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How to Make Money with Social Networks See Realistic Ideas

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How to Make Money with Social Networks See Realistic Ideas


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Ways to Make Money With Social Media

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The end of the reality show Big Brother 2021 USA showed that, more than the cash prize, the increase in the number of followers on Instagram from the exposure that the show brings can be as valuable as the money itself.

In fact, we all know that participating in TV shows makes many people become online celebrities and earn incredible amount of money just by the power of social media.

Making money with social networks has become a consumer dream for many people in recent years.

As a digital influencer, opening a virtual store, as an affiliate or managing social media for other companies, the truth is that you can earn money in an honest and proven way on social networks.

No wonder that, in addition to the US$ 750,000 prize, Big Brother winner, lawyer Xavier Prather, and all other participants earn a lot from the growth of followers and visibility on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

The good news is that while being on a reality show can boost your profile very quickly, you don’t have to do that to start a great online career and make big money from social media, and we’re here to prove that you can have one. or successful business even in anonymity.

1. Which Social Media Platform Will Offer the Highest Salary?

When you are interested in working on social networks, the first question that will probably cross your mind will be: after all, which social network makes the most money?

Well, unfortunately, there is no simple answer to how much money you can make from your hard work on social media, as the results vary greatly on a case-by-case basis depending on a number of different variables, such as the persona you are going to perform, the industry you are you will promote, if you sell products, services or information, promote brands or have affiliate offers.

It is worth mentioning that, contrary to what many think, not all social networks directly remunerate their users. Instagram and Facebook, for example, pay nothing to influencers or celebrities.

To earn money on these networks, they make agreements and partnerships with brands that want to advertise their products or services on their profiles, through so-called “sponsored posts”.

The amounts charged will invariably depend on the number of followers and the engagement rate of that profile, that is, how much these followers interact with the posts through likes and shares.

Average Revenue of Top Social Media Influencers:

With over a million followers, around $120,000 a month.
From 200,000 to 1 million followers, around US$30,000 per month.
From 20,000 to 200,000 followers, about $8,000 per month.

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YouTube pays its content creators directly. Payment is made in dollars, based on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) rule. A YouTuber can earn between $0.25 and $4.50 per thousand views.

This means that, to earn a good monthly amount, the content creator must make several interesting videos with the potential to go viral, guaranteeing a high number of views. Videos must have original and copyrighted content and cannot contain other people’s images or music.


2. How to Start Capitalizing on Social Media Platforms

As we mentioned earlier, there are several ways in which you can effectively earn money from social media platforms.

You can achieve this by becoming:

2.1 Online Store Entrepreneur

If you produce any kind of product, be it decorations, clothes, handicrafts, something edible like sweets and snacks, or anything else, using social media to promote your work is a great idea.

And the good thing about it all is that social media platforms are now the best way to get great exposure for your company, brand, products and services without paying anything to get started.

Create a profile with a user name that is easy to remember and without many complications or difficult writing, after all, nothing better than being remembered by your client without any difficulties.

To begin with, bet on well-taken photos that make what you’re selling even more attractive. Also, interact with your followers in a caring and cordial manner.

And by working with your social media audience, asking them to give feedback testimonials of your company, brand, products and services, you can get even more traffic to your company website and reach more potential customers.

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2.2 A Digital Influencer

As we said before, the influencer’s life can mean high earnings at the end of the month and, therefore, has attracted the attention of people of all ages.

Achieving this relevance and making money while being connected on social networks, however, is not an easy path and requires discipline, dedication and a coherent strategy.

Keep in mind that becoming a successful influencer is not as glamorous and easy as many people on the internet say it is.

In fact, to become successful in the social media world of digital influencers, you must choose and learn a profitable niche, define and find your target audience, plan your business and marketing strategy for that niche target audience in particular, and develop and master social networks. and communication skills for the success of your digital influencer career.

It’s also extremely important that you factor in the time and effort it takes to really start seeing decent results from the effort you’ve put into becoming a digital influencer, such as understanding your target audience’s behavior, expectations and needs, and how to successfully bring to your content is a trial and error effort.

Gradually, with work and dedication, you will be able to become an authority on a certain subject on social networks, gain thousands of followers and, finally, become a point of interest for companies that want to reach the audience you gathered on your profile.

It is at this moment that “sponsored posts”, or partnerships, begin to appear, when a company pays for that influencer to test and show their products or services on their social networks.

2.3 A Social Media Manager

In recent years, when talking about marketing and networking on social media platforms, it is important to highlight the steady growth in professional social media manager career opportunities.

A social media manager is responsible for the success of your company’s social media profiles. They work with public and private individuals, celebrities, institutions and organizations, devising the best strategies to ensure that their clients’ social media profiles are successfully engaged by more and more followers.

However, just knowing how to use social media effectively does not make one a social media manager. For this, a person needs to understand company and customer management, strategic planning, data analysis and measurement of results, among other things, to create solutions that really work for their customers.

Among the professionals who work in this area, many are trained in marketing or social communication colleges, with some extension courses on the subject also appearing in the curriculum.

All this study prepares the future social media manager to develop writing, design and planning skills, which are very necessary for the job.

2.4 An Affiliate Freelancer

Another great idea on how to earn steady income from social media platforms is to become an affiliate freelancer, promoting your own and/or third-party products and services.

If you don’t have your own product or haven’t had time to create something to stand on your own feet from the beginning, promoting the work of other creators can be a great option for you to take your first steps in the online universe and, of course, earn money. extra with the commissions received.

By becoming an affiliate, you create a specific link to sell content from another professional and earn a commission every time there is a sale through your contact.

It is worth mentioning that, with the link itself, the follow-up of your sales becomes automatic.

Also, you can create an online e-commerce store where you list your affiliate products and promote your affiliate products store as a whole instead of individual affiliate offers one by one.

There are many great affiliate deals online, and the best ones are free to join. Thus, you can have a mix of products offering options from ShareASale, ClickBank, AWIN, Amazon, CJ Affiliate, among others.

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3. How to Start Earning Income on Facebook?

Establishing a Facebook Business Store.
Using Facebook ads.
Establishment of a fun page on Facebook to promote your company’s products.
Sharing affiliate links.

Among the oldest social networks still in operation, Facebook is widely used by people of all ages and, therefore, is a great place to earn some money online, regardless of the niche in which you operate.

You can start by creating a fan page for your company, product or about a subject you want to talk about and develop.

After that, the first step is to invest in interesting content that can attract people’s attention and get likes.

You can also participate in discussion groups on the topic and thus further publicize your work, in addition to learning all about Facebook Ads, which are sponsored ads created within the platform to reach a new audience and gain even more followers.

4. How to Start Earning Income on Instagram?

Promote your own brands, products and services.
Promote brands, products and services of third parties.
Offer affiliate links.

Among the most popular social networks today, Instagram, which was initially created as a simple photo posting application, has become a great power over time.

The app is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to earn money on social networks today. As we said before, it doesn’t pay anything directly to any user, but it offers tools to make this gain possible in different ways.

Whether as a digital influencer, with a virtual store, as an affiliate, or even managing the professional profile of another person or company, deepening your knowledge of the network can yield good money for those who are truly dedicated to the subject.

Even before the reality show ended, the internet was already flooded with people wanting to know how much Xavier Prather’s Instagram, winner of Big Brother USA 2021, was worth.

Experts said that influencers with over 10 million followers can charge well over $25,000 per post!!!

It would be very interesting, although it would be impossible for a beginner to get results like that, to say the least.

However, you can start targeting smaller values in the short term and grow over time, as these same experts stated that Instagram profiles with up to 100,000 followers can charge around $800 per post, for example.

5. How to start earning income on YouTube?

Produce content that receives a high volume of views (CPM).
Collaborate to promote third-party brands, products and services.

As we said in this article, YouTube is one of the few social networks that pays its users directly. So, if you want to become an influencer or even produce different videos for your followers, it’s worth investing your efforts in this!

For every thousand views on his channel’s videos, YouTubers can earn between US$ 0.25 and US$ 4.50.

Although it may seem like a relatively small amount, in cases where the video goes viral or even for YouTubers who already have a large fan base, these gains can become exponential.

It is worth remembering that these videos must attract the attention of users and cannot contain parts of other videos or music used without authorization, as copyright law applies.

If you are interested in betting your chips on this social network, we have separated nine infallible tips to take your first steps on YouTube and earn money. Make sure you read it!



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6. How to Start Earning Income on TikTok?

Complete tasks to earn rewards.
Recommend the Kwai social networking platform to new users.
Produce videos that promote your own or third-party brands, products and services.

TikTok and Kwai are very similar apps where users share short viral videos with voiceovers, choreographies, humor skits and more.

But apart from similar features, the two platforms also share a similar way of allowing people to earn money from them.


TikTok and Kwai have systems that encourage users to exchange their activities for real-world rewards that can be redeemed for real money directly from their bank accounts.

This is possible through invitation codes (when you invite new people to join the network), browsing time in the application, among other reasons.

In addition, we cannot forget that these applications are also great showcases for both virtual stores and digital influencers to promote their work.

So that you can learn more about the social network and its opportunities to earn extra income online, we recommend reading this material with seven ways to earn money on TikTok.

7. How to start earning income on Kwai?

Sign up for a Kwai account.
Use another user’s registration invitation.
Visit Kwai daily to earn cash rewards.
Do the missions.
Recruit new users.

As we already said, the ways to earn money online on Kwai are very similar to those on TikTok. But, as the platform is making an expansion strategy, it is worth investing more time in the rewards of acquiring new users because you earn even when they are more engaged.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Making Money With Social Networks

1. How do you make money on Instagram?

To make money on Instagram, you can create an online store and sell through Instagram Shopping, a showcase where you can display your products and take customers to your e-commerce site. The main advantage of this feature is being able to create tags on the photos in your feed.

2. How much does a social media beginner charge?

The mathematics, as incredible as it may seem, is quite simple, it is necessary to define the value/hour, in this way, any work developed will have a fair price, both for the client and for those who developed it. A medium-sized agency charges $20.00 to $60.00 dollars an hour.

3. How much do you earn for each video posted on Kwai?

The app does not disclose how much it pays per view on its videos, but guarantees that users can earn from 400 to 1,200 Kwai Golds. An amount of 10k Kwai Golds is equivalent to $0.19. In this way, it is possible to earn an average of US$ 453.54 per month, if you fulfill the missions given by the app.

4. How much does TikTok pay?

For 20 minutes of viewing, you can earn 1,800 rubies. 10k rubies from TikTok equals $0.19. So, if you want to earn $20.00 on the platform, for example, you need to have 1 million rubies. If it's just watching videos, you'll have to dedicate 200 hours to that.

5. How much does an account with 1 million followers on Instagram earn?

In real values, a person who has, for example, between five and ten thousand followers can earn more or less from U$ 100.00 to U$ 500.00 dollars. While for those who have 1 million followers on their profile, they can earn amounts between U$ 2k and 50k dollars.
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When we consider that most people are connected to the Internet for nine hours and twenty minutes a day, on average, we realize that yes, social networks are a great source of income.

However, anyone who thinks that achieving success in digital media is easy and simple is deeply mistaken. For such an undertaking to succeed, it is necessary to create a good strategy, bet on regularity and, above all, dedicate yourself a lot.

Despite being among the dreams of many people, earning extra income on social networks or even turning them into your main source of income depends on hard work, dedication and constancy.

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