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How to Giveaway on Instagram: Strategies for Your Online Store

How to Giveaway on Instagram: Strategies for Your Online Store


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Main advantages of doing online sweepstakes:

Instagram giveaway. Have you thought about applying this strategy to gain engagement and followers for your online store?
By the way, sweepstakes on social networks have been an interesting path in digital marketing and, if well structured, can make your pages attract a large volume of followers when offering a product or service.
Due to the expressive numbers, many brands are already investing in this action all over the world. This also applies to strengthening the positioning of companies in e-commerce.
That said, although sweepstakes are efficient tools for a company to fulfill the mission of multiplying followers, sweepstakes need to be implemented intelligently.
Think about Instagram, for example, before asking them to follow your page or “tag three friends”, “disclose in stories”, etc.

You need to think about some questions:

     1. What is the purpose of this action?
     2. How to keep new followers?
     3. Was the investment well planned to generate business?
To help you answer these and other questions, we’ve listed steps for you to apply the best strategies and ensure the success of your online draw.
Also see how to do a giveaway on Instagram and other networks, and check out the best support tools so that the strategy brings you relevant results!

1- How Does an Instagram Giveaway Work?

To begin with, it’s important to define exactly what giveaways are on Instagram and the internet in general.

Quite objectively, the online raffle is a promotional action, for a limited time, in which companies can:

     • Reinforce the positioning of a new product;
     • Offer gifts to gain new followers and likes;
     • Make a loyalty action for your current base of followers.

2- When is the Best Time to Hold a Giveaway for My Online Store?

Before we discuss the right time to carry out sweepstakes for your virtual store, it is worth analyzing the current scenario of North American E-commerce.
In this sense, in recent months, there has been a “boom” in virtual commerce across the US.
According to the data, online commerce revenues grew by 43% in 2021.
And the pace remains positive: in the first quarter of this year, e-commerce earned US$ 13.2 billion (72% more than in the same period of 2021).
And social networks are important vectors of this growth. According to a study carried out by 57% of the companies surveyed, they use social networks to carry out online sales.
BPM BOOM of virtual commerce in the United States
Instagram stands out in this percentage as it leads in social media commerce.
Within this context, Instagram marketing strategies naturally gain relevance in the online market and are also valid for those who have an online store.
And virtual sweepstakes enter the realm of these strategies. But what is the ideal time to do a giveaway on Instagram?
First, it is essential that sweepstakes be part of your strategic planning to sell online.

 In other words: you have to remember that the draw alone, without a digital marketing strategy and plan as a basis, could end up getting in the way of your business.

It’s also important to think about what new followers will see on your profile.
If you want significant growth, you need to “get your house in order” to receive this new network of potential consumers, otherwise they will leave at the same speed they arrived.
With this initial planning and organization done, you can now hold an online giveaway for your virtual store on Instagram.
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3- Three Tips to Efficiently Do Your Giveaway Giveaways

3.1 Invest in your Page's Visual Identity and Content

Visitors and new followers of your page need to know the purpose and positioning concept that your e-commerce offers to the market.
This is only possible with a clear visual identity and language, objective descriptions of your company and good photos, including your profile.
Invest in posts that describe your products, behind-the-scenes accounts and testimonials capable of generating engagement and bringing credibility to your online store.
The key is to work with elements that can differentiate you from the competition, engaging potential customers from the beginning of their journey as customers.

3.2 Define the Draw Period and Rules

When launching an online sweepstakes, clearly disclose the rules of the promotion from the outset.
This way you will avoid setbacks and possible distrust of your current followers. In the body of rules, choose simple to facilitate engagement with the sweepstakes.
The giveaway period should also be carefully evaluated for the success of your Instagram giveaway.
It cannot be too long or too short, focusing on reaching the maximum potential for the attention of the largest possible number of visitors.
In this sense, the deadline is decided according to the strategy and type of business.
Most consultancies indicate two weeks as the average time, but this time is relative.
The important thing is to keep the audience engaged and active during the promotion period.

3.3 Beware of Conversion

Investment in online strategies aims to expand the brand and convert the people reached into customers.
With that, the Instagram giveaway cannot be applied randomly, but rather as a strategic tool focused on conversion for your virtual store.
To do this, run tests, analyze the data from your first campaigns and see if the freebies impacted your online business in a positive or negative way.
If you’re considering partnering to drive the giveaway, consider whether the influencer or business partner makes sense for your business.
And remember: create content capable of engaging, retaining and ultimately converting your new Instagram page followers.
Profiles with many followers but few likes give a bad image and create a cycle of low engagement.
It is worth mentioning that the Instagram algorithm is based on the percentages of interactions that the most recent posts had.
That is, the smaller the number, the smaller the reach of your publications.
Engagement rate on Instagram can be calculated by the number of reactions plus shares, comments and clicks divided by reach.
BPM Instagram engagement rate calculation
And the discrepancy in the result can impact future partnerships, in addition to generating distrust of the public in relation to the quality and trust of the product/service offered.
Be careful not to fall into vanity metrics! For the financial health of your online business.


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4- Tools to Carry Out the Raffle on Instagram

There are several platforms that can improve your giveaway experience on Instagram and other social networks.
In order to maintain transparency and engage the public, a tip is that the draw be held live, to prove that everything was done in accordance with the rules defined in the disclosure of the promotion.

Here are some tools that might come in handy for your raffle:

4.1 Draw

One of the most popular and simple tools for sweepstakes, just place the link to the publication of the promotion, add your profile and an email to indicate the winner of the campaign.

4.2 Wishpond

Despite being paid, the platform offers additional features for sweepstakes with photos, texts, videos and even the creation of landing pages to publicize campaigns.

4.3 Raffle

Do you want to do raffles on other social networks or even directly on your virtual store? Raffle is a great alternative.
Just enter a range with the number of participants in the raffle and then click on “raffle now”.
The process is simpler, but more rustic and manual, not recommended for accounts that already have a lot of followers and engagement.
Do not conduct sweepstakes without registration. You must register online with the appropriate government institution, apply for enrollment, enter the website, apply for authorization and pay the fee charged in accordance with the award. After carrying out the promotion, it is necessary to render accounts.
If the action is not in compliance with the law, punishments such as fines and termination of the Instagram profile may be applied.
In addition, the platform itself has its own guidelines for conducting sweepstakes.
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5- Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Giveaways

Now that you know the essentials for conducting online sweepstakes, here is a summary of the advantages and possible disadvantages of this strategy.


     • Potential for significant increase in followers;
     • Engagement of the active follower base;
     • Possibility of converting new customers;
     • Reinforce your online store’s digital marketing positioning;
     • Potential increase in revenue and your online sales;
     • Mass dissemination of new products.


As mentioned at the beginning, virtual sweepstakes are a great alternative for your e-commerce marketing, but they must be implemented strategically.

Otherwise, you could have the reverse effect, with negative impacts that could include:

     • Low engagement rate (ratio between likes, comments and number of followers);
     • Rapid loss of followers and low loyalty;
     • Loss of reach of your posts;
     • Investments with low financial return;
     • Loss of brand credibility and strength in the digital environment.

6- Define the Prize

Quality is better than quantity. That’s what you need to keep in mind when choosing the prize for your Instagram giveaway.
“What do you mean”, you might ask?
For a raffle to bring future sales to your E-commerce, you need to bring qualified people to the profile. This is only possible when the raffle prizes have to do with your business. However, we see several profiles out there not following this line of reasoning.
They put, for example, desired and expensive prizes, such as an iPhone, even though they have a business that has nothing to do with technology…
Then I ask you: will the profile get some kind of result by placing the Iphone as a prize in the raffle? It will, but if the business has nothing to do with the raffle prize (Iphone), it will bring people who are totally disqualified, who are only there for the raffle itself and not because of the brand (product or service) of the person responsible for the raffle, which it makes it harder to convert those people into customers later.

Investing in giveaways on Instagram is a great alternative, it ranks first in people's favorite social networks, as you can see below:

BPM Peoples preferred social network
BPM ApploadYou001
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Giveaways on Instagram

1. How do I make a draw?

Set the number of winners. Establish the mechanics of the promotion, ie how people can participate (by making a comment, tagging friends, picking a number, etc.) Determine the start date of the promotion, period of participation and date of the final draw.

2. How does the raffle application work?

A lottery app is an application that allows you to draw names, numbers and other data. It is used in promotions where you need to choose random winners or distribute prizes to a specific audience of participants.

3. Is Instagram giveaway illegal?

Giveaway on Instagram is not prohibited. However, it is important to respect all the rules established by the Ministry of Economy.

4. How to do a free giveaway on Instagram?

To raffle names or numbers for free, you can use tools for raffles or applications.

5. What to write in the rules of an Instagram giveaway?

Create well-defined rules for your raffle (follow, comment, like, post a photo with a brand product…) Promote your raffle; Analyze and share the results (remember you need to prove it about the people who were drawn.


In this sense, to reap positive results from your promotion on Instagram, design actions in line with your marketing plan, objectives, target audience and investment capacity.
Check cost-effectiveness, sweepstakes steps and action results to continuously implement sweepstakes improvements and increase your online sales.
With this analysis, you will make evidence-based choices. Thus, each draw tends to bring more effective results to your virtual store.
Test, but don’t exaggerate the number of campaigns: asking the user to perform too many actions or repeat promotions in short periods of time will generate a negative image for your page.
With these parameters, each giveaway on Instagram will be a step towards the financial growth and marketing positioning of your online store!

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