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How to Promote Your Store on Instagram? Complete Guide!

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How to Promote Your Store on Instagram? Complete Guide!


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Get to know the Resources of Instagram in depth

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With the growth of social networks, it is even more necessary to rely on them to promote your online store. In this article, we’ll explain how to advertise your store on Instagram, one of the biggest social networks in the world.

To help entrepreneurs and also generate more income within the social network, Instagram has launched several tools to help sell products, such as Instagram Shopping.

To go further, we’ll explain the main features of the platform and tips on how to use them for your store’s profile.

The Importance of Instagram for Online Stores

Data shows that the US has the highest number of Instagram users in the world.

Knowing how to take advantage of all this visibility can turn your store into one of the biggest in the segment and a “darling” of customers. It all starts with understanding how to promote your store on Instagram.

Instagram features

Instagram is full of different features, some designed exclusively for professional profiles. This way, you can leverage them to make your store more interesting to the public and attract new followers (who are great potential customers!).

It is a great laboratory for the company to test its forms of disclosure and ask, directly to the customer, what he expects from a service, helping you to adapt to your audience and feel how your result is being.

To get started then, get to know the features of Instagram in depth!

1. Stories

It’s great for testing new approaches. It lasts for 24 hours and has several features that go beyond photos and videos.

The advantages of using Instagram stories for business are:

Brings followers and consumers closer to the brand.
It doesn’t need a lot of editing, it’s something more spontaneous and natural.
It helps to create and reinforce the connection with the followers.
Increases the relationship and proximity with the brand.
Excellent for stimulating conversations.
It helps to humanize the brand.
Allows you to share in real time what you are doing.

BPM Graphic Generating Connection With The Public.png

It also has several filters and activities, including the question box, which help bring the store closer to the customer and show curiosities about its products and services, creating familiarity.

Another interesting thing about this feature is that it catches the public’s attention, so invest in a visual, with colors and themes, that makes people stop to see your post and that encourages them to go after more details, either in your feed , in your direct or directly in your virtual store.

2. Reels

Relatively new to the platform, this feature invites you to create short, fun videos to share with your friends or anyone else on Instagram.

It’s great for innovating, with fun content that’s easier for anyone to use.

With it, you enter the Instagram trend. Pay attention to what the public shares and likes the most, inserting yourself in what moves the social network and mixing quickly, because that way you will be in tune while attracting customers.



Unlike Reels, IGTV is focused on longer and explanatory videos, so it’s great for you to disclose your product applications, testimonials from those who have used it, the step-by-step until you reach the customer, campaigns that the store supports, etc.

It’s important that your content links to your products, your store, or the message you intend to convey. The good use of IGTV is a great way to acquire authority on certain subjects and you can even become a reference on the subject on the social network.

In short, a whole world of personalized content that makes the user aware of the production process (if you produce) and delivery processes of your company, which helps in customer loyalty.

4. Feed

The feed, a feature that has always been present on Instagram, is where your posts will be recorded.

He is still the main element of this social network. In it, you can publish posts with hashtags (a well-known resource for reaching new audiences), in addition to being able to better detail the proposal of your posts through texts in the caption.

In this way, it is a great resource to present products, carry out promotions, place the Instagram bag, etc. There you will find all your posted content, in addition to comments from your followers, which are an important source of engagement.

Even though Instagram gives more prominence to other newer formats, there is no way your store can ignore the feed. Therefore, it is essential to do it in an aesthetically pleasing way, as it is the showcase of your virtual store.

5. Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is the most specific resource for business accounts, as it allows them to create their own stores within the social network, inserting products, markings and directing customers to purchase the item.

It’s a great investment and helps to raise your profile, giving your account a more professional character.

It also encourages competitiveness, so be aware of your competitors too, to be one step ahead and always with the best promotions, payment terms, differentiated products and focus on customer needs.

About Black Pearl Matrix

We are a passionate team of experts that have helped businesses large and small from all around the world to capitalize on the Internet.

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How Do You Differentiate Your Store on Instagram?

In addition to the resources shown above, we also separate some tips to make your content even more interesting and for you to capture the attention of your customers, encouraging them to buy in your virtual store.

It all starts with originality and attention to trends, which on Instagram take on enormous proportions. Be professional, but also immerse yourself in the world of filters and effects, using humor as a way to engage your audience on your profile and across all your digital accounts.

Following these tips below is a big step towards making your store a success on Instagram:

1. Hashtags in Posts

Hashtags help elevate your posts. Hashtags make it easier to find a particular subject on Instagram. Also, of course, you can come up with unique hashtags for your store. So, study a little about them, as they work like keywords.

Use simple things that attract customers looking for a certain product. This way they will find your store more easily and this increases the dynamism of your page.

2. Be Professional

Presenting yourself more professionally helps boost your profile.

Therefore, be aware of the effects, but do not lose sight of the fact that this is a commercial account, and must always have a responsible and serious tone, especially in relation to promotions and products that are available to customers.

Creating a personality for your store is valid, as it brings you closer to the customer and makes them wait for the answers, the next posts and news. Large companies have invested in this, including avatars that represent the store.

3. Make Exclusive Promotions

Exclusive promotions for those who follow the store profile on Instagram are always a good idea.

In addition to expanding disclosure, favor those who are faithful to the posts and who always follow the news of your business. Free gifts can also be used to attract the audience. Another interesting thing is the sweepstakes. Think of something aimed at those who shop on Instagram.

Giveaways/draws are very attractive to the public and will make your brand circulate on the social network, increasing the number of followers and the reach of your posts.

4. Use of Stories

Stories can be used to temporarily show your news. Use them when you have new products, to post your ads, tip customers, and share campaigns and principles the store stands for.

Do research. Creating polls in Instagram Stories encourages audience engagement and helps increase engagement. It’s also a great way to gather information and see what your target audience and followers like (or don’t like) the most.

Also, ask questions or let your followers ask. This will strengthen the audience’s connection with the brand. It gives the audience a feeling of:

– “I was heard, look how attentive they are!”

BPM Graphic Importance of talking to Your Audience.png

According to data from social media experts, the ideal is always to post between 10 and 30 stories per day, preferably encouraging interaction (polls, questions, etc.).

5. Use Captions that Generate Interactions

Interacting with customers is essential for anyone who has a virtual business. In this way, use your captions to create interactions, asking what customers think, what news they expect, if they have the problem that your product/service seeks to solve, that is, always bringing the customer to action.

Customers who feel important are more compelled to buy from your online store as they feel valued.

Therefore, try to respond to their interactions, one by one, always trying to be as pleasant as possible in order to meet their needs or even give tips on how to do it.

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6. Enjoy the Reels

Use reels for authenticity. By presenting short videos, with it, you can create fast and shareable content. This way, you can use it to grab your audience’s attention and encourage them to come to your website as well as buy your products.

It is also a great opportunity for brands looking to increase platform visibility and sales. In other words, you can objectively advertise your products or services that are available for sale. Thus, it is possible to link the material to your website, or even Instagram Shopping.

7. Do Lives

Lives help customers understand important topics. They are also a great opportunity to discuss important issues related to products, providing a service to the community. Pay attention to the topics that raise the most questions and work on them.

Along with this, they help to increase your brand’s reach and awareness among the public, and due to its real-time participation format, it contributes to the public interacting with your brand and, consequently, improving engagement and loyalty.

8. Hiring Influencers

Hiring influencers is another good idea, as their opinion counts a lot for younger people and they manage to move the internet to a certain action, making more people access the store and learn about your business’ products and services. The benefits also range from generating more leads, increasing your brand visibility or generating sales.

An important point to always analyze are goals and follow-up metrics, ensuring that they are always well established and aligned with the purpose.

Afterwards, it’s time to think about the content and the type of partnership, whether the influencer will receive a percentage or a fixed amount.

9. Create your Store on Instagram Shopping

Invest in this Instagram platform to become bigger on the platform. With it, you have your own environment for your business account and full of resources that help you showcase your products, making it a real showcase for all audiences.

To enable Instagram Shopping, you must have an Instagram business profile, link a Facebook page and ad account, have an online store to link to products, sell physical products (not services), and follow Instagram policies.

If this feature is great news for you, read our article on how to create your Shopping Store on Instagram and activate the bag on your profile!



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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Promoting Shops on Instagram

1. How does the partnership with an influencer work?

The team responsible for partnering with companies and influencers conducts research and monitors the audience they want to reach. For this, it uses tools that help in this choice and can even count on the help of companies specialized in influencer marketing.

2. How to get attention on Instagram?

Don't be afraid to entertain your audience. Knowing this, humanize your content, make it as natural as possible, something very everyday and common. At the same time, produce high-quality stories and an attractive feed, full of color and interesting content.

3. What secret to selling on Instagram?

There are no secrets, just do the basics well. Have a well-written bio, make interesting posts, use hashtags correctly, interact with your client and know who your audience is.

4. What to do to grow on Instagram?

Test new content and video and image formats, invest in well-produced videos for reels, IGTV and stories, use direct to communicate with your audience and post frequently.

5. What do I do when my reach drops?

If your Instagram reach has decreased, it is likely that the cause of this is your posts are not optimized for the algorithms, that is, they are not following the best publishing practices. Delete the posts that you believe have violated any guidelines and change the type of account, from professional to personal, after that, change the type of account again and go back to the professional.
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Throughout this text, we show you how to promote the virtual store on Instagram, presenting the main marketing strategies and resources that you can apply.

We also made suggestions on what can be done to attract more customers using easy tips. In this way, we demonstrate that there are several resources that can help you maximize your sales in this virtual environment.

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