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Why Marketing Is Impossible Without Great Content

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Why Marketing Is Impossible Without Great Content


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How to Have Valuable Content

What is Content Marketing

When starting a digital marketing strategy, every marketer encounters this front called content marketing. But, after all, what does it mean?

Going straight to the point, content marketing is the strategy of producing content for your target audience, which helps them throughout the buying process and attracts them to you in a natural and spontaneous way. We can say that it is the fuel or the basis of Inbound Marketing.

The idea is to inform people so that in the future they not only respect your brand and have it as a reference, but also become your company’s customers.

This is a type of marketing tactic that involves creating and amplifying online content in different formats:


Posts on social networks.

Answer: do you wake up and search for videos talking about news? Do you listen to your favorite podcast on the go? Do you read a newsletter during your lunch break? These are all different ways to consume content. We all live, breathe and eat content. Behind this is a well-executed marketing strategy.

That’s why content marketing is leapfrogging more traditional marketing tactics, offering an exciting new way to connect with potential customers without appearing overly self-promotional.

Its main objective is to attract, engage and retain an audience by providing consistent, valuable and relevant content designed to help solve problems, entertain and educate.

Why is Content Marketing Important for Your Business Today and in the Future?

Despite the large number of possibilities for Digital Marketing applications, there are those strategies and techniques that stand out because they are used by the vast majority and usually bring positive results.

Are they:

Content Marketing (the topic we are talking about here).
E-mail marketing.
Social networks.
Conversion Optimization – CRO.
Optimization for Search Engines – SEO.

But after all, what are the reasons that make the use of Content Marketing such a relevant element for businesses to appear in the first position on this list?

The answer is simple: this is the most effective way to increase your brand’s online visibility.

In fact, publishing high-quality content on your website has the potential to increase the number of your pages indexed by search engines by an estimated 434%, as well as increase your rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) and generate 55% more visitors!

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The rules of the game are simple:

When we have a doubt to solve a problem, where do we look for it? On Google!
And who appears in search results? Pages published on various websites spread across the internet.
What format are these pages when we choose one to click on? Most of the time, they are content pages that detail the searched topic.
In this case, rankings play a key role in improving your online visibility and putting your brand in front of your target audience, and as such, it is important to increase conversions and lead generation.

Remember to find a balance between content produced to appear in the top positions of search engines and user-friendly content to get the best results, the one that speaks directly to the public.

In addition, there are other reasons that make the use of content increasingly essential for marketing strategies. Check out the top 3:

1. Attract New Leads

The market already knows that using digital marketing strategies generates three times more leads than traditional marketing tactics. For it to work, having a content production flow is essential in your strategy!

Every marketing action in the digital environment is designed to provide valuable content to a target audience and create long-term relationships based on trust that attract qualified leads. Without it, people won’t find your business, much less share your contact details to maintain a relationship.

We will soon see that there are different formats and methods to deliver relevant content by converting it into forms. Its main focus is to have a website that delivers this content in a simple and optimized way to generate a good experience for all users who arrive there.

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2. Create A Journey For Your Audience

Just as your content pages are the audience’s first point of contact with your business, content plays an important role in creating a seamless user journey, which is essential to providing a great customer experience.


This journey is essential because it is unlikely that someone who comes to your content for the first time will want to make a purchase. It is necessary to build together the understanding that you have an ideal solution to solve the problems encountered by this public.

If there’s friction along the way, your customers are less likely to convert to sales and even less likely to come back. Mapping and optimizing each customer touchpoint will help you create a fully user-driven experience.

Ok, but how to develop this journey with sequential content? Well, if you read about digital marketing, you’ve certainly come across the words top, middle and bottom of the funnel. These terms represent the stages of the sales funnel, which serves to show the path that the customer takes from the first contact with your company to when he becomes a customer.

Understanding how the sales funnel works and developing strategies that lead your contacts from the top to the bottom is essential for the effectiveness of Inbound Marketing. The detail is that, in general, we use content to make this move!

See now how each step requires a specific content structure to get better and better results.

3. Increase Your Sales Conversions

Sales conversions are the ultimate goal for any business. When a user performs the last desired action, whether picking up the phone or filling out a contact form, there is certainly a knowledge base that he went through before, knowing your company and understanding, with the contents, that he could find what he needs.

By providing this context within the purchase journey, content marketing provides conversion rates about 6 times higher than other marketing methods, such as sponsored links, for example.

So while content marketing can take a lot of effort and time, as you won’t always see results instantly, in the long run, creating content is always worth it.

Analyze large companies in the market, regardless of the segment, and notice how they are using this in their favor.

Red Bull, GoPro, McDonald’s, Vivo, Samsung, Walmart, SalesForce, General Electric and other market giants already do content marketing.

Among its various objectives, we can highlight 6:

1. Increase Your Internet Visibility

Content marketing has a wide influence on a website’s SEO strategies. We know that today it is not enough to produce content with loose keywords in the middle of the texts or to build links in large quantities, but without quality.

Google’s search algorithm has developed a lot and is already able to understand what is relevant content for the user. Data such as CTR on the SERP, time spent on the page and quality of the links referenced in the text are analyzed and influence the ranking.

2. Increase Interaction With Your Brand

Content Marketing also serves as an interaction channel with your brand so that customers can talk to your company, ask questions and send suggestions.

Getting the audience’s attention and making them share your content with their followers on social media, for example, is a form of spontaneous advertising.


Whether it’s through a blog, help desk, video training, or on social media, the content you create can have high engagement potential.

3. Nurture Your Lead Base

It is important to take into account that, no matter how extensive your lead base is, not all people are ready to consume your product or service.

This does not mean that they will never be your customers. In many cases, what is missing is a little more information until these people see value in what your company offers and have the structure to use and have a good experience with your product or service.

Through Content Marketing, it is possible to nourish these leads with relevant material that will prepare them until the ideal moment of purchase can arrive. That way, you don’t directly dismiss an unprepared prospect, but postpone the purchase until a more favorable time.

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4. Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost

Customer acquisition cost (CAC) is, as the name suggests, how much your company spends on average to acquire a new customer.

And if your company invests in content marketing and SEO, naturally new potential customers will access your website organically and recurrently, without you having to make more effort for it.

5. Gain Public Trust and Acquire Brand Propagators

Just as marketing has changed, so has the way the public views brands and makes purchases.

Producing quality content makes your company become an authority in the market and, consequently, gain trust.

A company that is investing time to produce free content for its customers and delivering value to these people will certainly be remembered much more strongly when compared to a competitor that does not do the same.

Furthermore, by talking about your personas and not about your company, you create the chances that this audience will propagate your brand to their network of contacts, since, satisfied with having problems solved, they will be able to share your content with their friends who have the same pain.

6. Improve After Sales Experience

It could be an FAQ, a help desk, online training, or even a customer-focused email marketing stream. That is, doing content marketing for the customer is a considerable force to ensure retention and loyalty.

A good after-sales experience is essential for your customer to continue using your company’s services or products for a longer period of time.



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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing Is Impossible Without Good Content

1. What makes content so important?

Just having good content is no guarantee that your sales will increase, but it does give you access to a world of new opportunities. The content must match the public's expectations, and even if it's not quite what the user expected, if it's relevant, add something really important.

2. What examples of Content Marketing?

Content creation can be through blog posts, newsletters, e-books, social media posts, free materials, among many other options. Whichever type or types you choose, the goal should always revolve around offering something really relevant and quality.

3. How long does Content Marketing take to show an effect?

A period of 12 to 24 months is enough for you to be recognized as an authority and increase brand visibility. For this, your team must be persistent and work to achieve this benefit with the content marketing strategy.

4. How important is the content?

Today, content can be considered the main transmission channel between your offer and the consumer's interest. That's because it's through him that the information you need to transmit can arrive faster and more efficiently wherever you want.

5. How much does content production cost?

You can also base the amount you want to receive at the end of the month. Suppose you charge $40 for an hour of work and it takes you two hours to write a 1,000-word piece. The value of that item will then be $80.
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Anyone can use content marketing to their advantage.

Before long, we’re all going to have to use it if we’re to remain successful, because the world gets noisier by the day.

Those who focus on telling good stories, no matter what platform or what context, will win in the long run.

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