57 Ideas To Make Extra Money With Little Investment

57 Ideas To Make Extra Money With Little Investment

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In this article, we list 57 excellent ideas to invest time on, ideas that can supplement your income and, who knows, conquer the dreams of financial independence with little investment.

Do you want to earn extra money to supplement your income or even put an idea into practice in order to make it your main source of income, but you don’t know how?

Although you think you don’t need to increase your income, you should know that the greater your ability to save, the closer you will be to achieving greater freedom and financial independence.

Best of all, you can enjoy the comfort of your own home by taking advantage of the vast majority of the opportunities that I have outlined for you in this article.

I’m sure one of them should fit your profile.

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Knowing this, now check out 57 ideas to earn extra money with little investment, separated by categories:

1. Food Category

#01- Make and sell pot cakes

“Pot cakes” are delicious desserts that get its name by the fact that they are made on “Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cookers” (sold on Amazon for around $100), that can be used in the most diverse occasions.

With different sizes, fillings, and toppings, it meets the most varied tastes.

So, if you like this type of product, even if you don’t know how to make it, you can find pot cake recipes on the internet and make this a profitable business for you.

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#02- Offer personalized cakes and cupcakes

Still, in the culinary area, cakes and cupcakes are very popular and are known for adding a special charm to the sweets table of almost any party.

In children’s parties, especially, these are indispensable.

Taking in your recipe the basic ingredients of cup cakes, both for the dough and for the filling, you can invest in the personalization and sale of these sweets.

By sharing it with friends and family, you can guarantee an excellent portfolio of your work and guarantee a source of extra income with a low initial investment.

#03- Invest in artisanal food

Another opportunity to consider in the culinary field is producing artisanal products, such as breads, butter, cakes, sauces, jellies, sweets, and snacks.

If you like to cook and have recipes that you consider different or even unique, it is a good business to invest in this branch, since it has a good demand and your products will be valued.

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#04- Set up a buffet

Have you ever thought about providing food and drinks at birthday parties, events, and meetings?

Did you know that this service is an excellent idea for extra income with little investment?

Even if you think otherwise, remember that for the growth of your own business it is important to plan, start small, ensure support from friends and family and recognition of your brand.

This happens gradually, as does the need for money to be applied.

#05- Make party snacks

If setting up a buffet is too much for you, offering snacks for parties may be an idea that may take you less time and even less money.

For a simpler event, you can opt for snacks like the traditional snacks you already know how to make.

Otherwise, invest in free internet courses or take classes that teach you how to make more elaborate appetizers.

2. Beauty And Aesthetics Category

#06- Be a makeup artist

Working on self-esteem is very important for health.

And makeup helps many women fight some insecurities related to their appearance.

Taking this into consideration and the fact that many of us do not know how to apply makeup, putting this idea into practice will earn you good money.

Just take a course or learn for free in video classes that teach you how to combine colors and brushes correctly, among other tips, to start offering quality makeup services.

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#07- Offer pedicure and manicure services

People love taking care of small details in their appearance that make a difference in their day-to-day look. Taking care of their feet and hands is one of them.

Both women and men seek cleaning, cutilage, polishing, enamelling, revitalization, hydration, and skin and nail massage procedures. Surely everyone knows someone who is constantly looking for this kind of service.

You can disclose to people closest to you or not and still offer this service in your own home by scheduling or going to your client’s house.

#08- Make party hairstyles

Hairstyles are super sought after, especially for daily looks, events, parties, and various reasons.

If you were born with this gift, develop it as a hobby or seek to become a professional in this area, you will certainly earn good extra money with this idea that requires a very low investment.

The fact is that this idea of extra income with low investment will demand much more skill and practice than a large initial capital.

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#09- Do epilation (hair removal) at home.

Continuing with the most common and sought after services when it comes to beauty and aesthetics, we have the hair removal service.

If you understand the business and want to work in this area, doing hair removal at home can be an excellent business.

At first, it is very necessary that you take a course to learn the correct ways to work and invest in your work materials, such as a portable stretcher, wax, thermowax, spatula, etc.

If you manage to take advantage of these opportunities, you will soon be able to retain customers and make this a great source of extra income.

#10- Be an eyebrow designer

Just like good makeup, a well-groomed eyebrow makes a big difference to anyone’s appearance.

If you know this, in your free time or on weekends, you can use this idea to supplement your salary or even specialize in this area that is highly sought after among the female audience.

A good advantage of working from home is that you can control your own schedule, fitting the work according to your availability, in addition to not having to split your profit.

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3. Studies, Languages And Text Category

#11- Teach language classes

Language courses are one of the most sought after products on the market.

So, if you have a degree or are proficient in another language, you can take advantage of the idea of giving private or group lessons to someone who wants to improve their language or is preparing for an exchange.

With the ease offered by technology, you can teach online classes, in your workspace at home and still offer your classes at the best times for you.


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#12- Offer craft classes

Craftsmanship requires a lot of mastery and technique. So, even if you have good teaching skills, this can be a difficult task for those who have never tried to do something like this in their lives.

But if it’s something close to your reality, something you like to do or are interested in learning, you can make use of online courses that teach the principles of this art.

Put into practice, you can earn good money by teaching craft classes to your clients.

#13- Give tutoring classes

Whether at the basic, medium, or higher level, there are always people looking for reinforcement in subjects that are more difficult.

So, if you have a background in the area, such as Portuguese, mathematics, history, biology, etc., or you simply know a lot about the content and are interested in teaching, this is a good business to invest in.

This is one of the ideas to earn extra money with little investment. You can put this tip into practice as soon as possible.

Just advertise on websites that offer this type of service, or offer your work to someone you know who is interested.

#14- Write e-books

Since you are in the habit of reading and writing frequently, have good writing skills, and are an expert in a specific field, you can earn extra money from writing and selling e-books.

To do a good job, it is of paramount importance to master the subject to be talked about or to be a good researcher, to know your persona or target audience well, and to invest in the dissemination of your product.

You would require a very small start-up capital, especially for advertising. This is an excellent idea to earn extra money with a low investment.

#15- Teach crochet lessons

Crochet is a type of craft that consists of the manual work of creating fabrics using the crochet hook and some continuous thread, usually wool.

Like any other craft technique that you master, it can be used to supplement your income by selling products that are beautiful and in high demand, or through classes for people who want to learn the technique.

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4. Fitness Category

#16- Teach dance lessons

Dancing strengthens the muscles, improves the cardiovascular system and posture, increases blood flow, favors correct breathing and also helps in the body’s defenses, among many other positive health results.

There are several courses that will help you to develop the most unique and effective styles of dance.

Thus, you can become more professional and diversify your services, making it more attractive to those who will join your classes.

#17- Teach yoga classes

Yoga is a type of exercise that brings numerous benefits, not only to the body, but also to the mind.

Among other advantages, by having this practice as a habit in your life, it is possible to reduce stress and anxiety, relieve body pain, control blood pressure and heartbeat, and even facilitate weight loss.

In addition to contributing to a healthier lifestyle, once you have pleasure and want to go deeper into this practice, it is worth giving yoga classes to people who are looking for change in their daily lives.

Whether virtual or not, you can get a source of income from this technique that involves both physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

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#18- Be a personal trainer

Are you passionate about sports? Do you have training in physical education? Have you ever imagined yourself as a personal trainer?

A personal trainer offers a type of personalized follow-up to their clients, unlike those who rely only on the supervision of professionals in gyms.

Best of all, you can provide this type of service in more restricted locations, gyms or at clients’ homes at more flexible hours.

That way, if the answer to all the questions I asked above was ‘YES’, these are reasons you have to invest in this profession or even make it a complement to your current source of income.

5. Fashion And Clothing Category

#19- Make and sell masks, bows

In this period of the coronavirus pandemic, several entrepreneurs took advantage of the demand for masks by the population as a business opportunity.

In view of this scenario or not, people are looking for this type of accessory for everyday life, not to mention the demand from companies that have masks as a mandatory work accessory.

So, if you are comfortable with sewing and like this area, it is a good investment.

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#20- Sell clothes and bows for pets

Anyone who has a pet or accompanies someone who has one knows how much pets tend to be pampered.

Clothes for pets are a charm and are in high demand by owners who love to wear or put on a special accessory to walk their pet.

So, if you like the area of sewing, it is a great idea to put your creativity and skills into practice to earn money.

On the other hand, if you want to make money on the internet, be sure to read the article: How to make money on the internet in an honest and proven way.

#21- Offer sewing services

Still, in the sewing area, if you don’t like making clothes, and masks, among other products, you can simply offer small sewing services, for example.

In your family, in your neighborhood, there are certainly people who need this service from time to time.

Disclose to people close and ask them to share with friends and post on their social networks. That way, it will be easier for someone to find you when they need your services.

#22- Make baby clothes

Even though mothers have fewer and fewer children, their spending on them is higher than it was in the past. According to research, the children’s clothing market grows an average of 6% per year.

Therefore, it is a market worth investing in. A great source of extra income that also needs a low initial investment.

#23- Customize clothes

Many people like to customize their clothes to make them as close to their personal tastes as possible.

So, if you like to sew and modify things, you can help your clients give their wardrobe a makeover for as little money as possible.

Use pearls, gemstones, appliqués, and simple or more elaborate cuts. Don’t limit your creativity or that of your client right now.

#24- Sell custom t-shirts

Don’t like the more elaborate idea of customizing clothes?

Another option we have in this branch is the sale of personalized t-shirts.

Custom t-shirts are very sought after by companies that like to offer this product with their brand to their employees.

There is also demand from people who want blouses with different prints, like animals, flowers, and even faces.

Personalized t-shirts are very popular for special dates, with phrases, names, etc.

They are also common on birthdays, not to mention the daily use of thousands of people.

So, be open to this opportunity to earn extra money that will definitely make a difference in your budget at the end of the month.

6. Products And Services Category

#25- Work as an app driver

Becoming an app driver is relatively simple, as there are several apps to earn money in urban areas.

The first step is to choose which one offers the best advantages for the driver and has a good standard of safety and quality, which is an important factor for both you and your customer.

In the US, this alternative is widely used as the main source of income by thousands of people.

#26- Make good use of your hobbies.

Have you ever stopped to think that your hobbies can bring you a good financial return?

You may not like to cook, or write, or sew, but you may know how to play a musical instrument and enjoy teaching, for example.

Remember that it is always possible to teach someone something. That’s why it’s so important to know yourself and know the market.

Maybe you’re missing a great opportunity by not knowing how to monetize your hobbies. Think about what you can take advantage of.

#27- Be a photographer in your spare time.

Who doesn’t love photos? Everyone does.

And people are looking for someone to offer this type of service on a daily basis and are always looking for recommendations from friends for good photographers.

The fact is that photography is an art form and a beautiful way to immortalize moments.

For this reason, if this is your gift, something that gives you pleasure or that you really want to invest in, take advantage of the chance to increase your income with this work.

Also, take the opportunity to publicize your work on social networks and ask for a little help from friends to share your photos.

#28- Cosmetic resale

No matter the circumstances, even if it affects our personal finances, we need some cosmetics that are essential for our day-to-day appearance.

And when we talk about the market in general, there is a great demand for products of this type.

Knowing this, you can resell cosmetics and earn extra money from the sale and profit on each product.

#29- Be a pet sitter

Pet sitting is a new concept in the animal world. And the pet sitter is the professional who takes care of pets in their own home.

In other words, by offering this service, you will be responsible for taking care of, giving affection, and attention to your client’s pet while he cannot be present.

Since many of us love pets and are looking for extra money, this being your case, you can join the idea, become a professional and become a good pet sitter.

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#30- Take care of the elderly

A good elderly caregiver is empathetic and patient. He is aware that it is natural for human beings to undergo intense changes over time. This involves physical, emotional, and cognitive changes.

As the caregiver’s task, in addition to taking care of their food, hygiene, safety, comfort, and well-being, it is also important to provide the elderly with the correct medications, in the appropriate doses and times.

Accepting and taking responsibility for fulfilling these and many other tasks, I see the job of caring for the elderly as a good idea to dedicate yourself to.

#31- Furniture repair

Furniture repair presents a good opportunity for profitability considering the great demand for this service that involves, in most cases, disassembly and reassembly of furniture, and replacement of defective or broken parts.

You can work on your own or join a company with the same purpose. And still seek specialization in specific segments.

Specialization in residential, commercial, or industrial segments, depending on your availability and investment interest of your time and money.

#32- Wash friends and neighbors' cars

Do you know how to wash cars properly? And economically? How about taking advantage of this idea to earn extra money with a low investment?

Not everyone knows how to wash their car the right way, so they turn to professionals who actually know how to clean cars.

Can you be professional in this, put the idea into practice! For sure, your friends and family will give you that support and make your business grow.

#33- Sell objects you don't use.

Here, what matters is letting go of what you don’t use and using it to your advantage, earning a little money by selling clothes, objects, furniture, appliances, and so on.

Everyone has something they haven’t used in a long time and don’t even intend to use. See if it is still in good condition and offer it for sale on websites for a value that you consider fair.

And if you run out or don’t have used things to sell, what about buy things from dirty cheap from yard sales around you and sell them for a higher price on eBay or other platforms.

You could even start a website to sell vintage hard to find stuff you buy around.

In addition to being sustainable, this idea can be quite profitable, depending on what you are going to put up for sale.

#34- Rent objects

If you’re not ready to sell these items or a particular item you don’t use, the other option we have is renting.

The search for renting clothes, shoes, accessories, objects, furniture, among others, may surprise you and even be more advantageous than the sale, if you have  kept it properly.

Again you could by items from yard sales, customize, repair and or paint them and put them for rent for a cheap price.

#35- Rent a space in your home

If you own a large house or apartment and have a room available, you can share the property and living expenses with someone else.

Or even rent just one room, basement, shed or garage to your client. This is another one of the ideas to earn extra money with little investment.

You could see that this tip involves a minimal investment, or even none, right?

#36- Grow and sell plants

Are you good with plants? Have you considered the option of growing plants in your backyard and selling them?

In addition to being a hobby for many people, this idea can be the solution to your financial problems.

The price of seedlings and seeds is relatively low, and you can find what you need on websites, stores, or even supermarkets.

Do a research to know what ornamental plants sells for good money, and learn how to cultivate them. Choose 3 to 6 species and start your business.

#37- Work with children's party decorations

Birthday parties are getting more and more elaborate, whether with themed panels, decorated curtains and towels, personalized balloons, etc.

The imagination of the birthday boy and even his parents, when it comes to children’s parties, is usually quite creative.

Due to all this demand for party productions with more special ornamentation, this branch has become quite interesting for those looking for a good source of income.

So, if you like decorating and also have a way with children, you will certainly like this job.

Among the ideas to earn extra money with little investment, this can be one of the most profitable.

#38- Make custom accessories

Personalized accessories are in fashion, and you can use your unique creative abilities by customizing and selling the most diverse types of accessories, sharing them with friends and family, or even creating your own online store.

#39- Sell flower arrangements, bouquets, and wreaths.

Very popular at weddings and even birthdays, flower arrangements give a special charm to any decor, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

So, if you like flowers and this type of decoration, and want to help make other people’s parties and celebration atmospheres even more beautiful, investing in this business will certainly be a success.

It is worth considering that, in this period of social isolation, the demand for this type of product has reduced a lot, but you can  start to establish what your financial goals are with this idea.

#40- Sell paintings

Do you have a talent for painting? Have you ever felt the urge to show your art to the world?

Selling works of art on your own is another idea to earn extra money with little investment and should be considered if you’re good at this job.

Many people like and use paintings as decorations for the walls of their homes. So, take advantage of these opportunities by using your talent to your advantage.

#41- Make toys

Selling toys is a very relevant and attractive idea, depending on the audience you want to reach.

In this case, you can and should define your audience or customers you want to target with the kind of toy you are selling, either by age group or by type of product and even by gender.

For example, do you intend to sell toys for newborns, children’s toys, or toys for young people? Will the toys be just educational or superhero?

These points must be considered so that you can define a portfolio of profitable work based on your market segment.

#42- Create creative packaging

On some websites and on social photo sharing networks, you will find several super cool ideas that will help you create the best creative packaging for you to offer your customers.

Here, it’s your creativity that rules. Play with colors and patterns.

Create your own style and sell simple or sophisticated pieces, that which pleases the customer from their first contact with the product, whether through the image or even the texture of the packaging.

#43- Plan events

As well as for your financial life, financial planning is essential. When it comes to parties and events, we see the need for planning and organization.

As a way to save time or fill an undeveloped skill, many people turn to an event planner to turn their ideas into successful events.

With this knowledge, this is one of the good ideas to earn extra money with little investment.

#44- ​​Sell home flavorings

People tend to look for items that make their environments more beautiful and pleasant to be in.

That’s why selling products from home is always a great way to make money, as there is demand for different types of flavorings that are sold for varying prices as well.

Therefore, investing in the purchase of the ingredients necessary for the production and sale of flavorings is usually a profitable investment.

#45- Offer maintenance services

The high demand for minor repairs and renovations makes this service very profitable.

You just have to choose the market segment in which you want to operate, such as residential or industrial, to make this one of the ideas to earn extra money with little investment.

As with any good start to a successful business, ask for help from people close to you to promote your services.

Also, create your brand and a profile on social media to be your main source of promotion for your services.

#46- Make and sell soaps and oils

Handmade soaps and oils have a low production cost and are highly sought after because they offer numerous benefits to the skin.

Knowing this, I believe you will find a great female audience demanding your products, as women tend to be more concerned with aesthetic details and look for less industrialized products given their health benefits.

7. Remote Work Category

#47- Work as a copywriter

If you like to write and you know how to produce good text, working as a copywriter in your spare time or on the weekend is one of the ideas to earn extra money with little investment.

In addition to requiring low start-up capital, or even no cash investment, you can register on a website that offers freelance work or offer this work to friends or companies you have contact with.

#48- Make money as an affiliate marketer

Working with digital and affiliate marketing has become very popular in recent times.

So, if you have sales skills, or are looking for a remote job and don’t want to create and sell your own product, you will certainly identify with this idea.

Therefore, the greater the dissemination and strengthening of the brand by affiliate marketing, the greater the chances of sales and profit on the sale of products.

#49- Set up an online store

The e-commerce market grows every day worldwide. Knowing this, if you want to pursue a career in this area, selling online will be a very profitable job for you.

#50- Work as a translator

In addition to working as a copywriter, the freelance translator market has grown a lot in recent times.

Sign up on freelance platforms or look for more specialized websites in an area of ​​interest and put your skills to use.

#51- Be a social media professional

You are responsible for planning, managing, and evaluating the marketing strategies of various brands on social media channels.

In order to strengthen the brands of companies, you can offer your services to brands that you know, like, and see potential for growth in their social networks through your expertise.

#52- Charges for video editing

Of the ideas to earn extra money with a low investment, this is certainly the one that will require you to have a low budget, but a high quality product to stand out in the market.

Just as many companies demand this service, many bloggers and influencers are currently looking for professionals who do more and more elaborate video editing.

Therefore, it is worth investing in courses and becoming a professional in this area since it usually brings great financial returns.

#53- Be a virtual assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is a very interesting online job idea, especially if you have training or expertise in a specific area.

The services of a virtual assistant are the most diverse, they usually involve administrative work, sending e-mails, among other daily activities.

#54- Offer virtual consulting

With the development of technology, various sectors of the economy and the job market in general, this has benefited remote work models. In this sense, offering virtual consulting is a great idea to earn extra money.

It is a very flexible job, so you can choose the area of your interest, provide consultancy, and even choose your own working hours.

#55- Offer programming services

The US is the largest IT (Information Technology) hub in the world and with the market quite heated, many companies are looking for professionals who provide this type of service.

That way, if you have training in this area, don’t hesitate to invest in this profession that can be quite profitable and contribute to your financial prosperity.

#56- Work as a freelancer

Have you ever thought about being a freelancer? Are you working on your own, autonomously?

A freelancer is a professional who captures and serves their clients independently, being able to provide services for companies.

The best thing about these ideas to earn extra money with low investment, when it comes to working independently, is that you have the ease of taking advantage of a skill or training you already have and making it more profitable for you.

Whether as a copywriter, translator, programmer, photographer, or journalist, the market is open and has several alternatives for freelancers.

#57- Be a digital influencer.

Continuing to leverage your skills, you can make use of social media to become a digital influencer and start monetizing something you may already have as a hobby.

The important thing is to choose the market you want to work in and start offering quality content to your audience.


In your opinion, what is most important? How much do you earn? How much do you

In this article, you got to know 57 ideas to earn extra money with low investment.

You saw that the market is quite broad and that knowing your main skills will help you choose which one is the best idea for you.

However, it is pointless to earn more money if you do not have good personal financial control.

The control of personal finances consists of monitoring the inflow and outflow of your money in the form of income and expenses, as well as the strategic analysis of your expenses in order to achieve your financial goals.

Regardless of what you choose regarding these examples of extra income sources, you need to manage your money.

Only then will you be able to organize your finances, fulfill your dreams, and achieve the dream of financial independence.

So, what did you think about this article on ideas to make extra money with little investment? Your opinion is very important to us! So, leave your comments.

Well, that’s it. We’ve got to the end of our article: 57 Ideas To Make Extra Money With Little Investment.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article and found some helpful advice from it.

Feel free to comment and share this post.

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