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Google My Business Optimization Tips and Tricks This Year

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Google My Business Optimization Tips and Tricks This Year


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Why use Google My Business?

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Google My Business is a free service that Google offers for organizations and companies to manage their online presence. For this reason, Google My Business is critical for local businesses to be on Google maps and appear on search engine results pages.
BPM How customers search your company
In addition to this great benefit, Google My Business offers some features that can improve the positioning of a local business and increase its ranking in local searches. So if you own a business in your city and want to boost your online presence, check out these seven ways to optimize your Google My Business page.

What you will learn:

1- Fill in your company information;
2- Google posts section;
3- Define a Specific and Relevant Category;
4- Load high resolution image;
5- Local contact number;
6- Follow the question and answer section;
7- Collect Google reviews.

Is Google My Business Suitable for All Types of Businesses?

If you have a brick and mortar store or a local service business, this tool is the perfect fit. Google My Business was developed for companies that maintain direct contact and attention to the public during certain hours.
It is not intended for online-only businesses or properties for rent or sale. However, there are some exceptions:
ATMs and express mailboxes are allowed. If these locations are added, they must include contact information for customers to get help.

Seasonal developments, such as theme parks, are permitted as long as year-round signs are posted on site.

Sales or rental offices are eligible for verification.
Food delivery houses are allowed. Facilities for cooking and preparing food for home delivery are permitted as local utility companies.
Businesses that cannot be listed are those that deal with properties for rent or sale, such as holiday homes or apartments. Nor is it permissible to broadcast a service performed at a location that you do not own or that you are not authorized to represent.
The good news is that you can grow your business through smart Google Ads campaigns and easily advertise online directly from the platform.
Although Google My Business is known as a social network for businesses, it is very important that you see it as a powerful marketing tool.
Through GMB you can get presence and visibility on search engine and Google Maps so potential customers can easily find you.
Be sure to add hashtags to posts and share content. Thanks to the different mechanisms for measuring and analyzing data, you will be able to optimize local SEO and make the most of this tool.

1- Fill in your Company Information

The first step to optimizing your Google My Business page will be to create a business profile with up-to-date, comprehensive and accurate information. Therefore, when registering, you must fill in all the necessary fields, including.
     • Company Name;
     • Address;
     • Phone number;
     • Description;
     • Category;
     • Site;
     • Photos;
     • Opening hours;
     • Questions and answers.
In some sectors, it may have other additional fields.
Filling in all this information is important so that your potential customers can find you and get in touch with you and reach your company.
Also, by registering with all of your business information, you are much more likely to be recognized by Google and rank well on the results page.

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2- Google Posts Section

Another way to optimize your Google My Business listing is to publish relevant content in the posts section, as this allows you to interact with your customers directly on search engine results pages and Google Maps.
In the posts section, you can post any topic related to your business, such as company announcements, product promotions, upcoming events, blog articles, and so on.
Most Internet users rank company pages based on their most recent posts. Therefore, you need to frequently publish relevant and quality content that is useful for your Google My Business page.

3- Define a Specific and Relevant Category

One of the things to be clear about is your business category, as this will help Google define which listing your local business belongs to. During registration, Google will provide a series of categories, so you must choose the one that best represents your company.
Example: My father works cleaning and maintaining gutters, but Google didn’t have the category, so when I created the page I put it in the mason category.
There is no way for you to register a category, so if no specific category fits your business, you can opt for a more general classification. However, you can constantly check to see if new category options have been added.

4- Upload High Resolution Image

The image certainly speaks volumes, in addition to being an inexpensive way to get a good ranking on Google My Business. Therefore, according to Google, companies that have images on their pages tend to receive 12% more location requests and 35% more clicks on their websites than those that do not have photos.
It is important that these images are of high quality as this gives potential customers an overview of what your business looks like and what they will find. Therefore, you can, for example, place photos of your company’s logo, behind the scenes, the team and everything that demonstrates the effectiveness of your company. Google offers a really cool feature which is to create an interactive 360 degree tour of your business.
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4.1 Image Specification

You should not upload images of any size as this can detract from the appearance of the photo. But to make it easier, Google My Business has the recommended specifications for photos, which are:

     • The format of the photos must be JPG or PNG;
     • Images must be between 10KB and 5MB in size;
     • Each photo must have a minimum resolution of 720px in height and 720px in width;
     • The images, in addition to being of good quality, cannot have excessive use of filters or significant alterations;
So, given this information, invest in quality images.

5- Local Contact Number

Have a local contact number available on your page, i.e. with your region code. This helps Google understand that your business really is a brick-and-mortar business and is in your area.
It’s important to make sure that registration phone number is on all of your landing pages.

6- Follow the Questions and Answers Section

The Q&A section is one of the great Google My Business features for local search. So, always stay tuned, because in it, potential customers can ask a question about your business, which you must answer immediately.
This feature is not only cool but also very important as it allows you to listen to your customers and respond immediately. But if for some reason you unfollow this section and stop interacting with people, it tends to result in misinformation or low reputation for your company.
So, for you to be consistent and avoid wrong impressions, the tip is to create a list of frequently asked questions.
Be proactive and make a list of questions and answers that potential customers often ask. That’s why you or your team should do some research and identify what questions people often ask and add them to your list.



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7- Collect Google Reviews

Customer feedback is a way to generate social proof, so it’s really influential. Therefore, businesses in your area that have positive reviews tend to attract more potential customers as they build trust.
Even if your business is well known in your area, new customers tend to search the internet before going to your business, so that you can collect feedback from your customers and thus optimize your listing on Google My Business.
However, to collect reviews on your page, you can motivate happy customers to review your business.
In cases of negative comments, it is essential to respond and demonstrate an interest in resolving them, as this is also a good practice for companies. If unfounded and rude comments appear, always remain calm and respond politely.

Considerations About Websites Created on Google My Business

Google’s Website Builder is a tool that greatly facilitates the task of creating a website, as it makes it possible to do so in a few clicks. Likewise, it’s easy to customize the cover photo, images, texts, etc.
The created page also incorporates the map from Google Maps and highlights contact and business information and can be easily managed from your Google My Business profile. It’s also responsive, so mobile friendly, which is increasingly important.
On the other hand, the created site has only one page, and there is no option to create additional pages. The page title, meta description and alt attributes of the images also cannot be customized, nor is there integration with Google Analytics. Social media sharing buttons are also missing.
As you can see, Google’s new tool brings both positives and negatives — the latter, especially with regard to SEO. The tool, however, has just been created, and Google may make improvements over time, allowing for more edits.
If you own a local business and don’t have the time or resources to create a more professional website, this may be a valid option, albeit temporarily. Consider, however, purchasing a custom domain to improve your chances of ranking.
The importance of Google My Business is already more than clear, isn’t it?

Now take a closer look at people's purchasing decisions:

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FAQ – Google My Business Optimization FAQ

1. For local businesses, which would be more important, being on Google My Business, or a business profile on Instagram?

Both tools are important; because they represent different sources of organic traffic. However, for a local business, Google My Business is more prominent, due to the lead's own behavior of using, most of the time, Google Search to carry out their searches for services or products.

2. Why do I need to ask customers to rate my company or service on Google?

Reviews work as a social proof tool. Nowadays, with the internet and social networks, the potential customer, before taking the action to buy something, will analyze the evaluations that other people have made of a service, product or establishment. Therefore, it is very important to have customer reviews on Google My Business. You will have a competitive advantage over other businesses that don't.

3. How many posts do I have to make on my Google Company profile?

Profile posts are essential because you can put images of the product or service, a description with keywords and a call to action. Maintaining this Posts goal is essential, so that Google's algorithm is relevant to your listing. One thing you might notice is that boards that have posts get more views than boards that don't.

4. Is it good to post photos of my business on Google My Business?

It is precisely one of the things that will help you to "rank" well against your competitors. Updated and frequently posted images represent about 27.53% of the effectiveness of your listing on Google My Business. The rest of the performance is in the other fills and optimizations.

5. How to make money with Google my business?

By adding value to the service you can earn even more money and even create a recurring service. Here are some extra pieces of information that you can include in your portfolio: Take different photos of companies to register on Google My Business. For example, this could be professional photos and/or 360-degree photos.
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Google My Business promises to be a crucial tool in the journey of companies, ensuring that they stand out in local searches and reach an even larger audience, in addition to giving users greater credibility and confidence.
If you don’t have an account on the tool, create one right now. If you already use it, don’t forget to put our tips into practice and start reaping the good results right away.
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