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Learn All About How To Advertise On Facebook To Sell More!

Learn All About How To Advertise On Facebook To Sell More!


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6 actions to sell more on Facebook

Given the large number of Facebook users, advertising on the network to reach potential customers and increase brand engagement to sell more is a smart investment.

Speaking of numbers, nearly two-thirds of Internet users are on the social media platform Facebook, which keeps it in the status of the most popular social network.

In 2019, a survey revealed that 44% of consumers surveyed had their buying behavior influenced by Facebook.

In this context, Facebook can be an essential tool within an online marketing strategy for your e-commerce business.

Thus, for virtual stores to take advantage of the e-commerce boom, it is necessary to draw up a good online marketing plan that involves digital advertising strategies on Facebook.

After all, like any investment, in order for the return to be positive and to achieve the intended objectives, your business’s online advertisements need to be consistent and implemented intelligently.

So keep reading to understand more about how the Facebook platform works and how advertising actions can generate more sales in e-commerce!

Why Advertise on Facebook?

As said earlier, Facebook is a very popular social media network all over the world.

Therefore, its high number of users means that brands can reap good results from advertising on this platform.

Not coincidentally, in the fourth quarter of 2020 alone, Facebook ads reached a worldwide revenue of 27 billion dollars.

In addition, 26% of users of this social network said they completed the purchase cycle after clicking on an ad on Facebook.

With so many positive numbers, reserving a percentage of your company’s marketing investments for Facebook can be an excellent strategy.

BPM Facebook Metrics

In addition to these advantages, we can also highlight the ease of creating an ad or promoting a publication that will bring visibility to your commercial message, brand, product or services.

The whole process is intuitive, allowing even those with little experience to carry out promotional marketing actions on the platform.

The low investment value of creating an ad on Facebook is also another point that draws attention to the tool and enhances the chances of return on sales generated from the network.

In addition, the tool offers a number of important segmentation alternatives, such as:

1. The choice of the target audience;
2. Location;
3. Analysis of interests and consumer profile;
4. In addition to the option to schedule and choose the appearance of the ad.

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Step by Step on How to Advertise on Facebook

Social media networks have been a very promising channel for virtual stores and other types of businesses that want to capture new consumers and retain customers.

With the ease of post creation and quick virality, in a matter of minutes, brands can reach more people, increase credibility and generate sales.

And as e-commerce grows, so does the competition. The same product that you can offer in our e-commerce store ends up being offered by several other online stores.

Therefore, just having a profile is not enough to stand out in this digital ecosystem.

Consequently, organic blog posts alone are hardly enough to reach a large number of potential customers.

In this sense, investments in digital marketing must go through a well-designed online advertising strategy on Facebook.

There are five steps to create assertive actions and reap all the rewards that the platform offers!

1. Planning and Purpose

Every action needs a consistent online digital marketing plan with a brand awareness strategy, products and services clear enough to achieve success.

Even if your online store has a lot of investment in online advertising, the source will dry up and will not bring results if the objective is not clear.

In this sense, think first: what is the purpose of creating that digital campaign: increase sales on your website, expand the brand, create an online presence, connect with new audiences?

Answering these questions is essential, as for each online strategy there is a different set of indicators and key performance indicators (KPIs) to analyze.

With focus in mind, the next step is to plan the implementation of the online marketing plan, which, among other things, should include:

1. Campaign circulation time;
2. Audience segmentation;
3. Content format;
4. Ad format;
5. Amount to be invested;
6. How campaign data will be analyzed;
7. What to expect in return.

2. Content Format

Let’s reflect on what would be the best content format to be disseminated.

It is known, for example, that Facebook prioritizes ads with images and videos and, preferably, original content.

Thus, the more visual your business online ad is, the greater the chances of retaining attention on Facebook, leading users to new stages of a purchase journey.

However, don’t just choose any video or image. After all, this is your chance to talk about your product, and if you fail, your next online ad might have less impressive results.

This means that Facebook ranks your online ads by ranking them with scores related to relevance.

That is: the higher the score, the more favorable the algorithm will be in relation to the ad.



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That said, consider investing in creating a nice video or compelling photos. There are several free tools that can help you with this!

For example, you can use Canva to create amazing display ads for your Facebook marketing campaigns.

In addition, it is important to follow the guidelines of the network, as the platform penalizes campaigns that do not comply with its rules.

3. Ad Format

No wonder Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks and a favorite among digital marketers.

It has several tools, and leaves users full of options, including directing them to purchases in online e-commerce stores.

When we talk about online ads, then, the plate is full, and digital advertising can be inserted in different ways and generate sales.

The first and most traditional format is the ad located in the right column next to the Facebook news feed.

While this feature is limited with lower chances of engagement, there is still great potential for clicks at a low investment cost.

The other ad format we see on the platform is the News Feed ad itself. It looks like a regular timeline post and has higher engagement rates.

Unlike Facebook ads in the right column, these campaigns have action buttons and a CTA (call to action).

However, its price-value is usually higher than the first presented format. You will have to pay extra for those.

In addition to these more traditional formats, on Facebook there is a whole range of advertising possibilities, including:

1. Photo ads;
2. Videos;
3. Collection (several photos together);
4. Multimedia presentation;
5. Advertising of various products;
6. Local advertisement (for close people);
7. Offers that expire;
8. Announcement of events;
9. Ad redirection (read behavior to indicate);
10. Boosted post (says who already follows or likes it).

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4. Personalization and Segmentation

With the initial steps completed, it’s time for your e-commerce store to assess the audience that might be interested in your Facebook advertising.

BPM Split Testing Learn all about how to advertise on Facebook to sell more

For an online advertising campaign to be effective, it needs to target a niche. This means that it is pointless to target each and every niche.

4.1 Find Your Ideal Client

In addition to visually appealing content with a clear value proposition, it needs to be relevant to the niche audience it’s receiving.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a specific niche: location, interests and behavior, consumer profile, gender, age and demographics.

This definition will be based on data that the virtual store already has about its target audience. But if you haven’t already, it’s important to do an A/B test.

These tests provide information about what is performing better, generating data for more assertive business strategies.

Thus, your ads will be personalized and will be able to reach people who need or want your company’s product/service.

5. Campaign Analysis

Finally, an ad needs to be tracked during its run and after its completion period.

This monitoring brings relevant data from the results of the marketing strategy to be analyzed, and that will support your business decision-making.

Only then is it possible to know what worked, what was the profit return and what can be improved.

On the Facebook page, under “About This Account”, you’ll find details of interactions with your marketing campaign, such as clicks and website reach.

If your e-commerce site is new, your business is starting and you don’t have a lot of money to invest, this is an excellent way to test different ad formats, keep track of what generates the most results, direct your marketing budget towards assertive, and create effective advertising strategies on Facebook.

It is worth remembering that the network monitors the performance of promoted ads and ends up penalizing those that perform poorly.

Therefore, keeping an eye on the metrics and KPIs will make your campaigns more successful and still be favored by the platform.

Tip: Want to learn more about Facebook Ads?

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That’s right: we’ll show you step-by-step how to start advertising on one of the most used networks in the world (and which, by the way, also allows you to advertise on other platforms, such as Instagram).

Check it out here.

Conducting a digital marketing strategy on Facebook

Now that you know the main points and strategies for creating an ad on Facebook, let’s move on to how to leverage your ads.

These are three tips that will be helpful to you in the process!

1. Call To Action

The CTA, which stands for “call to action”, is one of the most important parts of a Facebook ad.

After all, the CTA encourages the ad reader to take the next step on a journey to becoming a customer of a company (whether physical store or e-commerce).

A good title, above all, should be part of the purpose of the publication.

In addition to having to give meaning to the proposal, it can also be personalized, and speak directly to the public. The secret is to use mental triggers and be objective.

2. Value Proposition

All the time, we come across a variety of advertisements on virtually every website, social media platform, and web page we access.

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These ads come in many forms (from remarketing to abandoned carts and keywords in a Google Ad).

And that goes for Facebook too. Thus, in the face of so much publicity, this social network will highlight the ads with the best value proposition and in the context of its guidelines.

Whether it’s a well-thought-out caption, a discount coupon, the release of an e-book or promotion… the important thing is to be assertive in the communication created.

3. Invest in a Multichannel Strategy to Increase Your Sales

Finally, when it comes to e-commerce business strategy, the ideal is to work with different channels so that your Facebook marketing actions convert into sales.

So, in commercial terms, you can invest both in Facebook Shopping, Marketplaces, in your own online store and in other digital e-commerce platforms.

Combining these actions, when creating an ad on Facebook, you can direct the lead to different channels and gain a strong digital position.

For example, there is a great advantage in having your own e-commerce website, and the efforts invested in this channel are significant.

The advantages of having your own e-commerce website include:

1. Personalization and own identity: with your website, you have the freedom to create the visual identity and customize the store the way you want;
2. Credibility;
3. A proprietary domain with more information and social proof about the products or services increases trust and sales opportunities.

In addition, with an e-commerce platform, you can control deliveries, freight calculation, product management and service in a single interface.

However, if you are not ready to start your own website, then you can choose to create an e-commerce store using one of the many e-commerce platforms available.

At Shopify, for example, in addition to being able to create your store in just 3 minutes, you have access to all the resources to structure and optimize your e-commerce sales without paying anything for it!

Check out the benefits that Shopify offers you:

1. You will be able to distribute your products through the main logistical channels;
2. Set up a store with attractive usability and visual identity;
3. Have the main payment method on Shopify;
4. Disclose your contact channels on social networks;
5. Have financial management, cash flow and bank reconciliation tools.

To place an ad on Facebook, you will have to access the Facebook Business platform and define:

1. What are your campaign objectives;
2. Where you will run your ad (Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, all network channels);
3. Define the budget (which can be daily or total, based on the campaign deadline);
4. Choose the ad format (there are several options, from multimedia presentations to static images or even interactive ads);
5. Send a campaign and participate in the Facebook Ads Auction, which determines the best ads to be distributed according to the public and schedules;
6. Measure results.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Selling More on Facebook

1. What are the best selling campaign objectives?

Without a doubt, the one that sells the most is conversion, however, there is no point in just wanting to make a direct sale, it is extremely important to create new campaigns with a reach objective to increase your website visits.

2. How do I advertise to people who have already engaged with me?

The best way to do this is to use the Facebook tracking pixel. After configuring it on your page, go to the “audiences” section within your manager and create a new “custom audience” using all your website visitors as a database. After that, your audience of people who have already engaged with you will be ready.

3. How to make a good CTA for my ads?

In the “advertisements” section within your manager, there are several button configurations, such as: learn more, contact us and buy now. Choose the one that best suits what you are promoting. Also, don't forget to always use imperative verbs, as if you were giving the person an order.

4. How to sell more on Facebook?

Knowing your audience is essential for any business. Always run test campaigns not aiming for profit, but trying to understand how your audience behaves, resulting in campaigns that generate more results with less cost.

5. What metrics should I analyze in my campaigns?

There are numerous metrics that should be analyzed, however, there are 4 that are indispensable, namely: ROI (return of investment), CPA (cost of acquisition), CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and CPC (cost per click).


Yes, advertising on Facebook is an excellent way to have a smart digital marketing strategy and sell more.

Its benefits, as we have seen, are extensive, if advertising is implemented assertively, taking into account all the points covered in this article.

However, it is worth mentioning that an advertisement alone cannot stop a business from standing.

You’ll need to consider factors ranging from post-sale customer relationship maintenance to content planning.

Well that’s. We have reached the end of our article: Learn everything about how to advertise on Facebook to sell more!

By considering these points, paid media ads on Facebook, when integrated into a consistent plan for each ad created, can scale your results and guide you on your journey to e-commerce success.

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