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How To Choose Images For A Website Wow Factor

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How To Choose Images For A Website Wow Factor


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Have you ever thought about how choosing good images for websites, blogs and social networks is important for building a brand?

In the midst of a huge amount of content present on social networks, one thing is a fact: the reader is able to captivate him faster!

But for that to happen, having attractive visual content can be quite a differential, you know?

To give you an idea, articles that have images get 94% more views and posts on Facebook that contain this type of content generate 53% more likes than any other type of post.


But keep in mind that it is not enough to insert any image to adhere to the trend and be something merely illustrative, okay?

You must go further! Even because it’s been a while since the images that seem to have come out of a margarine commercial are no longer successful on the web, isn’t it?

If you don’t know how to choose good images for visual content, today is your lucky day!

1- Think about Image Coherence

We start here with the most basic tip, but which sometimes seems to go unnoticed.

Always ask yourself if the image makes sense, if it relates to the accompanying text or even to the brand it is representing.

And that doesn’t mean that abstract or more conceptual images are forbidden, on the contrary, as long as — again — they make sense.

Other points to pay attention too:


It is important to have a central theme for the image, which guides the choices of colors, shapes and other visual elements.


The composition of an image refers to the arrangement of visual elements on the screen. It is important to consider the composition to create balance and harmony in the image.


Colors can have a big impact on an image’s message. It is important to choose a color palette that is consistent with the theme and composition of the image.


The visual style of the image, including the choice of fonts and line types, should also be consistent with the theme and message of the image.



Finally, it’s important to make sure that the message you want to convey with the image is consistent with all the chosen visual elements.

In summary, having consistency in an image involves making consistent choices across all visual aspects of the image in order to create a clear and consistent message.

2- Represent Your Persona

Continuing on the issue of coherence, don’t forget to represent your persona. Only in this way will it be possible to create an affective bond with her.

For this identification to occur, you can explore some physical information that you have about her, such as gender, age, ethnicity.

In addition, you can focus on deeper aspects, such as profession, style (if it is more formal or not), your tastes and many others. Thus, it will not be necessary to use images with people.

To represent the persona in an image, it is important to consider the following aspects:


The persona’s clothing should be consistent with her age, gender, and personal style.


The scenario of the image should be consistent with the persona’s activities and interests.


The persona’s facial and body expressions should reflect their emotions and personality.

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Additional objects or props, known as props, can also be used to reinforce the persona’s personality and interests.

3- Think of the Ideal Format

This tip is highly related to the medium where the image will be used.

If it’s a blog, the ideal thing is for the images to be rectangular and around 1000×630, so that they look good both as the cover of the post and throughout it.

As for the formats for social networks, each one will have a specific size, so it’s always good to keep up to date with the standards so as not to run the risk of having an unattractive feed.

4- Value for Quality

Low resolution images bother anyone, don’t they?

In addition to being difficult to understand, they can seem a bit outdated and convey a certain sloppiness.

Therefore, high quality photographs are the rule!

Even because, currently, even the most basic cell phones already have quality cameras, in addition to the numerous existing applications to improve your photos with a few touches.

So, no excuses!

The easiest criterion to follow is the technical one: use only high-quality photos on your site. Blurred, cropped or adapted photos should never be used!

Low quality images are not only unpleasant to look at, they also give off an amateurish image, and that’s the last thing you want associated with your website.

Another important aspect is the size of the images: taking into account the design of the site, try to make them at least 300 pixels (height or width).

But while your photos need to be of high quality and a good size for viewing, you should try to keep the file itself small so that your site’s loading time doesn’t become too long. !

5- Pay attention to the Black (and White) Screens

Have you ever seen an image like this and wondered what the person would be doing typing on a turned off computer?


Surely your reader or follower would ask the same question and find it, to say the least, strange.

Therefore, unless your objective is to occupy that empty space on the computer screen, do not use images with electronic devices with the screens turned off, especially if you have people interacting with them.

6- Beware of Overacting!

Overact is a term that means overacting.

Again, we go back to the story of the happy family in the margarine ad, or any other image you can remember of people with extreme reactions, whether they be joy or any other feeling.

7- Say No to Over-Editing

Exaggerations of any kind are never welcome, especially when it comes to editing.

Doll skins, absurdly white teeth, random mounts and some filters also make this list of unwanted items.

8- Avoid Foreignisms

We have already talked about the persona before, but we decided to reinforce the value that has the identification of the visitor with the contents of your page.

Since most of the big image banks are foreign, the task of choosing good images for visual content that are able to represent your culture becomes a little more difficult, but not impossible.

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9- Bet on Diversity

Have you ever stopped to think about the impact images have on people?

They are not simple illustrations, but representations of our reality, and therefore they must be able to include everyone, with the most varied ethnicities, ages, colors, sexual orientation, preferences, sizes and origins.

Therefore, diversity is essential and should always be the bet of the time.

10- Escape the Duo: Repetition and Repetitiveness

For any feed or blog, proper attention to these two words is essential for visual content to be engaging, creative, and inspiring.

Repetition, better known by all, would be the insertion of the same image more than once, making it appear that the content is duplicated.

Repetitiveness, on the other hand, is defined by the constant use of similar images, so that when viewed as a whole they appear uninteresting in the eyes of the public.

To prevent these two situations from occurring, always check if you are downloading or using an unpublished image and try to exercise creativity to avoid the obvious.

In addition to these tips, consider the following for choosing a good blogpost image:

Do you have the rights to use the image? This is the most important part when selecting images for your blog. In all cases, you must have permission to use the picture, as violating copyright can cost the company a lot.

Is the picture interesting or appealing to your audience? Since the image is responsible for making the first impression of your content, it must be captivating.

Is the image of good quality? Check if the chosen figure is pixelated, for example, because if it is like that, it’s better to discard it. High-resolution engravings convey credibility to the reader.

Is the size adequate for the text? Very large images can cause the page to take a long time to load. According to Akamai’s report, 40% of people will abandon reading if content takes more than 3 seconds to appear. Therefore, this factor is very important for the permanence of the reader in your blog.

Is the inserted image optimized to be mobile-friendly? We cannot underestimate this platform that encompasses a large portion of the population.


11- Photos for Your Business

If your website is a business page for your product or service, you need to choose images that can effectively promote your business.

When promoting products, use an individual photo for each item. Don’t try to save money by “squeezing” your entire product line into a group photo.

Products look best on a white background. It’s also helpful to show the same product from several different angles.

When promoting a service, you can use images that capture an action – delivering a package, repairing a vehicle, manufacturing a part, etc. – or images that show a result – an appetizing meal, a decorated function room, a stylish hairstyle, etc.


If you are a service provider, using your own photo (in the “About Us” section) might be a good idea. In that case, a simple portrait will suffice.

But you can also upgrade the site by using a photo in which you appear together with an accessory that symbolizes your business (an apron, a camera, a measuring tape, etc.).



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12- The Most Important Part – Use Pictures!

We often find websites with few or no images. This almost always means either inefficient design and a poor visitor experience.

Images are not just an ornament. They are also an important marketing tool, as they enrich the content of a website and show your visitor that your website is not a scam.

This doesn’t mean you should load your site with photos; just make your website images one of the priorities when creating your website.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing Images for a WOW Factor Site

1. Which is better JPG or PNG image quality?

JPEG is mostly used on the web because of its small size, but PNG is more versatile and recommended for slightly higher quality. By the way, speaking of quality, EXIF and TIFF are beautiful, but they have compatibility problems with common programs, so there is no format that is “good at everything”.

2. What is the Wow Effect?

The term ''WOW'' is nothing more than a surprised reaction when we are amazed by something. This requires delivering excellent customer experiences.

3. What is the best image resolution for the website?

A resolution of 72 to 100 DPIs is enough to have a good quality image that is not too heavy to upload to a website or social network.

4. How to create an image from scratch for my website?

Canva is a great option for creating images. Here, you can start from scratch or choose from over 10,000 ready-made templates. Also, Canva is free, although it has some templates that need to be paid for.

5. How to create a successful image?

Get out of the usual and abuse creativity. Doing the same things over and over in the same way does not contribute to new possibilities.
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Be creative and get out of the obvious! Of course, respecting your brand’s visual identity!

Now that you already know the importance of the Wow Factor for the success of your website, it’s time to put our tips into practice and surprise your customers, partners and employees.

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