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What is CTO as a 'Service'?

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What is CTO as a 'Service'?


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What a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) does within a company:

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Those who work in the area of information technology and wish to have an ascending career should be informed about the functions of each position. In this post, we are going to talk about what makes an IT director the highest position in the sector within a company.
The skills of an IT professional need to evolve so that he can aspire to more challenging positions, such as taking over the board, for example.
From analyst to director, you will only be able to make a successful trajectory if you manage to perform your tasks well at each stage.
The IT director is a position that needs to have a global vision of the company’s needs and how technology can contribute to the achievement of management objectives.
BPM Chief technology officer cto
If you want to reach this position, check below what an IT director does and their main tasks in their work routine.

Career Guide: What an IT Director Does

The IT director can also be called the CIO (Chief Information Officer). He is the professional who bridges the general direction of the company.
He dialogues with the heads of other departments and the presidency to align how technology can help achieve the company’s goals.
In addition, it ensures that all departments have the guidance and IT support they need to carry out their daily tasks.
This is an overview of what an IT director does and we will detail in the next topics how this job develops on a day-to-day basis.

1- Create the IT Master Plan

The first point related to what an IT director does is the creation of the Information Technology Master Plan for the business.
This planning makes the analysis of the company with a diagnosis of what are the resources and processes related to technology that the business needs to continue operating efficiently.
The IT director coordinates the analysis phase with data collection and also document assembly. Then he submits it to the board for approval.
Once approved, what does an IT director do? It puts into practice and coordinates the implementation together with IT managers by setting priorities, making schedules and allocating the budget.

2- Update Company Resources

When it comes to technology, you need to keep an eye on new market trends. This is another fundamental point of what an IT director does.
Periodically, new systems are released or old software and hardware solutions gain new functions.
That’s why it’s important to keep your radar on the market to make updates and identify which technological innovations can contribute to the company’s development.
The continuity of improvements is a fundamental point so that the main plan does not get stuck. The IT director needs to be dynamic and flexible so that the available resources and systems are well used.

3- Coordinate the Business IT Infrastructure

With a defined IT plan and a periodic update of resources, another task related to what an IT director does is to coordinate all this infrastructure.
The director needs to think about the main points to ensure the proper development and preventive maintenance of each resource used.

Some tasks within this job involve:

• Ensure effective communication:

Both voice communication (phone system) and data communication (internal communication software) must be installed and working without interference in all departments.

• Inspect the company's power grid:

It might seem like an odd item among what an IT director does, but without power the company doesn’t function, right? Therefore, it is necessary to create a generator system, supervise the wiring to avoid shorts and eliminate excess exposed wires to avoid accidents.

• Structuring of the data network:

Together with the IT team, the director defines the best design for the network to be easily accessible, allowing access by all departments and protecting/hiding confidential items.

• Coordinate IT service demands across the company:

All sectors need to have the necessary support with the desired speed. Having a demand distribution system is a director-led process.

• Provide quality equipment:

Computers, printers, telephony are important day-to-day items that must be allocated in the budget so that they do not become obsolete.

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4- Ensuring the Quality of IT Consulting

In addition to having the most current and efficient solutions operating in the company, it is necessary to ensure that the team knows how to do its job with quality.
For this, it is necessary to organize the department to receive, forward and distribute internal calls among the team.
The objective is not to overburden any member and thus maintain the quality of care, generating trust and motivation for the team.
The anointing to deliver quality is among what an IT director does, but he also shares the task with the managers who help him keep the work going.

5- Coordinate the Hiring of the Sector

As head of the department, the IT director knows exactly the profiles of professionals he needs to complete the team.
Thus, he is responsible for informing the HR department about the profile of open positions and which specialties are required.
So what an CIO does is analyze their industry, what their strengths are and where the team needs to be strengthened to make the right hires.

6- Create an Internal Security Policy

The security that IT solutions offer today needs to be well implemented and followed in order not to create breaches.
It is up to the IT director to create the main guidelines on what should be implemented to guarantee the security of machines, files and the company’s network.
This policy must be communicated to everyone later to follow the same resources.

7- Profession Guide: Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Chief Technology Officer, also known as Technology Leader, Technology Manager or the acronym CTO (Chief Technology Officer), is responsible for the strategic vision, planning and execution of all technological demands of a company.
Among the main attributions of this search for professionals are leading technical teams, monitoring, expanding and developing possibilities, managing the development of development projects and ensuring that their application takes place in accordance with the company and/or the needs of its customers.

In short, what does a CTO do?

The role of a CTO strategic plan can be summarized in 5 steps:

7.1 Planning

In planning, he carries out a survey of project needs, understanding the needs and/or of his clients, analyzing the scope and limitation of projects, solutions, similar to a Project Manager. He also works to ensure project success by managing time, processes, prioritization, resources and deadlines.

7.2 Strategy

In strategy, the CTO is a visionary: he is the one who analyzes the organization’s objectives and aligns the technological teams to achieve them, studies the competition, identifies opportunities and risks, participates in the corporation’s management and governance decisions.
He/she needs to better forecast revenue, expenses, profit, pricing, as well as new requirements and market tools to ensure that the technologies used are more modern and that they provide the necessary benefits.
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7.3 Team Management

The CTO selects who the development teams are and the teams they don’t designate and are being selected for development teams. He coordinates his colleagues, hires professionals, optimizes, grows, analyzes training and professional assignments and trains teams with skills.

7.4 Relationship

In the relationship, you can communicate with customers, suppliers and other departments. It is the CTO that provides options for customers and users, translating problems to the development team.
Its attributions also include communicating the company’s technology strategy to partners, directors, investors and employees; communicate progress, expectations, schedules and other production measures to the team; establish the client informed about the appropriate schedule of the stages of a project.

7.5 Creation and Maintenance of Development Patterns

Finally, it acts in the creation and maintenance of development standards, project documentation, analysis of results to improve work processes, disseminating these cultures and internal and external standards. With this, it is possible to evaluate project deliverables and propose changes, project quality, customer satisfaction and measures of success.
In periods of high demand, it can also support project development.



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8- How much does a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Earn?

According to employment data published in Jobs, the average total compensation for a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) in the US is $274,820. This value increases for professionals with more experience, who work in large national or international companies.

9- Professional Profile and Characteristics

The specific technicians for a Tech Lead professional vary according to the need to be provided. That is, they are different web, software, systems, mobile or hybrid projects. However, one requirement is general: being multilingual, knowing different programming languages, resources and technological tools.
Curiosity, the ability to quickly adapt to changes and keep an eye on trends is also in high demand by CTOs.
It is extremely important that professionals in the area have experience, working with large and complex digital projects, identifying, having problems and already having the teams work to solve them.

Among the behavioral skills most cited by recruiters are:

     • Entrepreneurial profile, critical thinking and strategic vision;
     • Understanding of different types of business models and pricing;
     • Ease of dealing with challenges;
     • Commitment to project quality and deadlines;
     • Results orientation;
     • Strong problem solving and decision making skills;
     • Leadership, time and people management;
     • Multitasking profile, initiative, creativity and collaboration;
     • Excellent communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills.
Training in the area (undergraduate or graduate) is an important differential and knowledge in other languages is always a differential. Advanced English, however, is also a prerequisite.

10- Labor Market

The position of CTO is a position of high responsibility and trust, requiring highly qualified and experienced professionals for this position. So, despite being one of the highest paying positions in tech, it’s also one of the hardest to get.
However, with the constant emergence of new technologies, evolution of tools and the need for adaptation typical of the area, it is a career that will be on the rise for a long time.
Research states that the CTO career is expected to grow 10% between the years 2019 and 2029 in the United States, indicating faster growth than the average for other jobs (4%).
BPM Comparison of professional growth in 10 years in the united states
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About the Position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

1. Is it necessary to have experience to assume the position of CTO?

The position of CTO requires a good deal of time to gain the knowledge and assume the responsibilities that the position requires. The previous trajectory of a professional who becomes CTO is more than 10 years of experience. 2 out of 3 CTOs have already implemented machine learning in 2021.

2. What is a CTO in the company?

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is the main and executive position of the IT area of an organization. He is very necessary to delegate functions and oversee the industry and promote product and service innovation.

3. Are CTO and CIO the same thing?

Not!!! The CTO develops technology or keeps the wheel turning, and the CIO strategically builds and updates resources for internal use. Despite everything, it is possible that both act within the competence of the other, remembering that many companies do not have the resources to have both.

4. What kind of companies usually hire a CTO?

Generally, companies seeking this type of position are directly linked to innovation or startups, with the new trends in the technological market, it is feasible for companies to seek qualified and experienced professionals in innovation.

5. What skills does a CTO need to have?

The main fundamental skills that a CTO must master are: technology, analytical vision, ease and ability to lead a team, knowing how to deal with risks, proactivity, creativity and innovation.
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As we saw in this article, the CTO is responsible for the technological solutions that will be implemented in the company, transmitting knowledge and support to the technology team, working directly with the executive part of the company.
This position is fundamental for the company’s growth and evolution towards its new futuristic business vision, and for it to be able to adapt to digital paths and transformations in a more orderly way.
The CTO’s objective and function is to enable all possible risks and weaknesses that the organization’s technological area may suffer or even go through. Being an important position for any business area, be it a new innovation network or even a startup network arm.
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