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3 Critical Factors for Managing
Your Team Remotely

3 Critical Factors for Managing Your Team Remotely


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How to manage teams and lead people remotely:

In this article, you’ll learn how to overcome the challenges of remote leadership and discover best practices and tools that help manage remote teams.
Amidst the pandemic faced some time ago, many companies were forced to migrate to the home office. As a result, many leaders are faced with the challenge of managing teams remotely.
People have difficulties all the time. Check out the Chart Representing People’s Greatest Difficulties During Remote Work:
GRAPHIC 3 Critical Factors in Managing Your Team Remotely
The distance from employees is, for many, an obstacle to controlling the execution of tasks. However, studies and research indicate that increased productivity is one of the main advantages of working from home.
For people to be effectively more productive in remote work, it is essential that leaders understand which steps must be followed for good management. Next, we detail how this path can be followed without major mishaps.

What You Will Check Out In This Article:

1- Adaptation to remote leadership
    1.1- Perception of remote leadership
2- The importance of communication to manage remote teams
    2.1- Communication formats and channels
    2.2- Autonomy vs Micromanagement
3- Best practices for managing remote teams
    3.1- Increase the frequency of communication
    3.2- Establish communication routines
    3.3- Maintain a culture of feedback
    3.4- Defining a workplace
4- 7 tools that help manage remote teams
    4.1- Slack
    4.2- Twist
    4.3- Zoom
    4.4- Trello
    4.5- Google Drive
    4.6- Figure it Out (FIO)
    4.7- Loom
5- Globally recognized companies that have already adopted the home office
6- Conclusion
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1- Adaptation to Remote Leadership

What are the differences between lead teams where all members work in the same location and teams that work remotely?
The answer to this question involves adapting to new forms of communication, using tools to integrate tasks and projects and also align an organizational culture.
However, the leadership skills expected of remote leaders are not far from those that should be developed by managers close to their employees.
There is no bad remote leader, there is a bad leader. Adaptability is one of the main characteristics of leadership, the ability to contextualize, situational leadership and the way I adapt to different contexts.

1.1 Perception of Remote Leadership

How do those led see these leaders based on the processes they adopt?
Any problem in people management cannot be attributed to the simple fact of being distant from the rest of the team.
When adapting to remote work, it is important that leaders understand that employees need to adapt to a new work routine. Especially in times of a pandemic, many people were unable to prepare for a new way of carrying out their activities, which could affect their performance.
In this way, empathy between leaders and followers tends to be essential for the work to be carried out in the best way. However, it is necessary to understand what the real concept of empathy is for this relationship to bear fruit.
People think that empathy is often putting yourself in someone else’s shoes with your own vision, and that’s really bad. You project yourself into the other’s shoes, and that’s not empathy.
Companies that don’t listen to people will fall behind. We need to take care of people to look at the sustainability of the business, whether in terms of engagement, results or how we position ourselves for our customers. Opportunities exist and are many.

2- The Importance of Communication for Remote Team Management

To get around the impossibility of meeting the team in person, a fundamental step for good remote leadership is opening communication channels.
For a company to function, it is necessary to communicate in the best possible way. And that will require planning and clear rules. It takes work, it’s boring, but it’s fundamental at work
remote work.
When analyzing the essential factors for creating an organizational culture in a remote company, communication will not happen organically or naturally. It is necessary that leaders put themselves at the forefront of a movement that defines which communication channels should be adopted and establishes the rules to be applied in the company.
It is important to build an environment that allows employees to not be afraid to ask questions. “Have an open space for exchanging ideas. Let people feel free to ask. Let them feel free to be vulnerable.”

For this environment to be created, there must be leadership by example. People need to feel comfortable asking questions, and that starts with leaders. When leaders become vulnerable, they show that they want to listen and not judge.



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2.1 Formats and Communication Channels

There is no doubt that communication is essential to good remote leadership. However, special care is needed with the way messages are transmitted over a distance.
For more sensitive issues, it is recommended that leaders avoid text communication as much as possible. In these cases, the preferred path should be video calls, where it is possible for people to see each other.
If there is sometimes so much noise in live communication, imagine in textual communication. A lot of communication is in body language. You have to be very careful in written communication.
Communication efficiency will be even greater when there is a definition of which communication channels should be adopted. WhatsApp, Slack, Messenger, are good tools for conversations.
But for tasks that require thinking, some people think calmly, chat is not a good tool for this. Sometimes you will have 50 messages each. If it were an email exchange, with a few emails it could be faster.

2.2 Autonomy vs Micromanagement

Leaders who are adapting to the migration to this new type of work may feel uncomfortable with the lack of control over the entry and exit of their employees, but the autonomy for employees to carry out their activities tends to provide a more favorable environment for productivity.
Large companies that have employees spread around the world have made room for employees to define how to adapt their routine to remote work.
To achieve a work environment where there is productivity gain, it is important that leaders prepare for the asynchronous communication common to the home office. It is natural that when sending a message we expect an immediate response.
However, this desire for a large part of a working day does not translate into the need for an immediate and real-time response.
For leaders, this desire to be attended to immediately can also be linked to a need for constant control over what is produced by the team. Thus, the famous micromanagement occurs.
If you feel the need to micromanage people, it’s because you don’t trust your team. So the hole is much lower. Giving up micromanagement frees up everyone’s stress and time to get more done.
Micromanagement is a bigger trend in companies where the migration to remote work is recent. In this way, managers need to adapt to a new routine in which they no longer have constant visibility of how their employees have been working.
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3- Recommended Best Practices for Managing Remote Teams

After all, what strategies can be adopted for remote team leaders to achieve more efficient management?

3.1 Increase the Communication Frequency

In remote work, the distance between people must be overcome by increasing the frequency of communication so that leaders and followers maintain alignment on what has been accomplished.
Increase the number of checks, connections, gaps. And when we talk about time off, we are talking about any workplace that is useful. It can be WhatsApp, but use it correctly.

3.2 Establish Communication Routines

For communication to become more efficient, it is recommended to establish a routine of meetings, operations or even virtual cafes.
It’s difficult. Many people have a blockage, they think they are open. You can be the most open person and yet people might not come to you. So go, encourage, encourage, ask people.”

3.3 Maintain a Feedback Culture

One-on-one and other virtual meetings are important for companies to establish feedback cultures. It is the role of leaders to give feedback to subordinates on performance and alignment with the company’s minimum values.
Culture and values there is no escape. Feedback needs to be given, no matter the timing. You have to talk, change. Don’t leave it for later, because it’s a snowball. If you start to have an employee who is not aligned with the company’s values and culture, provide feedback as soon as possible.
Do not leave it for later. It’s difficult, it’s suffered, the line is good, but don’t leave it for later. Give that feedback, which is important.

3.4 Define a Workplace

In order for there to be an alignment on what has been done and what are the tasks of each team member, it is recommended that companies adopt a workplace, which will help leaders in the management of all activities.
It could be Slack, Microsoft Teams… It could be whatever, but having a workplace where people can know that there are people online who can count on someone.
Even if the company has three people, a workplace where they can exchange a ball.

4- 7 Tools That Help Manage Remote Teams

4.1 Slack

Slack is a team communication software with support for channels, private conversations and integration with external services.
The tool offers a high capacity for customization and interaction between participants, in addition to agile commands and easy sharing of the most diverse types of files.

4.2 Twist

Twist emerged as an internal communication alternative beyond Slack. The tool’s developers promise to deliver more fluid work that allows people space and time to progress on the tasks that matter.
Objectively, the creators of Twist promise to fix communication problems that would be encountered by Slack users, such as missing important messages during a conversation and interruptions while performing a task.

4.3 Zoom

Zoom is a remote conferencing service that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat and mobile collaboration.
One of its main advantages over competitors is the stability offered when the tool is used by a large number of people at the same time.
In the free version, Zoom has unlimited individual calls, group meetings of up to 100 participants for 40 minutes and the possibility to participate without having a Zoom account and even by phone call.

4.4 Trello

Trello is a project management application with a structure based on kanban, a workflow management methodology that was created in Japan.
Tasks are presented in tables. Through them, Trello tells you what is being worked on, who is working on what, and where something is in process.
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4.5 Google Drive

Provided by Google, the Google Drive cloud storage tool provides 15 GB of free space to its users.
The service allows you to store files in Google’s cloud and has synchronization applications for Windows, Mac and Android.

4.6 Figure it Out (FIO)

For those who work in a team with people from other countries, it is always important to pay special attention to the time zone. After all, what is the best time of day to set up a meeting?
The Figure it Out extension helps to “discover” which time zone in other locations and thus avoid incompatibilities.
This function is very useful not only for teams with professionals from other countries. After all, many countries have more than one time zone.

4.7 Loom

It is not always possible to explain how to perform a task with audio or text only. Loom is a tool that solves precisely this difficulty.
Loom lets you make videos where the user records their own screen and voice. Thus, it is possible to show, step by step, how to carry out a task.
This function also helps to document training and activities common to the work routine. That way, when new collaborators arrive or someone has a question about how to perform a process, they just turn to videos recorded with Loom.

5- Check the below Image with Worldwide Recognized Companies that have already Adopted the Home Office and have the Most Remote Workers:

IMG 3 Critical Factors in Managing Your Team Remotely

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Remote Work

1. How can I find people willing to work seriously remotely?

There are millions of people looking for a remote job every day. You can find them on some social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, among others. As well as on freelancing platforms.

2. How to deal with the anxiety generated by the change of environment?

Regulate your sleep, try meditation to control your anxiety, plan your agenda for the day or week, take care of your diet, organize your work space, take breaks during working hours, do physical exercises and talk to a professional if necessary.

3. My team is not producing as expected, what to do?

Review the objectives with your team! List on a board all unachieved goals and the distinction between what used to be predicted and what used to be achieved. Each worker needs to record the reasons with which he agrees that led to non-compliance with the target, which will be placed in any other table.


If large companies are adhering to the practice of remote work, it’s because it works, do you agree?
But don’t think it’s an easy task, especially for the leader, who needs to help and guide his team so that the work flows as desired.
Remote work can boost a company’s jobs and profits, but for that to happen, it’s essential to provide the right tools so everyone can get their jobs done. Leaders should pay attention to this point and also to the working conditions of their teams in remote work.

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