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You can earn money in many ways in the online world: by watching videos, playing games, freelancing, selling used items, just by being connected and even by referral!

So-called apps to make money can yield that extra income or even large amounts, you know? That’s why we’ve listed 47 apps with different activities for you to choose which one to earn. Let’s start it!

Best app to earn money by watching videos and referring

#1. Make Money With Kwai

Google Play: Kwai / 4.3 rating (over 3 million reviews)
Apple Store: Kwai / 4.8 rating (500k+ reviews)
Segment: Social networks that give real money
Dedication time: spare time
Earning potential: From $10 to $50 per month
Time to receive money: After accumulating minimum balance

Everyone wants to know how to make money in Kwai. And, do you know why? Because the social network started in the market by giving higher rewards than its competitors, like TikTok, for example.

We can say that Kwai really pays, and it has interesting ways for those who want to earn money by being connected or indicating Kwai’s invitation code.

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