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What Is Lead Generation Everything You Need To Know

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What Is Lead Generation Everything You Need To Know


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Tips for generating qualified leads

To understand the importance of generating leads, let’s talk about the Stadium Pich concept, from the book The Ultimate Sales Machine, one of the biggest references in the Sales area.

Chet Holmes, author of the book, identified that for any market, the customers’ purchase moment is basically formed by a pattern.

Following the concept of the book, only 3% of the public is actively looking for options and wanting to buy something and about 7% are open to proposals. The rest is represented in the pyramid below:


Gaining insights into lead generation will allow you, as a business owner, to consider solutions in approaching online marketing for your brand. Therefore, the importance of the idea of renewing your brand lies in making connections with customers and becoming familiar with the lead generation process.

After all, discovering and receiving leads for your business means you are one step closer to increasing your marketing revenue.

What You Will See In This Article:

Definition of lead generation
Why is lead generation important?
Lead Generation Process
Lead generation trends
Lead generation challenges
Lead Generation Strategy
Common lead generation metrics
Demand generation vs lead generation

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Marketing Qualified Leads, or MQLs, refer to leads who are likely to be potential customers for your business. This can usually be conveyed through closed-loop reporting, which is a system for marketing and sales professionals to collect data and information. Marketing sales leads are measured by the level of user engagement on a company’s website and downloads of content offers.

As for qualified sales or SQL leads, these types of leads are considered the next stage of the marketing sales process. The big difference between MQLs and SQLs is that MQLs are not yet ready to enter the buy phase. As for sales qualified leads, this means that a sales team has qualified a prospect as a lead and therefore makes SQL part of a company’s buying cycle.

Importance of Lead Generation

Still, wondering why lead generation is important? If you think about it, there are tons of people using the Internet almost every day. Businesses rely heavily on lead generation because it’s a way to generate more traffic and more engaged customers.

The 4 Phases of the Lead Generation Process:

Phase 1:

Content Strategy Phase

This phase must be kept in mind when establishing leads for your lead generation process. You have to ask yourself, “Who is my ideal audience?” This question will give you an answer on where you need to start your business lead generation. The top four mistakes companies tend to make are as follows:

1. Using the wrong strategies.
2. Lack of content.
3. Having results that are not good enough.
4. Landing pages are low quality.

Another effective question to ask yourself is, “How will you attract and convert your audience?” A business must be detail-oriented to get leads and eventually turn them into customers. According to a marketing manager at RM Friedland, you should pay attention to your audience’s pain points and create concise visuals that calm them down quickly.

Other strategies that will gain traction with your leads are education and information. Rather than just interrupting and selling, companies need to educate and inform the public. It is better to inform your audience about your brand and what products you have to offer.

However, as you do this, keep in mind that you want to approach this strategy as simply and easily as possible. This means your lead generation should show less and expose more. The more visual you become with your marketing, the more engagement you’ll get.

While there are two effective questions, there’s just one more that we think you should know before executing an effective strategy for receiving effective leads. The question: “What is your lead magnet?” Once you’ve figured out who your target audience is and what your topics are, the last step is to choose your lead magnet type.

Lead magnets are incentives that you offer your target audience in exchange for their contact information, which likely consists of an email or phone number. This is considered the last step of the content strategy phase because this is basically where the actual events are triggered before moving on to the next phase.

Think of lead magnets as the finishing touches and embellishments on a plate before you ship it. It needs to be done perfectly for your customers.

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Phase 2:

Visual Phase

The second phase of the lead generation process is the visual phase. Here are some quick advantages of using visual content:

1. 65% of people are visual learners.
2. Colorful visuals increase people’s desire to read content by 80%.
3. Posts with images generate 180% more engagement.
4. People are 85% more likely to buy your product after watching a video about it.

In hindsight, visual marketing is an effective tool as you better communicate with your audience. According to cognitive neuroscientist Carmen Simon, “Visual aids have the potential to affect a client’s memory, and memory affects their decisions.” If that doesn’t say “effective marketing for lead sales”, we’re not sure what else would count.

Overall, it’s important to incorporate more visuals into your lead generation strategies. In addition to generating leads and increasing sales, here are the following examples of visuals you can consider;

eBooks and Guides

These are great ways to connect with your audience, as in order for a reader to “subscribe” to an ebook or guide, the viewer would have to leave an email and other types of information to download the ebook.


This is always a fun tool for visuals. Almost everyone who sees and reads an infographic on the Internet knows how useful it can be. Marketers tend to choose this type of visual because it summarizes all the complex information in a clear format that is beautifully represented in a colorful, interactive template. In other words, it’s very easy to read without any fuss or confusion.

Presentations and Webinars

These types of visuals tend to take less time than ebook guides and infographics combined. However, creating webinars or mini presentations for your business can attract your audience and keep them more engaged. Other ways to contribute to this type of look are blog posts, guest articles, online courses, and conference speaking engagements. Think of them as fun conversations that people can engage in before they become support customers for your business.


As for videos, this marketing strategy is quite useful for generating leads. Currently, at least 87% of marketers use video content in their marketing strategies. By using videos on your landing pages, your business can increase its influence through conversion rates. While every business is different, we recommend that you always experiment to find the best form of visual aid that can make your brand stand out.

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Phase 3:

Promotional Phase

The promotional phase, as the third phase of the lead generation process, is the most crucial part of executing an effective lead. How to find an audience you can question. Well, it all starts with your landing page. One of the most common mistakes businesses tend to make is forgetting to put any effort into a landing page.

It may sound silly and all, but carefully designing landing pages to suit your brand will drive traffic and generate the kind of audience you’re serving. When creating the perfect landing page, every business should follow these four key elements:

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your main title.
A supporting title.
Reinforcement statement.
Final Argument.

Following this format will allow you to create an effective USP for your landing page. Here are other solutions that can create a successful landing page for your business.

Benefits of Your Offer

Create bullet points that summarize the benefits/values of what your company offers.

The HeroShot

Provide or create images and videos that showcase your brand’s value proposition.

Social Proof

Testimonials and success stories about your company will give customers insight into the products and services you currently offer.

A Call to Action (CTA)

Allow a single conversion goal and create more incentive for future and repeat customers.

Phase 4:


In this last phase, it is important to know what it means to build a relationship with customers. When referring to “lead nurturing”, you are referring to the process of developing relationships with your prospects at every stage of their customer journey using your product.

Some ways your business can do this is by educating your leads, adding maximum upfront value to your product, and earning your leads’ trust. Overall, this fragile process can take time, depending on how your company approaches a lead. Based on this strategy, the final phase of the lead generation process will be complete and effective for your business.



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Lead Generation Trends

Despite the information given to you about lead generation, if you haven’t already, here are some lead generation trends you can consider for your marketing strategy.

1. Influencer marketing.
2. Email marketing.
3. Content marketing.
4. Video Marketing.
5. Voice Search Marketing.

Lead Generation Challenges

There are some pitfalls to keep in mind before considering whether lead generation can benefit your business.

1. Finding Strategies

While there is a lot of advice provided for you, it will still be a challenge to find tactics to grab the attention of potential customers. This tends to be 42% of the problem for businesses when generating leads.

2. Find the right people.

Yes, the key to knowing your audience is the best way to approach lead generation. At least 38% of companies face this challenge. However, finding the right people to design your marketing strategies often has its challenges. Just like in relationships, knowing yourself and what you’re capable of will help you find the right person to connect with. After all, good business revolves around building relationships with your customers.

3. Financing

At least 20% of challenges behind lead generation would be funded. Strong ideas need to have stable budgets, but when companies have limited funds to cover lead generation activities, it tends to result in a lack of good sales and tactics for your potential leads, as well as the proper knowledge on how to generate more leads. for your business.

Lead Generation Strategies

1. Lead Generation on Facebook:

Since the launch of Facebook Ads in 2007, the social network’s algorithm has changed the way businesses use the platform to generate leads. Because of paid advertising, Facebook has created Lead Ads to help your business by capturing more leads as they search for products and services from companies all over the world.

2. Twitter lead generation:

Twitter’s platform allows businesses to generate leads in a tweet without having to leave the website. Businesses can easily generate Twitter leads by clicking a “Submit” button that allows you to automatically pull a user’s contact information into the Twitter lead generation card.

3. LinkedIn lead generation:

LinkedIn’s approach to lead generation is to create lead generation forms, which automatically fill in a user’s profile data whenever they click on a CTA. This will allow a lead’s information to be easily captured.

4. B2B Lead Generation:

When it comes to B2B marketing, lead generation is a must for a B2B business model. That’s where SEO comes in. SEO is the top resource for capturing business leads, followed by email marketing and social media. So when using B2B lead generation, keep in mind that effectiveness varies by channel.

5. PPC lead generation:

Pay-per-click lead generation: when ads appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). This space is known as a prime space for lead generation and any other advertising campaigns that companies launch. The way PPC lead generation works is that it relies heavily on a company’s continuous flow of users, keywords, and budgets.

6. Search Engine Optimization:

SEO allows a steady stream of leads to grow and survive for both B2B and B2C lead generation. The way SEO works is that it refines web pages, improving their ranking on a search engine results page. When a user types a question into a search engine like Google, your brand is likely to appear on the results page for that relevant question or query. The higher the site ranks, the more visits your page will have.

Lead Generation Metrics

When it comes to metrics for lead generation, it’s important to keep track of these key lead generation metrics:

1. Clickthrough rate CTR.
2. Conversion rate.
3. Return on Investment (ROI).
4. TTC = total time spent by visitors / total number of leads.
5. Cost per click (CPC).
6. CPL = money spent on lead capture / total number of leads captured.
7. Lead generation rate by channel.
8. Channel targets for the month to date (MTD).

Lead Generation vs Demand Generation

Demand Generation

When finding the distinction between lead generation and demand, every business should know the difference before using different types to apply in their marketing strategies.

When using demand generation, companies should be aware that this process is used to create awareness and more demand for their company’s products or services.

The main purpose of demand generation is to establish a base with your target audience, establish trust and spark interest in your business.

Lead Generation

With lead generation, companies go through the process of converting leads into MQLs or SQLs. This lead generation method allows a business to drive more customers to purchase their products. Lead generation is a four-step process.

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How do you improve lead quality?

Here are some ways to help improve lead quality:

1. Get the sales and marketing departments to cooperate with each other.
2. Use marketing automation software.
3. Run Targeted Ads.
4. Target more specific keywords.
5. Know who your audience is.
6. Create quality content.
7. Establish a marketing funnel.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Lead Generation

1. Is it possible to stimulate leads and customers?

Yes!!! The main way to do this is through content. In addition to more advanced blog posts, it is worth producing rich materials, such as ebooks, whitepapers, webinars and segmented emails. The best solution to turn visitors into leads is to offer these materials in exchange for data.

2. Is it sales or lead generation marketing?

In a sense, it's both! One cannot function without the other. With lead generation comes sales and marketing. Lead generation is part of the marketing concept. Consequently, SQL and MQL terms help classify a deal to determine what types of leads exist.

3. Where do the leads come from?

Leads can come from anywhere. It can range from word-of-mouth referrals to data-driven marketing systems that implement common sense marketing intelligence.

4. What is the difference between lead and prospect?

The lead that has an initial interest in your business, however, your sales team still does not know if he has a buyer profile or real interest and ability to make the investment. A prospect is a potential customer who understands the value of your solution and meets your company's prospecting criteria.

5. What is lead management?

Lead management is the process of capturing, tracking activities and behaviors, qualifying and engaging them until they are ready for a sales executive approach.
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Lead generation is a process that cannot be missing in any company, as it optimizes the attraction stage, making it more accurate and precise. With this, the sales team starts to work only with leads that are ready to buy, which contributes to a better productivity of the commercial team and an increase in conversion rates.

Once you start consistently generating Leads, you don’t want to stop. Therefore, it is important that you know different strategies that can be used to generate Leads. In addition to creating a certain amount of predictability, it is a way of keeping the client portfolio always fresh.

Therefore, if you still have doubts that investing in lead generation is a good thing, rest assured that this is the future. Knowing how to generate leads will give you the competitive edge you need to hit targets and gain more market.

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