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How To Avail The Right Agency For PPC Management Services

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How To Avail The Right Agency For PPC Management Services


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Black Pearl Matrix

Choosing the Right AdWords Management Agency:

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According to Unbounce, half of the people who click on their ads are more likely to make a purchase than those who click through an organic link.
And considering the 600 million devices running ad blockers, it’s easy to think that advertising isn’t all that effective. But Google Ads commands 73.1% of search advertising, or about $40.3 billion. And let’s face it, advertisers wouldn’t spend that much money on ads if they didn’t work.

So yes, Google Ads are effective.

BPM How PPC Works.png
The great difficulty for many companies is choosing which Adwords management agency to work with. Managing Google Ads takes a lot of time, effort and energy. Most companies choose to outsource this hard work to a PPC agency. If you’re going to do this, you need to know how to choose the right agency to manage your Google Ads.
You must do the following:

Know Your Objectives and Expected Results

Google Ads is a direct response platform where customers search for your product or service. To get profitable results from your Google Ads campaigns, you need to have concrete goals in mind. In general, companies focus on a few specific goals, such as those listed on the Google website:
1. Get More Calls to Your Business: Use this objective to book appointments, schedule jobs, take customers over the phone, or close a deal.
2. Increase visits to your store: If you are a local business, you should be driving physical traffic to your store through your Google Ads campaign. This objective is based on offline demand generation.
3. Get people to your website: The universal goal, which boils down to sending people to a specific website so they can fill out a form, buy your product, request more information about your services, or opt-in to your mailing list. -mails.
The goal of each is to generate revenue; we can consider each of the examples above as a clue. Unlike SEO, where results take weeks or months of work, Google Ads is a direct response channel. A successful ad generates immediate action from searchers.

Realize the Focus is on the Action

Next, you must make your goals even more specific. This depends on a few factors like your budget, the keywords you’ve chosen, match types, etc. For example, if you have a service business, then you should know that you will need a certain number of leads. That means you’ll need to identify details like:
1. Maximum CPC Bid (or Maximum CPC): This is the most you can pay to get a click without losing money.
2. Conversion Rate: Most people know this one. This is the total number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors you received. How many conversions do you need to be profitable?
3. Target CPA: The average cost of a conversion.
4. Target CPL: The most you can spend to acquire a new lead.
Customer Lifetime Value: Measures the total value of a customer over the course of the relationship.
In addition to these, there are other metrics that you need to monitor, but your agency can manage them for you and provide you with the necessary reports. Sharing these numbers with your agency makes setup easier; you can use them to set your daily/monthly budget, quickly identify profitable campaigns or set goals to increase profitability.
Ideally, you should have a rough idea of the numbers you need to be profitable, in this case the number of leads, sales, and customers needed per month for your campaign to be self-sustaining.

Characteristics of a Great Adwords Management Agency

Below are some things you should consider when looking for an Adwords agency. These traits are essential, and you can use them to find out if the agencies you’re finding are good ones to work with.

1. Professional Certification

Agencies you are considering must have Google Partner status. Google itself explains this best, detailing why this is so important to their agency:
“Achieving partner status means a company has demonstrated Google Ads skills and knowledge, has met Google’s ad spend requirements, has helped clients and agencies increase revenue, and has maintained or expanded its client base.”
With partner status, your company has access to many benefits, such as the Google Partner badge, which can be displayed on your website and in marketing materials.”
If you’re looking for an agency to manage Google Ads on your behalf, this badge is important for several reasons. This shows your potential customers that:
1.1 Your agency has enough clients to meet Google’s spending requirements.
1.2 Your active customers are seeing revenue growth and you are delivering on your promises.
1.3 Your agency is growing (i.e. more clients and revenue).
1.4. Google certifies that you have the necessary knowledge to manage your customers’ Google Ads accounts.
If you’re looking for a clear indication that your digital marketing agency is legitimate, focus on this certification. Also, make sure each of the paid search strategists in your account is individually certified.
Verification will provide a list of Google products your agency has been certified for, the type of partnership, and the number of Google certified offices. If the agency has a banner/badge on their website, you can click on it to check your agency’s status on Google.
If you requested a proposal, you should receive links to the certification URLs for each of the strategists assigned to your account. The URL must be displayed in the following format:


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2. You Must Keep Resources and Creative

Some PPC agencies have a pay-per-lead model. Using this model, they drive traffic to a landing page or ad that generates leads for their customers. The downside to this model is that customers don’t receive the landing pages, creatives or assets that were used in the production of the main landing page.
This arrangement is great for agencies but bad for clients.
It’s good for agencies because they can use a single landing page or ad for multiple clients in the same industry. Sure, clients get the leads they need, but they will always depend on the agency and ultimately never know how to make things work on their own.
But yes, this approach can work.
If you just want to get your leads and you’re not interested in creating your own content, landing pages, or doing your own marketing in the future, then there’s nothing to worry about. Also, if you don’t mind being tied to the same agency for life, that’s fine too.
But if you want to make a change, you might not be able to get the same amazing results you expect in the long run. Therefore, I recommend that you insist that your agency provide the assets and creatives that they produced exclusively for your company.

3. Total Agency Transparency

Google requires agencies to be transparent with their clients. This has been a requirement for some time, and is another reason why individual and Google partner certifications are so important.
“If you hired another company to manage your AdWords campaigns, learn how much of your advertising budget (cost) was spent on AdWords, how many times your ads appeared (impressions), and how many times users clicked on your ads (clicks). You will include these requirements in our legal terms and contracts.”
Google also mentions that almost all of its certified partners are already offering this transparency to their customers. It is important to note that this practice is not common in non-accredited agencies, most of them will not provide this information if customers do not request it.
When hiring an agency, make sure you have access to all reports. You should also have access to metrics including impressions, click-through rates, keywords, account structure, ad group, etc. If you have questions about where or how your money is being spent, you should get straight answers. Either way, ask your agency about the information they provide to clients.

4. Short Term Contracts

Some agencies will go out of their way to lock you into a long-term contract (12 or 24 months, for example); this makes perfect sense if you consider that it takes a lot of time and resources to set up and launch a new customer account. Most AdWords agencies don’t make money from the account until a few months after the campaign starts.
This arrangement is not always the best for clients, especially if the agency fails to deliver. In fact, the customer should have the right to come and go as he pleases. When agencies focus on performing well for clients, the relationship is more stable.
Some agencies offer monthly promotions that are lucrative. As a compromise, you can sign an initial three-month contract and then switch to a monthly one. But keep in mind that whatever you negotiate with your agency needs to be beneficial to both sides. If you are dissatisfied with your agency, you should be free to leave.

5. A Proven and Consistent Track Record

The agency you hire should provide references and case studies to validate your expertise. There should be no doubt about your ability to perform well. You must obtain the necessary data to properly assess your experience and background.
It’s not enough to prove that you’ve achieved amazing results for your clients. You need to show that you’ve been able to do this consistently over time.
Ask your agency for all the information you need to validate your performance – references, case studies, anonymized campaign data, and before and after campaigns.
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6. Very Clear Process and Methodology

Your agency should have an established process for managing and maintaining your account. They should know when to add keywords and create new ads, how they set and maintain budgets for keywords and ad groups, and what adjustments or changes they need to make in various markets.
They should also tell you what tests to run and how, and what metrics or KPIs they will use to validate performance.

7. Optimization for Conversions and Revenue

I’m not talking about setting up ads in your account. I’m talking about your agency’s focus on increasing revenue. There are many agencies out there that only focus on impressions or clicks. Your agency should focus on helping you convert those clicks into revenue.
BPM Optimization and profit increase.png

This means that your agency's focus should be on:

7.1 Ad messaging to improve the timing, targeting and placement of your ads.
7.2 Conversion rate optimization to improve the performance of copy, landing pages and offers.
7.3 Set up analytics and reports to monitor the performance of keywords, ad groups and landing pages.
7.4 A/B and multivariate testing to improve campaign performance based on the data you get from the metrics.
Google Ads is a direct response platform, so optimizing for conversions and revenue should be your agency’s primary focus. If their focus is on something else, they’re not a good fit.

How to Work with a Google AdWords Agency

Well, this is a list of things your agency will need from you. These requirements are not difficult, but they do require some effort on your part.

1. Trust your agency

Your agency needs your trust. If you are afraid of being deceived, look closely at the agency at the beginning of the relationship. Once you see that they are competent and able to manage your campaign correctly, trust them.

2. Set quantifiable goals

You need to have clear and measurable goals. If you’re looking for leads, set realistic goals on the number you want to reach per day/month. If you have a specific conversion rate, make that clear to your agency. Do you want to get a certain number of bookings? Make specific requirements.

3. Stability and focus

Goal setting is important, but you should avoid constantly changing your goals and KPIs. Your agency needs time to gain momentum. Your account managers need time to run tests, analyze performance data and optimize KPIs. Continuing to change your goals will only slow your progress and therefore you may not get the results you want.

4. Commit to improvement

If your website doesn’t convert visitors, PPC is a waste of time and money. This means that applying tactics like website usability and conversion optimization is essential to improving your campaign performance.

5. Be flexible with your offers and prices

Use and abuse promotions, discounts, bonuses or incentives to attract the attention of buyers. Give your agency the flexibility to attract the volume of visitors you need. Make your budget clear to your agency and allow them to work within the parameters you’ve set.

6. Create good products and services

If your product or service sucks, conversions will obviously be low. If you’re selling a product that nobody wants or that people aren’t familiar with, PPC isn’t going to change much. Remember that advertising cannot save horrible products. Be willing to have a frank conversation about your products and services with your agency.
Give your agency the necessary permission to make important decisions on your behalf. Define a clear point of contact so account strategists can reach out whenever they need your help. Also, explain your expectations and communication standards in advance.
If you prefer weekly communication, let your agency know.



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Finding the Right Agency for You

You can use Google Marketing Platform Partners, HubSpot’s Agency Directory, or Clutch.co to find a good management agency.
We have listed some of the best agencies to make things easier for you.

1. Digital NP

The best to increase your income.

Digital, is focused on conversions and revenue. Many agencies focus on clicks, but we focus on generating immediate revenue for our clients.
There are tons of agencies out there working specifically with PPC ads via Google or Facebook, but we support you from A to Z for paid search spanning: paid media, paid search/shopping, paid social media, Amazon and programmatic advertising.

2. Adventure Media Group

Best for business AdWords management.

Adventure Media Group started as a Google AdWords training company. It then started to offer services as an agency, with a specific focus on AdWords and landing page design. They grew quickly, shifting their focus to managing Google Adwords for businesses.

3. Ignite Visibility

Best in terms of ROI.

Ignite Visibility lists WeddingWire, Tony Robbins and Mission Federal Credit Union as its clients. Its agency model is focused on returns. They are a full-service agency but have experience managing paid search campaigns across multiple channels such as social, display, and programmatic advertising.

4. Disruptive

Best for PPC with a bigger budget (minimum 10k).

Disruptive focuses on something it calls outcome-based relationships. The agency has 152 employees and a high concentration of paid search consultants, which is unusual in the industry. It has been listed as a top agency by guides such as Clutch.co, Upcity and others. Disruptive targets brands with larger PPC budgets.

5. Travel Media

Best for cross-platform ads.

Voy Media focuses on customer growth through paid advertising. The agency describes itself as the Swiss army knife of advertising. They are also specialists in Facebook Ads, so they are an excellent choice for clients looking to optimize their paid ads and who also depend on multi-channel advertising to grow.

6. Megethos

Best for Technical Industries.

It is listed as the #1 PPC agency in the Phoenix area. They offer their clients paid search management and conversion rate optimization services, which are underpinned by their data-driven model. As an agency, Megethos is committed to being 100% transparent with clients. They are experienced professionals who promote technology companies, be they SaaS, e-commerce, technology or transportation.

7. KlientBoost

Best for low budgets.

KlientBoost has a unique business model that works well with low/starter budgets. PPC is often an expensive investment, but KlientBoost can consistently make it work for your customers. Your agency does excellent work with small or local businesses.

8. WebMechanix

Best for medium to large businesses

WebMechanix is a performance-based digital marketing agency for medium to large businesses. They are an award-winning organization focused on paid advertising. In addition, WebMechanix also offers other agency services, but primarily focuses on measurable results and financial impact for its clients.

9. Directive

Best for SaaS companies.

Directive is a paid search agency for software and SaaS companies. They describe their work as performance marketing for next generation software. His focus is on increasing qualified leads (MQLs) for his clients, helping his sales and marketing teams reach the expected numbers.

10. JumpFly

Best for PPC experts!

JumpFly specializes in digital advertising with a focus on setting up and managing PPC accounts for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook and Amazon. If you’re looking for a PPC expert to work with your in-house team, JumpFly might be a good fit.
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FAQ – Agency FAQ for PPC Management

1. Will I have access to my account?

If an agency requests access to your existing account, you will likely retain independent access, which will allow you to view results through your own login. It also means that if you decide to leave the agency you are working with, you will retain control of your account.

2. How do you measure success?

Paid campaigns are often measured by clicks, impressions and CTR, but for many companies, these numbers are irrelevant and useless.

3. Do I have to agree to a minimum contract length?

Some agencies ask new clients to sign long-term contracts, which range from 6 to 12 months. This can be risky if you've never tried digital campaigns before or are new to working with an agency.
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Clicks on your PPC ads are more likely to result in sales. I know it sounds surprising, but paid advertising is still more effective than organic links, even with the rise of ad blockers.
Yes, Google Ads works.
But managing AdWords is hard, so you need an agency. Use this post as a guide to choosing the right agency to manage your Google Ads. Choose carefully. Once you’ve found the agency that fits your needs, provide them with the tools and resources they need to increase their revenue.
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