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Digital Content Strategy: The Missing Piece of Your Marketing Plan

Digital Content Strategy: The Missing Piece of Your Marketing Plan


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What are the advantages of Content Marketing?

Occupying a prominent position in relation to the competition is one of the main objectives of any entrepreneur.
In this sense, using current digital content strategies can be an interesting alternative, after all, this methodology plays a very important role within the virtual occupation market.
This is because producing rich, relevant materials that serve users, especially in relation to questions about the product or service, is a necessity.
BPM Content marketing
On the other hand, when it comes to building an efficient strategy, several aspects must be taken into account.
With that in mind, in this article we are going to talk about how to facilitate a content strategy and how to stand out in the digital market. Come on?

1- After all, What is a Digital Content Strategy?

A content strategy is made from a method applied to customer-facing content by creating relevant content. Therefore, it is an aspect of digital marketing focused on presenting solutions to consumer problems.
In practice, this type of strategy consists of having a target audience of your brand causing problems that can cause problems. Another important detail of this process goes directly through the planning and creation of content that will answer these questions, in addition to building a relationship between you and your audience.

2- How to Develop a Good Strategy?

Some poorly applied strategies can disrupt both your business’s sales funnel and your customer’s shopping journey. From this, it can impact the moment when your brand can still be calculated from that person — and occur at any stage, from the planning of the actions that will be considered.
In general, this is due to a lack of true or outdated information, thus compromising the entire content strategy. However, the problem can also occur during planning, as even if they are accurate, they can influence the public’s trust towards your brand.
That said, a good strategy must necessarily take into account some essential elements to guarantee its success.

The most important being:

     • People;
     • Shopping trip;
     • Contents;
     • CTA (call to action).
BPM Content marketing funnel

3- How to Create a Content Strategy Step by Step?

A digital content strategy can be built in five essential steps:

     • Definition of objectives;
     • Establishment of the target audience;
     • Definition of KPI’s;
     • Content planning, creation and promotion;
     • Measuring results.
Next, you better understand what’s not protected at each step and secure your strategy for any of the essential aspects of content creation.

3.1 Definition of Objectives

The first step in creating a content strategy is to define your objectives, that is, generate leads, increase sales, educate the market, improve public engagement with your brand, among others, as these are just a few examples that can be used to guide the development of each action to achieve them.
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3.2 Establishment of the Target Audience

Next, it is critical to better understand who you can communicate with. It is necessary to understand that we cannot and should not be public for our society. After all, you are waiting for the right person, as he will be the one with the potential to become a loyal customer.
In this context, defining people can make your digital content production journey much easier. Thus, one can understand the needs of the public, as well as what their main needs are.
Develop more efficient approaches to achieving your goal.

3.3 Definition of KPIs

Now that you have your goals and personas, it’s time for the key performance indicators, or KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator). In short, using this metric it is possible to measure the performance of your strategy to better understand how it works and where it performs best, whether through Facebook likes, blog comments or increased views of your videos on YouTube, for example.

3.4 Content Planning, Creation and Dissemination

With all the previous steps completed, it’s time to get your hands dirty, after all, for your strategy to work and bring good results, you need to plan, create and disseminate your content to more people.
Once defined after having the details of its production, just start producing the contents and then promote them on digital platforms or search engines to be found, thus generating the expected results.

3.5 Measurement of Results

The last step of a basic content strategy is measuring the results. Considering that you have already planned and executed it, it is necessary to look for performance indicators to better understand the effectiveness of your actions.
As it is a crucial point, this step deserves a lot of attention, especially in relation to the definition of metrics. On the other hand, the main advantage is that they were previously pre-established with the definition of KPIs, so it is enough to evaluate the determined parameters to measure the results.

4- Essential Tools for Content Planning

4.1 Answer the Public

To create better content strategies, you need to invest in optimization for search engines like Google. Therefore, the use of keywords is a main part of the task. Among the main tools on the market, Answer the Public stands out.
Free and easy to understand, this tool can be used to find questions related to the most searched keywords. This facilitates the understanding of user demands, creating relevant and more assertive content.

4.2 Google Keyword Planner

Google KeywordPlanner is a tool that is part of the Google Ads resource kit. In this sense, to use its resources it is necessary to build an advertising campaign, even if it is fictitious and no resources are applied to it.
Therefore, it is also a very useful feature that can be used for free.
In practical terms, through this tool it is possible to find keywords and also analyze the search volume for each of the terms related to what you intend to address.
As a Google tool, KeywordPlanner can also help you better understand user behavior on the world’s most famous search engine.

4.3 Buzzsumo

For anyone thinking of producing quality content, using Buzzsumo is a fundamental step, as it is a tool that intelligently contributes to finding information such as:

     • What are the most shared contents;
     • What brands and their competitors are doing;
     • Which links are commonly shared by influencers; or
     • Even generate reports with complete analysis on certain subjects, etc.
In this context, Buzzsumo is a very useful tool, as it directly contributes to increasing the authority of a website, in addition to allowing analysis of the competition, especially in relation to the use of backlinks. Consequently, it can help with search engine rankings.

4.4 Keyword Tool

With some cool free features, Keyword Tool is a paid tool that can be used to generate content ideas by searching for specific keywords. All you have to do is inform the term you want to know the main statistics based on the volume of searches on Google.


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5- How to Create Valuable Content for My Audience?

As we have seen, a digital content strategy aims to establish a relationship channel between brands and their target audience. In addition, through them it is also possible to retain customers through the generation of valuable content.
That’s because you can both attract and engage new people, thus generating a better perception of your business.
In other words, valuable content can be both creating a blogpost and reaching potential consumers through relevant information.

In addition, other types of content can also be adopted in your strategy, such as:

     • Infographics;
     • electronic books;
     • Email marketing;
     • Posts to social networks, etc.

6- Images in Content Marketing

“A picture is worth a thousand words” – Confucius.
There are those who say that this phrase is untrue, that an image tends to convey a single idea, but that is relative. A great example of this are works of art, where each one transmits different interpretations to the people who admire them.
In the middle of communication and marketing this quote gains more strength, with a single image, a brand can reach several people, with different thoughts, experiences and cultures. This is only possible through the power that images have to awaken the imagination and creativity of those who view them, and thus, enable individual interpretation.
Currently, people live running against the clock and do not have time to read all the information that is exposed daily. That’s where Visual Marketing comes in, at this point, images play a key role: conveying the message objectively, attracting the attention of those viewing it and thus leading them to engage with the content.
It is a fact that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than texts, data claim that it takes an average of 13 milliseconds to process an image.
BPM Images in content marketing
Another interesting point is vision, which is responsible for 90% of the information received by the brain. It sends the equivalent of 10 million bits per second.

6.1 Impact of Images

Images vs texts:

45% of people react better to images over text. It boils down to the fact that images grab attention – people are more turned on by visuals – and they get the message across quickly.
Through the images it is possible to have a preview of the content, whether on a website, post or advertising. The viewer tends to make a prejudgment based on this image, if he finds it interesting, he will access the content, however, if the image is insufficient, he will be interested in devoting his time to reading texts.

6.2 Images in Search Results

60% of users, when searching the internet, prefer companies that have images displayed on the results page.
BPM ApploadYou001
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6.3 Images in E-commerce

67% of e-shoppers say quality, well-detailed product images are as important, if not more, than descriptive texts and reviews from other shoppers.

6.4 Images on Blogs, Websites and Social Networks

Websites, blogs and social media posts that have relevant, high-quality images get an average of 94% more views and engagement.
Based on this data, it is possible to see that content with quality, relevant and illustrative images perform much better compared to textual content.

6.5 Some Tips for Using Images

     • Only use your own images or those with authorization for editing and reproduction, in order to avoid later problems with image rights. There are several image banks on the internet, where you can find numerous options for images, paid and free, to use in your posts and websites.
     • Whenever necessary, use image editing software, preferably a professional one, to ensure the final quality of the piece. But avoid excessive use of these tools, make subtle edits, if possible only in details, so as not to lose the originality and credibility of the image.
     • When resizing an image, do it “proportionally”, to avoid your image looking stretched and disproportionate, which takes away the credibility of the post and makes it uninteresting.
     • Only insert images that are directly related to the content that will accompany it. The discrepancy of the image with the content may make the reader leave the page, and possibly not come back.
     • Be careful with images (purchased or otherwise) that are used in your content. Be sure that it exactly sells your product’s identity. Improper use can lead not only to the disappointment of your consumers, but mainly, legal problems for your company, due to presenting an “x” product and selling a “y” product.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Content Strategy

1. Which materials are examples of content marketing?

Content creation can be done through blog posts, newsletters, e-books, social media posts, giveaways and many other options. Whichever type or types you choose, the goal should always revolve around offering something meaningful and quality.

2. What are the pillars of content marketing?

Planning – This is the key point on which all others depend; Content – Create and share content that is relevant to your target audience; Relationship; Tracking.

3. What is the easiest way to start doing content marketing?

Start sharing content of any type, anywhere and everywhere. We suggest that you find where your users are first. Discover your content sources and then go to those sources.

4. Does content marketing have a measurable ROI?

It's hard to measure the ROI of content marketing. Pedro Godoi, founder of Black Pearl Matrix, admitted: “I don't believe in any miracle ROI strategy.” That's not to say there's no ROI. The ROI is there. However, it is difficult to quantify in terms of metrics, bar charts and revenue growth.


Digital content strategies are fundamental tools to improve the relationship and engagement between a brand and its persona.
When adopted correctly, this type of methodology is capable of delivering excellent results for your business.
However, as we highlighted, it is important to be aware of each aspect of the creation of your strategy to minimize possible problems for your project.

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