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Video Marketing: Capturing Attention and Keeping It

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Video Marketing: Capturing Attention and Keeping It


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Ways to Keep the Audience's Attention on the Video

If you’re still wary of using video, remember that it’s admittedly a more effective format at attracting and engaging audiences, and science has a good explanation for why this is so.

According to experts in neuromarketing, the human brain processes images faster than texts. According to them, 90% of the data we process is visual.


In practice, this means that the use of video increases the retention level of messages, which is fundamental for any brand or company, right?

There is yet another good reason to justify investing in video: the diversity of options that can be worked on.

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How to Choose the Most Suitable Types of Videos?

In order not to make a mistake in choosing the most appropriate type of video for your strategy, start by planning. If this is important in the case of simpler content, imagine for audiovisual, which requires more care in production.

As you can deduce, the public’s profile makes a lot of difference in defining the language that will be adopted in the material, but analyzing this aspect is not enough. It is also necessary to consider the objectives of the action and, of course, the available budget.

This is an important issue for video: yes, costs are more accessible today, but it depends on the type of production. There is no point in “forcing the bar”, because certain formats depend on more resources, which will imply more costs.

The difference is that, once the basic standards are defined, there are excellent options for all types of companies, from the most conservative to the most innovative. And it doesn’t matter if the idea is to reach the final consumer or employees, video works well for any type of approach.

What are the Most Suitable Video Formats?

1. Tutorials

This format gained fame because of YouTube. No matter the subject, there is a high probability that you will be able to find a walkthrough on the platform.

For companies, this is an excellent format for clarifying your audience’s doubts regarding products and services. The idea is simple: instead of telling what needs to be done, show it to the user.

The attraction for the format is justified, after all it is not possible to compare the easiness of the video to explain something, mainly when we think about the long and complicated texts of the instruction manuals.

Important detail: the tutorials work very well to capture the attention of those who entered the internet wanting to know “how to do” such a thing, that is, they increase the chances of the brand having a good result in the search engines.

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2. Webinar

Today many companies have used this type of resource for internal communication, but it is also worth putting it on your YouTube channel and, of course, working on the repercussion of the material on your social networks.

In order not to make a mistake, pay attention to the production of the material. It is important to keep the conversation natural, but that does not mean that the professional is not obliged to follow a basic script to make the presentation more organized.

Why is the format so used in content marketing strategies? All you need is a computer with a webcam, microphone and internet access to produce good content.

Even better if you combine the use of the webinar with chat. It is an excellent opportunity to interact with the public and quickly clarify your audience’s doubts.

In content marketing strategies, the webinar is one of the main materials to approach customers who are in the middle of the sales funnel. To participate, he will have to give you something in return: his contact details!

3. Cultural Reviews

This type of video has helped many youtubers to build an audience for their channels, but it works well for video marketing strategies.

The proposal is to prepare simple materials, with cultural tips: books, series, movies, games, in short, the choice of content depends on analyzing the profile of your target audience.

Is it possible to select a topic that has to do with your business? Of course, but keep in mind that the main thing here is to ensure the relevance of the content, to have material that is pleasant.

Remember that in this case your company will compete for space with people who are very good at writing this type of review. So, the main thing is to have someone who really understands the subject and who can approach it properly.

The language here is lighthearted, but consider that branded content needs to help build your online reputation. In other words, one cannot lose sight of the values that are part of its identity.

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4. FAQ Video

You know those questions that customers always have about your company and/or product or service? Carefully consider the possibility of producing a video (or even a series) to answer them.

The format you decide, according to the available budget. It is possible to make more sophisticated materials or opt for more basic solutions.

Regardless of the resources, the advantage of the audiovisual is the improvement in the level of retention of the message.

And, at the end of the day, this represents an increase in the level of customer satisfaction and can even positively impact sales (the fewer questions, the faster the consumer evolves in their purchase journey, right?).

5. Vlog

The adoption of vlogs depends on the profile of your audience and the availability of the company to have a more open communication with your audience.

The idea is that day-to-day scenes of the company are recorded, but the focus should be more personal — remember that concept of blogs that at first worked as a “diary”? This is the concept behind vlogs.

In the business environment, a good option is to make a more relaxed video to discuss a certain subject (in this case, the tip is to do this in a more informal environment) or take advantage of the resource to show the company’s professionals participating in events.

6. Top 10

This is another format that is successful among youtubers and that can be used by companies to attract an audience to their channels.

There’s no way, no matter how “beat” the idea is, people really appreciate content that helps them know what’s trending at that moment — we need to be well informed and we don’t always have the time, right?

For brands, the ideal, in this case, is to work with themes related to their company’s business. They can be projects developed in the area, outstanding professionals, reference materials, courses, in short, the list is extensive.

Remember that the idea, as in the case of the corporate blog, is not exactly to talk about your product or service, but to address content that helps in customer education.



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7. Public Causes

Want something more in line with your audience’s values? How about associating the brand with public causes?

In the business environment, it is important to avoid controversial topics, but nothing prevents you from showing that your company is engaged, that you care about your client’s well-being.

Why not produce videos related to consumer financial education or how to improve driving behavior, taking care of waste or ethical behavior, for example?

Also analyze the possibility of supporting campaigns linked to the health area or even professional development and training.

See that video is the most suitable for this type of subject, since images are more effective in sensitizing people, establishing the intended emotional connection.

8. Video Case

To understand the importance of the case video, think about your behavior as a spectator: instead of a descriptive text about a certain project, isn’t it more interesting to follow the results through a video?

With the use of adequate resources, the exhibition will be more dynamic, also due to the possibility of including interviews or customer testimonials.

Depending on the project, how about including recordings that show how the customer interacted with the product or service?

9. Interviews

Answer: between a text with customer testimonials and images of an interview with him, which generates more credibility?

In addition to the issue of trust, another determining factor for the success of interviews is empathy. When we see the person in the video, we are more likely to identify with them. It is common to feel closer to the character than when we see his name quoted in a text.

In the case of interviews, there are several options for working them on video. We can use the journalistic pattern (question and answer, as in reports) or opt for the talk-show style, which helps to highlight one of the company’s professionals.

As with other types of videos, interviews serve actions aimed at the company’s consumer/customer, as well as internal marketing initiatives.

Internal communication strategies have demanded more attention, so it’s important to consider how videos can be used to optimize results. Without engaged employees, how do you get that from consumers?

As you could certainly see throughout the text, there is no lack of good options for using audiovisual materials. The most suitable types of videos? It depends on the persona, goals and available budget.

Video marketing is no longer a trend, but a reality. YouTube has more than 1 billion users worldwide and all social networks have been moving to increase their video business.

How to Produce Videos that Impact the Audience

Do you want to get your hands dirty and say “lights, camera, action” in your campaigns?

Let’s look at some factors to consider to ensure that the results are as expected in your communication, that is, that your videos can capture the public’s attention.

Planning is key

Because it is a bigger investment and involves more professionals in the production, videos must be well planned from concept to placement to avoid unpleasant surprises in the process.

Good planning consists of the following steps:

Briefing with creative, budgetary and deadline guidelines.
Definition of objectives and appropriate media for the target audience.
Creation of the script and storyboard.
Hiring suppliers (when involving external partners).
Video and audio editing.
Material approval.
Monitoring and analysis of results.

Following this step by step and respecting the time for each task, your company reduces risks and optimizes investment.

Every Goal, A Need

Knowing the target audience, their video consumption habits and what objectives your company must meet with the campaign is essential to have good results.

When we talk about video, there are countless possibilities in terms of size, duration and other factors peculiar to each medium in which it will be broadcast. For example, according to the 2018 Video in Business Benchmark Report, 89% of videos targeted at B2B audiences are viewed on desktop versus 11% on mobile devices. This is because decision-making is a process that requires study — and the larger screen is more appropriate in this regard.

On the other hand, mobile videos and even vertical videos are more receptive to the B2C audience.

It is also important to take into account the specificities of each means of dissemination. In Instagram stories, 60% of videos are watched with audio, but 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. Therefore, consider subtitling your materials according to the situation.

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Content and Creativity Reign

The first few seconds of a video are essential to capture the viewer’s attention. An eye-catching opening that promises good content helps keep attention, whether the video is one minute or ten.


So don’t worry too much about reaching a certain length of video because this or that reference produces materials like that. The right length for your video is the one that keeps the content quality at the highest level. In fact, it doesn’t take much to please the public. In an analysis of 564,710 videos, Wistia came to the conclusion that durations of up to two minutes generate more engagement.

Look for Professional Talents

The higher the production quality, the more credibility you convey with your message.

It can be tempting to take a do-it-yourself attitude, pull your phone out of your pocket and start recording. On social networks, this spontaneity can be great, but in an institutional campaign, it might give the impression of amateurism.

In addition, there are things that only experienced professionals can guarantee for you. Copywriters specialize in scripts, animators in animations, videographers in visual language, and so on. Details such as narration rhythm, lights and audio quality may not make much difference to you, while for the public this is the face of your business.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Video Marketing

1. What is the best platform to promote videos?

There are many platforms to promote videos including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. The best platform depends on your target audience and the type of content you are promoting.

2. How can I increase my video views?

There are many ways to increase your video views, such as optimizing your title and thumbnail, promoting your video on multiple platforms, using relevant keywords, and promoting your video in relevant groups or online communities.

3. How long should my video be?

The ideal length of your video depends on the type of content you are promoting and your target audience. Overall, it's important to keep the video as short as possible while still providing all the relevant information.

4. How can I make my video more attractive to my audience?

Some ways to make your video more appealing include using high quality images and videos, having a good script, using eye-catching visual effects, and being authentic and credible in your subject matter.

5. How can I measure the success of my marketing video?

There are many metrics you can use to measure the success of your marketing video, including the number of views, number of likes, number of shares, number of comments, and average watch time. You can also use social media analytics tools to gain more insight into how your video is performing.
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As you’ve seen, video marketing is an effective strategy for capturing and keeping your audience’s attention. This can be done through compelling titles and thumbnails, high-quality visuals, well-done editing, a good script, and authenticity and authority on the subject.

It’s also important to promote your video across multiple platforms and use success metrics like number of views and average watch time to measure your video’s performance.

By following all these tips we’ve shared, you can create effective marketing videos that will help grab and hold your audience’s attention.

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