The Power of Communication


BPM Professional Web Design, Programming, Digital Products & Services LLC ®” is a dynamic company with a team that creates professional, innovative, effective and affordable online solutions that capture your brand, improve your conversion rates, maximize your business reach, simplify your operations, and help grow your business and achieve your goals. 

Social media has evolved by leaps and bounds. Almost all people have a social media page like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter and good social media strategy will help your business to increase the exposure and recognition of your company.

Our team will help you integrate your business profiles at those networks into your website and get your business in front of a much larger audience to make you get more customers. Your business’s Social Media presence should be integrated into your website, and we can do that using automated posting as well as interactive buttons and feeds.

Social Media Integration Improves SEO

Integrating social media accounts into your website allows your customers to easy access the more human side of your business while also increasing your search engine optimization.

Social Media Integration is as simple as finding the appropriate platforms for your business type, creating accounts, and then placing opportunities for your visitors to quickly link or share information between your website and social media.

When you post to your accounts, Google sees this movement in a similar way as blogging and ranks your site higher than comparable websites not integrated with their social media.

Social Media Integration Improves Organic Traffic

If you sell online or have products to show, this seamless connection has the increased value of offering your customers the ability to share or save your products to their boards/walls, or with their friends.

Having this integration with your website and social media is absolutely important for your online visibility and essential to the overall success of your marketing strategies.

BPM will help on both sides of the equation by setting up your website and social media accounts as well as aid or take over your marketing campaigns entirely.

BPM Social Media Integration Services

We will help your business to reach an audience outside your website by creating tools and integrations that are crucial for your business success:

Social Sharing Buttons

The integration professionals from BPM will integrate social sharing buttons to your website. So users can utilize them to share anything- pictures, products, videos to their contacts on different social media platforms.

Fan Page Integration

Businesses get a direct opportunity to engage with audience directly making it an absolute necessity for a brand to visible on various social media platforms via a professional page. BPM, thus, helps you to integrate a well-designed page to harness this potential of online branding.

Reports and Analytics

Through our efficient social media integration, we have valuable insights into the actions of your guests. A simple dashboard enables you to track different metrics, such as views, total reach, customer engagement. Utilizing this data, you can optimize your marketing strategy. This also allows you to access customer feedback, responses, and comments from all channels in one location.

Enhance User-Friendliness

Forms, particularly via mobile phones, are annoying to fill out. Social media integration will help the audience to subscribe, log in, or interact with your business simply by using the social media credentials they are already using. This enhances user-friendliness and thus, growth of a business or website.

Boost Exposure and Downloads/Visits

People are spending hours on social media sites. Our experts deftly connect the social media platforms to your app/website so that the viewers have an easier accessibility to your link when they come across it. A viewer’s friend might share your app/website content and that can give it exposure. By marketing captivating content, you can boost downloads/visits.

Virality and Popularity

BPM Social Media Integrations Services create the tools so that an user can easily find and pick something interesting in your website, and share it with other netizens, to make what was shared to become viral. So that consequently, making your business achieve greater popularity generating more sales.

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