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How To Know If It’s Time For A New Website

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How To Know If It’s Time For A New Website


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How to Know if Your Website is Good

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Many companies do not like to have to update their website frequently, as they believe that in addition to time, they will have to worry about additional costs to make these changes.

Having an up-to-date website is critical for businesses. But how do you know if it’s time to develop a new website?


Just when you think you’ve finally managed to be technologically up to date, a new way of doing things already emerges and you have to repeat the process. This goes for everything, especially talking about presence and digital communication.

On the internet everything happens in a few seconds.

And this speed is increasing more and more, which has left many companies and brands that cannot keep up with this agility behind. But, as water from the past does not move the mill, updating is synonymous with growth. If you’re here, your business probably has a website.

Now, ask yourself: how long ago was it made? Does it take a long time to load? Is he responsive?

Here are some reasons that explain how to know if you need a new website:

1- Your website has few visits or is not found

We know that technology evolves very quickly and new versions of software, databases, operating systems, equipment, etc. are being released all the time.

Search engines over time have also been changing the way they find websites and this meant that SEO (optimization) also needed to be changed in order not to be downgraded in their quality ranking.

2- Your Site Doesn't Convert into Sales or Contacts

We know that bringing your potential customers to the site is just the first step. We need to convert these visits into contacts for future purchases of your products or services.

It is important to constantly analyze and identify possible areas that can be improved on your website so that you can correct them and consequently encourage the user to contact you.

3- Your Website Takes Too Long to Open

Site speed is important. Usually the first visit to a website takes a little longer to open, as a cache is created for faster openings in the future. The slowness of a website, in some cases, is associated with an old structure, be it database or server programming.


4- Your Site Is Not Responsive

Nowadays, who doesn’t have a cell phone in their hand?

With that in mind, your website needs to be adapted to new technologies such as smartphones and tablets so that your customer can easily find your content at any time in the palm of their hand.

This layout adaptation is called responsive or flexible, as the site fits on any device, adapting to the layout of each one of them.

5- Your Site Doesn't Have a Convenient Way to Update Content

Why would a user enter your site again if it’s always the same?

Many sites are abandoned for years giving an impression of total abandonment. It is essential that you always have something or new content on your website. Be it articles, tips, guidelines, products, etc.

If this modification becomes difficult or unfeasible, it is important to think about changing your site’s platform. Modern sites may have a control panel for you to insert, delete or edit content in a practical and fast way, without needing a programmer.

6- Your Website Is Not Connected With Social Media

Just as your website needs to be adapted to smartphones and tablets, you know that your customers breathe social media. Imagine that you have an article on your website and your customer wants to share it with a friend?

Think about carrying out this integration, as your client may also be promoting your brand.

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7- You Must Show Up

Having a website that is not easily found by search engines is the same as not having one. Therefore, optimizing your positioning as much as possible is essential. When it comes to optimization, one of the best known ways to better position your site in search engines (mainly Google) is with good SEO practices.

They say that “whoever has a mouth goes to Rome”, so whoever has a well-optimized website is able to speak to the whole world. However, SEO is not just about keywords, and the requirements of Google’s algorithms range from adapting the page for mobile to the visual structure and content of the site.

Take the test, see if your site is being easily found by users and if it meets Google’s algorithm requirements. Otherwise, it might be important to evaluate the possibility of making a new website.

8- Lack of Features

Does your website meet all your needs or does it let you down?

Business is changeable and communication channels must keep up with the changes. Your website needs to be ready to support the changes that may occur in your company over time, from the product offering, to the internal culture or communication in general.

However, adapting the functionalities to meet all the internal demands of the company, and also of those looking for it, requires flexibility in the configuration. As your business grows and updates, the site’s tools may become insufficient and you may have to look for other ways to keep customers in the loop.

Therefore, reflect on the extent to which wasting time and money constantly looking for other ways to talk to the public is not much more expensive than investing in a new website adapted to the current situation of your company.

9- Site Security

A more secure site inspires credibility.

When a user accesses a page, he leaves some information on the servers. Especially on conversion and e-commerce pages, where data such as a phone number or even a credit card number are requested.

This data is confidential and protected by the General Data Protection Act (GPDR). Keeping them safe is a must and is by law.

Make sure that your current site has servers that guarantee the security of this data. When you choose to make a new one, prioritize website creation companies that work with SSL certification, a technology that prevents the capture of information by malicious people, for example.

10- User Experience and Usability

One of the most important fundamentals for a website is usability, that is, it needs to be intuitive and easy to understand.

A good on-page experience consists of a combination of several factors, such as:

1. Easy-to-navigate design: clean, beautiful and very presentable, in addition to having your brand characteristics.

2. Compatibility with reality: being natural, the language of the site needs to flow as if it were a personal and informal conversation with your client.

3. Speed: nobody has the patience to wait more than 3 seconds for a website to load. An excellent website needs to be developed with the most advanced Front-End (HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript) and Back-End (PHP and WordPress) web technologies, which guarantee agility and fast navigation.

Imagine yourself at a trade show. You start by visiting a company’s stand, after a few steps you’ll find another stand with features from other brands. When you arrive at the 5th booth, you probably don’t even remember what you saw at the first one.

This amount of information will not make you memorize and recognize absolutely nothing completely.

This also happens when a company’s visual communication does not have a standard in all the channels in which it communicates with people.

You must have tired of hearing that the website is your company’s showcase, and within it there are several other pages besides the home page.

Each one of them will convey different information, however, the visual pattern and language need to be the same in all of them so that there is brand recall in any other place where the user can have contact with it.

Remember: If the website belongs to your company, it needs to have the face of your company.

Now you know some of the main reasons to create a new website for your company. In addition to these, there are other factors that directly and indirectly influence this decision.

But knowing all this is not enough without opting for specialists and people concerned with doing the best for your company. To help you choose the right professionals, we created a checklist of criteria that a website creation agency needs to meet in order to provide the best service possible.

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11- Your Bounce Rate is High

Bounce rate shows how many people leave your site quickly, before taking any action (like clicking a button or visiting another page).

On average, a website’s bounce rate is between 41% and 55%. Any number above this range is considered high.

High bounce rates can be caused by:


1. Non-Responsive Design

If people visit your site using mobile devices, but your site is not designed to be viewed on small screens, your pages will not load properly and thus be difficult to read.

2. Takes Time to Load

If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, 40% of visitors will leave your page.

3. Bad Navigation

Your site’s menu should be easy to find and navigate. If people don’t find what they’re looking for, they won’t stay on your pages for long.

4. Information-Covered Design

If your site displays many different types of content, colors, and is generally cluttered with information, it will take longer to load and be more difficult to navigate. Quantity does not always mean quality.

5. Errors

Any type of error increases the bounce rate. After all, no one expects visitors to stay on a broken website.

12- Your Site Doesn't Rank Well in Search Results

SEO (search engine optimization) is a collection of techniques that can be applied to improve your website’s ranking in search results.



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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Knowing When to Have a New Website

1. My current site is not mobile friendly, what can I do?

Nowadays, most people access the internet through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. If your current website is not optimized for these devices, it can be difficult for users to access and this can negatively affect the user experience. If this is an issue for your site, it might be time to consider a new site that is optimized for mobile devices.

2. When should I start thinking about having a new website?

The best time to start thinking about having a new website is when your current website isn't being updated or isn't being optimized to improve the user experience.

3. What are the most important aspects to consider when developing a new website?

The most important aspects to consider when developing a new website include usability, design, stability, security, search engine optimization, functionality, mobile friendliness and social media integration.

4. How can I assess if I need a new website?

To assess whether you need a new website, you should consider how often it is updated, whether the design is modern, whether the loading speed is satisfactory, whether the website is being optimized for search engines, and whether resources are being used sparingly. efficiency.

5. What are the best resources for creating my new website?

The best resources for building a new website include WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Joomla, and Drupal.
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Having an up-to-date and efficient website is essential for any company that wants to stand out online and attract new customers.

When your current website isn’t meeting your needs or isn’t generating results for your business, it may be time to consider a new website.

Some other signs that it might be time for a new website include if your website isn’t up to date with the latest design and technology trends, isn’t optimized for mobile devices, doesn’t meet web accessibility standards, or if you have difficulties updating content or adding new functionality.

When assessing whether it’s time for a new website, it’s important to consider the impact this could have on your company and your business. A well-designed and maintained website can be a powerful tool to help your business grow and attract new customers.

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