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8 Digital Marketing Tips For SaaS You Must Know!

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8 Digital Marketing Tips For SaaS You Must Know!


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Black Pearl Matrix

What You Need to Know to Improve Your SaaS Marketing Strategy:

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As challenging as traditional digital marketing, digital marketing for SaaS requires some care from the professional who will work in the area.
With SaaS, there is no one-time purchase. No one is a single customer. Your customers are always in the decision phase of the buyer’s journey, and you can be sure they’ll have their eyes on your competition.
It is part of the challenge of doing digital marketing for SaaS not only to gain new customers, but also to keep the churn rate at low and healthy levels.
If you’re a SaaS company looking for growth, chances are digital marketing investments are a top priority, right? But how to highlight your offer and win new customers?
All you need is a SaaS-focused digital marketing strategy.
In this article, we’re going to talk a little about some strategies and best practices that will make all the difference in your results.

What you will find in this article:

1. Why is digital marketing for SaaS different from any other type of marketing?
2. What not to do in marketing for SaaS
3. Not being clear about expected earnings
4. Underestimating Content Marketing
5. Forget that the person who makes the decision is a person
6. What you should do in digital marketing for SaaS
7. Define ICP and Personas
8. Understand how each channel works for you
9. Create content to attract and engage
10. Invest in paid media
11. Learn that sometimes you have to give to receive
12. Have a well-defined sales funnel
13. Have a follow-up routine
14. Hire a marketing agency that specializes in SaaS

1. Why is Digital Marketing for SaaS Different from Any Other Type of Marketing?

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a way of distributing and marketing software through a subscription model. This marketing format has become increasingly popular, and even large companies have begun to adopt it, as is the case with Adobe.
Just thinking about how the company-customer relationship happens in SaaS, it is already possible to understand that online marketing strategies for SaaS need to be different from other types of marketing.
Also, let’s be honest, we still have a hard time dealing with the abstract, with product purchases that don’t involve some kind of physical delivery. In addition to being a recurring purchase (by subscription), SaaS is always cloud software. So we come back to that challenge.
But if we stop to think about it, digital marketing for SaaS is not that complex. You just need to pay attention to your customers. This is the best way for anyone who wants to stop wasting time and money on unqualified leads and start attracting the audience that really matters to their business.
Does it still seem difficult for you? Do not worry! We will help you and show you ways to create a great strategy and achieve success.

2. What Not to Do in SaaS Marketing

Before starting to give tips on what to do, let’s talk a little about contraindications?
These situations can delay the construction of your results, so be careful not to get lost in a path that will divert you from your goals:

3. Not Being Clear About Expected Earnings

Your software has the power to revolutionize your customers’ lives, and you know it’s true. But do you know how to explain this to your potential client?
It’s no use talking about the features of your SaaS if it’s not clear during the purchase journey and in the commercial process exactly which pains this product will solve for your customer.
Then do the exercise of finding arguments that translate these features into real benefits for your personas. Having these arguments at the tip of the tongue will certainly help your sales team to overcome the main objections.

4. Underestimating Content Marketing

If you’re obsessed with results, you might think producing content is a waste of time.
Content marketing really isn’t something that will deliver results overnight. But publishing quality content that is really useful for your personas contributes a lot to the development of a good experience, both for new visitors and leads (who can become customers) and for those who are already customers and need to keep their subscription active.
We’ll talk a little more about the content later, so read on!

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5. Forgetting That Only One Person Is Likely to Make the Buying Decision

You may even be marketing a B2B solution, but it’s just one person who will weigh the pros and cons and make the purchase decision.
So make sure you are meeting that person’s needs throughout their buying journey and during sales meetings.

6. What You Should Do in Digital Marketing for SaaS

Now that you know what not to do, it’s time to build a digital marketing strategy for SaaS.
Here are some tips that can be applied to your strategy, but don’t forget to evaluate what makes sense for your company’s reality, your market and what your personas are looking for.

7. Define ICP and Personas

I know I said this just to rate tips that make sense, but that first point is a must.
Ignoring the importance of knowing your ideal customer profile (PCI, or ICP) is a surefire recipe for wasted marketing dollars.

7.1 Discover How to Do a Persona Study

When doing your persona study, in addition to discovering their main characteristics, it’s important to understand what they want to hear and how they want to hear it.
Understanding the best way to communicate with your audience can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful strategy.

8. Understand How Each Channel Works For You

Before starting to outline marketing actions, it is necessary to understand how the channels that are working today work.

Some questions can help you better understand which share of results comes from each channel:

     • What channel are my customers on?
     • Which channels bring in the most leads?
     • What channels did the opportunities come from?
     • How are the paid channels performing?
     • Which channels are not being explored?
Answering these questions can help you understand how to direct your investments and efforts, and allow you to clearly assess whether to adopt an entry-only strategy, an exit-only strategy, or both.
As for which channels to use, there’s no right answer, but we’ll talk a bit more about organic and paid channels below.

9. Create Content to Attract and Engage

Educating visitors and leads and positioning yourself as an authority takes effort and brings results, but it mainly requires relevant and useful content.
If you are determined to build an Inbound Marketing strategy for your SaaS, you need to commit to a quality free content publishing routine.
Content marketing is an essential tool for creating a bond between the company and its customers, which is why it must act based on the needs of its audience, gaining their trust.
BPM Attract and Engage
We like to say “Content is king”, and this is especially true for SaaS companies. Note: most strategies of SaaS companies make qualified leads reach the service offered through content that solves problems.
Remember, people will come to you when they’re looking for information, so it’s essential to think about an integrated, content-centric strategy.
If you still have doubts about the potential that content has to leverage your business, check out how we achieved an 87% increase in the number of new accounts per month for SaaS, SAJ ADV, with a strategy focused on content creation.
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9.1 Blog and Rich Materials

The first step is to invest in a well-designed blog, defining categories with subjects that involve your product. The blog needs to be publicized, preferably on the homepage of the site, with a prominent button.
A tip on how to use the blog is to identify it as the gateway to gain the trust of your leads.
In addition to the blog, you can include in your planning the creation of what we call “rich materials” (ebooks, checklists and other formats).
A tip is to analyze which articles on your blog have the potential to generate more complete material, so you select 3 to 4 articles and delve into their themes to create the material.
These materials will require more work. However, they are the ones who will generate leads for your company. Creating really rich content is the recipe for winning your leads.

9.2 Social Networks

Social media is how most customers get started, but they don’t always stick around. Perhaps this is one of the main challenges of this communication channel: constancy.
Creating a profile on Instagram or LinkedIn can be much faster and more practical than creating a new page on a website for a blog or creating rich material.
However, the constant updates of social networks, with a well-thought-out strategy, require time and, above all, a professional dedicated to this activity.
A tip for this action channel is not to worry only about the design and images used. Many profiles stand out these days, showing behind the scenes of their business.

9.3 Email Marketing

Of course, I could not fail to mention the emails in this communication routine with your leads. You need to know where your target audience is and the best way to get there, communicate with them. Many times, email marketing will be the best option.
Contrary to what some people think, the email marketing channel continues to grow. To be successful with emails you need to work on your email lists and targeting you use.
When you have a small lead base, segmenting can be extra challenging. However, it is important from the beginning to identify which groups of contacts you have, as well as the subjects of interest to each one.
For example, if you have two products with different subjects, it’s interesting to separate the interested lists for each product and send the information that is relevant to each group of leads.
A tip of what not to do is to use paid lists for sending email marketing. In addition to harming the email domain used, you will probably be communicating with people who do not know your company and product.
Once you are sure of this channel, I recommend that you start thinking about marketing automation to get even more results with your emails and created materials.



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10. Invest in Paid Media

In addition to content, we recommend working on advertising campaigns. At this point, you must ask yourself: if the content was made to reach the target audience organically, why should I also invest in paid campaigns?
If you think so, evaluate from another point of view. Advertising campaigns can also work as a way to boost content that is already relevant to your audience.
When we talk about ads for SaaS, we can separate them into three fronts, I suggest you analyze the options and apply the one that best suits your business moment.

10.1 Ads for Direct Campaigns

These are direct search campaigns related to my SaaS subject.
Sometimes competition can be very fierce and you still can’t get into this fight, or there may also be no volume depending on your segment of activity.
In practice, having space to enter this fight and volume, you should reserve a good amount (maybe 60% of the investment) to use in this competition.
After all, the first customers will quickly come from here.
The disadvantage is to be at the sole and exclusive mercy of this investment. That’s why we have the other fronts.

10.2 Ads for Indirect Campaigns

We are listing in this group all campaigns that will be linked to lead generation.
Always be careful to separate your materials (and therefore ads) at the top, middle and bottom of the funnel.
In terms of investment, we can apply 40% (more or less depending on the item above and the next item).

10.3 Remarketing Campaigns

When you have a good number of visitors and lead lists, it will be time to set aside a budget for “remarketing”, those campaigns that will “follow” an audience by emphasizing a message or offer.
It will help a lot in increasing the evaluation or even converting the evaluation into more engagement (and opportunities for the commercial team).

11. Learn That Sometimes It's Necessary to Give in order to Receive

One of the best ways to gain new customers is by releasing free trials or freemium plans.
This type of strategy allows your users to get their hands dirty and create a direct experience with your product. And, with luck, this experience is sure to win them over!

11.1 Free Trial

As the name implies, SaaS will allow you to use the software for free for a certain period of time.
This period must take into account its TTV (Time to Value), that is, the time it takes for the user to understand the value of the product during use.
In addition to defining the period, there are other questions that the marketing team should ask when considering releasing a free trial:
Should I release it for free or consider it tied to registering a payment method (such as a credit card)?
Can the user get started on their own or will they need onboarding?
Will I try to follow some tests with a team?
You will need to go through these debates to have a successful strategy.

11.2 Freemium

In the freemium model, the company allows free use of certain features of the solution.
A great example is Dropbox, which offers free access to some features and free storage space, but requires you to upgrade to a paid plan to use it fully.
It is worth mentioning that the decision between free trial and freemium (or none at all) will depend on your software and your personas. What you need to know is that by releasing access to your SaaS, you have a modal window to prove your worth. So go all out!
Remember to nurture these free users with relevant content, ensure efficient support for questions or issues, and do everything in your power to make it an awesome experience to increase the chances of converting that free user into a paying customer!

12. Have a Well Defined Sales Funnel

Having a well-defined sales funnel is essential to understand whether the marketing strategies designed for your SaaS are generating results in line with the company’s objectives.
And having a well-defined sales funnel also means having alignment between the marketing and sales teams.

12.1 Marketing and Sales Need to Speak the Same Language

When the two teams are well aligned, it will be much easier to identify gaps and opportunities in both sectors.

13. Have A Follow Up Routine

This is another one of those super important steps. Your team may not be large enough to monitor all the metrics you’d like, but it’s critical that your marketing team clearly understand key metrics and strictly follow the monitoring routine.
We recommend monitoring, at least weekly, the evolution of the sales funnel and the performance of the acquisition channels.

Other important metrics you can focus your attention on include:

     • Opportunity acquisition channels
     • Media cost paid per lead
     • Number of keywords on the first page of results

14. Hire a Marketing Agency Specialized in SaaS

As I mentioned earlier, marketing for SaaS is complex and has several fronts, so it is important to have a strong and experienced marketing department that can embrace advanced strategies and deliver good contacts to the commercial team.
And we know that a team of specialists can generate high costs. After all, if we consider a specialist for each marketing “arm”, we already have 4: content (blog and materials), paid media, social networks and e-mail marketing.
Not to mention the need for designers, and a marketing analyst focused on analyzing and monitoring the health of the funnel. With these, there are already at least 6 professionals.
It’s no wonder that many companies choose to associate an internal team with a marketing agency.
This allows the internal team to be leaner, with two or three people, and still be complemented by a team of specialists within the agency. That is, the benefits of having a large and experienced team, without the high cost of hiring and training these professionals.
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing for SaaS

1. How can I create content assertively?

Do not overdo the excessive amount of text or images. Be as clear as possible in communication.

2. Why do a persona study?

Doing so helps your business perform. In this way, the company will be prepared to make dynamic communication with the ideal client.

3. Should I make a sales funnel?

No doubt!!! It will bring both qualified leads and potential customers to your base.
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At the end of the day, the main difference between marketing for SaaS and other product marketing formats is the need for constant maintenance and investment in marketing.
In addition to winning customers, it is essential to dedicate yourself to being the first choice of your customers. Once you combine a good product with a good service and top it all off with the authority built through your marketing strategies, it will be hard to get you off that podium.
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