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Is YouTube Premium Worth it? Consult Prices and Conditions!

Is YouTube Premium Worth it? Consult Prices and Conditions!


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Try Youtube Premium and all its features for 30 days free:

YouTube Premium was originally announced on November 12, 2014, as “Music Key”, a subscription music streaming service, intended to integrate and replace the existing “All Access” service on Google Play Music.
It has not been on the market for a long time, but it is a strong competitor among the biggest audio and video platforms.
BPM Comparison of the number of users of the main audio and video platforms in millions
Check out the YouTube Premium details to understand how this feature works, as well as learn more about its benefits.
YouTube Premium is yet another exclusive streaming service available to users looking for more complete features to consume audiovisual content.
The creation of executive accesses to several platforms has become a common practice in the market, as a way of encouraging consumers to purchase subscriptions and special packages for functions that are initially offered free of charge.
This way, users who have a preference for a certain platform can consider purchasing a subscription and enjoy benefits that are not available to regular users.
However, some people may not yet know about this possibility, or may not know how its advantages work.
In that case, it pays to better understand what YouTube Premium is and what your subscription can offer.
Let’s find out more details about the unique features of one of the most popular streaming and audiovisual services on the internet?

1- What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a video platform subscription service that offers features and benefits for users who purchase this plan.
In principle, the use of YouTube’s basic functions is free for everyone, even without the need to register an account.
In this way, users can consume audiovisual content, as well as interact with other users, make comments, save videos, among other functions.
However, for a monthly fee, subscribers can access different features that are not available to regular users.
This makes it possible to optimize the user experience of the platform, in addition to offering facilities that can make the use of the site more practical on a daily basis.

2- How does YouTube Premium Work?

Like other more complete services, YouTube Premium works through a monthly subscription.
With this, users who wish to acquire all the platform’s functionalities can register and make a monthly payment to enjoy the executive benefits.
A subscription can be canceled at any time at no additional cost.
Thus, as long as the user maintains the subscription, he will be able to access the benefits on any device, including third-party computers and smartphones.
This is because the subscription is directly linked to the registered email account.
In this way, the user only needs to select “YouTube Premium” in his registration to be able to use it on any platform.
Also, user can try 30 days free service to learn more about features.
If you want to keep the service for the second month, you only need to confirm the registered payment method.
The charge occurs automatically on the credit or debit card, and the user can carry out the maintenance following the settings of his account.
The layout of the platform does not undergo major changes with paid YouTube, so the user will not have a hard time finding the resources.
Also, some features may remain even if the subscription is cancelled.
For example, if the user assembles a video playlist with his premium account, the list will remain in his registration even if he cancels the executive service.
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3- How Many People Can Use a YouTube Premium Account?

One of the most common questions about YouTube Premium is how many people can use the account after signing up.
In principle, the premium subscription is intended for individual accounts. That is, only one account can become premium with each subscription.
However, there are special packages that allow up to five people using the same subscription to access the features.
It is worth noting that there are no login limits for the YouTube Premium account. For example, the same user can log in from their smartphone, computer and tablet at the same time.
In this case, some people may choose to share their personal login and passwords with other users, enabling access to YouTube Premium for subscribers who are not subscribers to the platform.
However, this practice is not encouraged by the platform since access must be personal and non-transferable.
So, with no login limits, everyone with the premium account password can use its functions, but at their own risk.

4- What is the value of YouTube Premium?

Currently, the standard YouTube Premium plan costs $11.99 per month. This value can be adjusted according to platform policy.
However, there are two other packages available for subscription, with different values and features.
   • YouTube Premium Family;
   • YouTube Premium Student.

4.1 YouTube Premium Family

It is a type of subscription that allows you to register up to 5 different people in the same package.
This means that five different emails will have the exclusive benefits of the platform for a single charge.
The cost of this subscription is $17.99 per month, billed to a single credit or debit card associated with the primary user of the plan.
In this case, if the plan is cancelled, all associated accounts will cease to be premium.

4.2 YouTube Premium Student

It is a type of subscription which costs $6.99 per month.
The price is reduced for users who are studying primary, secondary or higher education and who can prove their effective enrollment in an institution recognized by the platform.
Thus, as long as the user has registered, he can pay a reduced amount to use YouTube Premium Student.

5- What are the Benefits of YouTube Premium?

To get to know YouTube’s paid service better, it’s worth checking out the advantages that come with this package and make the subscription attractive for users.
The Advantages are as follows:


  • Blog Website
  • Up To 3 Pages
  • Responsive In All Platforms
  • 6 Months Support
  • And much more ...
start up


  • Corporate Business Website
  • Up To 5 Pages
  • Emailing Contact Form
  • 8 Months Support
  • And much more ...


  • E-Commerce Store
  • Up To 30 Products
  • Security Payment System
  • 12 Months Support
  • And much more ...

5.1 Watch Videos without Ads

YouTube’s audiovisual content currently accompanies advertisements from sponsors and companies that buy advertising space on the platform.
For regular users, ads are shown before and during videos.
However, with YouTube Premium, you can watch all content without ads, overlays or banner advertising.
In this way, the user can enjoy a complete experience with the platform without having to close the browser to watch the video in full screen, for example.
However, it’s important to remember that promotions or promotions from the creator of the video still appear, as this is a channel-specific setting.

5.2 YouTube Music Premium

One of YouTube’s most attractive paid services is YouTube Music Premium, a music streaming service included in the platform’s subscription.
Initially, YouTube is known to be a video channel where users can consume different types of visual content.
However, YouTube Music has a music collection, which works like other mainstream platforms like Spotify.

In this way, the user can download complete albums and several songs available on YouTube, in addition to:

     • Assemble playlist;
     • Favorite songs;
     • Skip tracks without listening to ads;
     • Listen to songs in offline mode;
     • Access the player on mobile devices.
In addition, YouTube Premium also allows you to play the songs in the background, so you can close the application and continue listening to the tracks, something that is not possible with the regular application.
By activating the “Music Only” mode, YouTube stops loading the clips and videos that accompany the tracks, allowing even faster access and less crashes.

5.3 Download Videos to Watch Offline

Users of YouTube’s paid plan can download videos to watch offline on any device where they are logged in and the material is saved.
For example, you can access a desired video, movie or clip and download it to your computer, smartphone or tablet.
That way, when you’re not connected to the internet, you can watch the content normally, without having to reload it.
Also, this option is valid for regular YouTube and YouTube Music, as long as both are associated with the same premium subscription.

5.4 YouTube Originals

Another advantage that comes with YouTube Premium is the possibility for the user to access YouTube Originals, a service that offers original movies and series.
In addition to the creations released exclusively on the platform, there are also reproduction rights acquired by the company.
In this way, some titles are only available on YouTube, and premium users can access these contents without paying any additional fees.
If content creators registered on the platform decide to promote their videos exclusively, premium subscribers will also have unlimited access.
The resource for downloading material is also available for YouTube Originals, allowing the user to access the video in his account even without internet.
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6- How do I subscribe to YouTube Premium?

Finally, once you know the YouTube Premium plan, you can subscribe quickly and easily, directly through the platform.
The first step is to access the website or application. In the case of a desktop, the user would type https://youtube.com . Meanwhile, mobile devices likely have the app downloaded.
However, it is available for free for Android and iOS systems.
Next, the user must locate the YouTube Premium option and select the free trial.
All customers who have not yet subscribed to the premium package can access the free trial for one month.
In this case, just register and provide the credit or debit card information on which the charge will be made.
Note that there is no upfront charge as the first month is free. Card registration is required only as a security measure and for identity authentication.
Thus, the user can choose which package he wants to try and configure the account as indicated by the platform.
If you choose the family plan, you must include all email addresses that can access the account.
Meanwhile, the student plan requires proof of enrollment to be attached at the end of the application.
Finally, just confirm your choices and activate the free trial of YouTube’s paid subscription.
At the end of 30 days, if the user does not cancel the plan, the charge will be made on the card initially registered, and the subscription will remain valid.

7- How to cancel YouTube Premium?

On the other hand, if the user chooses not to continue with YouTube Premium, they can follow a simple procedure to cancel your registration.
First you must locate the signature area in the Settings menu of the associated account.
In the case of the family plan, this step must be carried out in the main account, which performs the registration and payment.
Then you must choose which subscription you want to cancel, if there is more than one in effect.
Finally, the user must inform the reason for cancellation and confirm that all information is correct, indicating that he is aware that he will lose access to premium features.
If the user has paid for a new month and cancels the service, it will only end after 30 days.
However, there are no additional charges to terminate the premium membership and the account is not deleted; it just goes back to normal operation.

8- Is YouTube Premium Really Worth It?

When checking out the benefits of YouTube Premium, some users may question whether subscribing to the VIP service is worth it.
In fact, the platform offers a series of attractive benefits to users, including modalities that facilitate the use of YouTube on a daily basis.
In this way, it may be worth having access to the premium plan if you are a frequent user of the platform.
Also, some people have certain preferences like listening to music offline or not having ads in their videos.
Thus, having YouTube’s premium plan can be the ideal alternative for a better and more complete experience.
On the other hand, YouTube stands out for being a streaming service with many free hotspots.
Almost all of its audiovisual collection is available to regular users, and there are also some unofficial external tools that allow the user to access some other functions.
So if you use YouTube more sporadically, you might not get the most out of your service plan.
However, for users who depend on this platform on a daily basis, it is worth considering the premium subscription, mainly due to the practicalities that come with the premium plan.
Indeed, the Youtube Premium subscription is one of the most expensive, but the platform offers exclusive benefits that other platforms do not, making it unique.
BPM Subscription price of the main streaming platforms in euros
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About YouTube Premium

1. What is background playback?

The resource is valid both for keeping the audio of a video playing without the YouTube application being open, or using the picture-in-picture function, which displays a floating window of the video. In the following tutorial, learn how to leave YouTube running in the background on Android and iOS.

2. Where are the videos downloaded from YouTube Premium stored?

Downloaded videos will be available in the downloads section of your account. This section can be accessed from the sidebar of the site or from the link youtube.com/feed/downloads. You can also configure download pattern options.

3. What is the best YouTube Premium or Spotify?

If you're a longtime Spotify user, you're probably going to find YouTube Music a little weird, but it works just as well — and even better in some ways. On the home screen both are pretty similar, using the algorithm to recommend new songs and playlists.

4. Where is YouTube Premium available?

YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) was launched in the United States and is now available in over 90 countries.

5. What is the purpose of YouTube?

This is precisely the main function of the internet phenomenon: to allow users to upload, watch and share videos in digital format. Youtube was created in February 2005 by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, two employees of a technology company located in San Francisco, USA.


In this article, you learned about all the advantages that YouTube Premium offers to its subscribers, which, in addition to music and videos, also makes films and series exclusive to the platform available to premium subscribers.

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