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Digital Content Strategy for the Manufacturing Industry

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Digital Content Strategy for the Manufacturing Industry


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How to use digital content strategy for manufacturing industries:

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It took a while for manufacturing companies to get into the practice of using digital marketing to generate leads. Below we’ll share the tactics used by our clients that have been most effective in leveraging their sites to generate more business.
Incorporating social media into Industrial Digital Marketing can be a highly effective tactic to increase website conversions, traffic and leads.
Once you’ve taken care of the basics of creating accounts on the social media platforms your potential customers use, you need a plan for consistently posting relevant and engaging content. Based on our experience, we have prepared this article listing some important points that will help you plan, establish and optimize your Industrial Digital Marketing strategies on social networks.
BPM Steps of a digital marketing strategy

1- Define Your Company's Goals and Objectives

Setting goals and stipulating goals that you want to achieve with these Digital Marketing strategies is key to the success of your social media efforts. The return on your investment will depend on establishing goals that are aligned with your sales cycle and contribute to your company’s growth.
Being able to measure results and track the progress of your Digital Marketing campaigns on social media will give you the data you need to maximize their effectiveness.
Every decision your business makes to generate more leads and convert them into customers should be guided by these goals. Remember to test, Digital Marketing is not an exact science, so test and find out what works and what doesn’t for your business.

2- Identify your Target Audience and Their Needs

Not everyone will be interested in the content you share. But calm down, this is something positive. You want to reach people who really need your products and services, right? Identifying your target audience in Industrial Digital Marketing is the first step to converting them.
Companies that fail to clearly understand their target – and their pain points and interests – will be wasting their marketing dollars.
Knowing the job titles of your prospects is not enough. You also need to place them in appropriate categories based on your needs and consumer behavior.
This will provide the necessary information to create a specific strategy for each type of client. Once you understand your audience’s concerns, you’ll be able to create content that addresses their pain points and offers them solutions.

3- Create a Content Calendar

An editorial calendar is an essential tool to help you plan and schedule all of your content in advance. Simply put, it’s where you decide what to post and when it will be published. In general, the further ahead you plan what, where and when to publish, the better your content and results will be. Many companies schedule posts monthly, with weekly status meetings and quarterly planning sessions.
BPM Content calendar
This framework will help you and your team plan seasonal events, align your social media content with your other Marketing campaigns, and organize publications that flirt with important dates in your industry.
Publishing relevant content will bolster your reputation as an industry leader and subject matter expert. These publications can also set and generate expectations from your social media followers, enticing them to seek out and engage with your high-quality content, cultivating a relationship with great opportunities to convert into sales.

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4- Measure Your Results

Social media analytics tools offer a wide range of metrics that can be used to measure performance. In fact, the amount of data available can be very confusing. The key to B2B marketing is to focus on so-called actionable metrics – the stats that demonstrate your social media activities are linked to real business results.

Follow along and if it works, as we said, repeat! Generally, social media performance metrics fall into four categories listed below:

   • Impression metrics, which measure how many people are viewing your content and how engaged they are. They include the number of pageviews, link clicks, and downloads;
   • Engagement metrics, which track how often people interact with your content, whether it’s liking, commenting or sharing with others. The more relevant your content is, the more likely it is to be shared – expanding your reach;
   • Lead generation metrics, which measure how often people who are impacted by your content turn into leads. These metrics can also help sort out the types of leads you’re generating, and whether these are so-called qualified leads;
  • Sales metrics track how often people who viewed your social media content turn into real customers. There are CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) systems that allow you to track the type of content that a potential customer consumes.

5- Marketing Strategy for the Industry

If your site looks like it's from the days of the steam engines (yes, I know there was no internet back then), budget for a new mobile responsive site ASAP! It doesn't have to be fancy, but it should have at least the following information:

     • Products and services (one page for each category and separate pages for each product), including photos and videos;
     • Its history, mission, vision and differentiators (unique skills, technology, etc.);
     • Team – highlight key managers and employees;
     • Contact form (can be a long or short form);
     • Highlighted phone numbers;
     • News Blog – to allow you to write stories of how you can help customers;
     • Online Marketing for Manufacturers.
Once the site is in order, the next step is to drive leads to the site using some proven digital marketing tactics. To be successful, be sure to measure the return on investment (ROI) of each tactic.

Here are some of the online marketing strategies we recommend for manufacturing companies:

     • Ads from Google;
     • Remarketing ads;
     • Content marketing;
     • E-mail marketing;
     • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

5.1 Ads on Google

You’re probably familiar with text ads that appear at the top of Google search results. This golden territory remains one of the best courses on the internet. If you find the right keywords your potential buyers are likely to use to look for manufactured equipment or products, and you have an enticing ad for them to click, you’ll have a conversion!
A key part of running a results-oriented Google Ads campaign is having the keywords, ad, and website landing page you’re submitting sync with each other and with customer intent.
To improve results, have separate ad groups for each line of product or equipment you want to advertise. Start with one or two groups, see how they work, and add additional products. The types of keywords a potential customer would use to find each type of equipment should be as unique as possible.
For example, you might have an ad group for metal bending machines, and within that group, have specific keywords for metal types, amount and type of bending, length, width, and thickness of the metal.
Pro tip: Since most manufacturers sell their equipment and products nationwide, you may want to choose specific states or regions to start testing your campaigns before running your ads in more states.
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5.2 Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads, text or image ads shown to people after they land on your website, can remind them why they visited your business website!
In most cases, you can target your remarketing ads to show certain ads to specific audiences that meet your potential customers’ criteria.
BPM What is remarketing and how does it work
If you want to promote a specific new line of equipment, this type of ad can drive new traffic to your website and bring back visitors who may have recently viewed the specific product page.

5.3 The Importance of Content

Want to be found in Google or Bing organic search results? Well, be prepared to invest in developing a solid content plan and consistently creating customer-engaging new content.
By consistent, we mean at least one to two blog posts per month. We recently reviewed the Content Marketing Institute Report – “Manufacturing Content Marketing 2020: Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends” which highlights various statistics on how manufacturers use content to drive more traffic to their websites and ultimately more leads.
Of the total, 82% of manufacturer marketers say their content marketing is at least moderately successful, including 13% saying it is very or extremely successful.

Here are proven content marketing ideas to include on your website pages or create blog posts:

     • Case studies;
     • E-books and white papers;
     • Videos;
     • Professional images of products and equipment;
     • Detailed product specifications;
     • Sharing manufacturing-related content on social media.
You must also share your content on your social media pages. However, if you want to get more of your target market to see social posts, set aside around $100/month to improve posts on LinkedIn or Facebook for example. Organic views have dropped dramatically on social media platforms, but you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot to get good results when you pay to increase post visibility.



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5.4 Email Marketing and Marketing Automation for Industry

What? A manufacturing industry emailing customers and prospects? That’s right; email is still one of the most effective ways to reach your target market and keep your customers informed about your new or updated products and where you are going as a business.
BPM Does email marketing really work
You can also request feedback from them, including a short email survey. As many manufacturing companies attend trade shows, it’s also a great way to leverage the contacts you know and provide a tool to keep track of them on an ongoing basis.

6- Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Increase Your Reach

Implementing search engine optimization (SEO) practices helps your manufacturing company website get more views organically. That’s without paying to boost a post or run an ad. The higher your website ranks on Google, the more likely your potential customers are to find your business. If you can make it to the first page of Google for your desired keyword, like many of our customers, you’ve struck gold!
A survey by Chief Marketer of the best B2B marketing tools found that SEO is one of the top sources of leads and produces high ROI leads compared to other lead generation channels.

7- How to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

The above ideas represent some of the most effective manufacturer marketing strategies we use to attract new prospects, retain and sell more to existing customers online.
You don’t have to do all this right away. Start with one or two, and then move on to others when you’re comfortable and have the resources and marketing budget to do them consistently and with high quality. Whatever digital tactics you use, the goal should be to provide solutions to the problems or situations your prospects are trying to solve.
Search Ads can reach users at the specific time of need. Plant managers, engineers and others turn to search engines to answer questions and find solutions. Your ads can reach these people when they’re searching and ready for an answer.
Remarketing and display ads can deliver a quick set of low-cost ads more frequently to your selected audience.
Fresh content can ensure your manufacturing company is prominent in organic search results when potential customers search for products and equipment that meet their requirements.
Email marketing can keep your company’s products or equipment top of mind for shoppers and provide a platform to connect with all the people at the show who show an interest in your company.
Search engine optimization can increase your organic search traffic so you can spend less money on paid advertising options.
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FAQ – Digital Content Strategy FAQ for the Manufacturing Industry

1. What is a digital content strategy for the manufacturing industry?

A digital content strategy for the manufacturing industry is a set of actions and plans aimed at promoting the company, its products and services through the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content on digital channels, such as the company's website, social networks , blogs, among others.

2. What is content strategy for social networks?

It is a way of approaching and interacting with new audiences. The methods used in this type of strategy involve the presence on social networks, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others in which the contents are directed towards meeting the needs, as well as criticisms and requests from customers.

3. Why does your company have to be on social media?

They allow agility, speed, which provides horizontal communication, more direct between consumers and companies. In this movement, brands need to learn to speak the language of their audience and be agile enough to respond to the demands of their potential customers to generate proximity.

4. What is a Manufacturing Industry?

This segment can be understood as any and all companies, regardless of size, that transform raw materials into a product, whether this is the final product or part of a product yet to be assembled.
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In this article, you have seen the importance of digital content strategy for the manufacturing industry, as it allows the sector to attract and convert leads, increase brand awareness and establish trusting relationships.
If you want to have a successful company, differentiation is one of the pillars to achieve this goal.
Plan and execute a strategy efficiently, creating relevant and valuable content and strategically promoting it across distribution channels.
Differentiate your business, invest in it!
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