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9 Essential Tools to Use in Your E-Commerce

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9 Essential Tools to Use in Your E-Commerce


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Automation in the operational process of an online business:

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Currently, there is a range of tools that automate processes, making them indispensable for use in the management of a physical store or an e-commerce.
These automated tools are very important for the entire operational process of an online business, especially for the success of an e-commerce store, as they will help you with inventory management, customer service, cash flow, among other things.
With many options to choose from, for every operational process there are options available, many of them low cost or even free.
Thus, allowing you to have a panoramic view of your online business, helping you to act predictively to solve problems and offer a good consumer experience.
That’s why, in this article, we present nine essential tools to use in your e-commerce store to optimize daily operations, help create a better conversation rate, attract more customers and automate the daily business operation processes.

The Digital Market Scenario

It is not surprising to see that due to the recent increasing advances in new software, many new technologies have become indispensable in people’s lives.
With the pandemic, those who took firm steps gained strength, investing in innovation, digitalizing their operations and adopting the internet as an essential part of their business.
As a result, digitization is completely changing the business landscape, creating a demand for the production of even more and better software, resulting in increasingly better solutions and greater adherence by the population to fulfilling their online shopping needs.
And it is clear that this digitalization trend had a direct impact on retail, which saw its purchases being directed to e-commerce.
According to a study, 256 million Americans shopped online in 2020, which represents a 70% growth over 2019, with the forecast for e-commerce and online transaction businesses to continue to expand in 2022.
BPM Revenue record in 20 years of E commerce.png
So, if you want to take advantage of the opportunities arising from the growth of e-commerce or optimize your online store, you can simplify your operations, differentiating yourself with technological tools.
All of this will undoubtedly contribute to generating positive results for your business.
You no longer need to deal with excessive manual spreadsheets, perform manual processes and have laborious maintenance on the structure and information on the site.
So, if you want more practical tools to manage your e-commerce, we’ve compiled an exclusive list of tools to optimize and automate your processes.
As noted, technological advances have given rise to several tools that can greatly help businesses thrive, both in online and physical stores.
Below is a list of tools and their examples to make your work more productive and effective and facilitate operations that grow and expand your e-commerce business.

1. Image and Video Editing Tool

Canva is an intuitive and simple design platform. With it, you can create banners, templates for social networks, presentations and even your logo.
Also, there is an option to edit videos and photos and upload files that you would like to add to your project.
This platform is a good alternative for people who do not master or cannot invest in licensing more complex tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator.
Canva has its own web and app version. Canva is very unique as projects can be done collaboratively with a team, in the sharing option.

2. Social Media Management Tool

In times of multichannel presence and the quest for consumer experience, staying active on social media is a must for any company.
Without a solution that unifies the control, creation and scheduling of posts, this process becomes much more complex.
That’s why it’s worth relying on the support of a tool like Hootsuite, capable of managing all of your business’s social content.
In addition to measuring the performance of posts through a single platform, Hootsuite allows the creation of automated posting schedules for different networks.

3. Customer Service Tool

With Jivo Chat, you can automate customer service through chatbots, and you won’t need to invest in teaming with multiple agents upfront.
It also makes it possible for your customers to get in touch with you through the company’s traditional communication channels.
In addition, your CRM (Customer Relationship Management Platform) can be integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, phone, WhatsApp and email.
Finally, it is an important solution to optimize your after-sales service and maintain an active contact channel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
That is: thinking about the reality of an e-commerce store, chatbots like those offered by Jivo Chat are among the main tools for expanding and growing businesses in the digital market.

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4. Email Marketing Tool

As one of the most popular email automation trigger tools, MailChimp is known for its ease of use for anyone just starting out in the digital marketing world.
With MailChimp, you can create marketing emails from scratch or from the templates that the platform offers for free.
In addition to submissions, open data, link clicks and other metrics in the analytics part are available.
Take the first steps in digital marketing with MailChimp, one of the essential tools that will contribute to the market positioning of your e-commerce store.

5. Submission Tool

ShippingEasy is an online shipping platform created in Australia that integrates a number of services within the same application.
Basically, he mediates the relationship between the merchant and the freight carriers. The platform integrates with the main shipping, payment and e-commerce optimization systems.
ShippingEasy is a wonderful tool to handle and manage the logistics of delivering goods, keeping your business ahead of the competition, helping your e-commerce to offer more competitive shipping terms and prices.
By using Easy Shipping, you will also save money when managing this important feature of online stores.
And as a differential, ShippingEasy offers the user an instantaneous and uncomplicated calculation of the freight value and a budget with several carriers, without contractual bureaucracy or the need for a signature.

6. Online Payment Tool

Google Pay is an online payment platform that you can integrate into your e-commerce store, which makes paying easy. Google Pay allows payment for goods and services through an account linked to a Google profile. One of the benefits of Google Pay is that many Internet users use Google for other online activities.

7. Digital Asset Management Tool

Bynder is a European digital marketing platform founded in 2013 that offers solutions for marketers and businesses, from small to large enterprises, the tools they need to create an amazing marketing campaign.
Bynder saves you time and money by offering a large library of digital content to use for your online marketing needs, which is easy and intuitive to use as it resembles Facebook and Pinterest.
In addition to being a digital asset management tool that helps your e-commerce business build its portfolio, Bynder is also a global connection point as it serves as a collaboration platform between many brands that have a well-established global presence.
Bynder ensures that its products and services are advertised and received by the right customers.
You definitely need this tool to grow and expand your e-commerce brand and business.
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8. Analytical Tool

Google has several free services that can help you end-to-end with your digital experience. Google Analytics is an example of one of them.

This tool provides vital data about the behavior of your website visitors.

The platform indicates, for example:

1. The number of views per page
2. Location of access
3. Age and gender, among other characteristics
With these indicators, it is possible to measure the performance of a website both from organic clicks and from the results of paid media campaigns.
This is precious data that helps create marketing strategies more assertively and consistently.
Registration is free and the steps to use it are very intuitive and simple.

9. Financial Tool

Float is an asset management company founded in 2012 and located in New York City, USA and Melbourne, Australia.
Float offers multiple tools to plan, schedule and track your business projects in one place. It helps in growing and expanding your e-commerce business by calculating and tracking the financial profile of your business, purchases and deliveries being made and calculating profit and loss.
Float is ideal for agencies, consultancies, architectural firms, IT services and online businesses to help create, track, share and visualize.
1. Resource forecast
2. Budgets and accounts payable
3. Reports and timesheets
4. Project schedules
5. Budget management
6. Project phases
7. Change of schedules
8. Budget
9. Complex projects
10. Resource Capacity
11. Project reports and much more…



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Other Important Tools To Boost Your E-Commerce Business:

01. Financial and Cash Flow Management Tools

Many cash flow tools connect directly to all your card machines, updating sales data daily.
They offer the option of registering and categorizing each input and/or output in a simple way, according to the company served.
In addition, many of these tools allow you to filter specific periods to analyze your cash and view the flow of receipts and expenses by week or month.
That is: through them, your e-commerce sales control will be much more detailed and, best of all, automated!

Other advantages of financial and cash flow management tools:

1. Track sales and expenses by managing payables and receivables
2. Have a sign of when each installment of the sale will fall into your account
3. Also enjoy a cash flow with automatic calculation of the main financial indicators
4. Count on the centralization of all your sales data in any form of payment
5. Correctly monitoring the main indicators of your business is part of the set of practices for good control and financial management, and much more

The top five financial and cash flow management tools are:

1. Cushion
2. Press
3. CrunchBoards
4. PlanGuru
5. Competition

2. Inventory Management and Tracking Tools

Inventory tracking tools will help your eCommerce business by streamlining the process that links logistics with financial planning and inventory control.
By carrying out an efficient stock control, the entrepreneur gains a broad view of the incoming and outgoing movements of products in his business.
This operation is essential to know the exact amount of products that the company needs to meet the demand that exists in the market without generating losses due to losses or leftovers.
In addition to information related to specific demands, the control provides a clear view of net income at the end of each accounting month.
And to top it off, many inventory tracking platforms make an inventory control worksheet available to everyone completely free of charge. Don’t miss it!

The top five inventory management tools are:

1. Sortly
2. inFlow Inventory
3. Inventory Now
4. On Shelf
5. Stock Control Inventory

3. Installment Payment Tools

Installment tools are platforms that offer complete purchase financing solutions to your e-commerce customers.
These tools allow your e-commerce to offer installment structures that will help increase your sales, giving customers the option to buy now and pay later.
BPM Easy purchase in installments.png
Installment platforms aim to compete directly with banks and credit card companies, offering much lower rates.
These platforms are perfect for those who want to reach a larger audience who are looking for a way to buy things and pay monthly at lower prices without the direct use of banks and credit cards.

The five best installment payment tools are:

1. Affirm
2. Afterpay
3. Klarna
4. QuadPay
5. Splitit

Free E-Commerce Store Platforms

If you invest in e-commerce, you can combine several strategies focused on increasing your sales.
It is possible either to have your own online store, sell through social networks, or even combine revenue with earnings from a physical store.
But having a store with your own domain will undoubtedly give you more authority within a multichannel strategy.
And the good news for those who want to have their own virtual store is that, today, it is possible to have robust and completely free platforms!

The five free e-commerce store platforms are:

1. Square Online
2. Big Cartel
3. PrestaShop
4. nopCommerce
5. X-Cart
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About E-commerce Tools

1. What is the best online payment platform to use for my e-commerce?

The best options to be used today are: Google Pay and Stripe. These are payment gateways, which, in addition to being one of the safest, have the highest number of positive feedbacks.

2. How do I manage my cash better?

Record all financial transactions and have everything in a spreadsheet. That alone will save you a big headache in the future.

3. Which platform should I choose to pay in installments?

One of the best options to use today is AfterPay. It has an interest-free installment plan, with the only fee being the purchase fee, which ranges from 2 to 6%.
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Knowing where most of your business budget goes is very important for growing and expanding your e-commerce business.
As we can see, there are several tools that can bring unique benefits to the management of a company, not only, but mainly for an e-commerce store.
Operations can be automated to facilitate your relationships with customers, suppliers and employees and make routine tasks much easier.
With these tools, you can engage in other functions such as strategizing your e-commerce, growing your business and ensuring its success.
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