aspects such as weight, colors, textures, size, resistance, durability, among other important characteristics for consumers.

6.4 Explain How to Use the Product

In order to be clear about the value and characteristics of what is being sold, it is also important to insert descriptions about its use.

After all, it is with a practical view of the merchandise that people will really understand whether it will be useful in their daily lives.

With that in mind, write a text that predicts their uses and explains how they can best be used.

6.5 Include Customer Reports About the Product

Finally, if possible, include positive reports from others who have already purchased the merchandise in question.

The public tends to value experiences that are real more, and feels more convinced when they realize that other customers have already had positive experiences with their purchases.

7- Descriptions Considered Ideal for Certain Product Categories

Follow the cases we have prepared, listed according to some of the most common segments of virtual commerce:

7.1 Description for Online Clothing Store

In this example, imagine that the featured product is a men’s printed T-shirt.

“Produced in a light and soft fabric, the Model X T-shirt was created especially for those who don’t give up comfort on a daily basis.

The mesh has a perfect fit to the body and excellent sweat absorption performance, ensuring all the well-being you deserve even on the hottest days.

Available in several print options, it is perfect for those who have an irreverent style and are proud to highlight their personality!”


• Color: X
• Drawing Type: X
• Length: X
• Details: X
• Type of sleeve: X
• Sleeve length: X
• Station: X
• Fabric/material: X

Check out what some of our customers have to say about the model:


7.2 Electronic Product Description

In the description of the example of electronic products, let’s talk about an ordinary smartphone.

“Have a world of possibilities in the palm of your hands with the MODEL X Smartphone!”

“With an incredible X megapixel camera, X GB storage capacity and X operating system, it is the perfect companion to capture the best moments with your friends, organize your work routine, use your favorite applications and enjoy the best that mobile technology can offer to offer.

Its X-inch screen provides an incredible view to users, who have the best definition to play games, make their video calls or consume content – anytime and anywhere!

The best-selling BRAND X has arrived in its new generation! Ensure the best performance and stop suffering from the famous collisions that disrupt your day to day.”

Data sheet:

• Model: X
• Width: X
• Height: X
• Depth: X
• Weight: X
• Brand: X
• Operating System: X
• Bluetooth: X
• WiFi: X
• Main camera: X
• Front Camera: X
• Processor: X
• Battery type: X

See what our customers have to say about the model:


7.3 Description for Infoproducts

Finally, in our last example, check out what a sales ebook would look like.

“You feel your company is ready to grow, you have the resources to do so, but you still don’t know the best ways to ensure your success?

With 10 years of experience on the board of one of the biggest retailers in Brazil, author X believes that the time has come to help new entrepreneurs conquer their well-deserved place among the biggest players in the market!

Discover the secret of great managers and boost your sales with the techniques that have already helped over 100 large companies to increase their conversions.

The method is exclusive and specially designed for you to transform your financial reality only with the resources you already have in your business.”


Number of pages: X
Language: X
Font settings: X
Auto scroll: X

Check out what critics are saying about the film:



FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Titles

1. How to create an impactful title?

It is necessary to deliver something relevant to the reader, help him solve problems, inform and educate him about a subject. You must bring information that will benefit your persona.

2. What is a good title?

It is the first element of content, it is largely responsible for calling people's attention with regard to taking a step forward when reading a text, watching a video, etc.

3. How to use headline?

A headline is just a headline, title or subject line, so it can't be a 4-line paragraph. You need to be concise and only use the words that are essential to attract and arouse your audience's curiosity.

4. What are the most powerful mental triggers?

There are several, but among them are: Scarcity, authority, urgency, social proof and anticipation.

5. What is essential to write a good title?

Without a doubt, a well-done persona research. Knowing the audience you communicate with is essential to writing an impactful headline.


As much as many still believe that good images are enough for an e-commerce to attract more customers, it is indisputable that texts are as important as they are to generate more sales.

With increasing competition on digital channels, standing out is getting harder and harder. To stand out and win the reader’s click, we already understand that we need good titles. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula: it’s important to let your creativity flow and have as many titles as possible available.

Titles are one of the first components that attract public attention and attract new leads, in addition to ensuring good relationship via email marketing. Therefore, it is important to use them efficiently so as not to go unnoticed.


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