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How to Build Credibility in E-Commerce: The Importance of Social Proof

How to Build Credibility in E-Commerce: The Importance of Social Proof


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9 Best Ways to Build Credibility in an E-Commerce:

The growth of e-commerce is directly proportional to the increase in competition, making the scenario challenging.
Therefore, using social proof as a strategy can give a brand credibility.
Amid so many offers and stores, the consumer seeks elements to ensure that the product has quality and that the purchase is safe.
In fact, 43% of online shopping carts are abandoned due to a lack of trust in the store, while 39% abandon their carts because of the site’s reputation.
BPM 43 of shopping carts are abandoned due to lack of trust in the store
From this data, we can already get an idea of the importance of being reliable, and that’s where social proof comes in.
Research shows that 97% of Americans research the name of the store before making a purchase.
In this way, leaving the information about the products, the company’s history and the relationships already built by your store as detailed as possible are essential elements in the virtual environment.
In this article, we’ll give you tips and strategies for your online store to demonstrate trust and credibility through social proof.

1- What is it and Why is Social Proof Important?

Social proof is nothing more than information that proves the safety of an online store through customer testimonials, sales data, among other verification elements.
If experimentation is essential in physical stores, when buying online, we have an experience that requires data to guarantee the reputation of a store.
Incidentally, this is one of the main reasons that generate distrust and distance consumers from e-commerce.
A recent study shows that many Americans are afraid to shop online, even as digital commerce expands.
In other words, many Americans still need convincing before making an online purchase. But this feeling is not for nothing.
The same study reports that more than 31 million scams on fake websites and pages have been identified in the past two years.
In addition, a survey by the E-commerce Quality Index (EQI) 2019 measures that 43% of consumers in the country have already received products that are different from the photos on the website.
The same document also highlights that ratings and comments influence 50% of Internet users.
In the same vein, another survey shows that 84% of respondents say they have given up after reading reviews.
In other words: designing strategies to strengthen the digital proof of your e-commerce reputation and reliability is a fundamental action for your growth.

2- How to Build Credibility in E-commerce in 9 Steps

With the data presented, we realized that not transmitting confidence in the platform of an online store is a decisive factor in defining a purchase decision.
It is worth noting that social proof emerges as a differentiating element in a scenario in which North American e-commerce is breaking records.
At that point, one study predicts that online sales will account for 39% of retail trade by 2025.
In addition, from January to March of this year, electronic commerce handled US$ 5.2 billion in sales in the US, a record compared to previous years.
Experts project that this will be a permanent shift in consumption, and we will increasingly focus on digital shopping.
That said, the store owner who wants to start a business needs to be aware of the strategies, and define a cohesive and coherent plan to achieve their results.
Below, we will give tips on how to build credibility in e-commerce through the social proof strategy.
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2.1 Have a Secure Platform

Undoubtedly, the first step is to have a sales platform that passes security and credibility tests.
There are several ways to do this, and each will depend on the medium your store is hosted on. For example: Instagram, Facebook, Marketplace, etc.
Social networks are great allies in sales. Your reach, advertising tools and direct communication are essential for an online store.
However, one of its limitations is making payments. For this, a platform like PayPal, for example, is a good way to pass on the necessary trust.
In terms of virtual stores, investing in your own website is another important element of differentiation and social proof of your e-commerce.
On Wix, for example, you can create a free responsive online store in just 3 minutes and still have a series of resources to grow in e-commerce.
In addition to fluid navigation for customers, shopkeepers have an intuitive application that allows all the management of their virtual store to be done via mobile phone.

Check out other benefits that Wix offers you:

     • Set up a store with attractive usability and visual identity;
     • Count on the main e-commerce payment methods;
     • Promote your contact channels on social networks and have integration for sales on Instagram and Facebook;
     • Having financial management, cash flow and bank reconciliation tools.

2.2 Apply a Consistent Visual Identity

The visual identity is the consumer’s first contact with your store.
Therefore, it is very important that it is always up to date and in line with the language and values of the company.
Visitors to your page need to know the purpose and positioning concept that your e-commerce offers to the market.
This is only possible with a clear visual identity and language, objective descriptions of your company and good photos, including your profile.
Therefore, invest in posts that describe your products, behind-the-scenes reports and testimonials that are capable of generating engagement and bringing credibility to your virtual store.
The key is to work with elements that can differentiate you from the competition, and show that there are real and dedicated people behind the virtual store screen.

2.3 Optimize your Profile on Social Networks

It is extremely important that your social media profile is aggressively optimized to get the expected results and strengthen your social proof.
That is, for your followers to perceive your brand the way you want, the profile must be consistent and make a good impression.
In this sense, check that the information is up to date and with the appropriate links to meet your objectives.
Through networks, your brand can also increase sales, generate more traffic to your website and mitigate doubts about your credibility.
It’s also good to remember that the profile is actually a showcase for your brand.
From these actions, it will be possible to generate engagement, attract customers and expand the growth of your store.


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2.4 Keep in Touch with Your Customers

One of the biggest advantages of customer loyalty is that a loyal customer will recommend your store to other consumers.
A study by the Nielsen Company shows that 83% of respondents say they are more confident in recommending friends and family.
If a customer frequently buys from your store, it is because they trust the brand. Thus, the chances of recommending it to friends and acquaintances are great.
With this, your business will gain more customers, optimize your social proof and have the chance to increase sales.
Therefore, reach out to these customers to increase your credibility.
As we said, one of the main social proofs is the favorable testimonials of your store customers.
With increasing competition, having real and positive testimonials for your brand is just as effective as investing in paid media to attract customers.
So whenever you can, ask your customers for some testimonials and post them on your website, social media and other channels.

2.5 Invest in Promotional and Marketing Actions

As we have seen, social networks are great allies of the digital market. They can be used to attract customers or even as a direct sales channel.

But this media can add other differentials, including:

     • Strengthening your digital marketing strategy;
     • Organic media and advertising strategies;
     • Carrying out promotional actions and sweepstakes;
     • Production of content that adds value to a store;
     • Direct contact with the customer.
As we mentioned, many people look for testimonials and opinions before buying a product, and social networks are great channels in this regard.
Additionally, work on other promotional strategies that can bring customers closer, generate referrals, and reinforce your social proof.
Also create relevant content that brings credibility to your e-commerce marketing.

2.6 Invest in Storytelling on Instagram

Storytelling is the art of creating stories, derived from relationship marketing. This is a strategy based on communicating your business with your audience to reinforce your brand.
For this, you need to make “cuts” in the moments that represent you, your store, brand, etc., making it available to people who want to know more about it.
The application of the storytelling technique involves building a kind of imagination in people through narrative, or storytelling.
Therefore, adopting storytelling on Instagram is a way to generate a different connection with people and make them more engaged with the brand.
Storytelling can even be a tool to reinforce your store’s values and bring a stronger identity to your business, including through customer testimonials.
This is yet another strategy that, if applied correctly, can strengthen your store’s social proof.
BPM ApploadYou001
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2.7 Work with Digital Influencers

A digital influencer can be another interesting action given the influence it exerts in the digital market.
We are talking about people with great popularity and who have an audience that trusts their recommendations.
Thus, working with influencers to lead campaigns on their digital channels is an excellent strategy.
The influencer voice reinforces the social proof of your business by validating your products or services.
This is the so-called influencer marketing strategy – when a brand associates itself with the credibility and image of the content creator to validate itself.
It is worth mentioning: look for influencers who have some relationship with your business.
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2.8 Show Company Metrics and Results

In addition to the testimony, another strong social proof is the numbers.
Be it the amount of sales, the size of the customer base, or even the followers. This conveys confidence and demonstrates the strength of an e-commerce site.
Therefore, define metrics and KPIs that make sense to show the value of your business.
You know that KPIs are the Key Performance Indicators or Performance Indicators to measure if you are getting the expected results.

For example, if your goal is to increase brand awareness, you could use the following:

     • How many times your company was mentioned on social networks;
     • Engage your audience with your Page;
     • Reach of your publications, among others.
     • Number of leads generated by the social network;
     • Direct sales made through the social network, among others.
Remember, solid numbers can support your social proof strategy to gain credibility.

2.9 Partner with Other Stores

Pursuing partnerships can be a great way to boost brand credibility, but it must be done smartly for social proof to work.
You can also promote your content on other profiles that are larger and similar to yours. But of course, it is necessary to request this partnership.
Thus, people who follow this profile will possibly be interested in your content or offers and validate your products or services.
In addition, look for allies to promote digital marketing actions or even work with shared stock models.

What makes people buy?

People take action based on some important details, which often go unnoticed by E-commerce owners. See this survey:
BPM Why american consumers buy more expensive products online 1

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Building Credibility in an E-commerce

1. What is the structure of an E-commerce?

The structure of an e-commerce site such as a virtual store is formed by a homepage, department, category and sales pages. In addition, it has policy, FAQ, customer service and institutional pages.

2. What is the credibility of an E-commerce?

The credibility of an E-commerce is understood as the set of factors that bring the customer to you, based on the excellence of the pillars of service, quality, delivery and after-sales!

3. Why is social proof important in an E-commerce?

Social proof is especially interesting in situations where people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behavior. In the business world, these situations can be seen as the moment when your prospect is considering the solution but does not have enough knowledge about it.

4. What are the social proofs of an E-commerce?

Social proof is any evidence that someone has had some experience with a company, either with a product or service. These consumers not only had this contact with the brand, but also formed an opinion about it.

5. What is Authority Marketing in an E-commerce?

Authority marketing is a set of techniques focused on increasing the credibility of a company and the level of trust with the public. This happens through understanding customer expectations and transforming the brand into an influencer of their decisions.


Now that you know what to do to gain the trust of online customers, just put it into practice!
It is very important that consumers trust your virtual store, and that this trust is validated by good service, good relationships and evidence that your product has quality.
Always be honest in your testimonials, try to solve problems and do not associate your image with that of a partner or influencer that could generate negative impacts.
Finally, be sure to review all the tips given here and put a consistent strategic plan in place.
Thus, you will undoubtedly gain credibility in your e-commerce through social proof.

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