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Best Instagram Marketing Strategies To Learn Today

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Best Instagram Marketing Strategies To Learn Today


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How to Boost Your Sales Using Instagram:

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Before we continue with the sales strategies, take a quick look at the 3 niches that sell the most on Instagram every day:
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Drive Instagram Traffic by Knowing Where to Add Clickable Links

To drive traffic from Instagram to your website you will need to use links. So before we dive in, let’s find out all the places on Instagram you can add links to increase visits to your website.
There are four main places where you can add a link to your website on Instagram: Direct Messages (DM)
In addition to the Instagram bio link, you can add it inside any DM conversation and create a hyperlink. This is the easiest and most effective way to add a clickable link across Instagram.

Instagram story link

There are two ways to add links to Instagram Stories:

The first way to add a link to an Instagram Story is to use the Instagram Swipe-Up feature.
However, the Swipe-Up feature is restricted to business profiles with 10,000 or more followers, as well as verified accounts.
The second way to add a link to an Instagram Story is to use the Mobile Instagram Story Mentions tool, which allows you to instantly reply to people who mention you in their Stories. We’ll see more about this in the 7th tactic to drive Instagram traffic to your website.

IGTV Description Link

Any Instagram account can add a clickable link in the IGTV video description. Include a CTA (call to action) to open the video description and get people to click on your link. Again, this tactic is super easy to do, but many business accounts fail to pull it off.

Instagram Biography Link

The most popular and popular place to add a link to your website on Instagram is in your bio. Many Instagram users will include a CTA such as “click the link in our bio” in the captions of their Instagram feed posts.
Make sure you get the most out of your link by using tools like Rebrandly’s Linktree or Link Gallery, which allow you to drive Instagram traffic to your most relevant landing pages.
Now, you don’t always want to add links to the content you post on Instagram. That would be irritating to your followers. Also, if you add links to everything you post, it will decrease your visibility, because Instagram wants to keep its users within the platform, of course.
So mix it up! Be sure to create plenty of compelling content made for Instagram, add links to more promotional content, and take advantage of opportunities to add links to your bio, direct messages, Stories mentions, and so on.

Use Comment Autoresponders to Drive Instagram Traffic to Your Website

One of the newer opportunities to add links on Instagram (which is currently lesser known) is using what is called a “comment auto responder”.
A comment auto-reply lets you automatically reply to everyone who comments on your posts with an engaging chat dialog. The result is a guaranteed way to increase visibility and engagement.
Most of all, comment auto-replies open a way to send traffic from Instagram to your website which was not available before.
The next time you make a new post, add instructions to the captions section that instruct the public to comment on your post with a certain keyword, such as “SATURN”:
Then direct messages will automatically reply to any of the comments using that keyword in their posts.

A Brief Overview of How to Get More Traffic on Instagram

Overall, getting more traffic within Instagram can be broken down into three steps:

     • Create content on your website that is valuable to your social media audience;
     • Create content on Instagram that provokes or promotes those site posts you are driving traffic to;
     • Make it as easy as possible for your followers to notice that this content exists.
This all sounds very basic, but we often see that content creators don’t know how to very well connect their website content to their profile content, assuming that popular content on their websites will also be popular on Instagram.

How to Get More Instagram Traffic Through Post Engagement

Another new way to increase the visibility of content on Instagram this year is by encouraging engagement.
Remember how we used comment auto-replies to drive Instagram traffic to your website? The same tactic will dramatically increase the exposure of your Instagram posts.
Therefore, increasing the amount of traffic you get on Instagram.
Comment auto-replies dramatically increase the visibility of your posts because not only can you drop those leads into your funnel and capture their contact information for retargeting, but you’re triggering the Instagram algorithm with all the extra engagement!

Here Is The Best Action Plan To Get Free Instagram Traffic:

BPM PUBLISHING PLAN 10 benefits of guest blogging.png
By following the action plan shown above, in just 5 minutes a day you can be increasing free traffic to your Instagram profile.

Make Sure You Have Your Link List Configured Correctly in Your Profile

Just having your homepage URL in your Instagram bio is fine, but if you really want to squeeze as many results as possible from your bio link, it’s smart to look for alternative options that allow you to convey greater security and credibility.
Think of it this way: Most of your followers have probably never been to your site before, and those who probably don’t know you well enough may not be trusted to browse your site.
So what many creators and businesses do now is create a landing page to be used as their “link in bio” that has a list of interesting links for followers instead of just their normal homepage.

Here Are Some Options:

Create A Landing Page

This is the most practical method, but it’s not too difficult if you have experience working on your own website. Creating a separate page on your website will allow you to keep all the traffic you generate 100% on your own website, plus it will give you a lot more flexibility in terms of customization.

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Use Later's Link in Bio Tool

This is one of our favorite Instagram tricks, and it’s perfect if your Instagram feed posts perfectly match individual links on your website (e.g. a recipe account). It’s a free tool that basically lets you clone your Instagram grid and make each photo clickable so your audience can just tap on the post they like and be taken to the corresponding page on your website.

Use a Special “Link in Bio” Service

They are services that make it easy to create a special landing page without any programming or technology skills. There are many of them nowadays offering more or less the same service. Some popular ones are LinkTree and Lnk.bio.
Whichever method you choose, your goal should be to create a landing page designed specifically for your Instagram audience. So put yourself in their shoes. If they landed on your profile, what are they looking for? Which posts might be relevant to them?
In the future, you can also start to strategically plan which pages to link to based on what you are promoting in your content, but that comes later.

Create Frequent Links To Your Content In Stories

This is probably the most basic tactic people use for Instagram traffic generation, but it’s worth mentioning because many don’t use it correctly!
With Stories, it’s tempting to share a new post as soon as it’s out and done for the day, but simply dropping a new link without any buildup or hype is unlikely to generate much traffic.
Instead, think about why someone would want to read this post and what you can do to make it more appealing to them.
If it’s a recipe, for example, maybe share some delicious clips of you making the dish before leaving the recipe as a link. This would likely generate a lot more clicks than just dropping the recipe on its own without any context.
And remember, there’s no harm in sharing old posts or articles either!
Chances are very slim that your current followers will remember what you’ve shared in the past, and as long as it’s still valuable, your new followers might appreciate it too.

Some Other Tips:

     • When sharing a link in Stories, be sure to post a few more updates throughout the day (spaced out if possible) to continually push your story into people’s feeds;
     • Make it awesome! Clickbait is often boring, but it works. Try to find a unique twist to your content that piques curiosity and people are more likely to click through.

Create Instagram Posts That Drive Content From Your Website

While it seems to be a pretty common practice, the truth is that posting a random photo and then featuring your latest blog post in the caption is unlikely to generate much traffic.
Instead, you should view your content as a “teaser” (or even a trailer!) for the content on the site you are trying to drive traffic to. Creating a meaningful link between your Instagram post and the content on your website is important in convincing people to leave Instagram and come to your website.
If you’re trying to promote a travel itinerary, for example, you could run a Reels showing all the amazing things you’ve done in 24 hours, then mention that you have a complete itinerary on your website that people can look up to.
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Create Videos That Require Additional Reading/Verification

This Instagram traffic generation technique is better suited for some niches than others, but in addition to teasing your website content in your Instagram posts, an even more powerful technique would be to deliberately create content that really demands detail and or more in-depth instructions beyond what a conventional Instagram post might include.
A prime example of this would be a recipe. Of course, a recipe video can show (at a brisk pace) how a dish is made, but for the full list of ingredients and measurements, it’s always best to have a blog post or article to refer to.

Another similar example would be a “DIY” video that requires longer explanations than shown on Instagram.

For this method to be effective in generating more traffic, you must ensure that you are adding a Call to Action in your content that lets people know that they can find a longer and more detailed one on your website.
Even a quick text saying, “Full recipe available on my website www.example.com, or “Full recipe in BIO link” will suffice.

Add Calls To Action/Reminders Wherever You Can Link To Your Website

Similar to the point above, sometimes it’s not enough to just have your URLs present and create content. Remember, your followers are constantly bombarded with content from various creators, so you can’t expect them to remember your site exists.
You don’t have to be boring about it, but some places to add a CTA like “Check my website for a full recipe” or “Link in bio for full list of instructions” could be:
     • In the legend;
     • In a pinned comment;
     • In response to other comments asking questions.
That might seem like overkill (after all, how can they NOT know about your site now?)
Trust us, they are bombarded with so much content all the time that they probably won’t even notice.

Create a Freebie and Drive Traffic to It Through Strategic Content

By creating a free giveaway linked to your bio, all you have to do to get a lot of additional traffic is make people aware of your freebie, whether it’s through stories, feed posts, reels, or you know, all of the above.
A freebie can be anything from an e-book, special coupon code, and even a consulting list of tips and ideas relevant to your niche. The key to figuring out a great freebie is to think specifically about your audience’s needs and wants.
It might be wise to ask your audience what they’re looking for, too, so you can really validate your idea before going “all-in” and putting effort into your unique freebie. He must be:
     • Attractive and interesting enough to make people want to;
     • According to the overall value your account/site intends to provide;
     • Keeps users looking forward to future content from you.
Make sure you think hard about this freebie, because if you get it right, you can drive traffic to it frequently through new videos, and not have to make new freebies.



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FAQ – Sales Boosting FAQ Using Instagram

1 – Who can advertise on Instagram ADS?

Anyone!!! To create online ads through the Instagram ADS platform, you just need to have an account with a business profile.

2 – How to be sure if Instagram is a good network to advertise?

Instagram has thousands of daily hits from users with the most diverse characteristics, which is consequently greater chances of real business. Of course, for the action to be successful, it is necessary to study the target audience, understand if they are on Instagram and what their behavior patterns are. But overall, it's a great network to advertise on.

3 - Is it worth buying followers to boost my sales on Instagram?

Buying followers has several disadvantages, taking your relevance out of the market, lowering your engagement rate, messing up your results and metrics and increasing your chances of getting into “Shadow Ban“.

4 - What is the biggest advantage of selling through Instagram?

For the great visibility of the social network. You need to be seen and found easily to sell more. Digital has a huge potential to bring your brand within reach of many users quickly and easily compared to traditional methods of dissemination. You can use videos, images and texts.

5 - What are the positive points of Instagram?

Research carried out by the University of Leuven, Belgium, showed that the social network of photos brings people closer to each other, making it “beneficial in the long term”. One of the reasons for this approach is that Instagram heightens the perception that people are appreciated and loved by their friends.
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Your journey to better Instagram Marketing has just begun!
Of course, there is a lot to learn about Instagram Marketing as it is a very broad subject that involves thousands of details.
Today, you’ve learned the basics to start developing and applying an Instagram marketing strategy to your business or personal profile. If you are interested in this subject, our tip is to keep an eye on our Blog here, because a lot of news will come soon, deepening this subject a lot.
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