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Website SEO Services: Do You Think Your Website Is Optimized? Think Again!

Website SEO Services: Do You Think Your Website Is Optimized? Think Again!


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These are the best tips for website optimization:

SEO is one of the main strategies of Digital Marketing.
After all, who doesn’t want to appear in the first positions of Google’s organic search? There are the links most viewed and clicked by users, who usually do not go beyond the first page to find the answers they are looking for.
So a good SEO strategy will get you there! Your website, blog or virtual store becomes better known, gains authority in the market, receives more visitors and increases the chances of conversions.
BPM What is seo and what it generates on your website
And you know what is better? You get all of this without investing in media, based on optimizations on your own pages and on relationships with other sites to improve the search and navigation experience for users.
In this comprehensive SEO guide, you’ll learn everything about how to get to the top of Google!

1- What is SEO?

SEO is the set of optimization strategies for websites, blogs and web pages that aims to improve their positioning in the organic results of search engines. It is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which means optimization for search engines.
Every second, millions of searches are performed on search engines — especially on Google, the most used search engine in the world.
Users want to answer the most diverse questions in their daily lives, from the best rated hotel for their next trip to explaining the theory of evolution.
In each search, Google tries to organize the contents in a ranking that offers the best answers in the first positions.

And the numbers below show that users trust this search engine judgment:

     • The first three organic links receive about 30% of clicks; Only 0.78% of users click on a link on the second page of results.
So each search represents an opportunity for your brand to provide the best answer to what users are looking for.
Thus, you are more likely to gain visibility and clicks, receive more organic traffic and have more results with your online presence.
But for that, you need to prove to Google that you have the best answer and deserve to appear in the top positions of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).
And that means not only having the best content, but also offering good usability, gaining authority in the market and providing a good reading of the pages to Google.
That’s what an SEO strategy is all about.
SEO is also part of SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which encompasses all sorts of strategies for search engines, including the creation of paid advertisements and sponsored links.
SEO, in turn, are just organic strategies, which do not involve media buying. Therefore, increased return on investment (ROI) and reduced customer acquisition cost (CAC) are often results of SEO.

2- What are Search Engines?

Search engines are systems formed by a series of algorithms that have the function of crawling, indexing and ranking web contents to display them in an orderly way in user searches.
They may also be called search engines, search engines or search engines.
When we talk about search engines, we mean not only Google, but also Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu and other systems. Even YouTube and Pinterest, for example, can be understood as search engines, as they are widely used to find content.
But it is clear that Google stands out among them, with more than 92% share of the search market.
Each engine has its operating mode and ranking criteria. But the ultimate goal is always the same: to offer the best answers to what the user is looking for.
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2.1 How Do Search Engines Work?

Have you ever thought about everything Google does every time you type in a search? In order to display a list of results that answer your question, there’s a long process — although it happens in milliseconds!

Search engines basically work in stages:

BPM What are search engines and how do they work
First, search engines crawl web content. Who does this are the robots or spiders – in the case of Google, called Googlebot. They follow the paths the links point to, looking for new pages and updates.
Next, crawled pages are indexed. That is, they go to the search engine index, which works as a large library of web content.
There, the pages are organized according to the information collected in the crawl, such as the page load time and the main keywords.
Crawling and indexing processes happen all the time. Robots are always at work to find and organize the contents of the web. But the order in which they are displayed in user searches is defined at the time of ranking.
Ranking happens every time a user performs a search — and this is the process where SEO efforts are concentrated.
According to the keyword he uses in the search, Google quickly scans its index in search of pages that match those terms and answer his question.
The ranking, then, is defined by the best keyword match, in conjunction with a series of ranking factors that make up the search algorithm.
They serve to offer a better user experience and, consequently, improve the positioning of your pages in search engines.

3- Ranking Factors

It is estimated that there are over 200 ranking factors in Google’s algorithm. The combination between them is what determines the positioning of the pages on the SERP.
Google does not openly reveal what these factors are, although it does give some statements that give away some secrets. In addition, the market itself moves to carry out studies that reveal the impact of a certain action on the positioning of a page.
In general, we know that ranking factors are divided into two groups: on page and off page.

3.1 On Page

On-page ranking factors are present on your own pages.
When we talk about on-page SEO, we are talking about optimizations in these elements.

Some examples:

     • Contents;
     • Title and Meta description;
     • Heading tags;
     • Images;
     • URLs;
     • Rich snippets.
Google evaluates these factors to understand what your pages are saying and thus index correctly.
In addition, they help the search engine to see if you are offering a good user experience, with information and organization.

3.2 Off Page

Off-page factors, in turn, are off-page elements that show whether it is a referral.
Therefore, off-page SEO consists of optimizing the authority of the site before users and other websites, with a focus on acquiring backlinks.

These are some examples of factors:

     • Number of backlinks;
     • Diversity of backlinks;
     • Context of the backlinks;
     • Brand mentions;
     • Social signals;
     • Direct searches.
For Google, factors like these show how authoritative a site is on the web.
If the page receives many visitors from direct searches by brand name and gains several backlinks and mentions of good sites, it should have more authority in the market.


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BPM ApploadYou001

4- Black Hat x White Hat

Google’s algorithm works hard to improve users’ search experience.
This means not only continuously improving search results, but also fighting low-quality and dubious content, which is called black hat.
The black hat has been in Google’s sights since the early days of SEO.
When the algorithm was still new and had many loopholes, it was easy to game the system and get the best positions, even if you had nothing good to offer.

These were some common black hat practices:

     • Doorway pages: the page is only optimized to redirect to malicious pages;
     • Cloaking: the page presents different contents for the user and for the robot;
     • Link farms: the page only contains backlinks to other pages;
     • Keyword stuffing: the page contains excessive repetition of keywords;
     • Hidden texts and links: the page hides texts and links from the user, but not from the robot;
     • Comment Spam: Page comments on blogs just to gain backlinks.
That kind of strategy still exists. However, Google’s algorithm is increasingly complex and intelligent to identify the black hat.
An excessive gain of backlinks from suspicious domains in a short time, for example, is an indication of black hat.
When this happens, pages receive penalties, which can range from a momentary drop in ranking to banishment.
So run away from black hat SEO. If you want to gain search engine trust and ensure a more secure and sustainable position on the SERP, follow Google’s SEO guidelines.
These guidelines coincide with the white hat, which are the SEO strategies accepted and recommended by search engines.
We are talking, for example, of improving the usability of the site, using keywords naturally in the contents, gaining backlinks from reliable partners, among other strategies that we will also cover in this guide.

5- What Are Keywords?

Keywords are the way the user writes their question in a search engine and that activate the display of indexed pages in the search engine.
When a user searches for certain terms, Google searches its index for pages that best match those terms and displays them in the search results.
The order in which they appear is the result of a series of ranking factors, as we saw before.
Therefore, keywords are essential in the SEO strategy, as they reveal which terms our persona has been searching for.
They define the optimization focus of a page, so that Google indexes for the correct terms, present them to users who search for them and ensure that your content is in demand.
It is important to know that Google already has the intelligence to understand the intentions of searches, human language and variations in terms that may occur.
This means that if you want to optimize a blogpost for “hand luggage”, for example, you don’t have to worry about using that exact keyword in your text, let alone repeating it insistently.
You can use synonyms, such as “carry-on bag” or “on-board luggage”, which make reading more pleasant.
And, even if the user types the term with errors or variations, such as “hand luggage” or “hand luggage”, Google will understand the user’s search intention and present your page to him.
Therefore, exact keyword matching no longer needs to be a concern.
BPM Use this data to classify and choose the keywords with the highest search volume
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6- Images for SEO

Google still doesn’t fully understand what an image says. To understand what they represent, he needs your help. And how can you help?
With image optimization for SEO.
This strategy serves to provide data in the form of text on the images. We are talking about alternative text (alt tag), file name, image caption, image URL and context (words in its surroundings).
The most important thing here is the alt text, which is critical to the visually impaired experience as the screen reader reads the alt text to the user.
Therefore, the alternative text should always be a description of the image and, whenever possible, containing the keyword.
All these elements make Google understand what the image displays, index it for Google Images search and make it another source of traffic.
Image optimization for SEO also includes some care with file size and format, so that they are quickly loaded and indexed.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Using SEO For Websites

1. How does the Google search engine work?

Basically, Google works using robots (known as Googlebot, crawler or spider), which go from link to link identifying pages on the Internet, classifying and indexing them on their servers.

2. What is the importance of search engines?

Search engines are important for marketing because they are the main way to generate traffic to web pages, accounting for 93% of all web visits. Thus, having a good position on the result pages is considered a competitive advantage for businesses.

3. How to rank on Google?

Focus on indexing the page on Google; Optimize the SEO of the website content; Define the most relevant keywords for the business; Analyze the performance of the strategy to find out how to rank more significantly on Google; Optimize content that is bringing good results.

4. Why worry about appearing on the first page of google?

Appearing on the first page of Google is the desire of many companies. After all, this kind of visibility reveals that your product or service is useful and reliable for those looking for it. Also, being found on the internet is critical for a business to thrive these days.


It’s time to get your hands dirty!
So far we have covered all the variables for you to implement an SEO strategy according to best practices. But if you have to take a single lesson when closing this manual, remember that quality content is one of the most valuable assets for your company to gain relevance in search engines.
With that in hand, it’s easier to implement all the practical actions you’ve seen here.

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