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Why Invest In Paid Media For Your Online Store

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Why Invest In Paid Media For Your Online Store


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Reasons Why You Should Invest in Paid Media

The digital market is an extremely competitive environment that already has millions of companies in e-commerce. In this sense, to establish itself in the sector, a virtual store needs to combine organic digital marketing strategies with investments in paid media to optimize its results.

To start, let’s think about the 3 most important questions that come to mind when talking about paid media:

1. But how does paid media work?
2. What are the steps to build effective actions into your digital ads?
3. How much should I invest to be successful and gain new customers in my e-commerce?

To answer these questions, in this article, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about paid media.

1. What is Paid Media and How Does It Work?

Basically, paid media refers to digital marketing channels that require investments to reach a greater number of leads or users of different networks on the internet.

Thus, the main objectives of paid media are the consolidation of the brand’s positioning and the online dissemination of products on a large scale. In other words, we are talking about decisive tools for the growth of a virtual store and for increasing its sales on the Internet.

After all, given the expansion of e-commerce, working only with organic promotion of products will make it difficult to generate more robust financial gains.

In operating advertisements and sponsored links, in general, you must:

Define a detailed plan for your paid media strategies.
Choose the dissemination channel.
Define your campaign’s content and target audience.
Define the budget that will be invested throughout the campaign.
Monitor and measure results.
Realign/design new actions aimed at greater reach and long-term results.

Precisely because it involves directing financial resources from your company’s cashier, when investing in paid media for your virtual store, also consider:

The current position of your online store and whether it is ready for more significant growth.
The objectives of the paid campaign.
The profile and browsing habits of your leads and potential customers.

Considering these points above is an important step for your paid ads to be assertive and, in fact, contribute to a greater number of customer conversions.

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Examples of Paid Media

Currently, there are 4 main distribution channels that require investments in digital marketing, they are:

1. Google Ads

You know those ads that appear prominently at the top of your Google searches? They are sponsored links, one of the main paid digital media.

BPM Graph Google Ads Growth Formula.png

To start a sponsored links campaign, you will need to access the Google Ads tool and follow a few steps:

Define your campaign objective.
Decide on ad reach (local or global).
Add an image and short captions to the sponsored link.
Set the monthly cost of your ad.
Post the ad.

In terms of budget, it is worth noting that an ad on Google Ads is paid per click, that is, the more leads that reach your ad, the greater the cost, and consequently, the potential to increase your online sales, all of which is always within the budget. your monthly limit.

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2. Ads on Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn)

Social Ads are advertisements on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. With a wide market reach, social networks are excellent platforms to invest in your paid digital media planning.

Here are some details about the three networks:

2.1 Facebook Ads

The great advantage of advertising on Facebook is being able to strengthen your position in a network that today has more than 1.6 billion people connected around the world.

To place an ad on the network, you will have to access the Facebook Business platform and do the following:

Define the objective of the campaign.
Where you will place your ad (Messenger, Facebook, all network channels).
Define the budget (which can be daily or total, based on the campaign deadline).
Choose the ad format (there are different options, ranging from multimedia presentations to static images or even interactive ads).
Place an order and participate in the Facebook Ads Auction that determines the best ads to distribute according to the audience and intervals and time.
Measure the results.

2.2 Instagram Ads

Through Instagram Ads, you can leverage the digital marketing potential of your virtual store on one of the networks that generate the most sales in the world.

The network has five main ad formats:


In addition to an Instagram business profile, you will also need to have a Facebook business account to create and manage your Instagram ads.

With this, you will also be able to create joint ads for Facebook and Instagram, expanding the diversity of paid media campaigns for your virtual store and also being able to start selling through Instagram.

2.3 LinkedIn Ads

As a professional network, LinkedIn is a great paid media channel for the B2B e-commerce market, generating assertive ads with high conversion potential.

Precisely for this reason, advertisements via LinkedIn Ads usually generate a higher cost and must be strategically planned so that the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) compensates for the investment.

Currently, LinkedIn supports 6 main ad formats:

Sponsored content (exclusive company articles and materials released to the target audience).
Sponsored message (message directed to very well defined personas of a company, who receive them in their inbox).
Display Ads (ads distributed on the edges of LinkedIn pages that work like the traditional model of banners and sponsored links, for example).
Dynamic Ads (more interactive ads, in which the company can add buttons and other engagement tools).
Text Ads (Similar to image ads, text ads are discrete fields placed on the LinkedIn navigation screen).
Video Ads (audiovisual resource for publicizing paid media campaigns).

3. Remarketing

Remarketing is a paid media model in which, through an in-depth study of the browsing habits of its target audience, a company can advertise on other websites to leads that have already visited its page.

The idea is to make the customer maintain interest in a purchase, even if he has not completed the final steps in the cart of a virtual store.

There are a few ways to invest in remarketing. That includes:

Sending emails to customers who have not completed a purchase.
Ads on Google partner sites through Google Ads.
Remarketing campaign on social networks.

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4. Ads in Digital Media Vehicles

Similar to traditional print media models, you can also invest in advertising and sponsored content in strategic digital vehicles for your brand.

It is an interesting path for companies that want to reinforce their credibility in the market and attract readers from vehicles whose target audience is related to their personas.

Differences between Paid Media and Organic Media

While paid media involves every campaign with the directing of financial resources, organic media includes strategies that do not incur direct costs.

In an ideal world, your online store should work and invest in both organic and paid media to drive results.

BPM Graph Paid Media vs Organic Media.png

And that’s because while organic media (blogs, traditional social media posts, digital marketing materials) bring more consistency and a sense of continuity to your digital marketing plan, paid media will increase reach and conversion speed for more targeted results. and strategic.

Why and When to Invest in Paid Media Campaigns?

As mentioned above, a well-planned paid media campaign can bring new visitors to your website, increasing traffic and the potential for acquiring new customers.

That said, thinking about the reality of a virtual store that is starting in the market, the ideal thing is that you invest in paid media when you already have the resources to direct a minimum monthly basis of your digital marketing to sponsored ads and sponsored links.

And that’s because you will hardly have significant gains with one-off or isolated actions.

In other words: start small, but be able to invest consistently.

In addition, it is essential to already have a more detailed analysis of your target audience, so that you can target your campaigns assertively.

Finally, when investing in paid media for your virtual store, consider that, in the medium/long term, if your campaign is well structured, the tendency is for you to grow more significantly.

And this also brings logistical and service challenges and the need for a multichannel marketing positioning on social networks, just to name a few points.

Therefore, it is important to assess whether your online store is ready to embrace a more robust growth movement.



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How much does it cost to invest in paid media?

Many e-commerce entrepreneurs have questions about how much it costs to invest in paid media.

The truth is that this is a very relative question.

In theory, starting at $1, you can invest in Google Ads daily, and with a minimum budget of $4 daily, you can advertise on LinkedIn Ads.

But these values are just the starting point of a more complex calculation, in which you will have to evaluate:

Your actual investment capacity.
The cost per click (CPC) of each social network.
How many clicks does it take, on average, for me to convert an ad into a sale.
The time to exit ads.

Based on these guidelines, you will be able to achieve more and clearly define a paid media campaign for your online store. It is worth investing in this strategy for your e-commerce.

Benefits and Challenges of Paid Media for Your Digital Marketing

Now that you know the key points for starting a paid media strategy, it’s worth summarizing the benefits and challenges that paid ads can bring to your online store.

Among the advantages, we can mention:

High potential for generating traffic to your e-commerce.
Increase in the number of clients and billing in the medium/long term, through well-planned paid media actions.
Greater prominence for your e-commerce on search engines and on different social networks;
Gain relevance in the market.
Strengthening your organic media strategies.

On the other hand, as we’ve emphasized throughout this article, to be successful on paid media channels, you’ll need to overcome some key challenges, including:

Greater care is needed in the analysis and design of your campaigns, otherwise your virtual store may lose important financial resources with less assertive campaigns.
High cost of investment in some networks or channels.
Possibly need for specialized support or building a more robust marketing team for the success of the campaigns.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Investing in Paid Media

1. What is the importance of investments in paid media in digital channels?

One of the great advantages of investing in paid media on social networks is the ability to carry out highly targeted ads and campaigns. That way, you increase the reach and recognition of your brand, and, of course, reach people with a real chance of becoming your customers.

2. What should I analyze to hire a paid media analyst?

There are several points, but the main ones are: work experience in the area, in-depth knowledge of different types of paid media channels, technologies, paid search, retargeting, ads on social networks and content distribution by networks.

3. What are the main paid media?

The most common examples of paid media on the Internet are: sponsored links from search engines such as Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo, in addition to sponsored ads on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit. But there are a multitude of channels with different possibilities.

4. What is the impact of new paid media?

The emergence of digital technologies allowed the development of unprecedented means of contact between companies and consumers, the so-called new media. Able to reconfigure industries such as music and cinema, new media also have a considerable impact on the advertising industry, making a little-known business become gigantic in a short time.

5. What is the best paid media platform for my e-commerce?

In summary, if your goal is to reach people who are already further along the buying journey, Google Ads makes the most sense. If you're more focused on the top of the funnel or brand awareness, start with Facebook Ads. The ideal is to divide your money between the two.
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That said, following the recommendations presented here, we are sure that your chances of success with your ads will be significant.

Study the context of your virtual store and plan to invest in paid media, thus achieving results that can leverage your success in e-commerce!

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