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Instagram Stories: how to view, post and use them creatively!

Instagram Stories: how to view, post and use them creatively!


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How to move your Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories are a powerful tool for brands that are committed to e-commerce.

When used creatively and within a digital marketing strategy, the unique function of the social network can bring you closer to your customers, reach other audiences, in addition to boosting your online sales.
BPM Instagram growth in 9 years
In this article we present its features, its advantages and how you can use it intelligently to attract new leads and increase your followers on Instagram.
Keep reading and don’t miss the 3 bonus tips we’ve prepared for you to increase views and engagement in your store’s Instagram stories!

1- What are Instagram Stories and How Do They Work?

Instagram Stories are temporary stories that stay live for 24 hours and were created to increase interaction between users.
With this feature, you can post photos, videos, add stickers and text, among other different post formats to help position your brand.
Thanks to its interactive model, in 2018 (2 years after the launch of the function), around 400 million people used stories on a daily basis.
In this wave of success, the tool gained new possibilities, which became even more attractive for personal and business profiles.
In this sense, following Instagram stories updates and mastering the functionality are actions that can also bring great results to a virtual store.
It is worth noting that Instagram is one of the most profitable networks for businesses.
According to a survey this year, for example, 82% of users follow brand profiles on Instagram.
Additionally, 52% of people surveyed said they’ve already purchased from discoveries on the platform.
That said, using stories is another step towards increasing your online store sales and optimizing your position on Instagram.

2- Instagram Stories: A Step by Step Guide for your Business

As we mentioned, given the volume of usage and access, stories are a powerful resource for reaching your target audience.
Through the functionality, you can increase your brand awareness, position your value proposition and attract leads at the beginning of the customer journey.
It is important to highlight that, in addition to organic reach, ads via Instagram stories are excellent ways to strengthen your paid media strategies.
With all this, we selected some steps that will help you generate maximum results in Instagram stories.

2.1 How to View and Post Stories on Instagram

Instagram has placed stories strategically. Upon entering the platform, you see a sequence of photos circled at the top of the screen.
Each item displayed there represents a post in the stories of the people and companies you follow.
To see them, just click on the one you want, and that’s it!
Photos and videos are streamed continuously until all stays are completed or you click the “x” in the top right corner.
Depending on your smartphone or operating system, there will be a camera icon in the top left corner available for you to take an image or video.
By clicking on it, Instagram offers the option to capture an image or video at that moment.
You will also be able to post media from your gallery and include animated GIFS and resources to increase the interactivity of posts.
Finally, to verify your own posts, click your profile picture in the circle in the top left corner.
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2.2 How do I define the best format for my stories?

To define the best format for your stories, you first need to ask yourself how you would like to be seen by your audience.
From a technical point of view, the ideal format is vertical, respecting the limits of 1080 x 1920 pixels.
Remember: the best format is the one that engages your audience!
In this sense, study the browsing habits of your target audience and do not deviate from the company’s value proposition.
Test with polls, product photos, behind-the-scenes footage, etc., and see which ones captivate your followers the most.

2.3 How Can I Find Mockups for My Stories?

The Instagram stories tool itself already offers several mockup options. You will be able to add text, gifs, change fonts, colors and draw on the image.
However, depending on your proposal, these options can be very simple. To meet your demand, there are free and intuitive tools that you can use.
And, at least at the beginning of your store’s marketing strategy, you won’t need to invest large sums or be a designer to post creative stories.
Canva, for example, offers a lot of cool features for free. The platform offers ready-made and themed templates that can be edited and customized both in the browser and in the mobile app.
Another efficient tool is InShot for those who want to post videos. And that’s because, in Instagram stories, it is not possible to edit videos directly.
This app helps you to adjust the audio, make cuts and other functions. In addition, its interface is intuitive and it is also possible to edit photos.

2.4 How to Save and Download Instagram Stories?

To save a video or image to your gallery, there are three ways:
The first is when the media has not yet been posted. In this scenario, look for an arrow pointing down in the top left corner and click.
The second option is through the settings. When opening the camera as if to make a post, you can see a gear in the upper left corner. Scroll down until you find the “save” option. After activating the function, all media will be saved automatically.
The third alternative can be done after posting. Notice that there are three dots in the bottom right corner. They open several options, among them, save.

2.5 Is it possible to post links in stories?

The famous “swipe up” is the dream of every brand and influencer. This call to action (CTA) takes the person directly to the link you want.
Despite being very useful for promoting products, external videos and websites, this function is currently only enabled for profiles with more than 10,000 followers.
The good news is that Instagram is testing an update where the links in the stories feature will be made available to more users.
For now, beef up your brand’s digital marketing strategies so you can create stories that lead directly to your online store!


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2.6 The Role of Stories in the Digital Marketing of an E-commerce

Instagram Stories can bring you closer to your audience and generate more leads.
As they are temporary posts, a good strategy is to keep the feed in a catalog format and use stories for dynamic interaction with users.
By showing product details, production methods and behind the scenes in general, which allows for more empathetic communication with followers.
Consequently, this more dynamic interaction can increase users’ identification with your e-commerce, building loyalty and gaining new followers and customers.
Showing customer testimonials in Instagram stories is another cool way to validate your product and bring credibility to your online store.
In addition to maintaining relationships with your follower base through tags and hashtags, your stories are likely to be shared and reach new audiences.

2.7 Is it possible to advertise through stories?

According to the Opinion Box survey cited earlier, 54% of consumers find Instagram ads well-targeted and 34% say they have purchased from these ads.
In this sense, through Instagram Ads, you will be able to strengthen your store’s digital marketing on one of the networks that generate the most sales in the world.

The network has five main ad formats:

1. Photography;
2. Video;
3. Carousel;
4. Collection;
5. Ads via Stories.
In addition to a business profile, you’ll also need a Facebook Business account to create and manage your Instagram ads.
The advantage is that your store will be able to create joint ads for Facebook and Instagram, expanding the reach of paid campaigns for your E-commerce.

2.8 Is it possible to sell products through My Store's Instagram Stories?

Stories can be used both to chat with followers and to promote your product catalogue.
Expose what you are selling, ways to use it and testimonials from those who have already bought it. All of this contributes to selling more on Instagram.
In addition, you can invest in Instagram Shopping (the famous Instagram bag) to tag products in stories and direct them to your E-commerce.
To enable the Instagram bag, you must meet certain criteria to then have access to this tool and start selling online.

Below are the requirements you need to access the Instagram bag:

     • The profile picture must be your brand logo;
     • Have an e-commerce with its own domain and at least eight registered products;
     • Link the Instagram account to your store’s Facebook page;
     • Follow all platform policies (sale of products such as medication, weapons, erotic products and drugs is not allowed);
     • Only physical products can be sold in the virtual store;
     • Have a fully professional profile. Personal photos should not be posted on the page;
     • Have the store’s website link in the Instagram bio;
     • Have at least nine posts to activate the store.
If you don’t have an E-commerce website yet, just head over to Wix or Shopify and create your online store for free in just a few minutes! It can be integrated with Instagram and works on platforms like Facebook and Google Shopping and has many features to further increase your online sales.
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3 Tips to Get More Engagement on Instagram Stories

Now that you know how Instagram stories work, here are some techniques for gaining views and engaging your audience.

1- Be Creative

There are many companies on the internet with one main objective: to acquire customers.
That is, your competition will be high and you will need to stand out in order to stand out.
So exercise your creativity in stories! Explore options, test formats and analyze follower engagement data until you find your communication identity!

2- Study Success Profiles

Researching the market, analyzing the competition and studying successful profiles on Instagram are excellent practices to stay on top of the trends that are attracting followers on the network.
You can also seek inspiration from other Instagram stories, without, of course, renouncing your identity or copying content without authorization from other profiles.
This study will bring several insights to apply to your page and make your profile more beautiful, visually attractive and with interesting content to gain followers.

3- Accessibility is Important

Increasingly, discussions about digital accessibility are gaining ground in the market.
That’s why it’s important to think about how to make your page more accessible. Remember: all Instagram users are potential customers and may be interested in your posts.
For stories, the best way to make them accessible is to subtitle what is being said.
You will also be able to open a text box and describe your post. It would make your page more accessible.
What do you think about checking out some interesting facts about Instagram?
BPM What do you think about checking out some interesting facts about Instagram

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Stories

1. What attracts people on Instagram?

A really cool and functional way to do this is by creating interactive content. The purpose of this content is to get as many people as possible to engage with your post, thus increasing its visibility.

2. What is the best time to post Story?

Sprout Social did a year-by-year analysis and it was possible to find out which times between 11 am and 12 pm are the ones that generate the most engagement in Stories.

3. What does the people who come first in Stories mean?

The order is determined based on several signals, including: 1) how likely you are to be interested in the content; 2) frequency of posts; and 3) your relationships with the person.

4. How does Instagram help with sales?

Instagram helps entrepreneurs with sales, because with it it is possible to follow market trends in their segment based on comments from their target audience about their brand and similar products. This way, you can change the strategy whenever something goes wrong.

5. How does E-commerce work on Instagram?

Instagram Shopping, or store on Instagram, is a feature that allows you to sell through the app itself. For this, a new tab in the page feed is used, with an icon that mimics a “little bag”. In this space, it is possible to place the products that are for sale and inform their price on a shopping tag.


As we saw throughout the article, Instagram is an indispensable channel for the success of your online store.
And in stories, you have practical and intuitive features that improve the experience of your followers.
Try to be creative to have Instagram stories as another way to grow your e-commerce!

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