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Trending Jobs For This Year: Discover the Top 6 That Can Change Your Future

Trending Jobs For This Year: Discover the Top 6 That Can Change Your Future


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Main professions in demand for this year:

The professional market is constantly changing, whether in the big or small details that are promoted, mainly because of what technology has provided to the world.
In this scenario, new areas of activity become increasingly promising, opening doors for professionals to explore new areas and achieve excellent results.

Digital marketing and related areas are in great prominence as you can see below:

BPM Where the business budget is being invested in 2021
Therefore, in this content, we are going to talk about the professions that are trending for 2023, what are the reasons for this and how you can make the most of your professional career.


1 Professions in trend for this year: why know them?
    1.1 Hot courses to keep an eye on
2 Top 6 rising professions for this year
    2.1 Cyber Security
    2.2 Engineering “of things”
    2.3 Growth Hacking
    2.4 Work with games
    2.5 Digital influence
    2.6 Digital Marketing
3 How to extract the best from each profession?
    3.1 Understand the market
    3.2 Know which tools can be used
4 Completion of high-level professions

1- Trending Professions for this Year: Why Know Them?

To begin with, it’s important to fully understand why it’s so important to know which professions are on the rise.
Perhaps the professions that we are going to present here are not necessarily the ones that you want to follow.

However, based on this knowledge, it is possible to:

     • Understand the professional market;
     • Keeping up with current trends;
     • Explore possible areas of activity.
In addition, what we are going to present in this content addresses how to make the most of your professional career, with tips that you can apply in all areas.
Therefore, it is important to have this knowledge, as it is a starting point for other important aspects of your career to be successful.
Another important detail about today’s article is that by understanding the professions that are on the rise in this and the coming years, you will also better understand which courses and degrees are in demand.
If you are not careful with this point, you can invest time and money in what is in decline, that is, without demand (and job vacancies).
In this way, we are here to help you better choose a possible profession and market.
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2- The 6 Main Professions on the Rise for this Year

A real revolution started since the internet appeared and became something massive, that is, accessed by the majority of people.
This is because the way we communicate, consume content, buy, work and relate to each other has been totally impacted by this feature.

The professional scene felt this impact in different ways, with many benefits arising, such as:

     • Public expansion;
     • More accurate market studies;
     • New types of business;
     • Close relationship with the client;
     • Digital marketing; and much more!
In this scenario, traditional professions such as medicine, law and engineering have not necessarily lost their place. However, new professions have emerged and are on the rise as they offer profitable results.
In addition, there was the coronavirus pandemic, which gave the game a new balance…
With all that in mind, let’s highlight the top 6 professions that are hot today.

2.1 Cyber Security

Have you thought about the possibilities that this area offers?
The cybersecurity profession is on the rise and it is extremely important to take care of something essential for companies and people connected to the internet: digital security.
Without digital security, data can leak, cyber attacks can occur, and this generates risks of loss, exposure of confidential information and several other extremely negative consequences.
Therefore, cybersecurity professionals face an extremely promising market.
There is a great demand for those who have the specific knowledge of this profession, which makes it a profession with the possibility of excellent financial results and which will increasingly gain space.

2.2 Engineering "Of Things"

The field of engineering is extremely broad and, in general, is constantly on the rise, with civil and mechanical engineering two of the highlights.
The engineer can be a key player in the creation of technological infrastructure, such as the cloud and the security part (as mentioned in the previous item).
There is a dearth of people with technical skills in the market across the world today.
And engineering also helps in many areas, as these professionals are good at difficult calculations and operations.
Even banks and financial institutions have a lot of engineers, right?
So if you want to be associated with new professions and emerging markets, being the math guy can help you a lot.

Featured areas here:

     • IT infrastructure;
     • Financial market;
     • Agribusiness.


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2.3 Growth Hacking

Now, let’s start talking about trends that emerged relatively recently, but due to the impact they provide, they have already reached large proportions in relation to their relevance.
For that, we need to start by highlighting growth hacking.

This term refers to a mindset focused on applying growth methodologies with techniques that provide the development and improvement of the excellence of a company and its professionals, through:

     • Complete analysis;
     • Customized techniques;
     • Effective strategies;
     • Monitoring of results;
     • Efficiency combined with agility.
In this way, professionals who work with growth hacking have and apply a mindset that moves a company in new directions, better results and, thus, makes it more competitive and able to fully serve its external and internal customers.
More and more entrepreneurs are recognizing the importance of applying what growth hacking offers to their business development.
Therefore, the professionals who carry out this work are also within a high profession.

2.4 Working With Games

Yes, digital games are on the rise. It has become a huge market across the world and is here to stay.
Do you realize how the number of people who are on the bench to compete in video game championships has increased, that is, to be a professional player? Like free fire.
Therefore, professional players are also within a high profession.

2.5 Digital Influence

Today, it is practically impossible for a person connected to the internet not to have contact or knowledge with at least one digital influencer.
That’s because social networks have opened up space for people to make their own identity, opinion, creativity and contact with the public a source of income, working side by side with advertising and marketing.
In this way, digital influence is already considered a profession to follow. After all, it requires all the procedures of a company and the results achieved can be extraordinary.
Therefore, it is a profession that tends to grow more and more, especially among the current generation.

2.6 Digital Marketing

Finally, the last profession on the rise that we are going to highlight is digital marketing, and this is a term that opens doors to a series of possibilities.
Digital marketing is an extremely broad market, which makes it possible, in different ways, for a product and/or service, physical or digital, to be marketed in a way that the customer and the relationship created with him are extremely prioritized.
Precisely because of the constant advancement of digital, this is a profession that is only expanding, as many companies need well-structured digital marketing.
In addition to being able to work in digital marketing for professional development in another area.
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BPM ApploadYou001

3- How to Extract the Best of Each Profession?

So far, we’ve presented the 6 professions/areas that are currently in high demand. However, as promising as they may be, any profession requires some indispensable actions to extract the maximum potential.
After all, it’s no use taking advantage of a market like digital marketing if you don’t know who to do it for, how to do it and what mindset to adopt.
That’s why, below, we’re going to talk about 3 pillars that deal with exactly that, so that you know how to effectively extract the best from your profession.

3.1 Understanding the Market

The first pillar is to understand your market, whatever it may be.
Don’t be lazy when it comes to studying and getting informed (or you’ll go to the wrong college and the wrong course).
That’s because only with a complete understanding of your area of expertise will you be able to direct your own professional career.
All of this is essential for you to be able to stand out within your profession, having the knowledge base for those you serve and the best way to serve them.

3.2 Find out which Tools Can be Used.

As we have already highlighted and it is important to keep in mind, there are more and more tools that can and should be used for your professional development, and that help in your work.
Showing mastery of them will go a long way in job interviews and your future jobs.
These tools will allow you to organize yourself better, serve your external and internal customers with quality, study the market, monitor metrics and much more.
BPM High professions for this year
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Trending Professions for this Year

1. How much can I earn in these professions?

There is no correct answer to this question as this number can be variable. But it's possible to close a $100 freelance job up to $50,000 annual contracts.

2. Is it necessary to have some kind of graduation to work?

The answer to that question is: It depends. Do you want to scale your service to other countries? Do you want to join a big company? Do you want to specialize even more? Then a course or graduation can be very useful for you.

3. Will I need to work for someone else or for myself?

You may be creating your own business/company and delegating functions over time and as you work on the scale, or you may choose to provide a service to another person/company and be well compensated for it.


We talked about the importance of knowing the rising professions, 6 of them, and why they have this highlight and pillars that you can apply in your profession.
In summary, with all this, we can see that the professional market has turned, that technology has revolutionized it, and that being prepared to follow trends and apply appropriate methodologies is fundamental to always remain relevant.
For this, the golden tip is: knowledge.
That is, all the content you consume, like this one, those we link to in the content, podcasts and videos, will always add a lot to what you can do to see your business grow, with consistency and excellent results.

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