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How To Create A Landing Page: Design Tips And Essential Functionalities Of A Creation Tool

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How To Create A Landing Page: Design Tips And Essential Functionalities Of A Creation Tool


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Design Tips for Creating a Landing Page

Creating a Landing Page that Converts

It is possible to create a Landing Page manually, involving design, content and code. But the most recommended is the use of a software for creating Landing Pages, because, in addition to facilitating the question of design and programming codes, it is possible to put Landing Pages on the air instantly.

Are your landing pages tracking the results you want? Will they generate the conversations you expect for your Inbound Marketing strategy? If it’s not happening, it may be that you’re not getting it right when creating a Landing Page.

In general, a Landing Page serves to lead the user to a conversation. In other words, to be successful, the visitor must become a Lead, and that’s how you should take care of creating these pages.

BPM The Road to a Successful Landing Page

Keeping all this in mind, you will now learn:

10 Design Tips for Creating a Landing Page

Design is naturally a key factor in the success of a Landing Page. And for success, we want to generate lots of Leads! For this reason, here are 10 design tips for creating a Landing Page, which involve the use of visual elements as well as text. Check out:

1. Create Simple and Straightforward Titles

Copyblogger, the leading copywriting site, says that 8 out of 10 people only read the header of a page, and more (or less): only 2 out of 10 go ahead and read the rest of the page. The conclusion is simple: the main elements of a page are the title and the subtitle.

These elements, therefore, must clearly and directly convey the value proposition of your offer. When a visitor checks out the page, he has to think “what a cool offer, this is what I need, I’ll read the rest of the page”.

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BPM Graphic Discover the magic of three dimensional creation with SoVol3Ds amazing 3D printers V
BPM Graphic Discover the magic of three dimensional creation with SoVol3Ds amazing 3D printers V

2. Use Contrast in the Color Palette

The core of a Landing Page needs to take some points into consideration. First of all, try to use your company’s branding palette. However, it is worth remembering the reason for the existence of this page: to convert.

I say this because, when building a landing page, you can conclude that your colors are not working. It is essential, for example, that the CTA (call to action) button has a strong contrast with the rest, precisely so that it attracts attention.

An example: if the page has shades of blue and white, put bright red in the call-to-action! This feeling of cold versus heat tells the reader where to interact and, consequently, convert.

3. Don't use Links or Menus

You’ll get tired of reading this in this post here, but it’s true: the reason for having a Landing Page is the conversion. So, the fewer the number of options the reader clicks on over the CTA button, the better. The less distractions he has, the less chance he has of leaving the page.

If we are not convincing you, think about the following situation: you were going to release links to your company or to “learn more about the product”, the reader can click and enter the spiral of hyperlinks that makes us lose hours on the Internet. But by doing so, visitors will leave and never return to your landing page.

The same also applies to the menus. We know that your company’s website is important to facilitate navigability, which gives confidence to a potential customer. The secret, as we will see below, is to say, there are those who are visiting everything they need to do on the Landing Page.

4. Attach the Form to Your Funnel and Offer

About the ideal size of the form, I apologize for the joke, but here’s the thing: there is no formula. It is not possible to say how much and what information your Landing Page should ask for, as there are many variations.

The main thing to consider is which part of the funnel your material is in. If it’s anything more than soft, there’s not much point in asking or calling yourself or charging the person. You will still develop a relationship.

You should also consider a relationship between the offer and the form. If you are offering something very valuable, you can ask for more detailed information. It’s not a good idea to overdo it, but the Lead will understand that they need to give more data in return.

Trust is also a factor. It was the person’s first contact with his business, maybe he didn’t want to feel many fields. The secret, like almost everything in Digital Marketing, is testing.

5. CTA Text Must Be Very Clear

We’ve already covered the color aspect of the CTA, but it doesn’t stop there. However, there is another element in the button that is just as important: the text. In short, it should leave no doubt what will happen when you click on it.

Simple and direct actions give the user complete certainty of what he will receive in exchange for his information. “Receive eBook”, “Watch the webinar” and “Secure my seat” are good examples. You can also put “I want” at the beginning to reinforce the action.

And it’s always to reinforce: deliver what you’re promising and never let your Lead down.

6. Videos Can Complement the Content

A video can help a landing page convert more. While it seems inconsistent with what we’ve talked about focusing on the CTA, remember that the video is embedded in the page. That is, it is not necessary to go out to find out more.

That way your offer can be more interesting, as the Lead will have more information. Furthermore, video is a visually valuable format and can fit perfectly into your landing page design.

Think, for example, of having a video showing your product features on a test order page. Or maybe testimonials from satisfied users. The options are many! And what we say here also applies to images: they have to be part of the content.

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7. From Value to Objectivity

You may feel like giving too much detail about your offer. Sometimes that material was the result of intensive production work, or the product you are offering a test for is almost like a child. You already know what we’re going to talk about, right?

That’s right: what matters in the design of a Landing Page is to lead to conversion. Be objective and put only what is really necessary. Of course, this varies a lot depending on what is offered, so always test to reach that ideal minimum!

It is worth remembering that the relationship with this Lead has not yet been built. Your buying journey isn’t over yet, so you still have a lot to say. Always keep this in mind when crafting your strategy.

8. Direct the Visitor's Eye

Use types of directions on your site, such as arrows or an image of someone looking at the form. The human eye usually follows these indications and this can influence the conversion. The important thing is that this “visual cue” is directed to the form, so that the user does not get lost.

This type of stimulus affects the unconscious mind of those who visit your Landing Page. It’s not a suggestion for him to do something he doesn’t want to, but a reinforcement for him to carry out the action for which the Landing Page was created. Pay attention when you see a photo on a conversion page: the person is usually looking at the form.

9. Use Social Proof

Many people need a specific type of reinforcement for engaging with a landing page CTA: social proof. It is, in short, confirmation that other people entered that page and downloaded the material available there or signed up for a test, for example.

Include evidence that other people have purchased, downloaded, or found value in the offer. Use share buttons with social media data, number of downloads or even testimonials. In the case of the social media button, the update is automatic and can generate high numbers.

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10. Create a Sense of Urgency

In general, it is the copy on the page, that is, in the text, that makes the visitor feel that he cannot miss that offer under any circumstances. This can be done by extolling the qualities, but also making it clear what he will lose if he does not make this conversion.

This fits with the idea of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), widely used on social media. In addition, it is possible to work with a time constraint. For example, add on the Landing Page how much time is left for an offer to expire, which encourages the undecided visitor to act faster.

Why Use a Tool to Create Your Landing Pages

Having a Landing Page creator is now seen as essential for companies that do Inbound Marketing. These Landing Pages are pages created within your website with the aim of generating conversions, as the name implies.

As the idea is to make the visitor go straight to perform an action defined by you, such as downloading an eBook or requesting an appointment, it is important that these pages have few elements.

This does not mean that creating a Landing Page from scratch is an easy task, because for that you need at least one web designer at your disposal. Or, at least know programming languages to edit the page, or you can buy a template and integrate it with other software.

Doing all this sounds like a big investment of time and money, right? Fortunately, tools have already appeared for creating Landing Pages that reduce this work to a few minutes and increase the productivity of the marketing team.

However, practicality should not be the only attribute of this tool. As there are several on the market, in this post we bring 9 features that a Landing Page creation tool must have.

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Features You Should Look for in a Landing Page Tool

A complete tool to help you create your Landing Pages needs to have some essential features. Below we list what they are:

1. Easy and Flexible Editing

A tool to create Landing Page that allows easy editing makes your work much easier.

With it, you can change texts and background colors, insert images, edit the Call-to-Action button, among other important actions to make your page more attractive to visitors, leading them to conversion.

2. Variety of Models

There are several Landing Page formats with only a form, with images and description, among others and depending on the offer, one may be more suitable than the other.

In addition, special templates, such as those dedicated to commemorative dates, such as Christmas, Children’s Day and Black Friday, facilitate the creation of offers. Therefore, when choosing your tool to create Landing Pages, remember to consider the number of Landing Page templates available.

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3. Smart Forms

Smart forms allow you to request on conversion pages only what you don’t have information about your Leads.

This is important because it prevents recurring visitors from leaving your page because they don’t want to fill in the same form again, which makes no sense for them or for you, who would receive redundant information.

4. Social Conversion

Social conversion is the possibility for the visitor to download your rich materials by logging in to social networks.

This is interesting because it does not require filling out a form, as information from social networks is reused. Filling field by field is an objection that causes many people to abandon their Landing Pages, and social conversion is a way around this.

5. Possibility of Integration with Different Systems

It is also interesting that the tool allows integration with other systems and tools, to add functionalities that are not available in it. In addition, it is important that the code allows the insertion of other functionalities, in case you want to implement advanced functions.

Go native or put code to insert tools. Freedom to enter codes in the case of advanced tools.

6. SEO Parameters

Editing the title, description, slug and other search engine optimization parameters is important for your Landing Pages to rank on Google, and for you to be more easily found.

Likewise, optimize your tags for social networks, after all you don’t want your Landing Page title, image and description not to appear (or appear wrong) when shared on Facebook or other social networks, right?

So when choosing the tool make sure you configure these details: thank you email, post conversion email, meta tag editing for SEO, social media, title, description, slug, Google title optimization, Google description and Google image optimization.

Use canonical tag: if you have another Landing Page with a similar offer, you can put the URL of the main page to unify the SEO authority of both.

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7. Have HTTPS

Google has made it clear that it doesn’t like insecure websites, advocating the adoption of HTTPS. When a website address starts with HTTPS and not with the previous HTTP, it means that the page has the SSL/TLS certificate.

This certificate is responsible for validating the website and encrypting the information that the user sends or receives from it. This makes the visitor more secure. In Google Chrome, sites that have adopted the feature have a padlock at the beginning of the address bar.

Non-adopters may display an unsafe website warning when the user tries to access the page, especially those that ask for personal information such as email.

And the problems go further, as the tendency is for the search engine to also prioritize secure pages as a ranking factor.

8. Current Statistics

The tool should not only allow the creation of an easily customizable and optimized Landing Page, but also facilitate the analysis of its results.

To identify points of improvement, it’s important to know your conversion rates and traffic points for conversions.

Therefore, prioritize tools that show the statistics of your published pages. HubSpot offers, for example, a ranking of its best Landing Pages by Lead generation by period.

9. Responsiveness

Your Landing Pages must be designed to work on mobile devices as well. If consumers are increasingly using their smartphones for research and shopping, you can’t ignore this.

Customize how your Landing Page will appear on social media when someone shares the link: People (or yourself) may want to share the conversion pages on their social media, so here you can insert an image that represents it, as well as a title and a description.

It is worth noting that throughout the process it is possible to view the result for both desktop and mobile. So you can already see how your work is turning out. And if you think it’s cool, it’s time to publish!

BPM The Main Stages of the Landing Page

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Design Tips for Creating a Landing Page

1. What can't be missing from a Landing Page?

Just look!!! In addition to visual elements, a good landing page is one that has an attractive title that provokes an action. As well as the presence of your brand, information about the product to be promoted and Call to Action throughout the content.

2. Who does the layout for an LP?

It is usually designed by a design professional responsible for aligning beauty, need and usability. This means creating a beautiful layout, in line with the visual identity of your business and that meets the demands of your website's functionality.

3. How important is the layout of an LP?

The layout of a page is responsible for conveying seriousness, confidence and saving time for the user. Investing in good design and development is essential to promote your website in the online world. The simpler, direct, pleasant and intuitive, the better.

4. How to Create a Landing Page?

Manual creation involves design, content and code. It is best to use a software to create these pages, because, in addition to making designing and programming the code easier, it is possible to instantly put the Landing Pages online.

5. What is a Thank you Page (TYP)?

It's a thank you page. It's the final step in your visitor's conversion process. TYP also generates more opportunities to evolve the Lead, either with offers related to your website, or even a button for them to test a product or service for free.
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Landing Pages are an important marketing tool today, mainly due to the engagement potential they present. There are many actions that can be carried out from this type of strategy.

The more you manage to apply these actions on your website, the greater the potential for your consumers to register and bring their relationships closer together, making them more likely to consume your products or services in the future.

A company that wants to become a leader in the market and a reference in the niche in which it operates, needs to have as many resources as possible to explore.

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