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How To Sell On Instagram: Tips To Start A Successful Store

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How To Sell On Instagram: Tips To Start A Successful Store


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Top Tips for Selling on Instagram

More than ever, e-commerce is an indispensable tool for the success of companies around the world.

It is a fact that in the course of 2020 e-commerce played a vital role in the routine of the whole world. Not that e-commerce is something new and has just emerged, but over the years there has been a great evolution in this sector and 2020 was fundamental for this development.

In addition, small and medium-sized companies have found online sales a way to get around the crisis and the context of social isolation that affects the US and the world.

However, an eMarketer survey prior to the pandemic already pointed to the US as the first in the ranking of countries with the highest expected growth for e-commerce

According to a survey carried out by the US Department of Commerce, between the months of February and August of last year, the revenue of small and medium-sized companies increased, thanks to online sales.

BPM E commerce Growth Data

But how to stand out in such a competitive e-commerce market that sees the emergence of hundreds of new virtual stores every day in the country?

Here comes the importance of investing in social networks, thus diversifying your sales channels and increasing your chances of making money and winning over consumers who are increasingly focused on the digital market.

And Instagram is an ideal social network for you to take the first steps both in the global strategy of a company focused on social media, and in promoting your brand’s products in other sales channels.

Instagram is easy to use and has a series of unique tools and resources for you to manage your e-commerce business directly from your smartphone, Instagram already has more than 1 billion active users worldwide.

In addition, among digital platforms, Instagram stands out as the leader in online marketing through social networks.

Data released by Instagram itself show that 70% of consumers say they are looking for products on the network, while 52% have already bought from discoveries on it.

With that in mind, we’ve prepared a guide with tips on how to open an e-commerce store on Instagram, the steps to create a business account and how you can increase your store’s sales on one of the fastest growing social networks in the world.

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About Black Pearl Matrix

We are a passionate team of experts that have helped businesses large and small from all around the world to capitalize on the Internet.

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BPM Graphic Discover the magic of three dimensional creation with SoVol3Ds amazing 3D printers V

Steps to Integrate your Online Store with Sacolinha do Instagram

1- Create an Attractive Business Profile

The first step to start selling on Instagram is to create a business profile on the network.

You can do this in two ways:

1.1 Turn your Personal Profile into a Professional Company Profile

To turn your personal profile into a business account, just go to your page settings, click on “switch to company profile”, fill in your business categories and link (or not) your Instagram account to your Facebook profile.

Then choose your company account category that best describes your trading. Finally, confirm the switch to the professional account.

If your profile is private, you must also leave it open to the public to take advantage of the features of a business page.

When you complete these steps, just click “Next” and your business profile will be active on Instagram!

Thus, you will have the powerful Instagram for business and its business functions that are great for any successful e-commerce website.

1.2 Create an Independent Business Account

If you want to keep your personal profile separate from your business profile, simply create another Instagram account and follow the steps above to set up a new business profile.

It is important to note that if you choose this option, you will need to gain new followers “from scratch”. One tip is to invite your personal contacts.

But beware: setting up a business profile on Instagram is just the beginning of your journey to having a successful online store and boosting your online sales.

Ideally, you should take some time to think of a catchy bio (that describes your store) and your profile picture, with a logo in great resolution and in accordance with Instagram standards (the size recommended by the network is 720 pixels x 720 pixels). pixels).

In addition, it is worth starting a first sequence of posts that attract your target audience and demonstrate your commercial positioning on the network.

At this point, research shows that 54% of consumers follow profiles of preferred brands, and 21% of respondents research these pages before buying.

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Therefore, just opening a profile is not enough, to enjoy the benefits of networks first some important points need to be made:

Create relevant content;
Have a good visual identity;
Have good communication with your audience;
Interact with your audience;
Remove all doubts from your audience;
Be very consistent across all platforms your brand is on.

2- Study the Tools to Sell on Instagram Efficiently

After setting up your business profile on Instagram, it’s time to explore the tools that the network offers to boost your sales and optimize your customer acquisition strategies.

Among them, it is worth mentioning:

2.1 Online Store to Sell Directly through Instagram

Instagram has a virtual store so that your company can sell and expose its products to all network users.

Also known as Instagram Shopping, the feature was one of those responsible for boosting sales through social networks throughout the year and attracted companies of all sizes interested in expanding their commercial channels in e-commerce.

This tool was launched in 2018 and marked a huge turning point for Instagram, which increased its focus on inspirational content and explored sales features.

The Instagram bag, the famous icon that appears on the left side of publications, creates a landing page that allows you to put your name, price and checkout page.

A great product catalog is displayed on your profile where the user completes the purchase with a few taps on the screen quickly and easily.

Additionally, accounts that have this tool available can tag products that are for sale in their catalog, similar to tagging other profiles.

With this tag, your followers can also follow the products and their prices daily through links in your feed, stories and reels.

To set up Instagram Shopping you will need the following:

Connect your company account with a Facebook page;
Import a product catalog;
Submit your account for Instagram review;
Activate the Network Purchases feature.

Once your e-commerce store is approved by Instagram, you can enjoy great benefits and great advantages for your store, such as:



  • Blog Website
  • Up To 3 Pages
  • Responsive In All Platforms
  • 6 Months Support
  • And much more ...
start up


  • Corporate Business Website
  • Up To 5 Pages
  • Emailing Contact Form
  • 8 Months Support
  • And much more ...


  • E-Commerce Store
  • Up To 30 Products
  • Security Payment System
  • 12 Months Support
  • And much more ...
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Increased Site Visibility

The first advantage is the increased visibility of your online store.

This is because it is possible to add product links, which can sharpen the consumer’s curiosity and lead him to a more complete navigation through the virtual shelves.

Disposition of Main Information

The cost-benefit ratio is a very important priority for the consumer, after all, nobody wants to lose money or have a bad experience with a product.

Thus, the price ends up being one of the main concerns. If it’s out of their budget, the consumer will rarely make a purchase.

With the tags it is possible to provide prices, among other essential information of the products advertised on the social network and end the “inbox price” culture.

Decreases Dropouts at Checkout

With the markings, not only are prices more visible, but the purchase process is also faster.

Being on the same platform, it is easy for the buyer, and consequently contributes to the reduction of purchase abandonments.

Expand Brand Reach

Just as there is a page for stories, reels and feeds, IGTV, there is also a store tab, which follows the same principles: it indicates products according to algorithms.

Appearing in this “explore” is an incredible chance to increase the portfolio of customers, followers and brand promoters.

2.2 Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is an excellent tool that provides metrics so you can better understand the profile of your followers, the posts that are generating more or less engagement and the reach of your posts.

To access Instagram Insights, simply click the graph icon in your business account.

2.3 Paid Ads on Instagram

Instagram paid marketing campaigns (Instagram Ads) are an interesting alternative to conquer the platform faster and start selling through the platform even with few followers.

However, to be successful in online advertising, it is essential to study marketing, among other things such as the metrics provided by Instagram Insights, understand which publications have the greatest potential for engagement and evaluate your financial potential for each advertisement made.

From a better understanding of your niche target audience and a more assertive targeting of your company’s brand campaign, ads on Instagram are yet another way to leverage your online sales and increase revenue in this challenging time in the market.

It is worth mentioning that Instagram offers a way to promote content within the platform, but it is not assertive and does not bring valuable metrics like Facebook Business.

Therefore, to organize your campaigns it is always better to use Facebook Ads Manager. That’s because its target is broader, offering more resources that you can use for your business.

Ads made by this tool can also be served on Instagram and Facebook. To do this, simply link your business Instagram account to a Facebook page.

However, it is not enough just to advertise, you need to follow the actions of your niche target audience to know if you are having results. In this way, we define the main indicators that will be evaluated.

So at the end of the disclosure period, review and see if your online marketing actions made sense. That’s where you’ll find out where you were right, where you were wrong, and what you can change!

In general the goals are to convert social media users into customers, increase website traffic and increase business brand awareness, among other things. So be careful not to invest in paid media that will not bring return, this could harm the company’s finances.

It is worth mentioning that strategic planning is necessary.

To do this, answer the following questions to yourself:

What is the campaign objective?
Where will the ad appear? Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, all network channels?
What is the targeting, user profile?
How much budget (which can be daily or total, based on the campaign timeframe) can be allocated to each action?
What will the ad format be?
How will metrics be measured?

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3- Work with Good Photos to Create Your Store's Visual Identity on Instagram

Using quality product photos with good lighting and framing, that communicate with your brand identity and the characteristics of your logo, this, in fact, is an essential step to create a harmonious visual identity on Instagram and increase its potential. network sales.

In this sense, even before starting your publications, think about the concept you want to bring to your store and business profile, so that your followers create a relationship of familiarity and empathy with your page.

Invest in good images as a key element to make your store more prestigious on Instagram and convey the values that your brand wants to convey.

For example, a good method to get good lighting when taking pictures of small products is to use a microwave as a small photo studio. With the door open and the white interior reflecting your interior lights, you can take great pictures of small products such as watches, jewelry, etc.

Also, just like photos, the design of an e-commerce store makes all the difference. With this, it is possible to convey credibility and trust, in addition to generating links and attracting new customers.

It is also worth investing in spontaneous publications with stories capable of generating engagement and demonstrating the day-to-day success stories of your company, new products and moments that, in short, capture the essence of your store and brand.

The key is to work with elements that can differentiate your business from the competition, engaging potential customers from the beginning of their journey as customers.

Backstage reports and testimonials are capable of generating engagement and bringing credibility to your virtual store.

4- Invest Time to Think About Interesting Hashtags, Captions and Stories

But it’s not enough to just take and publish good photos, have a great logo, and a good looking e-commerce store.

To be successful when selling on Instagram you will need to combine visual identity with catchy captions and hashtags.

In this way, you mark the commercial direction of your page, gaining organic followers who will come to your account by searching for specific terms.

Hashtags work as website keywords and act as content tags. So when users search for a specific subject, they find bookmarked pages.

In general terms, with the internet having a large number of daily posts, think about specifying the content and tags of your business, so as not to get lost in the sea of websites and tons of posts generated by your competitors.

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Do your research and think strategically.

And don’t forget the potential of stories: in addition to being able to drive your social media followers straight to a product in your store on Instagram, they bring you closer to your niche audience and generate more business leads.

As they are temporary posts, a good marketing strategy is to keep the feed in a catalog format and use stories for a lighter interaction with users.

By showing product details, production methods and behind the scenes, your brand awareness will allow for more empathetic communication with followers.

Consequently, this more dynamic interaction can increase user identification with your e-commerce, building loyalty and gaining new followers and customers, and with that, more conversions and sales.

So be sure to exercise your creativity by creating fun videos, interacting with the public and even answering customer questions.

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5- Create a Strategic Plan for Your Posts

Evaluating the best day and time for a post and creating a content plan ahead of time will help you get more consistent sales, targeted results, and build a standard Instagram posting routine.

With this, in addition to improving the organization of your online marketing and sales processes on the network, you will be able to spend more time studying the metrics and indicators of your business page.

It will also be possible to leave the posts scheduled in the automation tools so as not to run the risk of missing the periods of greater network engagement.

Regarding the issue of scheduling, there is no official recommendation from Instagram and, although some experts indicate, for example, posts outside business hours, the ideal thing is that you study your account indicators, to better understand your users’ browsing habits. and followers.

6- Never Stop Interacting With Your Followers

And speaking of followers, one of the biggest failures of those who use social networks to start their e-commerce journey is involving the lack of readiness to interact with those who, after all, are potential customers of their store.

Actively interact with customers, respond to comments and inbox messages warmly and clearly, turning Instagram into a true relationship channel.

It is worth mentioning that by proactively interacting with your customers, you will contribute to positive experiences that can convert into greater revenue for your store.

BPM Prioritize Customer Service

7- Offer Promotions and Discounts to Increase Your Sales on Instagram

Earlier in this article we talked about the role of ads in gaining followers for your Instagram account.

Another way to attract likes, followers and boost your sales on Instagram (including organically, that is, without paying for ads), is by offering promotions, discount coupons and sharing campaigns in exchange for products.

That way, in addition to encouraging those who already follow your business account to engage with a post, you can attract new followers who will end up getting to know your business, your products and buying from your store on Instagram.

As with paid media, you need to strategically evaluate which products or promotions you are going to create, thus attracting the greatest number of new followers to your account.

Here are some examples of promotions:

Segmented discounts where you can give X% discount on the first purchase of a new user in your e-commerce;
Unmissable discounts to make room for new products by selling inventory and cheaper items;
Progressive discounts, for example, buy one piece and get 10% off; 2 pieces, 20%; 3 pieces, 30% and so on;
“Buy 2 get 3” this promotion works with the idea of encouraging customers at the time of purchase;
Defined combos in which two different items can be combined and generate a discount if they are purchased together;
Discount coupon that encourages the buyer to purchase new products in your virtual store.

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8- Promote Other Sales Channels

Success in e-commerce, however, is not just about selling through Instagram. Your network account should be one more channel that will be part of your web business strategy.

That is: along with Instagram, be sure to invest in a virtual store that can be linked to your website and sales on other social networks.

Diversification is one of the strengths of the digital environment, and you can use this multiplicity of sales channels to your advantage.

For this, it is important to create an organized management of your digital channels, including investing in financial management tools and structuring operational processes aimed at e-commerce.

In this context, use Instagram as a publicity space for all your sales channels.

For example, through Linktree, a tool that allows you to organize all your web pages under a single address.

After creating it, don’t forget to include Linktree in your Instagram bio.

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9- What do you need to have the Instagram Sacolinha?

To access the shopping tool on Instagram, you must also meet platform-specific policies and criteria. Therefore, not all stores can use this function.

After requesting the option, the professional Instagram account will undergo a review.

So, in order to get approved to start selling on Instagram, some additional steps need to be taken, such as:

9.1 Profile Photo

Visual information can say a lot, and Instagram believes in that too.

So much so that it requires the profile that requested the store feature to have the brand logo as their profile picture.

9.2 Owning Your Own Domain

This means that you must have an e-commerce site with at least eight registered products.

9.3 Proximity to Facebook

Instagram has strong ties with Facebook because they are part of the same company. Therefore, stores that do not have pages on Facebook cannot make the bag tool available.

9.4 Platform Policies

Not all products can be sold on Instagram Shopping and this needs to be described at the time of request.

Products such as medicine, weapons and erotic products are some of the prohibited items.

9.5 Professional Profile

Having a professional profile is not just changing account settings, but managing it as such.

Therefore, the platform inspects the content posted, and denies the “little bag” option for profiles with personal photos.

9.6 Link in Bio

The phrase “Link in bio” is one of the most famous on Instagram, as it is the only place available to add a link with a path.

It’s no wonder that Instagram requires the link to the e-commerce store’s website to be posted in the profile’s bio, to verify its legitimacy.

9.7 Content

Initially, Instagram evaluates whether the page has at least nine posts. But don’t stop there, it’s important for the business to maintain a constant and quality content production.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Selling on Instagram

1. What Type of Store Can I Open With Little Investment?

The best options for those looking to open a business with little investment are in the areas of: food, beauty, resale, crafts and sewing, infoproducts, digital marketing, private lessons, consulting and mentoring, freelancing and photography.

2. What's Hot in the Market Today?

As expected, the top businesses to invest in this year are linked to sectors such as technology, delivery and healthy living. A reflection of new post-pandemic consumption habits.

3. Which Niche To Follow?

We don't recommend choosing a niche just because it's trending or trending. The best option is to opt for something familiar, that you have affinity and interest. That is, the most profitable niches will be those already known to you.

4. Why is it important to have a Shop on Instagram?

The benefits of having Instagram Shopping active is offering different ways of viewing products, in addition to how users can complete the purchase of products. The idea is, in addition to facilitating access to these items, also to ensure that companies of all sizes can make use of the tool.

5. What do people buy the most on Instagram?

The most purchased products, both by men and women, are clothes, shoes and accessories, which are preferred by around 60% of the female public and more than 50% of the male public.
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To finish our guide with tips on how to boost your sales on Instagram, your business page must also be integrated into your website’s marketing positioning.

In this sense, it is worth publishing articles and materials produced for your company’s blog and attracting potential customers with educational and relevant content, creating customized publications with successful cases, and also structuring actions with customers and partners to increase the potential for attracting of new followers.

With all this, you can see that business success on Instagram goes far beyond creating a simple page for your business.

You will need to direct efforts to relate to followers, produce attractive publications and explore the main tools that will support you in your journey in the e-commerce sector.

On the other hand, by implementing the steps discussed throughout this guide in a planned way, selling through Instagram will be a differentiator within your business strategies and a new source of revenue that will undoubtedly strengthen your business in the market.

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