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Where To Find Free PLR Downloads – High Quality PLR This Year

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Where To Find Free PLR Downloads – High Quality PLR This Year


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10 Sites to Download PLRs for Free or with Little Investment

The infoproduct market is constantly growing. It is no coincidence that it attracts thousands of affiliates and content producers. However, not everyone needs to start from scratch to enter this market: PLR in digital marketing can facilitate this process.

Private Label Rights is a concept used in the commercialization of products, both physical and digital. But it has become popular in recent years in digital marketing, which uses this concept to sell ready-made infoproducts, which can be customized and resold by its buyers in any way they wish.


In this article, we will better understand what PLR is in digital marketing, how you can use these infoproducts to boost your online sales and the 10 sites to download PLRs for free or with little investment. Follow us to find out everything or go straight to the point in the topics below:


1- What is PLR?
2- How does PLR work in digital marketing?
3- What are the advantages of PLR in Digital Marketing?
4- What are your disadvantages?
5- 10 sites to download PLRs for free or with little investment
6- Final considerations

1- What is PLR?

PLR is the acronym for Private Label Rights, which refers to products with intellectual property license that you can acquire, modify and sell in the market, with all rights released and without extra fees.

PLRs can refer to physical or digital products, although the concept is more commonly used today in relation to infoproducts in affiliate marketing.

They include digital content such as:

Online courses.
Landing pages.

Usually PLRs are used by sellers of infoproducts that are entering the market and want to start with low costs. Often, they are not good at producing content or do not want to invest time and money in it. In other cases, they are infoproducers interested in scaling up content production, also at low costs.

So they buy ready-made materials and just translate or modify certain parts in order to put their identity on the content.

This practice can help in the insertion of infoproducts in the affiliate market, but it must be used with care, since other users can use the same contents, with the same rights of use and resale.

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2- How does PLR work in Digital Marketing?

To understand how buying and selling PLR works, it is important to first know how the infoproduct market works on the internet.

Infoproducts are related to affiliate marketing, although it is not its only form of marketing and distribution. They refer to products that only exist digitally, such as ebooks, webinars, online courses, among others.

These contents are produced by so-called content producers or infoproducers, who sell their knowledge in a certain area of activity. Infoproducts cover the most diverse niches, such as healthy eating, information technology, emotional intelligence, music and whatever else you can imagine.

Then, this producer inserts his products on an affiliate website, with their sales and commission values. Affiliates interested in promoting these infoproducts must affiliate with them. Thus, when a click or conversion results from its disclosure, the affiliates receive a commission from the infoproducer.

But What’s the Difference, Then, When Does This Process Happen With the Use of Private Label Rights?

In this case, the infoproducer does not create original content. He buys content already produced by someone else, who provides the rights to use and resell that material. Then, the infoproducer can modify, use and resell the PLR as he/she wants.

Thus, he does not need to invest time and money in content production and can focus on digital marketing campaigns, in addition to recruiting and managing affiliates.

3- What Are the Advantages of PLR in Digital Marketing?

PLR in digital marketing is a solution for infoproducers who want to streamline and scale content production, especially when they are starting out in the market. Understand these advantages now:

Help for Beginners

A lot of people want to enter the affiliate market, either as an infoproducer or as an affiliate. This market is constantly growing and moves a lot of money. However, not all people have expertise in producing content to share their knowledge with the public.

Let’s say you have experience and knowledge in the field of accounting and want to share your knowledge in an ebook. However, you still don’t quite know how to organize the topics in the digital book, nor how to approach the subject.

So you can find a Private Label Rights ebook that has a good approach and then just edit the contents as per your expertise.

Thus, PLR in digital marketing is a way to boost entry into the infoproduct market, without having to start from scratch. Later, when he has more experience, the infoproducer can create his own content.

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Agility and Scale in Content Production

It is important to remember that producing content requires time and dedication. To produce a video, for example, you need to plan what you are going to say, prepare the scene for recording, edit the video and, finally, publish it. Just like creating blogposts, podcasts or infographics, it takes time.

So, the adoption of PLRs in digital marketing increases the agility and scalability of content production. You start with content that has already been produced and you just need to adapt it to your needs and customize it with your identity. Thus, it is possible to launch much more content in less time.

Cost Reduction for Infoproducers

Just as PLRs reduce content production time, they also reduce necessary costs. In the same video example, you need to invest in camera, lighting, scenery, editing tools, among other costs. On the other hand, a PLR comes ready-made.

In this sense, PLR in digital marketing — again we reinforce — is ideal for those who are starting out and still cannot invest in the production of their content or for those who want to scale their production, but do not want to assume so many costs.

4- What Are Your Disadvantages?

Despite making life easier for the infoproducer and reducing costs, PLR in digital marketing also has some disadvantages. Understand what they are and what you should take care of in this business model:

Low Quality Content

Among PLR sites, many offer low-quality content. As they are created so that several infoproducers can use them, they can be too generic.

So, you can end up offering content that doesn’t deliver value to your audience. If you don’t want that, it can take a long time to tweak the content to make it more relevant — and thus, it may be more worthwhile to create content from scratch.

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Very Similar Content

In addition to being generic, another problem with PLRs is that they can generate content that is very similar to other infoproducts. After all, anyone can buy the same PLRs and adapt them in their own way. However, the approach and some contents remain the same.

Thus, you cannot create a differentiated infoproduct for your audience. This can also generate duplicate content on the internet, which generates a negative experience for users and may even suffer penalties from Google.

To minimize this problem, it is important to customize the content with your visual identity and language. In addition, some infoproducers prefer to acquire PLRs in other languages and translate them — which does not avoid the problem, but decreases the chances of finding similar infoproducts out there.

PLRs with High Costs

Some sites sell PLRs with high values, although they are rarer. Of course, these more expensive Private Label Rights products tend to be more relevant too. Because of this, you may need to invest a little more to find higher quality PLRs.

In that case, again, it might be more interesting to create content from scratch. But it is possible to find good options that are more affordable on PLR sales sites.

5- 10 Sites To Download Free PLRs Or With Little Investment

1. PLR.me

For those looking for written content, PLR.me is one of the most well-known platforms.

Available for download or subscription payments, which can range from $22 to $990 per month, PLR.me offers quality content and a great experience for its users.

2. MasterPLR

The platform, founded in the United States in 2007, focuses on high-quality infoproducts. It is also focused on texts and e-books, with all material reviewed by editors.

An extra advantage of MasterPLR is that it is also possible to download PLR products for free.

However, if you want access to a wider range of content, you can choose between two plans: a monthly plan, which costs $14, and an annual plan, which costs $137.



  • Blog Website
  • Up To 3 Pages
  • Responsive In All Platforms
  • 6 Months Support
  • And much more ...
start up


  • Corporate Business Website
  • Up To 5 Pages
  • Emailing Contact Form
  • 8 Months Support
  • And much more ...


  • E-Commerce Store
  • Up To 30 Products
  • Security Payment System
  • 12 Months Support
  • And much more ...
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3. Resell Rights Weekly

Another site that allows you to download some of their PLR products for free is the popular Resell Rights Weekly.

Darling in the digital market, it offers infoproducts with high added value and a wide variety. One of the reasons why it is well regarded by marketing professionals is because it is always updated with new content.

For those who want full access to the infoproducts available on Resell Rights Weekly, you can choose between paying $19.95 for monthly access or $299.99 for lifetime access.

4. DownloadPLRProducts

The site, founded in 2011, adds around 30 new products a day to its catalogue, which already has nearly 50,000 products. A weekly subscription costs $2.95, while a monthly subscription costs $16.95

5. PLRMines

PLRMines is another platform that offers high value content between articles, graphics, videos and software. It has more than 7000 products and works with free and premium (Gold) subscription. Gold access, which is for life, costs $97.


Offering a good variety of PLR content, the IDPLR platform is another one that stands out for offering some infoproducts for free.

In it, it is possible to preview the products before downloading and the values of the Gold subscription, which offers 10GB for online content hosting, vary between $39 (quarterly plan) and $89 (lifetime access).

7. UnstoppablePLR

One of the leading PLR platforms is UnstoppablePLR. For 15 years it has been offering courses, e-books, videos and other infoproducts.

It also provides its associates with a members area that allows networking between infoproducers. The monthly fee charged is $29.

8. Beast Deal PLR

The Beast Deal PLR site is very easy to use, costs about US$1 per subscription and has a vast collection of PLRs.

A good differential of this platform is the constant renewal of the available materials. Almost every day new PLR material can be downloaded there.

Among the advantages offered by this platform, we can highlight:

Attractive prices.
Good material quality.
In addition to e-books, the site offers apps and articles.
Offers an affiliate program, etc.

9. PLR Database

Another great site to download PLR is the PLR Database platform. It has a collection of good quality products and is constantly updated.

A differential of this site is that the company responsible for the PLR Database itself develops products that are available in an exclusive section.

Among other advantages of the PLR Database, we can highlight:

Support forum.
Usage tutorial.
Large offer of new products daily.
Exclusive products developed by the company itself.

10. PLR Mini Mart

PLR Mini Mart is a website that offers a wide range of free PLR content including articles, ebooks, infographics and more. The content is divided into categories such as business, marketing, health and wellness, and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

In addition, they offer a search tool to help you find the content you are looking for.

In addition to free content, it also offers premium content packs for a fee. Premium packages usually include more content and may have more flexible terms of use.

It is important to carefully read the terms of use before using any PLR content, as each license may have different conditions.

PLR Mini Mart is a great resource for those who are looking for high quality content that is relevant to their target audience. It’s important to do your research to ensure the content is high quality and relevant to the audience you want to reach.

PLR in Digital Marketing

To choose the PLR you are going to use, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

Choose a PLR aligned to your niche, which will be closer to your audience and require less modifications.
Make sure the PLR for sale is of high quality, as you don’t want to lose credibility with your audience.
Investigate if the supplier is reliable and the payment is secure, through Internet testimonials and security signs on the site.


So, after choosing and purchasing PLR for your digital marketing strategies, it’s time to adapt the material to your needs.

You can enjoy PLR as a whole by making just a few modifications. A lot of people buy a PLR and resell it the same way they bought it — in this case, it’s important to ensure that the content is extremely qualified and complete on the subject.

Or you can take advantage of just certain elements of PLR, such as didactics, structure, layout or the content itself. Thus, you can create a more differentiated and less generic infoproduct, which delivers value specifically to your audience.

In the process of adapting the PLR to create your infoproduct, carefully analyze all the content to identify which elements you should customize.

Also, remember the importance of visual identity to create identification with your audience. Even if you use the layout offered by PLR, adapt it with your brand’s colors, fonts and logo.

Finally, don’t overlook disclosure. If you want to boost sales of your infoproduct, publish it on an affiliate network to attract interested parties. Set an adequate price to be profitable, but also an attractive commission that motivates affiliates to join your campaigns.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About PLR in Digital Marketing

1. Is PLR worth it?

Having the copyright license for an infoproduct brings some advantages, especially for digital entrepreneurs who don't have time to create products frequently. In addition, the cost of acquiring such a product is not high, and it may even be possible to find free PLR, as we show throughout this content. This makes this business model even more attractive.

2. How to work with PLR on the internet?

The first step to start selling PLR is figuring out which type you want to work with. This is important because it will dictate what level of work you will have. For example, a PLR ebook is easier to translate than a course or audio, so think carefully.

3. What are the types of PLR products?

In the digital market, it is possible to find several products with Private Label Rights. We can highlight: e-books, plugins for WordPress, applications, online courses, etc.

4. What are the challenges in selling PLR?

Like every product, PLR content can also have some disadvantages within the competitive and innovative digital market. In this sense, as they are infoproducts with an “open” license, several people can sell the same product, which creates competition. But it's always good to remember that these products are editable. So you can always improve and add personal touches to your PLR product.

5. Can I be sued for selling PLR?

There are several types of licenses that control copyright and some of them protect their creators from third-party reproductions. But in the case of PLR products, you acquire the right not only to reproduce, but also to edit and sell this product in your name. So, don't worry, you won't be prosecuted or suffer any kind of legal penalty.
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In summary, in the digital marketing strategy, you can use PLR as an infoproduct for sale, but also take advantage of it along the sales funnel, as a free incentive for leads to sign up for your email list or to nurture the relationship with them.

However, if you are already an experienced infoproducer or a recognized company, it might be interesting to create PLRs for other businesses and sellers. In that case, you need experience and knowledge to produce complete and quality PLRs.

If you work with beach tennis courts, for example, you can create PLRs about the rules of the game, how to choose the best racket or tips for practicing the sport.

There are certainly dozens of infoproducers interested in offering these tips to their beach tennis students. So, you can monetize your company’s expertise in this area through PLRs.

Anyway, PLR in digital marketing is an interesting strategy for those who want to enter the affiliate market, but still have no experience in content production.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to choose a quality PLR and customize it with your identity, to build your reputation in the market.

But PLR in digital marketing is also a strategy for those who already have experience in the market and want to monetize their knowledge. With these Private Label Rights products, it is possible to earn money by selling them to other infoproducers.

Affiliate marketing is one of the powerhouses of digital marketing in recent years, which continues to grow strongly. Take the opportunity now to read other digital marketing trends that you can also take advantage of in your strategies.

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