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When Bad SEO Kills Brand Visibility

When Bad SEO Kills Brand Visibility


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What is negative SEO?

At some point, you've no doubt heard of SEO. But what about negative SEO?

It is true that no company wants to deal with this type of strategy, as it can create a negative image and even damage your website within the search engines.
However, even sites that do nothing wrong end up being penalized for negative SEO practices. To prevent this from happening to yours, you need to periodically check and monitor your backlinks.
Negative SEO is the practice of intentionally harming another website through shady and dishonest practices such as linking from spam sources.
BPM Negative SEO
And if your site is a victim of this type of SEO, some tools and specialists in the subject can be useful to help you in the solution of this situation. In this article, you will be able to understand what negative SEO is, how to prevent it, tools that will help with monitoring and much more. Follow!

1- What is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO is a practice that has been scaring many companies. This is because it is carried out based on a set of unfair actions to harm the website’s positioning in search engines.
Therefore, sites that reach the top of Google’s results correctly, for example, become victims of these attacks.

Here are some of the most used types:

     • Plagiarism and content distribution to other websites;
     • Creation of links loaded with viruses or spam with direction to the website;
     • Copy of content to be replicated on the site itself (once this problem is understood by Google, the site is punished and loses search ranking).
When put into practice, this means that, even if great strategies are developed by SEO agencies so that your site is one of the first in search engines, you need to take some security precautions. Thus, it is possible to avoid being a victim of negative SEO actions, which can lead to the loss of position or more severe punishments for the site.

2- Example of Negative SEO

Imagine that you are the owner of a fumigation company whose website is among the top positions when the search keyword is “rat fumigation price”.
It may seem like a small thing, but in times when people do searches on the internet before hiring a service, assuming such a position on Google is a great triumph.
With an eye on this, a competing company hired a hacker to break into their website and apply negative SEO. It copies the content on the subject and distributes it all over the internet.
After that, Google identified your content as duplicate and penalized it. As a result, its website plummeted in the ranking of rat extermination content and was among the last extermination companies in the search engine.
All of this led to a decrease in visits to your website, which compromised prospecting for new customers and, therefore, your business.
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3- Learn How to Prevent Negative SEO

Only those who have a website or blog know the complexity of developing SEO strategies in order to achieve good positioning in organic searches. With so much technology, there are many impacts that a negative SEO can cause. Therefore, it is essential to protect your site from attacks.
Start paying attention to the actions you receive and everything that is being done by your site. Some of these actions may be pointing to negative SEO threats. Follow some tips to prevent yourself!

3.1 Be Careful With Malicious Programs

Observe if the site presents the presence of viruses and malware. If yes, delete them immediately, otherwise these viruses will be sent to your users, causing your reputation to be damaged and punishments to occur.

3.2 Watch Social Mentions

Social networks also need constant monitoring. Be aware of possible fake profiles or sending false and negative messages against the company.

3.3 Beware of Duplicate Information

Once the information has a source, there is no problem in being duplicated. However, when made in the form of plagiarism, without following search engine policies, it is a sign that something is wrong.

3.4 Always Reject Harmful Backlinks

When trying to remove links with spam or low quality and not succeeding, it is recommended that they be rejected. To do this, download a list of links to the site. Then create a file with only links to be disavowed and send it to Google. It is worth remembering that if done incorrectly, the site can be harmed in search engines.

3.5 Always Track Site Speed

Whenever necessary, make changes to improve page speed. Search engines consider this type of factor when defining your site’s position in the results.
BPM How to Prevent Negative SEO

4- Impacts of Negative SEO Attacks on Websites

Negative SEO attacks depend on the chosen technique. If links loaded with spam are directed to your website, you will certainly lose the quality certificate, causing your position in search results to gradually drop.
However, the site may be hacked and the ‘robots.txt’ file altered. In this case, no search engine is able to index your site in the organic results, that is, it is as if it did not exist. Other attacks are capable of dealing damage, as shown below.

4.1 Violate All Advertising Policy and Give rise to Sanctions

Negative SEO causes content from other sites to be copied and pasted on yours, which violates the duplicity policy of Google’s search engines, for example. If this infraction is understood to harm another site, yours may suffer severe punishment, which includes exclusion from search results.

4.2 Harm All Site Links

Along with backlinks, there is the possibility of tracking other internet pages that have links to your website. In the case of negative SEO, these links have low quality and violate what is proposed by search engines.

4.3 Hacker Invasion

Hackers can invade your website and even modify the code so that it no longer appears in search engines. All this to damage the company’s reputation, along with fake profiles and lying advertisements.

5- Tools when Checking Possible Negative SEO Attacks

You must be wondering: how can I check for possible negative SEO attacks on my website? Well, some tools are capable of helping to decipher attacks or even prevent them.
The good news is that most are available in the free version. Check it out below!

5.1 Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google itself to help monitor, maintain and solve problems related to the presence of the site in search results.
Through it, the site can be analyzed and, whenever necessary, undergo improvements. Regarding negative SEO, it identifies links and duplicate content, being the most suitable tool for website optimization.


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5.2 Google Disavow Tool

As part of Search Console, the Google Disavow Tool is capable of disabling links that may be harming your website pages. Artificial links harm the health of the domain and may violate Google’s quality guidelines.

5.3 Bing Webmaster Tools

This tool is similar to Google Search Console, and is focused on expanding and monitoring rankings in search engines. Bing Webmaster Tools handles all the SEO management to be able to optimize content for Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

5.4 Moz – Open Site Explorer

Moz can be used to monitor backlinks. This is because, within the application, there is a tool known as Open Site Explorer, which gives access to backlink data. In addition, its pattern is very intuitive, making the process easier, even for laymen, which makes Moz the most sought after when comparing sites.

5.5 Pingdom

As said, the speed of the site makes all the difference when defining its positioning in search engines. Pingdom can analyze performance issues and diagnose what is wrong in a simple way, monitoring the health and response time on your WordPress site.

6- Be Careful Not to Sabotage Your Own Site

Anyone who thinks that negative SEO only occurs when done by third parties is wrong. If you don’t check your site’s practices, you could be sabotaging yourself. There are measures contrary to the positioning of the pages, measures that change and become outdated.

To prevent this from happening, you need to take some precautions, such as:

     • Do not create links to sites penalized by Google;
     • Never use keywords hidden in the source code;
     • Avoid posting in large quantities;
     • Don’t buy links, as they usually don’t come with good credibility.
Millions of people connect every day to drive engagement and improve SEO. So, remember that keeping well positioned contributes to better developments of a company within the internet.

7- What have companies done to improve this system and avoid these attacks?

The scanners that inspect the relevance of a website and indicate where it should be positioned in search results are constantly updated to improve the system in order to minimize negative SEO attacks.
Google has already stated that they are aware of negative SEO actions, but that small businesses and individuals don’t need to worry about these negative onslaughts.
Sites that are specialists in the subject state that negative SEO practices are a real threat and that it is necessary to maintain effective actions to ensure the protection of your site.
But as you never know who these tactics intend to reach and how they will actually be done, you can’t be too careful. If you develop your company’s SEO actions, always try to promote actions that help protect your site and always keep an eye out for possible attacks.
BPM ApploadYou001
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Negative SEO

1. What is negative SEO?

Negative SEO is a set of unfair actions to harm the website's positioning in search engines. Among them are the plagiarism of content for other pages on the internet, the creation of links loaded with viruses or spam with directing to the website and the copying of content to be replicated on the website itself.

2. What is the impact of negative SEO on websites?

It is possible to lose the quality certificate, causing the position in search results to drop. Injuring all advertising policies and causing sanctions, damaging all links on the site or even making it impossible to index for organic results are also consequences of negative SEO.

3. What are the best practices to reduce the chances of negative SEO?

To prevent negative SEO attacks, take the following actions: be careful with malicious programs; watch social mentions to notice fake profiles; beware of duplicate information; always reject harmful backlinks; and always track the speed of the site.


Millions of users surf the web daily and to be able to prospect and promote engagement among them, it is necessary to be focused not only on practices that effectively contribute to improving SEO, but also to be aware of the negative impacts of actions arising from other companies and people that aim to harm your website.
Avoid punishments and sanctions by search engines, always promoting good actions on your site and always trying to monitor external activities. This way you can further protect your site and avoid possible negative SEO attacks.
See how your SEO is doing and promote these tips to further improve your website’s potential on the web.

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