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Why Create a Website for My Business This Year?

Why Create a Website for My Business This Year?


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Benefits of creating a professional website for your business:

In business planning, many questions can arise about which processes are really relevant and indispensable for the business to achieve success. Among the issues that can be discussed, the need to create a website is one of them.
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Throughout this article, we will identify how a website can contribute to the growth of a business, even if it is a physical establishment, and clarify whether or not you really need this tool to achieve your goals.

1- Why is it Important to Create a Website for the Company?

Although most companies are already present on the internet, not all of them invest effectively in this area, mainly because they do not understand the potential that the web has to offer.
Today, there are two universes: one for those who adapt to new technologies and use them to their advantage, and another for those who lose opportunities by not seeing the advantages of this tool. Which side do you want to be on?
In this current scenario, investing in creating your own website is crucial to the success of any business.
The advantages of having a website are diverse and we can observe, for example, that well-developed portals contribute to some companies having a better performance than others. This happens because they are built to offer a good user experience and, consequently, help to reach the target audience of the business.
Therefore, in a society increasingly dependent on information technologies, investing in the development of a website is essential to achieve better results, get in touch with your audience more easily and, of course, win more customers.

2- I have a Social Media Profile, Do I still need a Website?

This is a very common question in the digital world and the answer is: being on social media is not enough! After all, you are dependent on the algorithms of the channel in question. If any network policy is changed, you may end up suffering losses or losing information.
This does not mean that you should neglect the use of social networks, quite the contrary!
Using your profile on these networks, it is possible to bring your site to more people. The big point of attention here is that your website needs to exist for you to have your own space, so you can get better and better results on all fronts.
In addition, having SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analysis is essential to not suffer from a performance drop due to Google algorithm updates.

3- Business Plan and Strategic Planning To Have a Website: Is it Necessary?

Yes, it is necessary to have a business plan associated with strategic planning to have a website. By the way, this type of organization is important for any action.
Each and every type of investment needs to be outlined in detail so as not to run the risk of financial waste.
So, first of all, do a balance sheet and understand if the company can develop and create a professional website.

Bearing this in mind, it is interesting to go through some steps to set up the strategy, such as:

     • Public recognition;
     • Objective to strategy;
     • Action plan;
     • Control of results.
But why does having a website involve all that? Because it will be your company’s first impression, your business card.
From the moment you have a page on the web, the customer understands the business posture and starts to build a relationship of more trust, which is why it is important to set goals.
The strategic planning of a business is essential for the results and for all phases of the enterprise.
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4- What are the Advantages of Having a Website?

As previously mentioned, the advantages of having a website are diverse, but the most important thing is that it is very difficult for a company that aims to be a reference in its field of activity to achieve its objectives without a strategic plan for publicity that includes its presence on the internet. 

In addition, we have selected ten advantages of having a website for your business:

4.1 Greater Credibility for Your Brand

Having a good website is essential to convey professionalism and confidence to customers. Therefore, it must be up to date, function correctly and have a good aesthetic appearance so that consumers feel safe when buying or contracting a service online.

4.2 More Visibility for the Company

Another important factor is increasing the company’s visibility — even more so if we take into account that in the purchase journey, consumers usually do research on the business or product before making a decision.
Thus, by having an online platform, you not only allow your business to be found by many more people, but you can also provide a greater number of information about your company, which contributes to convey credibility and strengthen your image. company. A website is an online business card for businesses!
But it is worth mentioning that, for your brand to have good visibility and be found by potential customers, you need to work with search optimization through SEO techniques.

4.3 Improved Public Relations

With a website, you can improve your relationship with customers, because in addition to increasing the possibilities of talking, responding and helping potential customers — which can be done through forums, FAQs, online chats and blogs — there are even greater chances of loyalty, because the customer will recognize you as an authority!

4.4 Increase in Sales

Even before the boost caused by the pandemic, a study already showed that 74% of consumers preferred to buy online than in physical stores.
In recent years, we have seen exponential growth in the e-commerce sector, reaching a revenue of 785% in the first half of 2022.
The “E-commerce fad” is not fleeting, The Global Payments Report 2022 estimates that, by 2025, e-commerce growth will reach 18% per year.
In 2021, more than 87 million people had already made at least one purchase online and, in all, 353 million orders were placed in e-commerce this year.
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4.5 Measurement

By creating a website for your company and integrating it with tools such as Google Analytics, you will have a real view of how many people have visited your pages and which areas (categories) they browse.
To further help with data analysis, if your website has a contact page, you still have clarity on how many leads were generated through it and also manage to maintain an effective communication channel.
From all this information, you can gain insights and think about strategies, even for your physical stores.

4.6 Don’t Lag Behind Competitors

In such a competitive market, your competitors probably already have their own websites and have been enjoying the benefits of it for a long time. Is your company going to continue behind?
When a prospect researches your industry and finds your competitor’s website and not yours, it’s a missed opportunity for your business to acquire new customers.


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4.7 Benefit Cost

Creating a website for your company and using it as a means of communication is an investment. Considering how many people it will be able to reach, from anywhere in the world, at any time, it is a great cost-benefit ratio — especially when compared to how much conventional media, such as television, charge for advertisements.

4.8 Brand Strengthening

Building a valuable brand can take a long time and demand a lot of effort, but the Internet can shorten this path a little. For this, your website must be functional, have a fast loading and be useful to the user, that is, browsing your website must provide learning. This whole set will convey the positive idea about your business.

4.9 Social Proof

Having a website can help your business trigger social proof in people. As?
Through comments, evaluations and reports, customers leave their opinions regarding your product or service. This can serve as social proof and convince your website visitors that buying from your company is a good idea and quality assurance.

4.10 More Efficient Marketing Strategies

You can market more effectively by creating more cost-effective ads that reference your site. Thus, on your page, you have more than enough space to further detail the characteristics of your product or service.

5- What is the Importance of Having a Blog?

In addition to a website, with the main information about the venture, also create a successful blog. With the content published on it, the chances of your company getting more organic traffic (visitors to the site) increase. Consequently, this facilitates conversion growth as well.
This is because from searches carried out by people on Google, for example, an article published by your company may appear among the first results. Thus, the public will click, read your content and, if it is of quality, will start to see your brand as a reference.
BPM What is the Importance of Having a Blog
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Creating a Website for a Business

1. Why should I create a website for my business?

By creating a website, you make it easier for a potential consumer to find channels for contact and continue on their buying journey, for example. Have you ever thought about losing a sale because the customer couldn't find a contact channel to clear up a question about a product in your catalogue?

2. What is the main purpose of a website?

The objective of a site focused on information is to transmit specific and useful information to the reader, encouraging him to better understand a certain topic, gain experience, invite him to live a certain experience, providing tips and information relevant to it.

3. What is a sales site for?

Basically, a website is for you to advertise your company to thousands of consumers and do digital marketing (with excellent performance and adequate investment). You can still open an online sales channel through a fully secure virtual store.

4. What can't be missing from a sales site?

Speed and stability - Those who shop online prioritize agility; Agility in closing the purchase; Ease of navigation; Content Marketing; Credibility and security; Consumer satisfaction; Advantages to captivate consumers; Presentation of products.

5. Is it very difficult to make a website?

Not!!! There are several free and ready-made tools and platforms on the internet that help a person who does not have specific knowledge in the area to assemble and publish a website. That is, anyone can have and do.


Having a website can be a game changer for your business! But simply having a website is not enough. You need to make your website an integral part of your customers’ lives, giving them the tools, features and personalized experience they want.
So, start employing a solid strategy in developing or updating your website with a customer-centric focus and you will see your customer relationships grow, which will reflect success and prosperity for your entire organization.
Therefore, investing in content marketing is essential to position pages with relevant content in the first results of Google without having to pay for ads.
For this, it is also important to have the help of SEO so that you can optimize your website, understanding which keywords can bring more visibility to your company, among other factors.

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