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Thanks for checking BPM Digital Products online store.

Here at BPM we work hard to offer our clients the best services and products related to Web Design, such as WP Themes, Books, Animation Software, Instagram & YouTube Templates and much more.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, let’s us know so we can add it in our store. Thanks !!!


COMPLETE and ORIGINAL products with ALL RESOURCES announced by the Developer. All the code for these products are licensed under the GPL. You are free to use it as and in as many domains as you wish.

ORIGINAL: We acquire and subscribe to all developers present in our directory. All products are 100% original and virus free.

UPDATES: We are constantly updating available themes and plugins and always adding new products.


How will it be delivered?
Download from our website.

Do you provide support?
No, the installation follows the products standards, we only give guidance if any product has installation requirements that are outside the standard. As we are making available products developed by third parties, we cannot provide support for technical problems, usage or customization.

Do you provide activation / license code?
No. All products made available are licensed under the GNU GPL and do not require activation to be used. Some products require registration only for automatic updates, but do not limit their use in any way.

What is the usage limit?
There is no limit. WordPress, as an open platform, advises all developers to adopt the GPL in the products developed for their platform. This allows anyone to use, modify and redistribute the software as they wish.

How will I receive future updates?
On the same download link you downloaded the first time.


Do you have any question regarding a product?
Can’t you find the product you need?
If so please let us know, so we can answer your questions or upload a new product for you.
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Thanks a lot !!!!

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