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How To Achieve Google Ads Success On A Tight Budget

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How To Achieve Google Ads Success On A Tight Budget


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Tips for Advertising on Google ADS With Little Money

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Understand that everything you launch will always have corrections, rarely is something done and released 100% in its first state, be it a product, a service or an advertising campaign on Google.

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This is a “flaw” that many want to correct, but more important than launching perfect, is always improving, this is a good step and method, known as the T.D.I Method, so that you can test and evolve in a controlled manner.

Have you ever wondered how to advertise on Google Ads with little money and still get good results as an affiliate?

Well, if this is you, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we want to share with you 7 tips to profit from advertising on Google Ads with little money.

Google Ads is an incredible and quick way to start selling on the internet, whether for affiliates or any other type of business.

But I fully understand that at the beginning the money may be a little less and therefore it is necessary to be careful.

So stay with me until the end of this article and I will tell you exactly how you will advertise on Google ads investing little money and I have an extra tip that will help you earn extra money to advertise.

How to Advertise on Google Ads With Little Money

The idea of this article is to show you how you can reach people who are ready to buy the product you are selling, after all, you cannot try to embrace the world, even if you have a large amount of money to invest.

You need to advertise to people who are already directly looking for the product you want to sell, to lessen the chances of paying for clicks that won’t result in a conversion. With that in mind, we can move on to the first tip on how to advertise on Google Ads with little money.

Advertise the Product Name

Do you agree with me that if someone searches for a specific product on the internet it is because they are really interested in it? Do you agree with me that the chances of a sale being made in this case are very high?

Well… think about the following keywords: “How to Lose Weight Fast” and “17 Day Diet”.

Which of these two keywords would you create an ad for? To answer that, you need to understand the following:

If someone searches for the term “how to lose weight fast” they may simply be looking for some tips on the internet that can help them achieve this goal, but that does not mean that they are willing or interested in buying a product.


Creating an ad for this type of word can even help you get a lot of clicks, but I can tell you that most of them will happen just out of curiosity and I believe that what you least want is to pay for a click that will not end in a sale , right?

So this would not be a good strategy for you who want to maximize your sales chances by advertising on Google ads with little money.

Even more so if this is the user’s first contact with the product, considering that hardly anyone buys something right away without knowing it. Now, look at the other word: “17 Day Diet”.

This is the name of a product that has been successful in the slimming niche.

Someone looking for a product name already knows exactly what they want to find and may be doing that search just to complete the purchase.

It’s that someone you need to grab. Focus on capturing people at the time of purchase and this you can achieve by advertising directly for a product name.

1- Make sure the producer allows ads for the product name. Some prohibit this type of strategy to avoid competition, so be careful not to get your membership canceled if you unknowingly break the rules. If necessary, choose another product.

2- Choose products with their own name and not products with generic names such as: online Excel course, cell phone repair course. The more specific the product name, the better.

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Bet on the Maximize Clicks Bidding Strategy

In some tutorials on the internet, people recommend always using the maximize conversions bid strategy, but in practice this may not be the best thing to do.

How to Create Ads on Google Ads Investing Little

As the name implies, Google aims to maximize conversions with this strategy. But if you just create the campaign, there is obviously no conversion and consequently nothing to maximize.

What Google will do, in most cases, is spend your budget faster trying to find the right people for you. Then adopt maximize clicks.

And not just that. If you’re advertising on Google Ads on a tight budget, still set a cap on your CPC. That way, you don’t run the risk of paying too high a price for a click.

I say this because I paid $10 dollars per click for not adopting a limit. Some colleagues told me they paid $20 USD and in some cases even $25 USD for a single click.

So, if you don’t want to see your budget burnt overnight, adopt these simple strategies.

Use Phrase Match Keywords

This is really my personal opinion. in my tests I ended up spending a good amount of money on clicks that were not qualified.

I once ran an ad with broad match keywords. The word was “DESIGNER KIT 3.0”, referring to a product that delivered several arts created and edited in photoshop.

When I analyzed which words were bringing me clicks, I guessed right…. the word eyebrow designer kit triggered my ad and many people clicked on it, meaning I wasted money as the people who clicked on my ad probably didn’t even know what my product was about.

I’m not saying that you should never use the broad match type, as you can optimize your campaign and deny words that have nothing to do with your ad, but which ended up generating disqualified clicks for you in the first place.

I only recommend starting with the “phrase match” type. To use this type of keyword, simply enclose it in quotes like I did before. In the future, maybe it’s worth changing, okay?

Bet on Less Popular Words

Depending on the product chosen, it is possible that there are a large number of advertisers fighting for the same keyword and this makes the CPC (cost per click) end up being more expensive.

Low Competitive Keywords in Google Ads

But calm down, no need to despair. It is often possible to find variations of the main keyword that have a lower cost and also have a good search volume, so it would be interesting to focus on them.

Obviously this is not a rule. Sometimes you will not be able to find these words and you will have two options: choose another product or pay what you are being charged.

The fact is that if you have a lot of people advertising and the CPC is high, then the product probably sells well. So it’s up to you to risk it or not.

Optimize Your Campaigns

When I talk about campaign optimization, I’m referring to just about everything you can do to get better results when advertising on Google Ads, especially if you’re on a budget.

I'm Talking About:

Note which keywords are bringing a positive return so you can keep them and which ones are generating a lot of clicks but don’t sell, so you can remove them from the campaign.

Create good text in ads. This includes: creating compelling headlines that startle curious people. A great way to do this is by directly placing the price of the product in the ad and calling to finalize the subscription or purchase.

Create ad extension variations: This will help you understand which type of calls work best and which ad is driving the most results. When you figure it out, pause the others and focus on what’s working.

Pay attention to negative keywords and always make the profanity that appears negative.

If someone searches for “free cake course” they clearly have no intention of buying a product, so we don’t want them to click on your ad and incur unnecessary costs.

Do Your Segmentation Correctly

Segmentation is one of the factors that will also influence your campaign costs and results. This segmentation can be done in several ways.

Geographically: If you only want to advertise to a certain region. Physical stores bet on this type.
Demographically: segmentation by age group and gender.
Audience or Interest: interest your target audience shows when visiting your ads or pages; and others more.

You don’t need to do this type of targeting from the start of your campaign if you have the necessary data.

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As the campaign runs it will start to give you data on what is working and what is not and you can start optimizing for that as well.

The important thing is to advertise only to those who will buy your product. Some of this information is provided by the producer.

Set Your Conversion Pixel

This is a very important step if you want Google to better optimize your campaigns and provide you with more satisfactory results when advertising on Google Ads with little money.

You can’t fail to configure your pixel, please. If you don’t know how to do this, let’s leave an article below where we talk about Google ads.

In it you will find all the steps to create your Google Ads account, to create your ad as an affiliate from scratch, how to install and configure your conversion pixel and even how to find the best products to advertise on Google Ads as an affiliate.

I’m sure all these videos will help you a lot.

And finally, an extra tip. If you have little money to advertise on Google Ads, I recommend you also read the article how to earn $100 on Google Ads.

This will help you to advertise with more money. In addition, you may also be interested in this article: Do I need a website to advertise on Google Ads?


7 Ways to Advertise on Google for Free

Advertising for free on Google seems like a distant and unlikely dream, but in fact, there are some resources and ways that make this dream real and possible, without having to resort to Google Adwords, which is paid advertising.

It might surprise you to learn that not all online advertising methods cost money, not even on Google. In this section, we’ll cover 7 ways to advertise on Google for free. Read to the end and start implementing!

Why is Google so popular?

Google is without a doubt the biggest business showcase today.

Most people, when looking for a product or service, use it to find what they need, whether finding a restaurant to eat, a pharmacy near their home or buying a new cell phone, for example.

This is why every business wants to advertise on Google for free, as it significantly increases your chances of appearing in the organic results, closing deals, gaining more customers and increasing your profitability.



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But, Are Google Ads Not Paid?

That’s where you’re wrong… Of course, most Google ads are paid, so-called sponsored links or Google Ads, but there are some ways to appear and advertise on Google for free, that is, without spending a penny. Want to know how? See the tips below!

How to Advertise on Google for Free?

Do not think that it is super difficult to achieve this, that you will have to dedicate yourself 100% every day and you will not sleep anymore.

As much as it is not so difficult, depending on your company’s competition, you should also know that this is constant work and that you should not fail to update your company information and post interesting content, otherwise you will be left behind.

Unfortunately, depending on your industry, it can be very difficult to get your site on Google with a good ranking, let alone for free.

What determines this is the level of competition. If there are many companies like or similar to yours in the same region with more developed marketing strategies, it will certainly be a little more difficult for you to move forward or stay at the same level.

Sometimes it’s hard enough even with paid ads, let alone spending a single penny. But, don’t give up! Keep pushing. If your segment is very competitive, it is worth thinking about investing in paid advertising, check out how to advertise on Google here.

Check now the step by step to advertise on Google for free and good luck!

1- Google My Business

For those who don’t know, Google My Business brings together several tools in one place. They are useful and differentiated tools to increase your visibility on Google.

To use Google My Business, you must first register. There you will provide important data about your business such as website, phone, address and hours of operation and include photos, blog posts and offers.

If your customer is near you, your business pin will appear on Google Maps on their phone, tablet or even their computer.

If you want to know how to advertise on Google for free, know that it lists the companies registered in Google My Business very prominently in the results of organic searches.

When registering there, your business is highlighted next to it on the search and Google+ pages, in addition to appearing with the information on Google Maps.

The platform is very intuitive and anyone with basic internet knowledge can use it, that is, you don’t need to know advanced digital marketing techniques to be successful.

Highlight Relevant Information in Your Company Reviews

If your company offers a unique or differentiated service, this should be highlighted in the comments on your Google My Business registration. If you have a bar with a terrace, this should be included in your SEO description, because when someone searches for “bar with a terrace”, if your address is in the region of the person they are looking for, your business will certainly appear for them in the first results. . Highlight this in your comments for more visibility.

Mention the differentials in the description of Google My Business

Another way to get free ad exposure for your business on Google is to mention popular amenities in your description. If your business is open 24 hours a day, you can highlight this to increase your chances of gaining more visibility and being found for these searches. It’s a good idea to also put the location in the text.

Mention specific features on your site

In addition to your Google My Business listing, mentioning your specific features on your website also gets you free first page advertising on Google. For example, if you have a restaurant or bakery that offers brunch, mention it on your website, preferably more than once to reinforce it and be more likely to appear on the first page of that search.

Google My Business Tools

By signing up for Google My Business you will have access to several tools.

One way to advertise on Google for free is through Hangout, which is part of the Google My Business tools.

Hangout allows direct communication with your followers. In Hangouts you can add information about your company, services or products.

All online and in a very practical way. It is an instant communication tool that allows you to get closer to your customers.

With this faster and more efficient communication, you increase the chances of closing a deal quickly, as customers don’t like to wait too long for a response via email, for example, and resort to faster responses.

1- Analyze

This is one of Google’s most important tools, as it is through Analytics that you can analyze and consult the number of hits to your website, as well as their origin.

It brings very important information about browsing behavior, location of your audience, among others.

That’s why it’s always very important that you follow up on a daily basis, or at least weekly, to measure the advances or setbacks of your investments and campaigns.

2- Google+

As much as this social network is not as accessible as Facebook or Instagram, creating a Google Plus account can make you more easily found on Google.

If you want to advertise on Google for free, know that you need to create an account and use it at least minimally.

To do this, simply create an account and disclose relevant information that is of interest to your target audience from time to time. Just because you have a Google Plus account, you get better placement in organic searches.

3- Search engine marketing (SEO)

You are probably already familiar with this term or maybe even use these SEO techniques on your website.

Search marketing or SEO refers to a set of optimization tools used on your website to increase your chances of appearing on Google and getting good positioning on search pages.

What does this mean when we talk about how to advertise on Google for free? That if you use the right tools, when a person searches for something related to your product or service in the Google search engine, you will appear organically for them, that is, WITHOUT COST!

Thousands of people perform millions of searches per second in search of some information, product or service and, because of that, it seems impossible to appear right at the top of the page.

However, if you use the right keywords, which are highly sought after but not extremely competitive, combined with interesting and user-relevant content, you increase your chances of ranking well.

But, to summarize, understand some items that are most important for Google when analyzing your site:

Quality Content

Perhaps the best way to advertise on Google for free is to produce useful content for your readers. Regularly publish posts on your blog and website pages that answer common questions your ideal customers are asking on search engines like Google.

Use best practices and constantly check out new SEO trends to help your pages rank higher in search results.

These pages will help your business get in front of people who may not yet know about your business. The more you give them the information they need, the more they will trust you and the more likely they are to choose you when they need a product or service.

Offer relevant, interesting content that solves user problems and brings real information, in a clear and objective way. Use keywords with good search volume throughout this content, naturally, so that it ranks better. Avoid developing extremely long and meaningless content. You achieve this through content marketing.

When they feel benefited by the valuable information you provide, they will certainly treat you with respect and, with that, you will be rewarded for all your efforts in making them loyal customers of your brand.

To discover the best keywords to use, use Google’s keyword planner.

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Implement Local SEO Strategies

Local SEO is a proven way to get more free hits on Google. If you place location-based keywords in the right places on your site, you can appear first in organic results for searches that include your product or service and your location.


The website needs to be easy to understand, that is, the information needs to be easily found, in an organized and legible way. The website needs to be intuitive, well-structured and agile.

When building a website, you must think like a user when entering your page and make navigation as pleasant as possible.

If a user enters your page and finds it confusing, has many advertising banners that redirect to other pages or has any other type of difficulty, most likely he will leave your site and look for another one that he likes the most.

link building

This technique is a bit more advanced and refers to using internal links to other related topics and other pages within your own website.

Another way to link is to be referenced by other sites, which cite your page on their site, improving your authority and credibility.

If your site is secure and reliable, this will also help you get better rankings, as will your site’s domain age and site’s mobile friendliness.

Have you produced articles or guest posts for other sites? Developing free content to publish on other blogs or news sites will add authority to your name as a professional, as well as increase the relevance of specific pages on your site on Google through the use of internal links.

Getting powerful domain scoring backlinks pointing to your website can help you gain significant exposure to Google. Take care to handpick reliable sites with high domain scores and good traffic to increase your recognition.

To look up domain scores, traffic, and other important data for other websites, use the free Uber Suggest tool.

Guest posting on partner blogs is a great way to advertise on Google for free through other sites that Google trusts.

Through the SEO visibility analysis you can check the points you need to improve on your page and look at the competition.

4. List your business in directories

In addition to Google My Business, there are many directories that appear on Google. By the way, directories like Trip Advisor, which have been around for some time, is seen as reliable pages by Google, and their pages tend to appear on the first page of Google.

For example, if you search for “best restaurants in New York”, you will see that the first two organic results are Trip Advisor pages that list the 10 best restaurants in New York, taking into account customer reviews and comments.

The meta descriptions for these pages mention restaurants and New York. These companies all got free publicity on Google simply by having solid listings on Trip Advisor.

5. Publish unique content and value guides

What did you learn from the surveys your company carried out during the year? Share your knowledge. Many companies have a lot of internal data that they have collected for their business and they keep it under lock and key.

Of course, you shouldn’t divulge your company’s confidential matters, such as personal customer information and competitive advantage, but any valuable content you can present in the framework of a guide, an e-book with in-depth information can bring you a lot of return when we talk. in more clicks.

If you have valuable information about sales, marketing, finance or human resources, share what you find with the intention of helping others. By doing this, you will gain your readers’ trust. This type of guide gives you free exposure on Google.

6. Optimize your Google My Business listing

There’s no better way to advertise on Google for free than with an optimized Google My Business listing. In fact, on average, complete Google My Business listings receive 7x more clicks and are 50% more likely to lead to a purchase than listings with nothing.

The more information about your business you put in your listing, the more chances you have of attracting customers. That’s because no customer buys a product or service from a company that has no references and is not visible. If you add your business photos, address, phone number, useful websites and social media links, compelling description, the more chances you have to convert.

Keeping your Q&A section up to date, as well as encouraging comments and ratings, will increase your chance of appearing on the front page organically.

Taking a 360 virtual tour of your company also attracts a lot of eyes and can be the differential you need to appear on Google. If you have a cozy, organized and attractive environment, make use of this strategy.

7. Offer free consultations

If you have a service where you can offer free consultations, essays, lessons, or assessments, try it out to get free exposure on Google. Create call-to-actions with callouts on your website and create a landing page specifically for this purpose.

This will increase your page rank on Google for people looking for free stuff in your area. If you have an accounting office, for example, you can offer a free tool for income tax consultation. If you have a law firm that specializes in trademarks and patents, you can offer a resource on your website for trademark precedence inquiry.

Other ways to advertise on Google for free:

1. Post on social media

Social media platforms are free. Use Facebook to promote your informative posts and encourage questions and answers in the comments. Use Instagram to offer short instructions and showcase your products and services. Use LinkedIn to publish thought leadership articles and network with other companies. You get free exposure to the right audience while driving traffic to your website and building your credibility.

2. Join and stay active in online groups

Use forums and groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and niche sites to get seen. You don’t need to be posting commercial stuff or constantly talking about your business. Just join relevant conversations and offer your knowledge for free. Becoming a trusted contributor can generate potential leads for your business.

3. Partner with an influencer

A collaboration with a respected digital influencer in your industry can bring you free exposure to a highly relevant audience. Ask them to try your product or service and post it on your website, blog or social media.

Ask them to publish a guest post on your blog. These opportunities only cost you time, and in addition to providing free publicity, they help to strengthen your brand.

4. Run a social media giveaway or contest

Giveaways, contests, promotions, and social media campaigns generate a lot of engagement. People often tag friends and family who share the same interests. This can be a great way to get free business promotion. You can even require your followers to tag someone else in the comments, follow the page, and share to stories to enter the promotion.

5. Encourage User Generated Content

Encouraging user-generated content submissions is like getting twice as much publicity, putting in no – or hardly any – effort, as this type of contest often results in not just a lot of tags, but a lot of shares, which drives it even higher. . reach of your company.

Your followers will likely share the content they send you on their accounts. That way, you also reach their audience. Additionally, your followers may repost user-generated content that you share on their accounts.

Other ways to get free offline advertising

These days, the importance of online advertising is much more in vogue than offline advertising. However, you can’t forget about advertising offline in your local area either. Consider some free ways to do this.

1. Place flyers or posters in your neighborhood

If you have a business that serves locally, you should consider creating material to publicize your space in the neighborhoods you serve. In addition, you can also look for companies in the region that accept to receive your pamphlets to place at the reception and deliver to their customers or at the entrance of the condominium, so that residents acquire and consume this information.

2. Support your local community

When you work to make a positive impact in your community, free publicity is a natural result. Being active and helpful will bring awareness to your brand, which can lead to direct sales, as well as improving your image.

When people have a positive perception of your business, they refer others to you. Sponsor a school or sports team. Volunteer for an important cause. Manage a group that adds value to your community in some way.

3. Submit a press release to your local newspaper

Do you have interesting information to share? If so, don’t miss the opportunity to spread the news far and wide. Submit a release to the local newspaper. This usually costs nothing and can pay off big when broadcast on the right channels.

Free offline/online advertising options

Below we separate two ideas of ways to appear on Google through online and offline resources.

1. Interviews

Being interviewed has an advantage. People learn more about your company and you have a chance to really make an impact and make an impression. Also, you can distribute your interviews in many ways.

2. Snippets

You can promote it on your blog, on your social media, on your YouTube channel and so on.

3. Implement a referral program

Whether in-store or not, referrals encourage word-of-mouth marketing, which has always been an effective form of free advertising. Offer incentives such as discounts, freebies and other perks to people who refer your business.

The objective is to guide the interest of the potential client and lead him to the purchase decision, which is basically aimed at the CCD Phases:

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about how to advertise on Google Ads with little investment

1- What is the minimum amount to advertise on Google Ads?

There is no fixed amount stipulated, as from US$ 5.00 per day it is already possible to invest. So define your goals and create your investment strategy.

2- How much does 1 click on Google Ads cost?

Some keywords may cost US$1.00 per click (CPC) others US$2.50, for example, it depends on the city, competition, the number of companies that compete for the same keyword or not. Depending on the niche, city and competition it can cost upwards of US$10.00 per click.

3- How is Google Ads charged?

On the first day of each month or as soon as your balance reaches the minimum payment limit, the platform will be charged automatically. Including all advertising costs, taxes and fees that may apply in addition to remaining debts from the previous month.

4- How many campaigns can I run on Google Ads?

That's a lot… A single Google Ads account can have up to 10,000 campaigns, including active and paused campaigns.

5- What is the reach of Google Ads?

It is possible to have an estimate of the number of people that could be reached in a destination location through this metric based on connected users. So you can use these metrics to your advantage by doing calculations.
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These are some strategies on how to advertise on Google Ads on a budget. However, we would like to point out that campaigns with very low investments will not have extraordinary results.

This type of action is more recommended for those who want to test and have a first experience with the tool. So, as soon as the first conversions arrive, our recommendation is that you gradually increase your investment.

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