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Why Regular Web Maintenance is Key to Online Success

Why Regular Web Maintenance is Key to Online Success


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Benefits that Regular Web Maintenance Brings to Your Business:

Gone are the days when having an online page was a guarantee of visibility and, consequently, sales. Now, the competitive differential is measured by the dynamics of website maintenance and updates that directly impact the results of searches on Google.
Being on the internet is of no use if your company is not found when they need it.
In this context, updating the site and optimizing it counts a lot in terms of customer experience. Website maintenance is not merely an isolated and one-off activity, but something essential for the success of any business.
And, in the rush of everyday life, it is much more complicated to check and analyze pending issues, isn’t it? Therefore, support is the right solution to leave everything in its place, as the specialists always know what to do and are dedicated to this activity.
BPM Importance of having an update and optimized website

What is a Site?

Sites, or websites, are sets of pages organized and hosted on a server on the network.
Websites are essential to ensure the online presence of any business. NGOs, public institutions, service providers, schools, private companies, TV stations…. Anyway, all these, and many other segments, benefit from the creation of a website.
Creating a website is a very important process within a digital marketing strategy as it focuses on aesthetic factors such as layout, user interface and other visual images in order to make the website more attractive and user-friendly.
The process of creating a website goes through several stages and makes use of several programs and tools to achieve the desired appearance, such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop and many others.
To create a site that works, Web designers need to think about their audience, the purpose of the site and the look of the design, making it essential that there are committed professionals who master each of these steps during the process.
It is your website that will appear when the user searches for your products or services provided, so it is essential that, when accessing your email address, your experience is so positive as to convert that visitor into a customer.
Having a beautiful, intuitive and online website is the basics for a good digital presence, however, the main way to keep your website attractive and converting is to do periodic maintenance.
Below, we will detail aspects that make website maintenance fundamental in your marketing strategy.

What is Site Maintenance?

Website maintenance includes a number of factors that are key to keeping your address working in order to deliver a good user experience.
Your email address needs to be updated to remain attractive and pass on the necessary credibility for your customers to admire, be interested, follow and buy products or services that your company has.

Is Website Maintenance Important?

The website is also fundamental to convey credibility, information and often to win an undecided customer, who may not even know your brand or business. And this does not depend on your segment or the size of your company. 
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Creating a Small Business Website

However, just having a web page is not synonymous with success. For it to appear in Google’s search results, it is necessary to invest in updating and maintaining websites.
To keep up with the pace of globalization and technological evolution and especially digital evolution, keeping a website up to date has become a constant and essential challenge to make a good impression and convert your visitor. Understand better:

1- Align Your Site With Consumer Demands

In the United States alone, 93% of people use mobile devices to browse the internet. The increased use of smartphones and tablets has driven the need to create an increasingly responsive and attractive environment for users.
In addition, today, almost 50% of American consumers do not give up researching online before purchasing any product or service.
Then you might wonder: what does this have to do with website maintenance? A lot, since outdated information or a system that is not compatible with current demand can interfere with the final result. That is, the conversion rate ends up suffering from the negative impacts, due to a slip like this.
In other words, it’s the kind of thing you can’t postpone, because the processes in the virtual scenario change quickly, because nobody wants to see the same thing over and over again. Therefore, what works very well today tends to become obsolete in a short time.

2- Increases the Flow of Visitors

We live in a time when the user experience counts in several aspects, especially in the Google ranking. In this case, if your page is structured as the algorithms dictate, the chance of it being clicked on increases significantly.
And you have to agree that, with so many offers, it is not so simple to get the attention of people on the net, therefore, having an updated platform is the strategic solution to attract them. After all, most of the time, it is the news that moves interests online.
A slow website, with outdated information, low quality images, no attractive design, incompatible with mobile device screens, among other details, only drives away interested eyes. In a matter of seconds, you fail to close sales because of these harmful obstacles.
On the other hand, if you reframe what it takes, the chance of increasing traffic, generating qualified leads, and building customer loyalty improves dramatically.

3- Benefits Indexing

BPM What is google indexing
Search engine algorithms are more demanding. Nowadays, to appear in Google’s organic search, it takes much more than simply creating a website, because the system has taken into account the relevance of the content presented.
That is, regular and current information helps to strengthen ties with the public and, consequently, generates a series of benefits, such as an increase in the conversion rate.
Therefore, do not leave your page stopped, outdated or with incorrect data.


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4- Generate Credibility

Consumer behavior has changed with the advent of the internet. Today, the purchase decision is based on other reasons. Understand that the contemporary customer is more demanding and immediate.
Think of that person who enjoyed the fact that your company offers the product or service he needs, but who was frustrated when discovering information that was incompatible with reality.
What a boring situation, isn’t it? For the reputation of the brand, this is not interesting, because it sounds like sloppiness and promotes a bad impression. So, having an online address and not taking care of the information passed there is not the best strategy for anyone thinking of increasing sales.
But the company that has support and maintains its website certainly avoids these unforeseen events, because when browsing, the customer finds what he needs at the right time.
Ultimately, keeping the house in order results in sales conversion, customer loyalty, and brand evangelization. That is, an updated website also helps structure the competitive edge.

5- Favors Fair Competition

In the beginning, when almost nobody knew how to deal with the internet, it was easier to achieve rapid growth, after all, many people were lost — they did not understand the functionality of the tool.
But times have changed. Nowadays, even children use devices to access the network.
Therefore, entering such a competitive market requires strategy.
Today, we are more than 100 million Brazilians with internet access. This makes us believe that the competitiveness index for users’ attention is extreme, since most people are looking for a slice of this market.
We are bombarded at all times by excess information, so website maintenance is one of the ways to bring the spotlight to your business.
Having support of this type puts your company on an equal footing with the competition, because if you take into account the consumer experience on your page, you are on the right path towards success.

6- Improves Conversion Rate

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal of any business is sales, because that’s what makes the machine turn. However, there are a series of lawsuits along the way, until you reach the facts.
When the visitor accesses an informative, fast, responsive design, distraction-free, quality website, it is much easier for him to convince himself that it is worth going all the way, because the whole path has already been properly prepared. Therefore, the help of a support is so important, as it helps you not to lose money.
Controlling the passage of virtual time is a great challenge, because, in general, what is new today will possibly not be tomorrow. And with the demands of everyday life, it gets even more complicated to handle it.

Here's how to calculate the conversion rate:

BPM How to calculate the conversion rate
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What Are the Steps in Site Maintenance?

There is a list of tasks that must be done to keep your site running smoothly. The most time-sensitive ones are website updates and security systems. Without this, your site has a great potential to be a danger to those who access it.

With that in mind, here is a list of website maintenance tasks that should be completed on a regular basis:

To Be Done Weekly:

     • Check that all your pages are loading without errors;
     • Run a backup and make sure a previous version of your site is saved;
     • Make updates to the site’s software and plugins;
     • Check that all your forms are working correctly;
     • Remove all spam comments from pages and posts;
     • Check your pages for broken links;
     • Look for 404 errors and fix or redirect;
     • Write one or more blog posts to keep your community engaged and encourage SEO traffic.

To be Done Monthly:

     • Check your site loading speed and make sure nothing is getting in the way;
     • Review your security checks and check for any errors;
     • Review website statistics for the previous month;
     • Check your blog for any articles that could be updated;

To be Done Quarterly:

     • Review the design and structure of your site, can it be improved?;
     • Check graphics and images, should anything be updated?;
     • Review SEO and meta titles and descriptions to ensure they are as effective as possible;
     • Test and tweak pop-ups, forms and calls to action;
     • Review your workload for efficiency to see if anything can be automated;
     • Test your site on all devices and browsers to see if it displays correctly;
     • Review advertising and marketing campaigns to see if anything needs to be changed or updated;
     • Restore a previous version of the site to verify backup integrity;

To be Done Annually:

     • Update any reference to the current year;
     • Proofread each page for accuracy of content, grammar, typos and relevance;
     • Check all active email addresses and see if any are excessive and can be deleted;
     • Make sure your website’s domain name is renewed;
     • See if any site design updates should be redone;
     • Review all of your top performing blog articles and see if they can be updated with new content.
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Maintaining a Website

1. What is website maintenance?

The maintenance of websites, blogs and digital platforms provides adjustments and optimizations of content, layout, navigation, software and several other relevant factors. Among its many advantages, this work guarantees the security, continuity and growth of the content strategy adopted by the company.

2. What does it mean to update the site?

Updating the site is not simply changing information. The experience of a team capable of suggesting improvements to create competitive advantages and identify bottlenecks. Credibility. A website upgrade company can help you convey values for your brand through your website.

3. How to feed my website?

How to feed a website with quality content: Define objectives; Understand what your audience's problems, wants and needs are; Understand what types of content your audience wants to consume; Realize the added value of your business; Choose the most suitable format.

4. What can happen if you don't keep a website regularly updated?

With the advancement of technology and the millions of options available, people always opt for the ones that suit them best. A slow, ugly website with outdated information will undoubtedly drive that potential customer away from your business, this is just one of the consequences of not keeping your website up to date.


Controlling the passage of virtual time is a great challenge, because, in general, what is new today will possibly not be tomorrow. And with the demands of everyday life, it gets even more complicated to handle it.
In this sense, site maintenance is the essential strategy to stay in the game, where the fastest wins and not the strongest.
Did you see how important it is to ensure the platform is updated? Do you realize how much your company can earn from this?

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