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4 Steps to Prevent Computer Viruses for Successful Network Security

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4 Steps to Prevent Computer Viruses for Successful Network Security


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Computer Viruses: Learn How To Avoid Them With These 5 Tips:

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If there’s a threat that makes anyone shudder, it’s certainly computer viruses. The possibility of code intrusion capable of damaging files or even compromising the machine, draws attention to the importance of taking some precautions.
Knowing the attack strategies allows you to act correctly in case of any suspicion. After all, you can’t take the risk: the damage can be immeasurable, especially in the case of viruses programmed to steal personal data and banking passwords.
In the history of technology, since 1971, there are records of different cyber intruders. Some even became very famous for the damage they caused. Since then, evolution has been constant, requiring extra care and the use of a specific product to stop them, in this case, the antivirus.
However, before we list the tactics to keep the machine protected, let’s understand who these villains are, their types and how they come into action. That’s because the more information about the enemy, the greater the chances of defeating him.

What is a computer virus?

It is a program or code created with the aim of negatively altering the functioning of the computer, causing serious damage. But does not stop there. Just like a biological virus, it is capable of reproducing and propagating, in this case, from one machine to another.
However, for this to happen, the action of a user is necessary, as the computer virus is a type of malware, that is, malicious software that cannot proliferate on its own.
So the question arises, how would anyone contribute something harmful to their own equipment? Hacking techniques are so cunning that they fool even the most attentive people.

How Does a Computer Virus Work?

Often, the virus is so sneaky that it accesses the machine’s system, but remains there, without giving any signal, waiting for the right moment to act. This is the case of contamination through programs or files.
This is one of the oldest hacking methods used by cybercriminals. The presence of the virus is not noticed until the infected application or document is run. From there, the code activates and multiplies, corrupting other datasets.
Another very common form of contamination is that which occurs from emails. In this case, the sent message induces the recipient to click on an attached file containing the viral code.
When the action is successful, the virus takes over files and programs and even sends copies of itself to the electronic addresses found in the user’s contact list. In this way it spreads to other machines.
BPM Virus Conficker.png
When dealing with viruses from the script category such as VBScript and JavaScript, in addition to the strategy of attachments (generally, images or documents with extensions such as vbs.doc, vbs.xls and js.jpg), the transmission can occur in a simpler way. without any human command.
In this case, the code can be present in the text of the email in HTML format. According to the configuration of browser and e-mail reader program, it runs automatically. The same can happen when accessing a dubious internet page.
There is also the macro virus that is found in files of the same language, such as texts, presentations, spreadsheets and Microsoft Office workbooks. When the files are opened, a mechanism is triggered, spreading the virus inside your computer.

How Many PC Viruses Are There Today?

It is hard to have a precise number of how many viruses there are today, however we can estimate that the number pass over half a million and growing quickly.
Have you heard of the Creeper? That’s the name of the first computer virus in history. Created in 1971, it can be said that it was quite harmless compared to the ones that came later.
When invading the machine, it just displayed on the screen the phrase “I am the Creeper, catch me if you can!” The sarcastic tone of the message is justified by the fact that it was just an experiment.
Bob Thomas, then a contributor to BBN Technologies, designed The Creeper to demonstrate that, over a network, software could move from one computer to another automatically. That way, the virus didn’t do any damage, it just looked for another machine and migrated to that.
Later, Ray Tomlinson improved Thomas’ invention, which gained the ability to reproduce. Thus, before moving to another PC, the virus left traces, that is, a copy of itself.
The first codes to generate problems started to appear in the 80s. It was still an experimental period, but the situation started to get out of control with the conception of the Vienna virus.
Unlike Creeper, Vienna had the power to corrupt data and destroy files. After this realization, Bernd Fix was given the mission to develop a resource that stops the virus. The year was 1987. Then, one of the first antiviruses was born, software capable only of identifying and destroying malevolent code.
The following year, in 1988, still focusing on Vienna, researchers from the Czech Republic, Pavel Baudis and Eduard Kucera, launched what would become one of the most famous antivirus programs in history, Avast. Today, there are over 400 million monthly active users worldwide.

Types of Computer Viruses

The evolution of computer viruses has been proportional to technological advances. With ever more ambitious goals, internet criminals have turned to even more cunning codes that work silently. That way, when they are identified, the mess is already mounted.
Currently, there is a wide range of viruses that are distinguished by their attack technique and objective. We have selected the most common ones to know their tactics and possible damage:

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1. Ransomware

This is one of the most feared computer viruses today. Its name already indicates the damage it can cause: “rescue” means ransom. Therefore, it is malware that encrypts computer information and blocks access to data. To reverse the situation, you are required to pay a variable amount.
Businesses are the main target for ransomware. The invasion strategy seems simple, but it involves a complex social engineering process. Employees receive a suspicious message prompting them to download a contaminated file.
When the file is opened, the virus scans the company’s operating system and accesses confidential data. Thus, the information is blocked and the organization is obliged to pay the ransom. Otherwise, there is a risk that the content will be deleted without any possibility of recovery.

2. Trojan horse

Inspired by the legendary wooden horse from the war between Greeks and Trojans, the Trojan horse, also known as Trojan, is not a virus itself. It’s a program that, at first glance, seems incapable of doing any harm. However, within it lurks the enemy: malware.
It installs itself on your computer by downloading a seemingly harmless file like a game or music. It works silently, stealing information, identifying security holes, cracking passwords and taking control of the machine.
Depending on the action performed, the Trojan Horse receives a different nomenclature. There is a wide variety, but we will highlight the most popular ones:

2.1 Remote access

It gives the attacker full control of the machine.

2.2 DDoS attack

Stops network activities, keeping web pages inactive indefinitely. In the case of corporate websites, the losses tend to be incalculable.

2.3 Downloader

It is what downloads other harmful content.

2.4 Infostealer

Its main purpose is data theft.

2.5 Backdoor

This is what creates a port, allowing the criminal to access the machine and gain control over it. It can also upload data and download other malware.
The Trojan Horse, however, does not only affect PCs and notebooks. Mobile devices are also affected by downloading apps that look like the original but are actually fake versions. In this case, in addition to data theft, it is possible to trigger an SMS with malicious content.

3. Autorun

This is a computer virus present on pen drives and external hard drives. When connected to the equipment through the USB port, an installation file automatically comes into action, contaminating programs and files. Therefore, the tip is to avoid the shortcuts that appear on the screen and access the unit by clicking on “My Computer”.

4. Kilim

With the success of social networks, internet criminals wasted no time in creating a group of viruses capable of stealing users’ peace of mind. Kilim-type viruses, for example, are capable of sending fake messages, making inappropriate posts, and even liking posts.
To access the accounts, Kilim impersonates an original program. However, after installation, it enters personal information including passwords. As a result, in addition to interfering with management, it generates even greater problems, such as the difficulty in recovering the profile.
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5. Majava

The target of the Majava virus is the Java platform, the environment for developing computer programs. Identifies unprotected points, enters the data storage area, taking control of the system. Therefore, it can cause irreparable damage.
In this case, a suggestion is to back up important information in a safe place off your computer, for example, in the cloud. It is a low-cost solution that keeps all types of data protected, allowing it to be updated and queried whenever necessary.

How to Protect Yourself from Computer Viruses

Currently, there are different ways for an electronic device to become infected. And it’s not just the computer vulnerable to this type of action, cell phones and tablets are also part of the risk group. However, do you know what to do to protect them?

We have five tips for you!

1. Do not open suspicious files

If you received a file via email, but you don’t know the sender or the message is dubious, be careful when clicking on the attachment, as it could be contaminated. If downloaded, the document can make changes to the machine, causing serious damage. The same goes for unknown links.



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2. Make updates

Many companies update their programs to fix bugs. This indicates that when a new update is available, it’s time to download it. The new version offers more security than the previous one.

3. Renew your passwords

Can you remember the last time you changed your social media email or password? Maybe it’s been a long time or you’ve never done it. Whatever the case, know that it is very important to change the access codes of your accounts frequently to avoid intrusions and manipulations by malicious programs. Avoid using the same password for more than one account.

4. Make backups

Some files are so important that it causes despair just thinking about losing them. Unfortunately, this can come true if your device gets infected. However, if backed up to another device, the documents are safe. Therefore, the suggestion is: invest in an external HD or pen drive to store them.

5. Install an antivirus

Finally, the most important tip: bet on an antivirus. The program is the main ally in combating threats and preventing attacks. The paid versions are more complete and therefore better suited to carry out these processes efficiently.

How Computer Antiviruses fight malicious programs (malware)?

It’s indisputable how essential antivirus software is to protecting computers and other devices. This is because it has the necessary technology to identify and prevent the action of malicious codes, as well as remove suspicious programs.
Now that we know some attack strategies, let’s find out which resources are used in combat.

1. Digitization

The first is digitization. It is a process of scanning all documents and folders for malware. In this case, cleaning takes place immediately.

2. Automatic update

Another mechanism used by antivirus software to identify the enemy is automatic updating. Occurs whenever software is updated to new virus definitions. Therefore, it is recommended to always keep this feature active.

3. Quarantine

Quarantine is another protection procedure performed by the antivirus, as it is an area of isolation for suspicious content to prevent it from spreading. The file is monitored and, if it shows signs of danger, it can be corrected or deleted.
So, if you want to ensure high security for your devices, don’t think twice, get an antivirus. It has the most advanced and efficient tools to identify and remove computer viruses. Have questions about which to buy? Stay here with us and we will present the main brands!

Best Known Computer Antiviruses

1 – Kaspersky Antivirus

Antivirus by Kaspersky, a Russian company specializing in the development of security software, this antivirus ensures protection for the entire family’s devices. The acquisition is carried out in the form of a subscription lasting 12, 15 or 18 months.

Kaspersky Antivirus Total Security for 10 Devices

There are versions that offer protection for 1, 3, 5 or even 10 devices at the same time, that is, it doesn’t matter if you have a PC, Mac, notebook or Android device: the product is compatible with all of them.
The Safe Kids feature allows you to manage the activities carried out by the little ones while using the device, in addition to blocking inappropriate websites. The Password Manager protects passwords and even helps to create strong sequences, that is, difficult to decipher.
With Kaspersky, you can shop or bank online without worry. That’s because the Safey Money tool opens a safe browser. In addition, it is an antivirus that blocks trackers, preventing them from monitoring the family’s activities.
An alert is triggered when any unauthorized application tries to access the computer’s webcam or microphone. And if any spyware (intrusive program) is detected on Android, compromising the privacy of calls and messages, the antispyware alerts you quickly.
If you still want one more advantage that justifies the acquisition of this antivirus, know that it also has the ability to block, locate and reset your Android in case of loss. Therefore, Kaspersky offers maximum security!
The number of fans is increasing with the success of the games around the world. Just as there are products aimed at the needs of this audience – see more in the post How to choose the best gaming monitor – Kaspersky could not fail to develop a specific antivirus.

Kaspersky Antivirus Cloud for 1 Device Gamers

Kaspersky Antivirus Cloud for Gamers protects accounts and data with world-class cybersecurity. Therefore, you can browse the internet, download mods (game updates) and play games online without any worries.
The Password Manager feature allows for secure storage of passwords. Anti-Phishing protects against information theft. An alert is triggered at any sign of danger regarding access to accounts. It is certainly the ideal option for the gamer who wants maximum performance and total protection.

2 – Norton Antivirus

Norton antivirus, powered by Symantec, provides multiple layers of protection for devices. It has bank-grade encryption that makes connecting via Wi-Fi secure, even when you are away from home. Furthermore, it detects threats during financial transactions and online purchases.
It also prevents access to personal information and, in the case of the PC, offers cloud storage, preventing data loss. The purchase is made through an annual subscription that can be downloaded from the purchase site after confirmation of payment.
The Norton family, however, is large: there is a specific version for the needs of each user.

Norton Antivirus Plus

For example, Norton Antivirus Plus protects a single PC or Mac and has 2GB of cloud storage.

Norton 360 Standard

However, Norton 360 Standard also offers single device security. However, in addition to PC or Mac, it can protect devices such as mobile phone or tablet. The cloud storage capacity is 10GB.

Norton 360 Deluxe 5 Devices

Norton 360 Deluxe is a family-friendly version. It can be installed on up to 5 different devices and has 50GB of cloud backup. Another difference is that it has a feature that allows parents to monitor their children’s access while they are online.

Norton 360 Premium

If you need an antivirus that serves an even greater number of devices, you can bet on Norton 360 Premium. It defends up to 10 different devices and offers 75 GB of cloud space.

Norton Antivirus Security Gamer 3 Devices

Here we have the newest member of the family, Norton Antivirus Security Gamer. With 50GB of backup, it preserves up to 3 devices. It’s the armor that every gamer needs to face battles without getting tense with the possibility of stealing data or accessing the game account.
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About How to Avoid a Computer Virus

1. How to identify a possible virus?

Strange icons in applications, excessive advertising, emails with very absurd promotions and features that activate and deactivate themselves are some of the indications that you may be facing a threat.

2. Can I download files over the internet?

Whenever you download something, make sure that the site in question has SSL security (that padlock next to the domain) and especially the TLD of the site, that is, the end of it, for example .com .online.

3. How do I defend myself against a possible virus attack?

Always keep your operating system up to date. With the passing of updates, security issues are always improved.
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Information security must be an urgent concern within organizations, both for the prevention of the company’s own data and also for the preservation of customer information.
And in the face of various possibilities of malicious software attacks, you can’t run the risk of being unprotected.
As seen, the main ways to reinforce security against computer viruses are in daily prevention care.
It is important to always keep the machines up to date, have antivirus solutions and be careful when clicking on unknown sites, links and messages received from third parties.
In short, the list of most well-known computer viruses are Trojans, Ransomware, Autorun, Kilim, Majava, Keyloggers, Blended Threats, Spyware, Worms and Adware, but new threats are always emerging.
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