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Are you planning to start or expand a project online? Do you have an idea but don’t know how to make it happen? Are you not sure in how to proceed or decide?

Below we post some of the most common questions we often receives. We hope they serve to help you.

But in case you have any other related question not answered below please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer you.




If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us to so we can help you.

BPM is a company created by a team of specialists in web design, programming, online marketing and business strategy with the intent of offering high quality digital solutions for small, medium and big businesses.

Web design concerns with how a website look on the internet, how it is displayed on a desktop, mobile and tablet. Web designers make sure that fonts, images text and other visual elements look well balanced to pass a message or idea.

Meanwhile web development concerns with how a website works, its interactions and functionalities, including web usability to create sites that are user-friendly making it easy and intuitive for visitors.

We offer custom tailor made web design that is visually appealing, that clearly communicates your company’s message, easy to use, optimized in all devices, converts visitors into customers.

SEO optimization that is built from the ground up following the best practices to make your website gain higher position on Google.

A website that drives leads using conversion optimized website design methodology and advanced user experiences to drive your visitors to action.

Clear calls to action that help users find information they want and convert visitors to customers.

Advanced functionality such as e-commerce, password-protected content, forums, event registrations, etc. You name it, we can build it.

Content writing services to build your brand, tell your story and attract traffic.

We create custom website and many other online products & services solutions for your needs, tailored to meet the online demands of your customers, and we want you to be involved in every step of the process! When you design a site with us, you will have:

Direct communication with the web team to discuss the project including developing a strategy, design requirements, budget details, scope of work, schedule, etc. And for the convenience of our clients, our meetings are held using video conferencing.

Collaboration with an assigned Project Manager to review the web process, set expectations, answer any questions and ensure you are fully aware of how your site will be built.

An approval process of your site’s strategy, design, content, and launch.

A customized process to fit your needs. Of course, we know schedules can be hectic at times, so we can work with you whether you want to be thoroughly or only marginally involved.

YES, you will have 100% ownership of your website, after the project is finished, the whole website is given to you with all it’s media ,code and content so that you can use it, upgrade and change it in the future as you wish.

And NO, from our part there will be no extra cost, after you pay for your website, we delivery it, it is yours, your cost from that time on will be with the hosting company you choose to keep your website online.

YES !!! After your website is ready and delivered to you, we still can offer several services for your advantage, including SEO optimization, online marketing, among others.

And NO, from our part there will be no extra cost, after you pay for your website, we delivery it, it is yours, your cost from that time on will be with the hosting company you choose to keep your website online.

The time frame is determined by the size, the complexity of your site design, in how fast you send us the material and information necessary to populate your website such as text and pictures,and your current design schedule.

When starting your custom made website, we will try to learn as much as possible about your ideas and needs. With as few alteration phases as possible we’ll show you your new mock layout template PDF for your approval ASAP.

Though site construction time vary, once we have all of your provided information, and we agree on a schedule, we stick to it.

In fact, just as example for comparison, a small website often take us from 2 weeks to 1 month to be finished, a medium from 1 to 2 month, while more complex websites may take us anything above 2 months to finish it.

Yes, we’d be happy to work with your existing design. We may need to make some modifications to accommodate new improved features.

We can go over any changes that may need to be made after we see the design you have or even create a new custom-made website using the old one as model in little time and with minimal effort.

For instance, the pages and the images and content from your old site can be used once again if you want ensuring that there is very little downtime for your online business.

We provide many professional website design and other services, however to simplify we have 3 main comprehensive website package plans:

MARBLE PLAN starting at US$ 250, which is the best solution for a small start up website

PEARL PLAN package starting at US$ 550, which is intended to help medium size or growing companies

PLATINUM PLAN package starting at US$ 950, which focus on e-Commerce and other complex website solutions for big companies.

*  Other services not included on these packages, such as marketing, logo design, SEO optimization among others, are available and offered separate if requested.

All our websites design is compliant with search engine guidelines. To gain maximum visibility through the search engines, we highly recommend utilizing our comprehensive SEO Services (which are not included in the packages we offer).

Comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) work is a process that typically takes several months. The factors that influence the speed that your site advances in the rankings include the age of your site, the existing quality of the website and how it is optimized, your competition, and the skill of the firm who is optimizing your site.

That said, you should see positive change in your rankings within the first month. We have helped clients with brand new websites rank on the first page of Google for competitive keywords within one to two months.

Yes, we are always ready to help you with all that you need to achieve success, including logo designing, content writing, website maintenance and hosting, mobile app creation, video animation, social media management, online marketing, SEO optimization, affiliated services and anything else you may request.

We will also train you on how to use your web site’s control panel to make minor updates to your website, change photos and videos, to understand search engine stats and anything you’d need to know to manage your web site.

And if you need anything, you can always email us with any question regarding your website, and we will give you the guidance you need.

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