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5 Unmistakable Signs You Need Help With Content

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5 Unmistakable Signs You Need Help With Content


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Habits to Cultivate While Producing Content:

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At first, producing content seems easy. Just sit in front of the computer, make a few clicks, open the text editor and start writing, right? I’m sorry to tell you, but that’s not quite true.
The fact is that things can be a little more complicated.
The production of content itself is something that requires a few steps before it happens. You need to do some specific analysis to find out how to better reach the people you want to consume your content, after all, they won’t appear out of nowhere!
After doing some research and comparing different types of strategies (even those that aren’t necessarily “strategic”), we found 5 clear signs that you might need help with content production. Come on?

1- Do You Understand Your Brand Personality?

Understanding your brand’s personality is the first step to being able to start producing content. Without it, it’s impossible to create content that really brings interesting results for your business.
Therefore, every brand personality must be unique, and the target audience needs to identify it immediately when they see it.

Therefore, it must bring together all the visual and physical elements to give customers a positive impression by:

     • Being original;
     • Showing customers who you are;
     • Making your solutions visible to the market;
     • Making your company provide the right customer experience.
Shall we go to an example to be clear? What comes to your mind when you hear about Coca-Cola? Apple? Nike?
All brands have identities that need to be aligned with the lifestyle of the people who support them. After all, this makes the company recognized and customers become increasingly loyal to the consumption of its products.

2- What Type of Person Do You Want to Impact?

Content production involves an important step: persona analysis. Each content produced needs to be compatible with the characteristics of the people you intend to impact. X content can be excellent for audience A, while for audience B, it is irrelevant. Knowing this, it’s time to identify your target audience.

2.1 What is Target Audience?

Target audience is a group of consumers with common characteristics that the company identifies in the market and to whom it directs its advertising strategies and campaigns. It can also be called target (in English), target segment or even target market.
Its definition starts with market segmentation. The market is sliced into segments with a similar profile, according to demographic and behavioral characteristics (age, gender, education, lifestyle, personality, etc.) that matter to the company and influence consumption decisions.
But, of course, don’t think that these characteristics come out of the head of those who work with marketing… You have to delve into market research and analysis to get to know people.
After identifying the segments, the company selects the one(s) to target in order to reach people who have more affinity with the brand and more chances of becoming customers. So, the marketing plan, campaigns or communication pieces are directed to this segment.

3- What Tools Do You Use To Measure The Success Of The Content You Publish?

You don’t need expensive tools or anything like that. Measuring the efficiency and success of published content is essential to know where to invest your efforts and bring good opportunities to your company. Below are some of the best measurement tools out there.

3.1 Google Analytics

Considered one of the most complete tools, Google Analytics is ideal for measuring the results generated by the flow of navigation and interaction on the pages of the company’s website. In this case, Google Analytics calculates the audience and presents the demographic characteristics of the public that frequents the pages.
In addition, it is able to provide more specific information that helps in the formation of its strategies, such as the path that the user takes between the pages to a certain action and which of its marketing channels generate the most sales. Another differential of Google Analytics is that it is a free, simple and practical tool.

3.2 PowerBI

This tool is nothing more than a resource that allows you to evaluate and visualize Microsoft data, with the main objective of supporting assertive decisions through Business Intelligence (BI). In a practical way, we can point out that Power BI takes care of the demand for data management, that is: a group of tasks whose purpose is to achieve data governance.
In other words, the goal is to enable interactive visualizations as well as business intelligence features with a simple interface to ensure that end users create their own reports and dashboards.

3.3 Google Data Studio

Finally, we cannot fail to mention Google Data Studio as one of the main tools for measuring results. It is nothing more than a solution that is provided free of charge by the company Google with the function of visualizing data in a more attractive way.
We can point out that the main attribution of this resource is to organize the data, which can be shared in real time, in addition to being able to be saved in the cloud in order to increase the availability of access.
We realized through this article that the measurement of results is a crucial action for the development and growth of any company. For this reason, we emphasize the importance of investing in technological resources that allow you to leverage your strategies and achieve ever greater results.
In addition, we advise you to use the OKR methodology to get the best return on your actions. This is because the purpose of this method is to provide results in a simple and practical way, ensuring that your action plan has an even safer and more secure structure.

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3.4 Google Trends

Content Trends 2019 data show that, although 67.3% of companies adopt Content Marketing as an attraction strategy, 66.3% have difficulty producing content that generates engagement. Google Trends shows you the most searched keywords and can give you ideas for new content on your pages.
In this way, you guarantee that the materials and articles produced are, in fact, of interest to the user. When you identify that a certain term has started to generate more interest on the Internet, maybe it’s time for you to invest in the production of complete content on the subject. This can drive more visitors to your branded pages, making you more relevant.
After all, no matter how good the quality of your content is, they will only be viewed frequently if they are relevant to your audience, right? If a topic is trending in the market, why not talk about it on your blog? Google Trends is very useful to understand how your audience is behaving and the topics that can be worked on by your brand.

4- How to Actually Produce Relevant and Quality Content?

Now is that time when you stop and think: “How am I going to produce as much content as I need?” Basically, you have three options, so it’s important to know what the planning, execution and analysis steps are to ensure that content production is done efficiently and really productively.

4.1 Internal Production

You can hire someone to produce content in-house. This person or team will be responsible for keeping the platforms you decide to use (website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) always updated with new content. Remember that not always one person alone will be able to do everything or have all the necessary skills.
Producing video content is different from writing texts for blogs. So, if you’re going to build a content team, keep in mind that you need to hire people capable of doing what the strategy outlines. Another interesting way is to ask members from different areas of the company to collaborate.
Are you going to produce a sales video? Invite the commercial staff to participate! Is it an infographic about logistics? Surely the guys in the department will have some good ideas! Taking advantage of the knowledge of different sectors of the company, the tendency is for text production to become increasingly efficient.

4.2 Outsourced Production

One option that is becoming increasingly popular in Brazil is to hire a company specialized in content production. We can say that because it is our forte! Having a company that will take care of all the content that your strategy requires can be the best solution, both financially and logistically.
This will take the burden off of updating your blog or website, as well as posting to your social media, allowing you to focus on your core business. In addition, the experts’ knowledge is of great value, especially for CMOs and marketing directors who have not yet fully mastered Inbound Marketing.
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4.3 A Mixture of the Two Previous Options

Of course, you can have a little bit of each: having a person responsible for organizing and creating content demands, while a specialized company executes and produces what is necessary. In addition, the internal responsible will also interface with the company and keep the execution aligned with the objectives.
This option is very interesting, as it adds most of the advantages of the other two solutions.

5- Wanting Everything Perfect

Remember: done is better than perfect. The important thing is to deliver and improve later. After all, what good is it to have a perfect image of the text you want to produce and never finish it?
Make, deliver and then stone. The magic of producing content for the internet is that the material available on a blog or a landing page can be improved as many times as necessary.
In addition, the interaction between companies and consumers is much greater, causing you to receive reviews regularly. The feedback received after presenting content, for example, is one of the most valuable things in the quest for perfection in your materials! So use it to your advantage.
There’s also no point in delivering bad content without references on a random subject, full of grammatical errors and poorly formatted, right? So deliver, do it, but don’t forget that it must have a high quality standard! Also, the internet is full of other content and you need to stand out.



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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Signs You Need Help With Content

1. Who can be a content producer?

The answer to this topic is simple: anyone who has something relevant to share can be a digital content producer. If you are a teacher of singing, instruments or even school subjects, you can expand your classes by creating an online course.

2. What is the importance of well-crafted content?

Content is the protagonist in most communication materials. Without it, there is no complete message or efficient strategy. With the expansion and growth of digital marketing in the market, content has taken on a much more structured and tactical role, and today it has a very clear function: Engaging your audience!

3. How to work with content production?

The production of content is based on the creation of different materials, such as texts, ebooks, videos or podcasts, with the aim of providing relevant information to a certain audience. Knowing in depth the best practices or tools, for example, can enhance the efficiency of your actions.

4. How to be a good content producer?

Seek specialization in content production, study SEO techniques, define and respect your creation process, master more than one language and know your target audience. By doing just that, you will stand out from 96% of your competitors.

5. How to get out of the comfort zone when producing new content?

You don't need to present completely new content every 3 days, but you do need to set a certain frequency to test themes and even different formats. This creative exercise can help you improve your results, as you can explore the different interests of your audience.
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The production of this content you read has come to an end. Throughout this article, you learned techniques and tools to make your content production even better.
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