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Wix or Google Sites: Which is Better to Sell and Be Successful on the Internet?

Wix or Google Sites: Which is Better to Sell and Be Successful on the Internet?


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See the main benefits of these website builder platforms:

Although creating an E-commerce website is a challenging task, there are many E-commerce platforms that make this process a lot easier. Wix and Google Sites are among the most popular.
Online sales can be made through several channels: marketplaces, social networks, virtual store platforms and e-commerce sites.
A marketplace is a space where sellers can sell their products on pages that already have the entire structure for a sales catalog and checkout.
BPM What is a marketplace
As an example, we can mention Amazon, Shopify and Etsy. In these cases, shopkeepers only “worry” about the merchandise.
On the other hand, despite the infrastructure, your product is competing side by side with dozens of other products, and standing out is a big challenge.
Meanwhile, sales through social networks are able to take advantage of the store’s community to showcase products, publicize their brand and reach more customers.
But despite being an efficient channel, the entrepreneur is restricted by the network’s algorithm, its structure is not customizable – just like the marketplace – and you don’t own the platform.
Therefore, looking for website builders for hosting E-commerce is a good strategy for those who are on the journey of long-term online sales and are concerned about developing their business free of obstacles.
But that also means a demand for website maintenance and creation.
It is worth mentioning that selling through marketplaces and social networks has several advantages, being channels that should not be ignored in a marketing plan even if you decide to have your own E-commerce site.
Another indispensable alternative are online store platforms, which we will talk about later.
That said, in this article we are going to explore the potential of Wix and Google Sites, two E-commerce website builders.
See its advantages, plans, tools and, mainly, how to choose between them when creating your virtual store.

1- Why Have an E-commerce Site?

In a competitive scenario where E-commerce sites show robust growth numbers, it is important to invest in strategies to impact and attract consumers.
Given the digitization “boom”, driven by new software technologies and the pandemic, many stores have migrated to the digital market and E-commerce has gained a lot of strength. Last year alone, e-commerce grew by more than 30% in the US.
BPM The 10 countries where online retail sales growed the most in 2020 in
With this, experts project a permanent change in consumption and a concentration on digital transactions.
This growth shows that more consumers are willing to buy online while more stores migrate or are born in the digital environment.
The increase in audience with competition creates the need for strategies to make your e-commerce store website stand out, be found on the internet and offer a good user experience (UX).
In this case, an E-commerce site has the advantage of SEO, and mastering its practices is essential for growth in the digital market. “SEO” is an acronym for the term “Search Engine Optimization”.
Google, Bing and Yahoo are some examples of search engines that provide lists of websites and media based on keyword searches.
These search engines have algorithms that create criteria to define which pages will be shown first in organic searches.
Being one of the first on the list is the desire of everyone who has websites and blogs on the internet.
And the same goes for an online E-commerce store that invests in SEO.
After all, being well positioned in search engines drastically increases the chances of traffic and, consequently, conversions.
Thus, when we talk about SEO, we are referring to strategies to adapt your company’s website to search engine criteria, aiming at a good position in the consumer’s online search results.
It is worth noting that SEO refers to organic ranking, i.e. without increased paid advertising. Unlike SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which uses the placement of advertisements in search engines to advertise websites or companies to customers on the internet.
According to a survey, the first three results (sites) of a Google search receive about 75.1% of all clicks on the internet. Thus, optimizing your online store for SEO means investing in gaining more visibility by standing out in searches and increasing website traffic and online sales.
BPM Google paid advertising
Bear in mind that this placement is organic: that is, in addition to increasing your store’s chances of success, you will save resources with paid media.
But for a good strategy, you also need to choose a good hosting platform that is fast and reliable, so here we will introduce Wix, which has grown a lot in recent years, and Google Sites, a well-known giant in the sector.
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2- Wix or Google Sites: Which to Choose?

Defining which sales channels make sense for your business is critical and you must take into account the cost-effectiveness, maintenance and responsiveness of the channel.
That’s because hosting your E-commerce business is a crucial point in determining the success and growth of your business.
In this part of the planning, issues such as platform cost, speed, reach, audience, maintenance, etc. They must be taken into account, because for those looking to sell on the internet through websites, it is necessary to find a good platform that has agile tools, efficient support and is intuitive.
Wix and Google Sites have characteristics in common, such as practicality and speed in registering. However, they differ in terms of hiring and resources for building a website.

3- About Wix

The Wix website builder has 200 million users worldwide.
This number is no coincidence, and the platform conquered it by providing free and modern templates and designs.
The platform has features that may be interesting for merchants, such as Wix Bookings and Wix Restaurants.
Through Wix Bookings, for example, the customer can make reservations for accommodation in hotels and inns, and for restaurants, Wix Restaurants allows you to make table reservations, place orders and view menus.
Another resource is Ascend by Wix, a marketing platform that has a CRM, email marketing, automations, invoice generator and video editor.
For starters, Wix ADI helps you through the website creation process by walking you through the steps you need to take. For the experienced, there are advanced editors like Editor X and Velo by Wix.
The company’s App Market adds extra features such as forum layout, newsletter subscription area, events calendar, and more.
Also, it is possible to add plugins by source code or app store.
Wix offers two types of plans: personal plans and business plans, both of which accept online payments.
There is also the possibility of using a free plan, but it will have very few features and is only recommended for those just starting out in the market, not for those who need a more robust E-commerce solution.

3.1 Wix Personal Plans:

The Wix personal site plans and their prices are:

     • VIP – Priority Support $39/month;
     • Unlimited – Entrepreneurs and Freelancers $19/month;
     • Combo – Go Online $13/month;
     • Connect Domain – The most basic – $6/month.

Wix personal site plans offer:

     • Custom Domain;
     • First Year of Free Domain;
     • Remove Wix Ads;
     • Free SSL Certificate;
     • Storage Space;
     • Hours of video;
     • App Site Booster (free for 1 year);
     • Visitor Analysis Application (free for 1 year);
     • Professional Logo;
     • Social Media Archives;
     • Customer support.

3.2 Wix Business and E-commerce Plans:

The Wix website business plans and their prices are:

     • Business VIP – The Most Complete from $69/month;
     • Unlimited Business – Grow your business from $39/month;
     • Business Basic – Accepts online payments starting at $29/month.

Wix website business plans offer:

     • Secure Online Payment;
     • Recurring Plans and Payments;
     • Customer Accounts;
     • Custom Domain;
     • First Year of Free Domain;
     • Remove Wix Ads;
     • Storage Space;
     • Hours of video;
     • Custom Reports;
     • Client support;
     • Complete e-commerce platform;
     • Online Scheduling Platform;
     • Event and Ticket Management;
     • Receive Orders Online;
     • Management of Hotel Reservations;
     • Complete solution for fitness professionals;
     • Monetize your art and content.
As we can see, Wix offers many features and advantages for its users, but there are still some points that can be disadvantageous depending on the type of business.

3.3 Disadvantages

The first would be about supporting more pages, or as they say, deeper navigation in complex structures. This means that there are limitations on creating pages within the site and what they can do.
Another negative point is changing the theme, which is not as easy as with other creators, such as WordPress, for example.
Its loading speed for mobile devices is also slower, and this can be a critical factor as cell phones are the main means of accessing the internet in the US.

4- About Google Sites:

Google Sites is a free service from Google for small businesses looking for a simple way to have an online presence.
The tool was launched in 2008 to create web pages, including other company services such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Forms and Google Keep.
Unlike Wix, Google Sites has fewer themes and templates, and none of them have specific features for an online store.
This does not mean that you cannot use it for your store, but that its features are basic because it does not have, for example, a checkout page.
The five themes offered focus on small businesses offering event services, beauty professionals, restaurants, portfolios, and even sports.
The main idea behind Google Sites is to be an easy, free and functional tool for entrepreneurs who want to expose their products and services.
Creating a website on the platform is really very simple, and you can create up to four subpages.
Once you’ve chosen a ready-made template to format or start with a blank page, the steps to follow are similar to setting up Google Slides.

After Choosing the Template, the Next Steps Consist of Inserting Contents, Such as:

     • Enter the name of the site;
     • Configure the home page header;
     • Create the website’s menu and pages;
     • Insert the content on the site;
     • Publish.
The themes are responsive and adapt well to mobile devices. The domain is custom and you can use your own website name purchased from a third party.


  • Blog Website
  • Up To 3 Pages
  • Responsive In All Platforms
  • 6 Months Support
  • And much more ...
start up


  • Corporate Business Website
  • Up To 5 Pages
  • Emailing Contact Form
  • 8 Months Support
  • And much more ...


  • E-Commerce Store
  • Up To 30 Products
  • Security Payment System
  • 12 Months Support
  • And much more ...

4.1 In addition, Other Features Are:

     • Insertion of videos from Youtube;
     • Embedding Google documents, presentations, charts and spreadsheets;
     • Display of schedules;
     • Index insertion, buttons and collapsible text;
     • Site share button;
     • Access to Google Analytics.

4.2 Disadvantages

As we mentioned earlier, the number of themes and templates is very small, which limits the creation of more elaborate pages.
In this line, the appearance is restricted to some elements, as the resources are much simpler.
There is no option to put HTML code in the header, only in the footer. However, it is possible to add a logo and a custom menu.
Thus, the main disadvantage of Google Sites, in relation to Wix, is the little customization power offered to the user and its more conventional structure.

5- See Some Website Builders That Offer FREE PLANS:


6- See Some Website Builders That Offer FREE TRIAL:


7- Online Store Platform: Creating an E-commerce with Amazon, Shopify or Etsy

As we said at the beginning, to be successful in e-commerce, the ideal is to invest in different channels, including online store platforms.
Within this market, Amazon, Shopify or Etsy offer several resources to structure and optimize your e-commerce sales in just a few minutes!

There is a creation and promotion strategy called “Building a Brand in 5 Steps”.

It is very useful for entrepreneurs who are opening new businesses and still have absolutely nothing ready, such as the business name, logo and website, for example.
Not knowing where to start promoting your product or service, this strategy is perfect to apply, as it has everything you need to start building it with your positioning aligned and strategically thought out.

The 5 Steps to Building a Brand

They basically consist of: Company name, visual identity, brand/domain registration, website and digital marketing, as shown in the chart below:

BPM The 5 steps of building a brand
BPM ApploadYou001

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Wix and Google Sites

1. What is the function of a website?

A website serves to communicate, publicize, sell or deliver something. Therefore, any company, government, organization or person can create a website on the Internet. As a result, the number of sites already exceeds a billion.

2. What is the main function of Google Sites?

Google Sites allows the creation of different types of sites, such as: intranets, institutional portals and internal sites, according to your company's needs. In addition, the sites created by the platform are fully responsive, that is, they adapt to different platforms and devices.

3. How long does it take to make a website?

The time will vary according to the complexity of each site. A small site around 20 to 30 business days. An average site may require a time of 30 to 60 working days. And a large site, such as a news portal, with several tabs and functionalities, can take between 60 and 90 days.

4. What does Wix offer?

Wix is a “self service platform” that allows you to build websites from scratch, using ready-made or custom templates. You can include text, images, buttons, music, videos and slideshows.

5. What is an e-commerce site?

An e-commerce refers to businesses that structure their buying and selling process on the Internet. Thus, all commercial transactions are carried out through online tools.


Without a doubt, Wix and Google Sites have strengths. They are simple, intuitive and functional.
Wix has more visuals and useful tools for an online store. On the other hand, most of these services are not available in the free plan.
In comparison, Google Sites is basic, as it only has five themes and, although functional, there are no payment page options.
Generally speaking, both Wix and Google Sites are able to meet the demands of small businesses that need to expand their virtual presence.
In this sense, to choose between one of them, the ideal is intelligent planning and analysis for your business demands.
This step is important to build credibility, be found in search engines and boost sales.
Based on this study, we are sure that your chances of growing in e-commerce – either through Wix or Google Sites – will be much greater and you will be able to follow a path of success.

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